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6-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And and and them. Who -- system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying -- of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- There have been told. Yourself and it's live it's local happening over and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. -- news radio 930 W. You'd be -- animate for a date Alec he's forty weeks related that are out -- a lot of fun. Better expose -- to zero a week but then again not a -- somewhere. World war -- President Obama doesn't know. How does that folks at a Mexican military chopper can cross the border into the United States. Take shots at our law enforcement agent and our president doesn't have the balls to say that damn thing. To the same country by the way that is holding one of our Marines who took a long term. Who ended up in Mexico by accident and the Mexican authorities hey I've got in the car. This man is a disgrace. As president and of course that makes be racist okay all of -- of course that's just obvious every -- But. That's -- sarcasm by the way it worked to listeners to share. This is a story at CBS Las Vegas and given that it CBS I'm surprised -- cut it to the make Obama look weakened bet. Border Patrol agents in -- zone were reportedly fired upon by a Mexican military helicopter. That traveled across the border on well I know what CBS travel across the border up invaded American soil. Take 20 here's -- which sugary. Border Patrol agents in Arizona. Were fired upon. And had their lives in grave danger because the Mexican military helicopter invaded the United States urged parents that's how we should read. KB OATV reports Mexican authorities. Were conducting a -- drug interdiction operation. When the incident happened early Thursday morning. On an Indian nation via the -- development site -- nominees -- -- well upload them Indian nation. The Mexican chopper fired at our agents and then flew back into Mexico. Fired at our agents and then flew back in to Mexico. Ladies and gentlemen our military what I would do if I were charged -- I don't claim to be -- as men in the world. Number one anyway you look at it this is an act of war. When a nation crosses your border and start shooting your uniform law enforcement officers it's an act of war. Okay the United States went in the World War II at the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and kill our guys about 3000 of them. What is the response from the White House. I guess we could just cue up the crickets. If I -- president first -- ball. We want to have this crisis at the border to begin one. Because I would be down right draconian. In enforcing the southern border of the United States. I would be absolutely draconian. There would be plenty of warnings given. You have about 100 feet. And every fought of those 100 feet which say. This is the dead zone. This is it's there you go past this line you will not make it helped. You know I find it interesting that anybody who's been up to area 51. You can't get. Anywhere close to area 51 without seeing signs saying you are entering an area where law enforcement basically has the right to shoot and kill you. If your word you shouldn't be. We already have a policy around area 51 you don't know better right you've seen the documentaries on TV. -- the single TV -- pull over -- area 51 and suddenly. Beat black helicopter show up and they are black band shows up when guys get out and say you've got to leave. And if they don't leave Kobe shot. So I guess it's okay for our government -- -- policy in effect well within the territorial borders of the United States but not at the border. That's -- absolute baloney. If I were in charge this Mexican chopper would have gone down in flames. Approximately one inch north of the border with Mexico. Number two. In the future. Our military would be. Order to act. With extreme prejudice. Against any. Mexican troops vehicles personnel. Aircraft etc. To immediately terminate the threat. To our borders. OK so that's what I would do. If I were in charge will never be in charge but that's what I would do if I were in charge. And how would you handle -- situation any differently. Now that's one issue. We also got this issue of the illegals. And I don't really care -- by rile up the amnesty crowd by using were illegal. Per cent of legal ought to call Charles Manson is -- illegal. Now he's a criminal. Thus he is committed an illegal act basic logic. The children. Who are -- our southern border. Are doing an illegal act thus making them criminals -- making them illegally here in the United States. They'll play these freaking word games with me because I'm a master. Sorry but I -- And I know how this game is played. It over this game is played because. One of those people actually read George Orwell's politics in the English language. And I go all the way politicians use euphemisms. And niceties. To hide. Genuine intent. And I started asking the question yesterday late in the show. -- York state embrace. These illegals. Some of the arguments and I've heard from the re aggressors. And I say redress or not programs is because I don't think adopting the policies of activism. Let them. And Stalin. Our progressive in fact they are regressive going back in 1970 and the Russian revolution and the execution of the -- -- and of course followed starving to death of twenty billion ukrainians. Who objected to his rule. -- re the grass roots. And this argument that we shouldn't I think people they're not. It legal. And illegal. Population. That it's -- our