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6-27 The Movie Show with Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Jun 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Transformative. All right at -- early show with Senator Obama said -- -- -- going to transformers or the campaign when we don't we're here. We're gonna transform. Academy into the -- now about that that's good it's about we show it cinema box those enemies sandy beach. And of course we start -- the show and what the movies are all about money big box off laughs yes of course next recently dining dominated by transformers. Very very successful movie based on the -- ways we have the Lego movie earlier this year one of the biggest heads. I'm waiting for the next big. -- movies that they're working on. Hungry hungry hippos make a movie and I just slowly pretty pretty excited odd number one -- last week was account are. Getting his third big hit this year. It with think like a man to -- 29 million dollars actually a little bit less than the first one but still. Very strong opening. Since the film had a 24 million dollar that's one of those nice situations. By Saturday night at about 1030 there are recovered their budget so it's all gravy from this point not. And number 220 to jump street continues to do -- well in its second weekend to 27 million it's made 112. Million. In just ten days Sony Pictures currently has the top two films in the country always a nice position for studio. And number three -- a -- that's doing well but still. Feels like a bit of a disappointment how to train your dragon to. Did 25 million. It is now at 95 million dollars and this is it's the people's it's sitting in the seats but those numbers are not matching. The great reviews that the film guy and terrific audience poll results that they got anybody who sees this film. Should be just crazy about it. It just not showing up. It's as strongly as they did before this kind of settle that you -- Kong full pander to the first -- a huge hit. The second one. Got very good reviews the people who sought liked it but it just didn't have. The momentum build that you expect from the second film in the series. Want I have to wonder that that could have played a factor in both of these. We've both come fu panda. And how to train your dragon. They both did TV series. Between the two films so you can get your little shot. The characters on a weekly basis. And things like Toy Story. Shoe rack. Ice age the other big. Recent franchise is Madagascar's another one. Where you know they've been very successful they didn't do that weekly series and I think it's very possible they might have diluted the brand by going for the quick box with the TV series while the movies -- coming out coming at number four. One of the -- no -- last week Jersey boys. Yes the Clint Eastwood movie that everybody was hankering for the people who said Clint. Can't you give us -- tocchet and musical. It did thirteen million dollars. Very poor reviews for the most part. But the people who sought wiped they gave it good audience. Audience poll numbers. Not too surprising. 71%. Of the audience was over the age of fifty I don't think that shocked and. Well -- I didn't think it would be -- big numbers because of that that the people who would like it on the people go to the movies there have been a lot of them might wait for it to be on paper view or or road to rent. I I would have been surprised -- -- huge number I. Think this is one of those movies it's gonna do. Steady business it's gonna stay in theaters probably for quite awhile this summer but it's going to be a slow -- people are gonna be any huge rush to see it. It makes you wonder. Will will this does this mean that that films about older musical groups are slowing down. How is this going to affect him Rudy belly story coming out later this year. Number five -- listened to matter I'm sorry Melissa front. Did another thirteen million -- or Daffy is now at 186. Million currently 500 point six million worldwide. And that Tom cruises edge of tomorrow to number ten million only at 74 million here in the US worldwide box office right now though over 300 million dollar. -- -- OK but this is another one that based on the review is and the reaction of the people who sought. It was going to be a lot bigger. -- yet at 300 million and even overseas is OK. I tell you. I won't even get out of bed for less than 250 million anymore when it comes to remove Rihanna. It is absolutely. Amazing. Numbers -- numbers up RF crept up. It's not only crept up but the numbers have gotten huge so quickly -- felt very quickly. Two -- to that we want to mention that occurred this week. Eli -- are greater than just their grade actor and ninety. Years old. His career spanned almost seventy years isn't he was an English teacher before. He got a late start when he yeah. I decided to start studying in the actor's studio he can really good panels with one's fellow students. -- by the name of Marilyn Monroe. Yet. -- swell as the mallet putter as there -- well I think he might have I think she might or asked if he could put his. Pig tail in the well. But he went on to have a very. Very