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6-27 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll -- my -- why I notice things that. Perhaps you -- knows -- good example. As watching I was clip here. On on TV on the monitor and they show a line of vehicles leaving the Ukraine because of all the problems there okay. Now so far nothing funny about that survivor series but I'm looking one of the cars. In the line. As a bug -- I'm thinking if -- -- if Russian soldiers were invading your country and and you are fleeing for your life. Would you consider putting a bug shield on your car protect. It's like you know it's really down among cars I'm sorry. -- is -- people would do that it's actually not good I don't think it's not it's not good for the pain they put bras on the air so that. They want to chipped in the front. Well yes -- and a chip larger car looks easy what -- are they yellow depends -- cuts Asia home and he Google it depends on. What headlights they fit over it picnic at a wedding got little driving lights -- market. At those blue lights. And high beams are -- beings we're all fans of Ivins are wearing gas. But I just I wouldn't bother with a blog she'll. Lobbyists either but at least they kept the bugs off of -- They treat him exactly juicy -- dealer you know in the Ukraine going -- and get top dollar there's a couple of chips here on the -- and bugs on your windshield. And I were talking about what we're supposed to do these children because their children it changes. The plan does not. And I think that was by design. But my first question is unless you were in dire straits. Would you ever leave your child at the border and that some guys are really little little children. I can't understand that I'm -- must you thought that was the only place they would be able to survive. That would be the most extreme no reason that I could think of as any kind of a reason why you do it. And that what are we supposed to do the children now they're talking about. In Sweden. Outside of Brock report I guess it was a abandoned Wal-Mart. The thing here bringing some of them there OK it's an empty building. Chris Collins went oh oh win them over you know over the moon -- wants it known not a good idea and I agree with Chris Collins on this one. -- -- -- -- You have to bring in some sleep and and every restrooms a fresh water. You have the freedom I mean this is a logistical nightmare for us. I say that must have been prosecute a persecuted. In their own country. You return him to the government on their home country and let them reunited with their parents. Also all I'm thinking. Very much if we have any kind of foreign aid going to these these countries like Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala. We should deduct the cost. I'll vote looking after their illegal. The children that are here now and it's attractive from any kind of -- we're giving them if we are given -- I'm not sure. Let's go to Kathy we like ideas here Kathy in south buffalo you're on WBM. The increase went away start prince I think the president of the -- gave mr. Obama should be impeached for failure to act and the best interest of Americans everywhere. It's an absolute. Who we Ludacris that he is leaving this border open and -- in worrying about what's going on in the fiery extends the north and Russia and everywhere else in his leaving the American. State just absolutely opinion -- threatened. You know they're flooding. Their flooding Arizona. I messed up by accident. You don't that's not by accident. It powered machine guns hand painted an airplane which is the same devastation that this gonna cost. Why are in the military not happy lit up the border and so angry at her and wanting to -- probably be in jail. Over National Guard I'm surprised the governor is lucky in my Deval Patrick. Whole is governor of Massachusetts and a threat does is complain because the feds didn't give him any information about dumping any of these kids there. -- meanwhile you don't think jam brewers being punished by flooding Arizona of course and now we're getting -- in new York and and I'm just thinking this is ludicrous he is not on the job and and your right pointing out. The -- -- failure to act in the best interest of the United States and the other thing is if you have these children and that's not their fault their children young. It should be held to a military bases where they would be in a confined area. But it could be separated by -- age was ever. And it could be filtered through just went into the military and they wouldn't be able to get out and just go wherever they want because you know they're going to tell. The other using about three military bases now in San Antonio. In Oxnard California and fort sill in Oklahoma. It's just a logistical nightmare and the president does not seem like he's he's up to this task. Pete it's now up and can't -- should be impeached and just. We've been better off with no president that we are with them one weekend these disgusting. And that I didn't tell you edited this the -- he's going to -- this country. Why do the -- to remove the name United States of America. Just -- the North American continent and that opened the settlement by anyone that wants to come here is to look in the 15100. Just show up no rules no regulations no interrogate. Don't -- many more ideas there are Kathy thank you I I share your passion thank you very much. She said the