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6-27 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I happen again. -- soccer. Soccer and we lost yesterday and we get them. About fat you know -- use -- -- word -- Daryl Hall -- boring is that I don't love him. When you lose your vote your goal line. If only that applied to be and a brother bill of the recent -- -- champions many many years in a row. That's it is Beijing government on sandy beach -- tried interpret. A soccer rules I mean yeah it got to leave it to the experts is like talking to a lawyer. Well you know we lost by we'd in the rose by more than we won by the last time we saw the team that tied the other team and on the way and -- via a bus that at a flat tire and that's the reason we're moving -- and I'll market dropped off the I did not watch it but I didn't listen the part of on our sister station WGR. Because I had places I had to me I'm a very very busy person. But anyway I saw a thing a radio -- if you think soccer is boring on theory you should listen to it on the radio. Because unlike -- Jenna read who can get anybody excited about any thing. These guys raise their voices and they get so excited and you find out that it they are excited over nothing. And so anyway we're moving on where move on up to these -- great -- -- apartment in this guy. We are happy with the results Tony and dress that. Pretty much the way I thought it was gonna go actually thought Germany -- probably score little -- score more goals but I'm happy that we've advanced. Considering nobody expected the US to get out of that group. The -- but so now we go too wide today if you closure out. Yet this is the knock -- round will play Belgium on Tuesday. There as Chris said in his sportscaster ranked eleventh. I peeked at the US can possibly handle that if they can get Altidore back he gives the US a big weapons. Race horse right Altidore yet is -- -- didn't win the -- I think it is yeah because I was a league issues and now we're hoping he's back I don't we don't play you go to Tuesday yeah I was o'clock I think we're disappointed having empress. It's kind of where do we feel batter about his loss there until we actually -- Portugal six. But got it debt. It was a disappointing game -- from the US import the -- kinda got dominated Germany had the ball more. USA I think only got one shot I'm bad shots -- like thirteen for boss because of the the group we rolls. Portugal beat Ghana and the goal differential was I think like minus three to zero now the US moves -- -- got a 12 to one -- pentagon doubted that it ended an -- -- -- over the thirty general. I don't like how. OK we tied Portugal and and went to the goal difference over a tiebreaker that's fine because we tied them. But it it got a 121 bit of advanced but we beat them out so shouldn't head to head count more -- then. There's no logic in that there is no logical manner at all but how would -- -- got a personal and had to look up and gone on Wikipedia and final word this. And then how many people live there and that we know what a weird way he should really hammer and I -- as just a way ago. Last night I had I had AM meeting at a restaurant. And -- nice restaurant okay the kind of restaurant that funds all over you. You know where during the course of the mailed 73 people ask how the food is an all that well I like to inject a little humor. And I'd order a steak and I never orders I mean I was -- like once a year and I am last night was it okay so they bring their mistake. And -- this little tiny piece of meat. I needed a GPS to find it OK and so they they presented properly and ever notice that with restaurants it's via grants. They got this puzzle and that's as older and they got -- -- our rocket -- not mean it is all kinds of stuff. So he leads the stake down in front of my my idea place and analyze I looked at that elected him I said. -- respectively kitchen and get the rest of it. -- Which is something Groucho what does that -- didn't even get the joke two days he says I'm sure you'll find it delicious. I'm sure I'll find another waiter Joseph thank you very much lighten up and say it's only vote. And I got this many potatoes. Picture two quarters together on your point okay Vanilla -- but there wasn't my job come. Aren't as disappointed I -- for dessert. I ordered it's I I got the sorbet medley. Penguins now that's not -- because there's three flavors and what they don't tell you is each flavor is the size of a dime on it is 11. Swipe of this bone and it is gone. I mean c'mon lighten up DeMarre you know I don't have to go to Tony challengers extremes of after shovel -- -- a back a back call. But you know a little bit more -- an average. Then I definitely had more to eat and you did -- Georgia I went to the Buffy at the senate the casino all book fair at the casino that sounds good yeah I had done went up four times -- that went off the Florida times yeah. And I bet you're -- at a buffet you can amateurs at the buffet they walk up there and they load up immediately -- plate. That's got all the filler stuff by the time they get to the good stuff there's no room on the plate that you salad is now south's greens I mean. When -- designed greens we should read it right absolutely and then it got to keep going back and back to back yes and I have to tell you the most ignorant thing I'd ever seen both they. Well informed me gets the tongs out and requiring a time melanoma -- August on an area and she breaks off a corner the had. That was in there and leaves the -- left there just passed it to be thrown away you know I mean he's an extremely nervous yeah operative