successful career. And the movie where people first big note of them was good to -- -- Yardley. Where they said we are -- -- isn't -- is the good news if you're gonna start the good the ugly the good news yet play. Ugly exactly but died when his most recent film was the Wall Street -- just a few we use still. In. This reason. But I'm not a person who passed away this week who are his name. Is not known. But it's very likely more people solve this man's work and was part of one the most iconic film seems all time. Terrie Richards. Passed away this week. He was -- He worked in. Or -- seven of the James Bond movies most of the Star Wars films the original trilogy -- all sorts of films over the years. You do know him very well know from one scene which one in Raiders of the Lost Ark. He is the assortment. Who confronts Harrison Ford with his fancy -- -- and joint terrorism Borges shrugs and shoot a man drops -- -- address at the grape -- and he he passed away you're great stop our tests normally I cubic break rob. Peter Collins performs the voice of Optimus Prime in the transformers. Name the Disney character he also voices. Was -- a deal or beat goofy or seeing Hannah Montana. The -- Wednesday night. A movie as the antidote to it is in their ballots through December -- reversed when a fourteen point five dollars -- -- -- -- -- -- -- pizza pub and grill. A Miller sport or on transit no expiration date total value of 43 Dollar General content as rules apply call 6449875. Now. Will be back with a big movies hitting the big strain. The movie IQ question Peter Colin performs the voice of -- crime in the transformers. In the Disney character. He also voices. EU. And then the Disney character -- also voices your all -- there's a big. I give my husband just grown and that's her burping now and we've got -- burglar on the show. Now this is the high class program exactly and he's well I have big movies hitting the big Graeme. Transformers. The age of extinction one can only able. Yes well. The Dutch auction in this bill that -- -- about though. Is the extinction. Of the human race. And sick and tired to hear this you're ready to it but you don't know -- -- to enjoy listening to your show you've got to find out that's -- -- I think he is and yeah baby is also. This one this is the fourth in the series. Transformers films the first story. Has made two and billion dollars so far. And of course pails in comparison to the merchandising and toy sales sell them an old old -- Lucrative venture for what is now one of Hollywood's major creative forces the fine people -- -- On it and -- why check. An online critic who's -- I enjoyed. He said he was a little disappointed by the title as the films are so corny and stupid he said this once in the fourth missed theories should have been called. Trans for. Number should have our number four and Florida where floor transformer that right and when the robots take over. He's the whole -- channel four would be able to live while the transformers was fuel well. All the people at the other station. Yes yes. The reviews for this. Don't shocking here. Really awful in fact. This is the worst reviewed. Transformers. Series so far film in the series so far. Last that I look at round tomatoes was that. 18%. On 18% of the reviews are positive. And everybody. Who's seen as pretty much that this is a really really terrible movie but all agree. I don't think it's gonna matter and it's still gonna make money what Michael Bay. And that is the sports time directing one of these remote. It's all about twenty years ago. When Michael Bay it was a director of the people were excited about. When the rock came out with Sean Connery and -- KM and the feeling was oh my gosh this film is so much fun. This guy's gonna be huge he's drawing -- in movies and stop this guy's a blast. And then he apparently had a lobotomy after that in his movies just gotten dumber and dumber and dumber blocked. They also make money more and more money which is part of the problem this film is almost a reboot. In hacked. All of the humans. Our goal from the earlier films any of the characters like from the earlier movies or didn't like. Don't worry about -- and I hear the robots are still hear about all of the you know piles flash. Which means Shia LaBeouf has gone you know longer in this film. And Shia LaBeouf. Running around going bumblebee. Only -- and this time -- yeah. Which is not only get it dialed up -- -- Broadway after causing a commotion yeah. Yeah out of hand -- Yet Shia LaBeouf -- -- only two bit of trouble at this point in his career. Ever since. He started being mentored by Lindsay Lohan I. -- This film takes place five years after. The last film which concluded with the giant. Panel of Chicago. City of Chicago wins it's. Completely. In the last movie and 834 Obama. US. Yes it. And they treat it with the ground at times of nine -- they take this very very seriously they talk about what happened -- Hello. -- Chicago this is for Chicago strangely enough -- when they go to Chicago. At one point in the movie -- there are lots of flags and banners promoting the US but the buildings look really good mom apparently. They