issue of military bases whether it can be separated by by Sachs. Tony Tony him his wife for separate -- just one. On is that right I mean is that -- we're gonna have to center reports though I think that the by its. What's sad is. Everybody talks about. Doing things to help children. And it's a cell line for everything fundraising to help the children. Give us more money for our school district to help the children we got this strive to help the children and yet every opportunity that arises. The children are used as pawns you don't think that these children are being used. As ponds for immigration are quote unquote reform of course they are. And this if you suddenly 50000 children just showed up. Like they they sent a flyer also Justin Bieber is going to be here tonight at five show up. Now this is orchestrated this is coordinated as sort of thing doesn't happen and how did 50000 if we have. A boy if we have a secure border you'd tell me a 50000 kids suddenly show up on on this side of the border it doesn't work that way. And the president is allegedly. Where the buck stops there and he ought to be ashamed of themselves with -- -- -- we're scrambling around and here we have so -- you know when you -- federal government. You'd think well this is serious stuff. They've got all the latest technology they've got this they've got that they've got the weight of the federal government. And yet they show up at the what we used to be the Grand Island holiday -- To scoped out the put these children there they didn't even know that it's an operational hotel owned by a foreign country by the way. Didn't even know that. So if they don't know that what else don't they know if they -- of a difference between a fully operational hotel bits humming along and an -- deserted one. You tell me how we're supposed to protect the borders if they can't tell that then there's no way in how we can protect the borders as. I would take a break we'll be back what more -- beach and company and his regiment thirty W -- or asking what to do. With the and they don't really know the number about the numbers -- an estimated 50000. Plus children that have. As swarmed over the border seemingly like magic suddenly choreograph like the rock cats they all show up at the same time. And overwhelm everything and now we've got to take care of them. I understand the need to take your children and I understand the law that says we can immediately turn -- away they have their hearing and whatever and we should follow the law. What I'm saying as. Once it's possible they should be returned to the government of their home country. And of the people didn't of of those children didn't want the children whatever government additional left of the border in the first -- Secondly. During world war true. From what I've read and my knowledge does not a lot of vote people were left. Families. Stuck together sometimes disastrous results but. They didn't just a just drop the kids off of the border and they disappeared into the into the night. Also I think that if we're giving any foreign aid to these countries Honduras El Salvador Guatemala. The cost the vote taking care of these children and processing these children should be deducted. From that from that -- if we do give the -- and I'm not sure we do but if we do. Because it would be to help their people whether they're there or illegally here. They don't -- Montreal -- -- under its excellence at night threw for six -- 930 John and Michael Wallace Joseph Johns thanking John on WB again. Very good morning. Ali on the truck driver and -- -- elect Obama so last week. And he came out and I can't let it sort -- -- but. It. Is that the government on and on January 20 cars that it's here. An -- out their vendors are very. I'll -- upwards of 50000 people across the border. Different advertised by the government and other here -- in but he caught it that your -- is the people that. But -- it's something bad enough I'm Doug what about -- polite while. From across the Mexican border. -- argument because if they came in from the Mexican border. That a law would not apply and they could return them immediately. Because they we can't do it for non contiguous. Countries. Like Honduras and El Salvador Guatemala but we could certainly doing if they were across the Mexican border. Well you know you could have been orchestrated in itself and me. And that's obvious -- me 50000 children -- those who show up. Not ride yeah he had but he apparently it's Smart on our city. -- the border like now we've got me if you have a I don't know what the end game is. Well what -- -- games I can tell one of the end games is -- it's -- talk all the time about the Democrats positioning the Republicans as the war on women whatever. Now if the Republicans have operas as Chris Collins has already and embargoed for him. And and criticize. What we're doing here. Now there were probably Democrats will be it was -- They have a war on women males have a war and children and and a half brain dead people them lessons. But nothing from anybody are going to buy that so it's one of those things where they painted the Republicans and -- Carter again. 