population. All amateur -- -- Bolstering the population. As I told yesterday pokes. -- the population of Mexico -- like eight at ten million. Youth population you wouldn't want it. In Mexico City there are some parts of it via federal district which are absolutely. Beautiful and magnificent. Other parts which are absolutely shops. And periodically every two years or so gets hit by big earthquake a lot of people buy it because of the concentrated population in Mexico City. And population is that everything. Population is just the number the question is proud that population. A population that is going to contribute. And not suck us dry. And these children. Are going to do nothing but suck us -- And would just be overwhelmed with happiness if every single congressman. In New York State. And both of our senators Gillibrand and Schumer said now. We cannot afford another underclass week at a forward. More people who aren't up to contribute or simply got to live off the labor of others -- taxation. The point repeatedly this week that the regressive -- to bitch about income inequality between CEOs. And workers. And it's the old saw about well. The wealthy capitalists all of their wealth up the up backbreaking toil of the masses. Well up the capitalists are also the ones who made the investment which could have gone one way or the other. Every day businesses fail and those capitalists. Take it on the chance. And usually you'll find a lot of capitalist fail. At 34 or five justices that finally -- success in the paper because they keep plugging away plugging away plugging away they get knocked out. But they get up again. -- the -- bet there's a song in there somewhere -- -- write. So well. What the regressive one. -- a society where you are Monday. Is siphoned from York page. And read the strip and at the people who don't -- Why in -- -- If we have are all underclass already in America does anybody wanna dispute the notion that we don't. You need to get out war if you actually find that to be a contentious statement worthy of argument. We have an underclass in America. And the reason we have such a large underclass it's all -- back toward. But one of the reasons I'm sorry to say this is we have made being worked too easy. We have made -- or too comfortable. Where's the incentive. Limbaugh talks about this why would you work for 500 dollars a week would you give 400 dollars a week and better benefits sitting on your thoughts. Where is the inside the where is the logic in that. There isn't an. We have -- the we've we've. Let's get wonderful folks down is up up as the blackest white white is black we are through the looking last year. What we see is this. Seismic. It's like America where nothing makes any sense. Everything is backward in America. The productive are punished the capitalist is ridicule. And this suckers. Are the working class and the leeches are extolled as euros. Now music in general terms your folks I hope you'll understand that. At this goes without saying you know what I could say this every single segment of the show and a stock. That people who call -- to say all sorts of things about me that simply are not true. First of all a great country. Should offer genuine compassion to those who deserve. Genuine compassion you know and I know that there are people who are absolutely -- able to work some of them because of physical defects they can't do a job. Some of them because of -- Mental defects they are non accomplishment this day are severely mentally ill they can't do which. -- We as a compassionate country must make sure that we don't have office. I've often said that I think one of the great mistakes we made back in the early 1970s. Was the institutionalization. Of the chronically seriously mentally ill outlook. Even the mentally ill deserved their civil rights. Okay -- and he paid little. But I think things are so I spew. Things are so far out of whack. Bat. The kid in California with a BMW we've got to get even because he was 22 divergent. That's a prime example of somebody who clearly. Should never have been released for him light was never going to be right. You know there's a lot of truth in movies -- realized movies are movies that are fictitious stories but that does not denigrate the truth contain various. And it is. The up movie why are with Kevin Costner and it was Dennis Quaid. As Doc Holliday. And why is upset because the woman with ruby was living tried to commit suicide with Lawton. And Doc Holliday. Looked at -- instead. For some people this world ain't ever gonna be right. True debt if -- speak in the vernacular. Absolute. On perishable undeniable. Truth for some people the world is never going to be right. I mean within themselves. Within the space between their own ears. You can give them everything. And it's still. Never going to be right case in point a kid in California with the BMW who killed -- of people because he hadn't gotten laid by the age of 22. If he wanted to prove that he was the uber Mench a couple of guys they don't be appalled and Lowell tried that back in the 1920s. Can work out too well prevent worked out worse for Bobby franks we QB killed but why bring up history. So well I just have a question for. I wanna -- kind of a different approach to number one. You -- president of the United States. The Mexican military sends a chopper across our border and -- -- our law enforcement agents. Your response would be what. You tell me which a response would be. I would be on the phone in thirty seconds to the president of Mexico. He would be put on notice. That reparations. Will be date every round that was fired we