put the whole thing on your plate. And if indeed candies candy what did -- job idea buffets but I -- buffets I usually bring my grandmother is predictable questions the size of Ralph Wilson Stadium. And then it doesn't look like your -- taking out because it's not coming over the sides yet I wish I could -- my opponents -- again it isn't that nice. I have a story here. That I was disgusted. Over OK just disgusted I read it -- this morning. And I looked at and I said two people have any brains at all misses the to have any humanity. I was just I I was I was revolted by the story and it's in the police blotter of the camera should be. Okay you're wondering what could get me. To get that angry -- are you okay I'm gonna read it to you now. Put a seatbelt thought if you're easily offended because you're gonna fall off your chair when news OK I got it right here then this happened on Monday June 6 -- At a transit road business. It is patron reported. That a man who was parked in a lot. Exposed himself to work before fleeing a store in a blue dodge. Isn't that this staying. A blue don't watch. How he wants out. Judge was revolted by that I'm spending a lot of -- got to get a truck ram truck is one thing but they don't get -- blue dodge so. Here's what I think that story I couldn't sleep at all last night I was tossing and turning I am very much to blame. I'm going -- all these lyrics are with -- -- will be back with more moved on Beijing government listening to sandy. -- The DEA -- I think I'm gonna change that deal and -- go to a restaurant a lot of restaurants you go to. -- -- are very dimly lit okay. And if that if the menu is in the or if that if the plant is on the wrong colleague came to see it. All right and your search or are you holding out hoping some stuff sliver of light will come in there. They they've doubled candle in your ears trying to figure it out you can't see the prices because the prices are all you know kind of blended in with a -- Now what I do is on my key chain I carry a small little discrete light. In -- gives a white light which is very nice. Annika etiquette of the man who comes out in the united discreetly put my little light on it and then I can tell what I want. But I don't think that's that's too subtle. I have a two million candle power spotlight. I'm bringing that to the next restaurant Argo Group that doesn't have enough life. There's not a light up the whole dining -- walk across and actually if there are playing in the neighborhood they'll land as I'm just telling him. Because I find that to reach out and out maybe my -- sites getting worse I don't think so because Obama I have no problems reading anything here I have no problem -- but you go to -- restaurant. And is -- if the background on the menu is brown. And the -- lettering is kind of like beige can't read that stuff it's impossible you guys have the same problem wouldn't. Yeah I do and that's another reason why go online before -- gentlemen I usually do it and have time to do that -- -- sometimes the menu is really glossy to sort ever light is in there will reflect government you almost can't even seed. Anything I know and I like a straightforward. Menu I like here's what it is this is behave. This is a pass these are desserts here's what you can -- -- Bobo. 'cause a lot of a lot of restaurants could very fancy -- -- -- decorative artwork and you have to look among -- Of the piles of leaves to find out what's in the salad section. So go straight forward give me a hunk of meat that is bigger than my fist and I'll be happy -- some potatoes and I think governor get that tonight you know are going Wear red -- all law. Read soldier they bring the cop out the year to enable them. -- that's Celtic to a close thank you very much and best deal would come up to my bumper music and New Mexico 00. I meant to tell you -- look like today brassy cows probably about the wrung dry -- will call for some cream. Yen in his coffee last Saturday and Bessie cow did not respond I'm just say I was worried about that. Because one of his daughters was led -- -- into the studio. But when call for cream usually she's very compliant. And you'll hear it go into the cup but this time it happened as it I was up. Legal -- and when the in the news and listening room Contra affair with government problem what happened here's how it dry -- -- shouldn't go -- it didn't. I've got a dollar and yeah as you -- -- eat more graphs and something you it's. -- rebellious now you know I don't but I felt bad. Alou had a drink coffee black room at all do you think he'd have little half -- -- -- something congratulations to Brian -- Brian -- formally a a major part of our news department here WB -- for many years. And ban had memorable buyouts would Jimmy Griffin -- -- The idea via the longest day would be an interview with him and Jimmy Griffin does -- Griffin. Was feisty. And Brian Maier was tenacious. -- got -- the against tenacious and it was really cool. But he has that taking a new job. At W of the appalled. And they'll start -- September 22 he's working consulting with them in July and September through September. And then we'll start our congratulations he's been at Buffalo News for some time now. And that -- -- solid news person so that's good Brian -- on WB yeah fall. Of course that's educational raiders. But I'm sure you'll find care I hated him because I don't be informed. Now it's too tough when your informed I'd rather not -- blow things we do have been Democrats -- I -- via. And he's a rock assault that's exactly what I want don't bother me were wars famine facts kids draft drop over the border. Give me