'cause they're kids. Thank you regular bunch. And safe driving Diego says he's a truck driver I mean that's the whole point. They've always been able to position and the opposition. As being against Gramm. So that if you're if you're Republican you're standing up for the right things about enforcement of existing laws immigration laws. Then suddenly they they they get away from that issue by appointing -- US agency children. These children are here and their families loved them so much that they separated themselves from them so they can have a better life. And now are you wanna send them back I mean I can hear all that crap. And that's exactly what it is you can write the script for it. I can tell you you can write that script for. And meanwhile what's the -- what's the position of the Republicans are always on their heels they're always on defense. -- takes a -- if you're always playing defense should not scoring march -- The team that's scoring is the one it put you on defense. So even though they may be the ones that orchestrated -- they may be the ones that are taking advantage of it and telling me this isn't taking advantage of children. If this is orchestrated as everybody believes it is that using hit again. It's like you know we used to look down our nose when we found out during some wartime activities. The children and women were used as shields by terrorists and we look -- -- -- look at that kind of savages are they using children and women as shields. What do you think using these children is is all about. You'd think these kids -- savvy enough to know. That they're being set up and coming across the border being processed and whatever. For some political reason. You're kidding me. So this is using this is what's what's your clicking. This is using. -- kids especially. And they think that well because their children. It's even more valuable cargo it's got to be handled with kid gloves now every word has to be measured because their children. And so what they do they send out federal agents. To scout out locations to -- children -- And what's gonna happen are right there and looking at a Wal-Mart in -- and not degrees in Sweden which is near Brock port. And it's -- it's been deserted for seven years. And this on the neighbors say it's got leaky roof and whatever okay so ignited at a building what he would do it. You have to bring in beds. You have to bring in fresh water you have to bring in. Toilets and showers. You have to bring in food -- -- bring in lighting you have to bring in things keep the air French you have to have people supervising. And this is an enormous undertaking. And this is just one location but the showed how savvy the government says. Because we tend to think they are -- they show -- bill what used to be called a Grand Island holiday in thinking was empty. When indeed it's a fully operational. Hotel is that we're -- -- was suitable to use to dump the kids there this is how sharp the Obama government. They can't tell an empty hotel from a fully working one. Don't give them -- red button or the phone. We'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Collison now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169. And three says. Well I remind you sort of factor Chris Johnson RO. Swear he has a black belt and -- so you know that he could fix any air conditioner known to man he's very good. However -- Beijing companies and what to do what to do. If you -- and we -- not we don't know it -- neither does the government their running around like a chicken -- their head cut off trying to find room for 50000 kids. Who suddenly mysteriously. Showed up. Illegally crossing the border who would guess that I I guess that's just. Happenstance. Not that anybody would arrange that. And put people out of position I have to say send them back and and other -- employees say what's the matter with you don't you care about the children. That's exactly what this is about. And -- Pretty soon you'll hear voices though we gotta keep on here. And then after that -- -- voices we've got to bring their parents over this ridiculous it's like a Trojan horse deal. We're first -- with the kids and that we end up where the parents though. The law of the US -- and I don't know why we would have a law that says this to be honest review. The US law says that we -- We have to process them properly. And that we can immediately turn them away. If they -- from non contiguous. Countries such is Honduras. El Salvador and Guatemala. So if we say come from it was ever Mexico. Which can send them back. Received from Canada we could send it back and annoys me is this. Fuel a weeks ago I went on to Canada had a wonderful weekend very nice have a good time and like Vernon has placed totally recommend. But it took even a slow day it took over an hour to get past. US customs coming back. It's that much of a hassle coming back. For people who both sightseeing. But 50000. Kids can come across the border the southern border. And god knows how many adults have come across the southern border if you plan harm on the US why would you bother coming through camp and I mean just economics don't walk across and guys it's it's ridiculous it is. OK I think Dan the man into one that has something to say Dan -- on WB again. Yes any President Obama thought that they collect our army founding fathers he -- ultimately change in the US. Older exit is -- word right I think he remarked that the -- office supported UN building and a cup war I I really think what Unix decision. He thinks about how the United States is going to be -- he thinks of how the world will think of it first before he thinks the United States. And this is an ego thing so he'd rather get approval from the world and approval from a country that elected him to look after strike. That's right and I also wanted to what you know as the Swine Flu is what the kids get. Four. Love my awful feel that the Caucasian race in the United States -- -- and greed were our 30. I don't. Into it. Well maybe old mess on somebody else's border among them take care was good point thank you very much Dan appreciate it. I think -- right ER one can have the Swine Flu they're trading floor for a now why would guess. 