were able to build rebuild Chicago sorry like that. In a hurry they should that those people under ground zero because Chicago looks better than ever for a place that was completely destroyed just a few years ago. Now Mark Wahlberg is our new hero. This time around. He's. Mechanic. And small time inventor. -- the small town in Texas. And from the clips that I've seen it looks like this town in Texas is basically the like radiator springs the town and the cars movies from Pixar it's practically animated it's homey. He play -- I wrote this named after its queries. Mark Wahlberg plays can eat eager oh yeah yeah his best friend. Is a surfer dude. Who has a surfboard on his car and always talks about going out to catch some new RO US Davis. Although they live and think about it Texas I don't know -- stick TJ Miller plays back and I feel really. Stanford is TJ Miller is very funny comic who is all unfunny in this movie because the brain dead material. Think it's gonna hurt his I would think people are gonna be saying but I don't see saw him in that oral trans -- -- he's not funny at all. Now Wahlberg has a teenage daughter. In this film she seventeen. And because this is -- Michael Bay movie. She dresses kinda like. A whole lot. -- she's made up to the hilt at all times on that may copper haired big. And floppy she's often wearing. Tight jeans and sweaters. In Texas. In the summer. Okay she and her dad's ranch what is she where we're walking on the ranch. High heels -- on a ranch that's what people -- And my taxes. All the women in this movie. Look like they just walked off a page of a 1982. Additional Playboy. On what's also interesting is you know -- talked a lot this summer. About how one. The worldwide audience -- becomes so important to watch Hollywood. So the last half of this movie. Takes place in China. So not only have enormous. Placement in China for the film you have product placement -- China you've got bottled water and these little chooses. That's were not familiar at all that Mark Wahlberg and people keep hold up to the camera sees concede the local even show the hot girl. Rink in the fruit juice in slow motion and point and he innings wings and things message your all that's great as regulars the robots apparently must also watch breaking bad. Guys when they fight they say things like take that the -- If they are quote about this film was from the Toronto star. There reviewers -- it's long it's loud and it's really stupid almost. Well back tomorrow the movie show maybe the next one obvious child might be more to your -- under -- and I started over Libya. Here at George Noory overnights one -- five news radio 9:30 AM -- W -- -- Due -- moon. Very definitive smoke on the water big exiting the big screen today. Bob soldier while transformers how about obvious child we have the Jenny slate. Yes she's from -- and I'd -- should be let the show about a year ago. And she's she's easier on the -- Cho now. Which is on Comedy Central role and she pops up here and there. This film that has been somewhat controversial. It's an indie comedy. And in some ways it's kind of the flip side of -- In that this is the film that also deals with an unexpected pregnancy. Well. As opposed to June oh where she decided to have the baby. In this -- they decide to. Another way in this company and this is a light silly. Comedy. It's very wet heat's marquee dialogue. It's a lot -- -- compared to like them. The people from girls on HBO believe Madonna show after they had a lot of coffee. -- watched a few Judd Apatow films and were really in the mood for a lot of poop and fart jokes there's a surprising. Amount of its logical humor in this. Are her character is a standup comic. Her dad is a puppeteer. She has a female -- that anti gay -- BF that. And she does decide after the unexpected pregnancy to. An abortion which a lot of people have said. Is somewhat. -- because. Films comedies in particular recently that it's loaded with this issue. And in -- in knocked up. They may mention that they may make reference to it but it's seen as unspeakable and -- -- they don't want a deal with a back away from it and do. What they believe is the right thing one thing that has upset some people. We do this bill is that the decision. Not that hard one for the fairway and it's a feeling well again that's obviously that is what I should do she even has procedure done on Valentine's Day. This has been very well review. It's about 90%. On rotten tomatoes right now. Although I I would have to say the group of people who wore our critics. Across the nation. Think it's safe to say many of them might be little more left leaning than many other audience members and on not final and here are taking a chance well I can't hear. So whereas. Most of the people who were reviewed this. Haven't had a problem with the subject matter. I think there are there are some people who will have a problem with -- -- It's. Part of the plot the people should be very aware before going if that is going to be a big issue for them. On I myself was in no rush to see this movie. Because of Japanese -- on. Character wise in this movie and in general. She's somewhat similar to Amy