stairway to heaven again. That's a every days of sunshine when I hear that humans are -- -- Right let's say what's going on now. Oh while there was a draft last night who cared in beings have the NBA was that there was much sizzle to it and unlike the NFL draft witches. She says they bring out the rock cats. And they kicked their epic and goes up at the bottom of each it was -- able to draft choice I mean very exciting and that's -- I think the NFL does -- the draft -- I don't had a stretch -- out a bit but. They do well how much of a secret Kennedy. Went instantly they have a Jersey with a guy's name on -- come and you're telling me that you put the letters on the Jersey. Don't leak out who's going to be track of it they they got a guy with iron or a sewing kit -- rate the banks music check. -- because. Last minute things happen church -- you'd think they have like. Excellence. Expected they have extra jerseys ready because suddenly the guy you'll instantly draft just then got picked up by the choice to have you what it. That's the question I don't know. If Indian Congress may mean the second thing is maybe they have stood gnarled old jerseys with the guy's name on and they just like -- an -- with one plus up plus they could have stick on -- they don't necessarily have to be sown now. So they can -- be sitting back there -- an alphabet. And does suddenly that name comes up and they start picking from each of the letters. -- -- Bowman and give the Jersey in our camera watching mean matches and then whichever one goes -- Jersey has quit on us I think it's isolated to a but the other drafts -- not nearly as exciting now National League in India. I here's what's -- about today were talking about the fact that. We are I think a very humanitarian. Country in a lot of ways we. We help -- countries that -- we help ourselves and floods and famines and stuff like that and -- medical needs. And apparently our goodwill was being taken advantage of as children are being from south American country's central. Are being dumped at our border just dumped and because their children. We're we're -- assembly we feel a need. To do something and take care of them and I can understand that humanitarian aid but of long term solution is not to put him in wal mart's. Okay Chris Collins thinks that I agree with Chris Collins on this one. Yeah put that on the best though I agree with Chris Collins on this one good. No I you I usually -- -- reasoning on or about talk about what our what our obligation should be. And what kind of a problem we have we have about 50000 stupid underestimated of course I don't know. A 50000 kids being dumped in the good old USA we know we're not going and not going to have a Grand Island hotel because. They were scouting them out you. About it's it's already -- them occupied thank you that's it's our government at work. -- we trust them with nuclear secrets but they don't know the hotel -- bill. I mean how about that we could use a few -- -- up one Grand Island boys will be back after this. -- home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM WBE and. Macrovision governor alone would like to say James Taylor RAZR had actually. Dialed a number 6449875. A random caller will win. -- -- tickets to see James Taylor Tuesday July 29 in the first -- -- -- her value as a 120 dollars general confidence rules apply. Odds and sellers an all star band live -- the first Niagara center. A tickets available tickets dot com and I'm alive like his work -- especially -- -- acoustical stuff which is most of his stuff. And I like the fact that he refuses to join the hair club for men and so if you call now you'll -- when those tickets if Chris likes. He doesn't on you'll hear his click so that'll tell you should get a self improvement course Connecticut's Chris is very disarming. I'm. Eight Austria -- 3018061696. -- at 930 for our subject today. Of the kids flooding our borders. There road they are they don't know exactly how many but they're estimating more than 50000. Now the general thought would be that America has a heart. And they're not gonna say -- to kids and there's 50000 of them. And suddenly strange things are happening. And strange locations. Are being scouted out as a place to house them temporarily until their immigration hearings I have a yuppies here written by. An eight day and -- DA and it and Salazar. Is that scrambling to secure accommodations truly overwhelming surge of Central American miners. Crossing into the US illegally. Federal governments looking at several sites in New York as potential shelters including a rundown former Wal-Mart building. Yes believe it or not they're looking remember they went up to what used to be the -- A Grand Island the holiday yen. Some federal guys and that this was an above and I was -- -- And they were scouting because they thought the hotel was abandoned I don't know what their first clue was that it wasn't may -- people standing behind a desk. Actually looked. At our cars in the parking lot -- -- federal government's right on top of all the time. The air and you would think they'd have better scouting and -- make fun of weapons of mass destruction not about -- the hotel that was empty is is. Is ball and doing business so that's out of the question as there were leaving the federal agents said I think there's been some -- So that I gonna do that now discounting a Wal-Mart building that is anti. Now. I don't know what they're thinking with this stuff. First of all let let me give you my solution. If it's possible but there's a law that may stand in the way of my solution is this. We you know we our -- our country