50000. People okay picture 50000 people in one place. How many of them do you think are carrying some kind of problem health wise. Probably a lot of especially if they come from poorer countries. So a lot of them so -- I guess if you if you think that though they should be returned to their country. You build my children is that is that the pitch you know my kids have no respect for kids. And then of course she if you're humanitarian -- want -- -- reunited with their with their parents. Certainly not there in their country but here in this country. And will take care of them for the rest of their lives that's just -- the basically the way it works combined Omniture freebies late. And the last call was absolutely right. That's that President Obama is they'll -- for the job period level for this. And I don't feel strongly. That in Obama's head he would rather be. The hero of the world -- the hero of this country. But -- -- recommend that we talent every time we get a chance that he wasn't elected by the world he was elected by us. And that he's not doing a very good job. Let's go and of course. People will say hello to say that because he's black no I'm saying -- because he's incompetent. Let's go to Carol Carol here on WB yen. Hello -- alone Carroll and the I'm fine thank you well I think -- should tech mom wants in on the act by. I know we can't -- that. I believe that Obama did orchestrate the and you keep saying you like the prayer out and truly actress seeing some of the rate of about Eric there. Now and and districts in and apple areas that the -- won all around eight yes you're right I I and I tend to two. -- question that yeah. He really was elected by actually was selected by a person who -- counting well. All but the truth so there it is different orchestrated. Is that gentleman. It was. I'm an out in early January that you need people to our security says. But the other thing that I had heard and I don't know Flickr and -- or somebody out there I would think so. Yet dairy have in place. A lawyer for the children they're going to date they rarity ever seem like it's not like oh my god stern they're here now what do we do. The federal government has already stage. I'll place this sport town they are in the process of I believe of finding illegal aliens and Arab countries that these children belong -- And if they find they act and they are going to go back to their home countries. And rain -- parent or guardian for those children act here and it's and and -- -- and stated more than once I heard on the radio insider column like this setup was rush hour. Our community are one of those bombs that actually said that it has come out debt itself setup they know exactly what they're going to do an -- they have -- Let's say if if you follow all of the news accounts big general immigration. Quote unquote reform seems to be dead in the in this session so this might be a backdoor approach of trying get the same thing accomplished. Right end and one when people came here and current and great grandparents came -- through Ellis Island if you were. -- you can have somebody to take care you you're right our -- and for you and a job. Can't even get. Oh -- and indeed the job zoom in it brought out silent because they didn't buy apps to -- Yeah but that's all changed now because of President Obama he wants to be known as a great world leader who opened the doors of the US come on in and enjoy what we worked almost time for even though you didn't work for a thank you thank you recall Carol. We back a moral beach and company but what I said about positioning. When you position your opponent. They're always on the defensive at the positioning is not flattering and usually doesn't otherwise you wouldn't know it. And I ended the Democrats are very good at positioning Republicans. As as the war on women. And every time a Republican opens them out they have to explain for an hour wide they don't hate women. War on this war on that and now they'll use this and here's an example. And here's an example. Who's going down to south Texas. Its House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. And who should go out of it with she's gonna meet with a group of children. Held at this out tension south Texas detention facility. Now I can tell you this I don't know what time she's going but the first available newscasts after she's there will be her. Are fawning over children. And children fawning over her. The next image you'll see it will be a Republican. Say we've got to have responsible. Border security and they these children should be returned -- on one side the screen is seen Nancy policy. Hugging the children and the children hugging her on the other side you see. Somebody is probably Republicans saying we must enforce our laws. And guess what's after that the Republicans hate children. Think audits social simple anybody can see through it. Now there are some surprises. Hillary