want one billion dollars that's one. -- -- -- Any further incursion into our airspace will result in -- termination of the Mexican aircraft with extreme. Prejudice by our armed forces. No questions no ifs no hands robots our airspace you'd die. It's that simple. Number story. No more free access to the United States but again -- spoken crack. Because I think board -- people. Even people who call -- paranoid. Are waking up to the fact that this is in fact a whore -- to rock kept light. Invasion. Civilian. Of the United States of America. And it cannot stay Saddam Hussein did this to you -- to Kuwait. And George Herbert Walker Bush that it will -- there. And we have president in the White House right now who is watching a civilian army doing what's at -- army to to Kuwait. They're doing to us here the United States and our president our limp wristed all this president isn't that why should it. Because he wants this to happen that's the point. And you know folks. It's hard to have them. That an American president could -- hate America. That he believes that he is smarter and James Madison Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin James Monroe and a whole bunch of other. Brilliant luminaries. Who were responsible for the founding of this country. And Barack Obama really think she is the smartest man who ever lived. And I do believe he hates this country. I do believe I and I hate to say that because again folks we are through the looking at last year reality has changed. It -- changed dramatically it -- accelerated at a speed and at a -- I did not expect. -- As you guys that question for. You are commander and chief what do you tell Mexico to. About shooting at our border agents. What used to. Number two. I've said that we have our own underclass already here in the United States. Tell -- something. Tell -- something. Have you seen or do you know and don't name anybody. People who are simply gaming the system. 803 all right thirty start -- thirty. What 80616. WBE. Someone like like the lyrics in the -- -- three better. It's 333. At news or you. -- news -- 930 WBE. And you bad. Today -- why it it's hourly and I've ever got some questions warrior -- the Mexican military. Crossed out there a Mexican military helicopter crossed our border and shot at our border agents. It's an act of war. You don't Russian did. Could you imagine the pride justifiable. Outcry if I don't want. If an American helicopter went in to Canadian airspace and deliberately. Shot. At Canadian law enforcers or Canadian Armed Forces. And it Derrick has often enough over the friendly fire deaths that took place. In Iraq and Afghanistan. You might not remember that but. There are Canadians who were hurt -- variants. Hey we lost a lot of guys to in quote unquote friendly fire. Deaths which occur in the fall of war in which are horribly tragic. Wars are tragic folks. I'm not a warmonger. -- job. About love. About brother. About peace. Emotional. And others. Those reviews say. We should have no borders there are no illegals. Have just one quick question if your house locked right now. Do you have a door on your Holm is it locked do you -- it might do you lock your car at night because if you -- -- a hypocrite. Not only do I -- my house. I have a high tech security system at my house. Not only do I like my car. That's a high tech security system keeping in mind of course that any high tech security system can be beat by people who know what they're doing. Amateurs can't beat it professionals know how to be so your security system is only as good as the people who try to breach. But as much as I want to say about that right now but. All I can tell you is. We were attacked by Mexico. There has not been up heat of which I am aware for our president I told you what I would you tell me what you would -- And with all of these illegals now and their children so -- on the compassion card. I don't know about you I have compassion fatigue. We don't need another Democrat voting underclass in the United States lining up here to latch on to your nipple. And folks are trying to put this to you in the real world terms. And I would take phone calls momentarily at 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB end folks. The more money New York State takes for you. In income tax -- The more money the federal government takes from you in income tax withholding. The less likely you are able to afford a new car to be able to afford a new set of tires for your existing automobile. To provide -- that 200 dollar hockey -- he wants. Make you understand here that the more money you'll lose because you are supporting people with no legal right to be here. The last your quality of life is going to be right in the less benefit you derived from labor. You don't get that don't general. Again folks the world is on its head. Yet we have entered bizarre role. There is a -- under an island on -- WB and I'm also asking if file without naming names you know people gaming the system. Gaming do I really need to explain gaming the system I don't think so here's Matt Matt Grand Island you're on WBM powdery. Almost hourly yes I'm I just want -- to say that that. I absolutely agree with Cuba what Mexico did let's -- I don't act or. And to answer your original question if I was president of the United States. I -- my actions would be I believe a little reciprocity. Would be in order. I think that we should used some sort of intelligence target we're. Specific helicopter came from and strike it and respond in -- great idea -- it's feeder that I. We can't shoot some kind of equal negotiation in terms of what you