Schumer -- Sarah Silverman. In that they have proof persona that somewhat friendly adorable cute. But also is a huge narcissistic. And speaks very filthy and vulgar to Hong. But they're still very likable one critic. Describes. Jenny -- in this movie as abrasive and cute. Well she's just abrasive -- we've often talked about this with comedy how -- when it comes to comedy. Either you play with the lead protagonist. Or you don't if you find The Three Stooges funny. And you're gonna laugh watching these guys you know slack each other in pinch their noses with pliers if you don't think -- funny. -- just going to be really. Irritated and find them obnoxious. That's kind of where -- Jenny slate I am not a fan I'll probably see this film essentially maybe this is the movie where she wins me over from what I've read. I would be very surprised to go. There was also a bit of controversy in that NBC universal. Apparently I was going to be showing commercials. This. And someone. At NBC. Requested that the word abortion. Be removed from the commercials if they aired it. People Planned Parenthood. Protested vigorously. And I made. Some major. Major -- statements in protest. Stands in gathered signatures in this sort of thing and BC backtracked. It said it was only for use on line it was never going to be on air and that they would put it on their website is universal picture. And I don't believe so it's a small Indy I don't know for sure I'm always been pretty sure it is not universal narco. And our terms. -- it was universally it would do. Well yet. Today's corporate politics and Harry it would have been unknown culture of hosting The Today Show exactly. But this film. He's pretty much become known as the abortion romantic comedy. All right it for about programs deductions yes this is I don't Keller. He's a Canadian. Filmmaker. A couple of years ago -- did we colts are -- French Canadian film made in Montreal about a guy who are used to donate. Sperm and and finds out he has like 500 kids they decided to do an American remake with Vince Vaughn and they hired him. To make the remake as well whereas the original Canadian version what they hit the remake not so much did not do that well. This time around. On the Keller is doing -- -- today. And -- felt this was based on -- French language Quebec film. It's about a small town in Canada in little place up in Newfoundland. Call -- -- Years. So all the mayor is upset the misplayed by Brendan Gleason. Terrific actor in in old -- mode here. Who was upset because people keep leaving town because there are no jobs. And he's trying to match them all stay anyway -- But people are now anxious to actually be able to work and feed their forum in this accident. So he's buying any. A to -- that's willing to OK in turn but they won't locate unless there's that doctor. Who lives in the town of practicing doctor so somehow he trails up plastic surgeon. And forces him to stay there for a month. On May -- just saw a doc Hollywood or something but he did -- to step and then the whole T men -- I tell. Over backwards to convince him to Coco is the place that he wants to be. Instead of hockey the town pretends they play cricket all the time the local restaurant serves as favorite Indian dish. This is very very whimsical small town comedy. You are either going to be completely charmed ones are really annoyed by this film -- this is one of those movies say it's nice film. -- Rosie might like it if you want a nice film with no killer robots that grants and it's a friendly. All right will be back of our big movies at the base -- and could be on the blockbusters little extra information today on the movie show it has a movie show cinema Bob and -- sandy beach transformers -- -- -- told about. Obvious Charlie's Belgium on that they grant seduction. OK next is either. The lane or. That tells me how to pronounce these things it's EK Boleyn. You pronounce it Barney Google -- it's I think it's a -- One I think is AI and no I think. And that's. -- -- wrong it does it is an echo and -- -- and -- is from India. In India it translates to with mobile. The bill I -- that is. And I suppose I I couldn't tell you for sure. Get that out yes. And it's. Thank you. This is from India's Bollywood movie machine that's hit hard Malhotra. And should -- poor no star in this one now. If you're watching it. And you think we've done. It seems awfully familiar to me that's because yes it is a remake of Korean thriller ice on the gavel. This is a film about a a gangster. Who leaves his life of crime behind bill when he falls very beautiful. Good samaritan she's just she's she's -- believe there's always a bluebird on her shoulder and -- law and you know she's just lovely. And she's got like two euros. Yes yes she is lovely trees Josh just jumped back -- yeah -- he falls for her he says what am I doing being. Inkster oh give away these give reading these guns I don't need any -- I just wanna Wear some daisy give -- -- -- gees or you ovaries so law. She's unfortunately. Murdered by a serial killer. He's upset by typing this troubles hand and then he remembers what and and bloody revenge is one of my wish -- yeah. So. It goes on from there. This is a Bollywood remake of the Korean thriller they -- the romance. They kept -- violence. They kept the bloodshed. And sent -- Bollywood. And futuristic dance numbers. Sorry Greg you got you've got I can army were to buy a ticket for that how about beyond blog questions about the mysteries aliens. The couple films winning here -- you've got a huge movies opening up like transformers and conflicts like that all summer. But if you're looking for -- to take kids to where you want some little different view you have some options. The buffalo. Museum of -- and it's actually has an area it's the National Geographic. 