with a heart but we shouldn't be everybody's dumping ground. And we shouldn't be expected to take anybody that gets here illegally. And take care of them now and maybe for the rest of their lives I don't think that's required. But because these -- children I think special handling is required obviously. We're not you know we don't have a stone heart we understand that. A couple of questions I'll come to mind. What kind of parents no matter how much strife there might be in their country how many parents would just drop their kids off at the border. And disappear. I don't know I hope I never find out because it's kind of thing we've we wouldn't wanna go through ourselves and we have to understand with some amount of compassion. But I'm thinking my solution makes sense. And it's I think it's helpful to the kids it's helpful certainly to our own government and it's helpful to our own. Our tax base. I would say take the children and bring them back to the government of the country which it left and unless they're government is too radical. I'd the government should that should be their responsibility to find the parents. And and reposition those kids with the parents the thought of like right now over 50000 here illegally. Okay and a what are we gonna do are we going to feed them after. We gonna provide the medical care yeah I -- Marty has. Some kind of virus that they were talking about. On the Arabia today so you need medical care clothing food. Obviously did these kids range from very very young. Two teenagers so somebody has to oversee. For them for their safety. I mean this is a monumental task. And one how we how we have react to it it will be very interesting and I have no belief that Barack Obama has a clue. Getting back to -- and salad. The cars apiece. Though the location has been vacant for seven year uses -- about it and an old abandoned Wal-Mart. And is in many respects what some might terminate fixer upper the US government of health and human services. And General Services Administration are looking at an all Wal-Mart in Sweden New York. You know I think they made a mistake when they said bring these kids to Sweden. They thought they were going to Scandinavia but no instead they end up outside of Rochester or somewhere in New York. -- to determine. Whether or maybe use as they facility to temporarily house children who've come to the US from other countries without an adult guardian. So you have to ask. It unless you're talking about next dream warfare or something extraordinary like that. What kind of parent would bring a kid to the border and just leave the kids there and some of these are very very young children. Now you might say well if they were desperate enough they do it but it seemed like they all showed up at the same time. It's almost like there was an email sent out sent to all users. The proposal is not what our opposition in the town supervisor. A New York congressman and residents say it's a terrible idea the congressman that they're referring to is our own congressman Chris Collins. Whose district. Covers the potential. Wal-Mart location. It is unacceptable. For the federal government. Trying to force the hard working taxpayers of New York to foot the bill to house undocumented immigrants -- -- Chris Collins words that I agree with them. I don't believe New York should be on the list Collins elaborate because ultimately if not immediately I'm convinced. There will be across and that will be passed on to the New York taxpayers. Collins said fed should try to keep immigrants close of the border. That they illegally penetrated. See the borders a joke now. Because -- we still have Border Patrol agents of -- risked their lives to enforce the existing laws and that this this kind of example is. How to -- how they guard come across the border in such mass. Is a question sound very organized than me. I would just suggest not hear my comment is their crossing the border in Texas and Arizona that's really should be -- so Chris Collins wants them back down there -- it's closer to where they came in. He's that I mean if they could get in the United States without having help. Then they could be out on the streets and getting into trouble it's hard to tell according to it local resident. So there have been other sites. That have been no mention. However only three military bases Lachlan air force base in San Antonio. A naval base and Ventura county in Oxnard California and -- so in Oklahoma have been converted to temporary shelters. And so we're gonna do what he's doing those 50000 kids. Gotta remember that -- that probably the normal rules don't apply because their kids. And we also have another law. The a federal law says that the US cannot immediately turn in the minors away. If they -- from non contiguous -- other countries such as Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala and that's where they think they're from. So who passed that law. Why why don't we have a law like that do we have any immigration laws that mean anything. Or why don't we just send a Border Patrol agents home put on you know let him retire they did a good job. Take it take the -- down take the inspection lanes down just let everybody coming -- I mean that's what it's amounting to but I would like your opinion my suggestion. If it's legal is to return the children. To the government or which radio last. And let's as a tyrannical government that's persecuting its a population. If it's not they should be returned to their home country that's the best a suggestion. And I'm thinking. What kind of parent dumps the -- at the border even in in tough times. What kind