suggested we. Our report that we are here a certain amount of money at BP that ought. And also in your second question. I know several people the game system. Relatively easy and especially for immigrants so. OK tell me tell me how you've -- -- gave the system because I want examples because I've said this before I wouldn't honestly I. I would not have a clue. How to go about going on social services it's not part of my world is not part of the being used from which judge frank I I don't know the first thing about signing up for EBT cards signing up for -- getting anything from anybody else because. The a bit on my -- Well often times the reason why these immigrants specifically qualifier for such programs and monetary deep -- programs because. They -- -- children. They have wives they have no marketable skills they don't speak the language so the government well. Okay your population of people where if we give them what they don't cross that other than that. We just need to give them a little political -- and -- and our program that. I understand the generalities of what you're saying because this is what I have been saying what I'm looking for -- specific stories about people who have gained a game the system and have gained from gaming the system. Well I think often it's in the form of being immigrants. Obsessing over the border to out work American hours and actually lives across the border. And be able to look and -- themselves and nature. All right Matt I know we've got stories closer to whole idea I'm glad you called alright folks those of you who don't know us. There was a there's then that well there's an assault. On our law enforcement officers. By the Mexican military quite recently. Do you remember the story from my downstate couple weeks ago where it is. You know what from Florida. Intentionally. Drove his pickup truck in -- state trooper and kill the state trooper and then ran off into the woods -- -- okay. Mexico did essentially the same thing. It sent a helicopter to cross our borders. And it's shot at our men and women of the Border Patrol. I have to tell you something if I were a member of the Border Patrol. I would feel as though my commander in chief didn't give a rat's ass of army. And already you're hearing about Border Patrol people because all of these kids these children who have miraculously. Appeared all want to our borders basically acting as nannies and maids. And coming down with this reasons. Because these children in many cases are not vaccinated and they -- carry all sorts of diseases including by the way H1N1. Swine Flu. How wonderful so we're reporting Guatemala El Salvador it's veterans' social. In holes and that we're all so welcoming Bayard diseases. Not to mention the fact that we are again. You know. You talk about the least of the world. Who do you think benefits in Guatemala El Salvador etc. By having these poorest of the poor come to the United States who benefits. Through a simple answer. Who benefits in their countries. The wealthy. Well the benefit of countries. Because they don't have to worry as much about insurrection riot overthrow. Rebellion. Because basically -- siphoning off. This but various government to the United States. There. Let their children top. I know their children. And their children whose parents lovers don't care about. This is an organized orchestrated thing. And YouTube folks you don't have to send me anymore emails about the cheat sheets that have been found all over our southern border. When I say cheat sheets they are basically like little notes. Bet these children have designed it to get them in two. The United States and keep them into the United States as long as possible here are the answers you give to the Border Patrol people when they ask you questions my father I don't know my father I don't even know my Father's Day. Rye. I have a chance but she already crossed the border I don't know where she -- Folks. -- this is just it's discussed. It is beyond that almost -- ability to put the discussed in the words. -- -- -- -- On the invasion the organized orchestrated civilian invasion of our country by the poorest of the poor from central and -- some cases South America. And it. What conclusion. Is the logical one. Who benefits how to they benefit how -- the elites of Guatemala El Salvador etc. benefit I think already answered bet. How does the Democrat party benefit here in the United States I'd explain this to already but. How likely do you think it is that these people once they grow to voting age. Course we may never know because we don't require voter ID in this country. So how many of these twelve girls will show up -- the polls in November claiming to be eighteen because we don't -- ID they'll get away with voting. How many of them do you suppose are likely to vote conservative. Public do you suppose are likely to vote Republican. Are you kidding me we've got Nancy Pelosi. Brian Higgins girlfriend going down to visit these refugee children and of course the photo op. And that this morning city beach may be brilliant point that this is again it's so politically transparent. That this is another way to pay the Republicans -- let's see first of all Republicans say women secondly Republicans hate children. Now the only group would be kittens and puppies they've got to figure out a way to get the Republicans hate kittens and puppies I'm sure they'll find a way to do that before long -- You know the Republicans pulled up funding for puppy and kitten birth control. That would offer them condoms. 