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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>How Roswell Spends Its "Ride" Donations - Cindy Eller

How Roswell Spends Its "Ride" Donations - Cindy Eller

Jun 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next we open up the WB analog lines again are against this times Cindy Eller. -- and his executive director of the Roswell park alliance foundation good morning -- and -- thank you for joining us. Out while the morning and I just wanna say thank UDU -- WB on her talking about the practice. Okay the ride for Iran as well I mean I should dimension -- introduce you arrived -- -- as well those annual. By marathon is held every year and a schedule for tomorrow that's -- enough. Thousands of bike -- all of them on the rollback my sponsors. And it raises a lot of money so did you have any idea how much money for cancer. Research -- been raised by this ride over the years. Well you know we're hoping this year that will will. Makes a form trillion dollar mark acting collectively. Raised over twenty million dollars and it. Really so important to enter patients and their elite and it looked a lot to cap -- well because they're writing about. You know the money it is what the fuel for a research and it the right brings new hope new treatment speaking education. Point four million I mean that is very impressive bits of probably one of the biggest fund raisers in western new York and I can think of -- where where would you say the money goes how idea how do you start. Two to divided up. Well you know these scientists in the position that route well they hold meeting and they tried what most promising work is it's gonna keep on didn't Dijjer dates and number. Promising personalized medicine approaches. In many of these works. -- and treatment -- 100% funded by the ride on -- I can give you an example doctor and Stew maker in a brain tumor actual per patient to prevent recurring -- -- doctor RG doctor Morrison are going to be doing consumer market check in dollar lung cancer patients to see what genetic markers they have. And what that does that help and Q hone in on an individual and in providing more personalized targeted treatments that issue. Should they do you know is it too literally sponsors to get involved and make a donation in advance to tomorrow's ride. Absolutely not we knocking at -- golf you know -- -- a lot of work that needs to be done in the next 24 hours so I'm. Jump on line at that -- for route well are in -- web site in you can find it right here in in helped get them to their goal they are at individual goals we have over 8000 writer many of whom are are still -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While 8000 tomorrow. And how many did it start with you remember come and this is grown over the years. Well you know bit. The first year it was definitely under at south didn't you know we need a 100000 dollars so we really seen it accelerate over the years. We 800 little this year to remarkable what they they're the only team -- corporate teen. But -- people coming together in the fight against cancer and there aren't being and they are saying you know we -- the power of the people can come together and make a significant difference and it's about getting the treatment to the front -- after where they desperately needed to people who need to. -- good to -- -- you wrote this morning and after during the scenario I know. Many of our listeners are gonna chime in and and make a donation and a sponsor one of the writers tomorrow thanks again. Well thank you know we talked to invite anyone with a connection to -- to join at night at UB. We are opening ceremony it's street opened their public from doing it said the big rally in the fight against cancer. Now is Bennett the the UB stadium. -- -- -- that -- that I programs it's happened back in the world are perking -- speaker to print insert survivor. And we'd love anybody who would like to be part of this wonderful amazing -- we can't from China. I'm sure a lot of people will be there should -- thank you began sending the dollar is is executive director of the arousal part. Alliance foundation.

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