of look at -- would do that if you think back even to world war true. Can you picture that being -- not likely not like -- family stayed together sometimes with tragic results but. This is always -- and amazement to me since week. Encountered this phenomenon will be back -- -- the basic question what should we do the kids while our border from Central America. Will be back with the -- Yeah we obviously I have to take care of these children while they're being processed but that's the key while they're being processed. Because because their children when -- thank in the same terms who would normally think about illegals getting over the border in such huge numbers. They have to be processed they can immediately be deported. And we have to take care of them but I'm asking. What should we do how should we house them what are we going to do with this kind of a situation because here's what I don't want. I don't want the Trojan horse approach. Where all the kids coming in on the Trojan Carson -- -- and suddenly the word comes out from somebody probably limit. We've got to reunite these children with their parents and we're bringing the parents and who I mean I can see that I absolutely can -- that. But I think we have to follow the law there while the laws says that we can't just immediately can come out. US laws says we cannot immediately turn them away if they're from non contiguous. Countries such as Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala. Some ask you what do we do what do we do Robin in Lancaster here on WB Dan. Sorry I'm what are we gonna do these kids. Lot yeah that there's -- ball and op this year it get like one goal alcoholic Krueger come and all the law agent that they. They'd say about probably a -- That. -- But -- but it does Obama want it like -- like going ought to make that country but world country doing good job and Julia. -- -- -- -- -- Exactly the way I did -- almost -- Day's work came in the and McQueen. -- rule a country and a people up but this say about it -- by all of the fact ordered the appointment it. At the what -- Wal-Mart. Or the world that taxpayers -- -- Iraq. Spend millions and millions. -- -- Wal-Mart board and any other B Dortmund -- billion million more. We're going to be content what. I like to know how are how children get over the border that easily too I mean it's one thing when the adults still opens there with kids go ahead here's went. -- a real simple situation. Okay are almost all the all my age that one out there and ordered at age what -- all week rug under concrete. -- doesn't sit right back through my the other direction on the ballot but that way it happening you can bet they're under the local. A lot of them -- -- at the target -- all all of at -- up the board wide open. OK I hear you loud and clear and I share your passion for this thank you very much I also have another suggestion. Efforts -- said if the government is not persecuting. Of its citizenry we should return these children to the government of the country of which they came. All right let memory unite them -- their parents or whatever they're going to do I was secondary suggestion. I do not know if we give foreign aid to Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala. Chances are we probably -- -- single and -- of tornado most everybody but if we do. We should have tracked the cost of taking care of these children from any kind of foreign aid to those countries because the foreign -- to the countries was designed to help their population. And if -- populations over here and we're taking care of them -- during these proceedings that money should be deducted from any kind of California we might have. Now as a set I don't know if we have any foreign aid were those countries. But if we go. I think that there that there should be -- bad that should be in the form of here's a bill for the illegals from your country that have come over here. Here's what we were planning to send jewel in foreign aid we're deducting the costs. -- taking care of your population your citizenry. Where deducting that there are they shouldn't be a free ride on this thing. But nobody will talk about that you know why. It's -- children. And that's what they did and -- I think about it like this are you just bit tired of being played for a soccer. There is. There is also one of children being treated now for what is the west Niles -- viruses. I heard on the news of days ago the -- jotted down but so one Kennesaw home. That they might be bringing in more than more than just themselves into the country. So why are we standing for us we have to do with the humanitarian thing and and take care of those children while -- stole here. But I don't think any any move to make them permanent residents or bring their parents and should be entertained we got to get serious but Barack Obama is a train equipment announced that net. Immigration. He's decided that he's not going to really vigorously enforce a lot of things. You know he had his he has supported some usually goes though who have committed crimes so I guess. What happens is if you come and you get a free one. A -- get a free one and until you commit a major crime and then they might might find you might act you know send you back. But the bottom line 50000 kids coming across the border are you kidding me. I mean here we here we are we have stealth technology we can tell you what license plate somebody has on in the Middle East. And we don't detect 50000 kids coming across the border. Ways will be back -- what should we do what these kids with region company.

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