8030930. Is the phone number. Folks I hate to be serious on a Friday but I got to bring some serious to the show. Especially when I feel as passionate as I do know about this country and its future which I think looks pretty bleak. When you've got a third rate this -- country like Mexico. Taking liberties with our border. Sending a military -- how is this is it. Am at a loss for words. To describe the -- so let them at the a Barack Obama. -- war monger I've explained this before. So why baby let's -- African country. Good fences make good -- Now I happened to my neighbors. Any time they wanna come over and crossed the border. And look at my garden always doing. I don't that. One of my neighbors like the fake pictures of my off hours he's a great photographer and his wife terms of the beautiful greeting cards. And it over and anytime they want whether all novel whatever they can become more -- building up my backyard totally cool. And doing what -- consent. Are but we're not giving our consent to these children at least not legally about the American people -- giving consent. I think most of us are pretty fed up right now and justifiably so well. And moreover. There's another element to this or that I haven't even gotten to yet. And this is the White House is declaration. That regarding this crisis which it has orchestrated for political game. Make no mistake about it folks -- sandy beach alluded to this when he talked about. The Democrats using this as a way to make Republicans which by the way the Republicans are dead brand anyway. But to further bury the Republicans not only do they hate women -- children aren't we know that. But what what I've been saying now for what a week or more. I take the old left wing maxim. And you know it's really kind of funny because people who used to be may be left wing or liberal now would be considered conservative. And there isn't -- -- nexus between libertarian -- -- and liberalism which I really don't care to go into at this point but somebody once said. Whenever you see a situation you do not understand look for the financial interest in -- corollary to that is whenever you see a situation you do not understand. Look for the political interest and in this case the political interest is clearly with the Democrat party positioning itself. Marketing itself as the party of the disadvantaged. The Latino. The children. Blob blob blob blob up already Chuck Schumer. Who is a consummate asks Andy -- of the first order. You know mr. war on women this is the guy you called a flight attendant a bitch because he wouldn't turn off his cell phone because he was all that and a bag of chips. He has the balls. To be one of the people saying to Republicans are war when women -- he personally called applied it's gonna catch the gets away with it. If I called the flight attendant a bitch I guarantee front page story Buffalo News. I'll released neighbors refused to comment saying they liked -- the flight attendant however said. He did caller pitch I'd be fired. I would never do that. I would call flight attendant a bitch. -- but -- not a flight attendant. On Hillary whining about money. I got. -- junior soprano. It's the woman with a Virginia. Like the woman with the Virginia hadn't underwater are complaining that you don't have any Brett. That's Hillary. We are covered folks by the biggest bunch of phonies America hitting -- Mr. whose favorite word from deadwood I have ever seen in the United States this country is going downhill it's going downhill fast and we had better. Soon stop that or we might as well kiss this country could. AccuWeather reports today a clear night tonight a polite 64. Now some people actually waste their time running half marathons and marathons and that kind of stuff to animation of whom I speak but tomorrow's going to be warm sun and clouds and sunshine in the high 86. Neil Armstrong I believe by great American astronaut and hero once said that he was convinced that life if you -- -- -- why waste any of them on exercise its. I jury were to sit temperature ordered. 81 degrees at WB EM hey I'm a moron all week long I've forgotten give these away so today I'm gonna -- league James Taylor concert ticket blitz. Right now. Now I have a pair of tickets to see James Taylor Tuesday July 29 at the first Niagara center value of 120 dollars general contest rules apply it. Yeah I am -- to the mentally ill earlier and I really respected admired James Taylor because he is a man who has been. Institutionalized he's a man who's dealt with mental illnesses and -- life. And he has persevered. And politically we may -- opposite but I completely respect how he has managed to bounce back from a horrible affliction. And god bless. To see James Taylor caller 964498756449875. Now that was not a slam and James Taylor anybody takes it that way clearly is ever was -- my shows. On the mental illness which I consider to be his country's number one health crisis. Get your poster child Tom maybe. But the only sane reaction in an insane world is insanity also -- was basic logic ought to be by occur when pint of Ben Franklin junior high school. No actually -- -- Anyway we're coming up on 355 -- let me look -- these phone calls are about load up gang load up -- I -- -- easy I have low hanging fruit here today number one. The Mexican military shoots that our law enforcement officers what would you do if you were Obama number two. Should New York State embraced these illegal invader children I say seven that held back home number three. And they don't have to be immigrants tell me about people you know who have gained or who are gaming the system just don't use any names.

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