3-D -- they have 3-D films from National Geographic presented by via an anti bank -- the the sponsors for that. And the one that's opening up to DA. Is on mysteries of the unseen world it's narrated by Forest Whitaker. And it'll be running for a -- to check the website for the the Museum of Science -- I'm at times in that. But this basically goes through a lot of stuff through. Super slow motion photography. Or. Just really use -- should zoom telephoto. Electron mattress being panel technologies types you get to -- like lightning striking popcorn popping. -- -- -- -- Rattle snake striking. Symbols reverberating. And remote view that I always thought you. I have -- fruit -- look like this is the movie. That shows you that -- 14 there. I -- -- take the kids to the movies by. IE I don't -- have to explain any bad words to them after words these are some cool National Geographic films that. For fly I an apple and -- make your eyes light up when your stoic on the golf say they do now on behind series ago. Oh and we still have five minutes -- -- next up would be curious incident of the dog in the night time. God this is something that. That some theaters showing he's mostly at the Amherst they do these. And he's there live theatrical events they do several Shakespearean plays this way that is opera's. This one is on a play that's a huge hit right now. In in London and London's West End one. Seven Olivier awards last year which is their version about the Tonys. And what's happening the players got a fifteen year old kid. Who's trying to solve the mystery. Who killed a neighbor's dog and he is under suspicion. Trust me the plays more compelling than that and -- basic setup there. And what's kind of neat and kind of interesting. It's done by. I directed by one of the original people who didn't know war horse that stage piece which was pretty exciting. It is about to -- opened on Broadway this fall. But for the last couple years the only time where you could say it is if you grow to one -- and so just kind of like a Broadway preview you can actually see up on the big screen there the a London theatrical performance of it and it will be coming to Broadway this fall. Next on the new show -- -- year and ran a winter's -- yes this is the big harlequin romance. With Colin Farrell. Russell Crowe. Jennifer Connelly -- Marie sang it. Which involves time travel. And a woman lovely woman dying. Of consumption consumption still looking just lovely. Or something you -- it could have -- -- because it could be that. Colin Ferrell plays. Himself at that early part of the nineteen hundreds. And also in present day. The scary thing that has given a lot of people he BGB about the movie. Is the haircut he has in the early nineteen hundreds. It's -- about trendy thing. That I gaffes. That young women and women 120 spying kind of hot where they shape a lot of their -- that they leaving huge back. Hang on the front which a lot of young or else find it kind of funky and cool. But women over the age of thirty look at it and go each whole -- I'll put it -- over Colin Farrell had before you bring him in the room is still bring him in the room but just. The bag on his first real tournament yes all right about 300 Iraq is -- empire as this of course ads and ads and more Arabs. The -- Strictly. Computer animated -- sequel to 300. Just in the eight years after the last one only a few people left. From the previous -- 'cause most of them died. This did. OK if you've got a big screen TV you might enjoy it all right you sound really excited I -- I needed three on. I thought that was a lot of new electric barriers -- -- -- I don't know Reba on this one's just a blast I mean it looks rage. On my own definition I am a little man I had big problems. Where -- but every woman's -- my. But. I I had big problems with the finale of this film. Which most people think that's what made it delightful but it wasn't quite for me. Just tons of stars voicing this thing Elizabeth Banks Chris Bradley needs and welfare -- Will -- Morgan Freeman. Channing Tatum Jonah Hill this is directed. By that you guys who also directed twenty to jump street. Such unusual situation of two guys who directed this huge hit. And the G rated kids' film and as they near you not see that happen that often. And for your kids who love the movie in the theaters lots of extras on the dvd and -- rate. About wraps up the Malaysia have a great weekend we'll see a Monday morning at nine under is great and I thirty WB. Oh yeah. You wish they never dreamed could be used she.