Clinton for instance she saw the need for housing these children. And I know she's running for president when she offered this she's offering the house seven or eight of those children in her pants. And so that's that's pretty good because it hasn't been occupied in along time. And so paradise -- are very guys -- And after there was some I think eight or not in my piece of -- -- -- Let's go to Jerry and and emerged -- Iran WV UN. And find your what did you. -- saying that that a while ago the caller was saying it's truly get this 50000. People that came across now you know what's to prevent there. That being another 50000. By Christmas. Because once these people find out. Where they came from how well they're being treated. What's to prevent another trainer whatever it is sending another 50000 over. Yet nothing and and it outfits anybody who thinks we have border security you to tell me. How -- a matter -- few months you get 50000. Children across the border. It's absolutely ridiculous but that said before you know he was right you know like he -- another 50000 another 50000. I mean what the -- they mean pretty soon it's like it's that there is no answers about the day. OK goodbye and I agree and I grew them and it's the kind of thing keep flooding and flooding flooding. And this is this is the game is being played in our country and for those of you think it's really for the children. It's really for the political opportunism of those who set this up. That's what it's for it's really taking advantage of the children keep in mind the loss says. That we have to up -- -- these children for only 72 hours before their transferred. To the Department of Health and Human Services to wait an immigration hearing. Now I'm hearing. So far they're estimating. 50000. Heads. Now those hearings can be done in masks they have to be done individually. I know I wish I knew how long an immigration hearing lasted. Because I would multiply that time. By. The number hopes to have children that needed and divide by the number of hearing offices -- roar. One would guess it'll be clawed. And this is all set up and there were suckers were just sitting there. Thinking about the children which everybody should be thinking about instead of using them for political purposes. Let's go to -- in Ontario Peter on WB again. Eight anybody -- -- -- that we spoke aren't going to be an -- -- sit there and start from scratch -- gotten beat the social rose slightly since that. Now we understood. -- after mr. Obama in front of the it's something as ridiculous that people. Will began. -- and just watching it yet. One of the most incredible. Acts since that the people thought we also know for. -- -- it there's one after another you can keep your -- out with a lot like what happened. The -- it flopping it under the carpet is about to get called. -- really believe that the people were on the media. I'd -- As -- knock on their door and what are -- reporting. Our country is not -- It demise of America got in front of our state that we had better news and added up about it that you guys out the order. So he'd be on Kanye is there any you know what view -- it's gonna be civil -- And get caught in an ignorant they -- Little technical just watching. The Republican. -- Or are already saying you say unrest where are saying where some. Some groups are going to the border we don't recommend violence but we recommend a shake up the government enough to know that we're not asleep at the switch and given -- are doing your job thank you. Now what are we gonna know what Obama is. At some time left on the clock. And is anybody thinking about impeaching him of course not. He is talking about impeaching him because he was our first black president. And anybody talking about impeaching him. All why always me you didn't want a black president you got one anyway and yet had to impeach him. I mean it's not about positioning. You got to give the Democrats credit for one thing are excellent at -- -- positioning. They keep the other side totally on their heels the other sides never in a what I would Paula. Offensive mode it's always in defense of mode and meanwhile. Our resources. Our manpower being drained and and as one -- a couple of calls ago so this is 50000 what's up the next 50000. The 50000 after about. What a joke I'm surprised to be honest with you that the governor. I'll vote at least Texas and maybe Arizona haven't all of the National Guard. Because that not there's no law that says we can't keep them from coming -- It just says that we can immediately kick them out if if they're not from Mexico or Canada. And that's -- the process. So either -- just wondering. When we gonna start enforcing immigration law the president picks and chooses what he wants to do and I hadn't really laugh the other day the president actually accuse some Republican of not paying attention to law this guy could care less about the law and he's supposed to be president and his best -- The chief law enforcement officer of course the attorney general Eric Holder you talk about a via. Odd dynamic tool that's them. And not have a good sense at all. And I we've decided that there'd be able has a agreeing gardening can work here. And so he has been a lot of cleared by immigration to read the 11 o'clock and then cinema Bob who is very iffy we may have to send them back with -- -- the show hang in there.

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