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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Locating Unique Home Decorations - Susan Hunt & ReStore's John Walzak

Locating Unique Home Decorations - Susan Hunt & ReStore's John Walzak

Jun 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're telling you this morning at HGTV's. House ponders renovation is shooting in buffalo this summer and they're casting homebuyers right now. Were talking with Susan hunt for -- town productions about this. And she's also with HDTV's house under renovation. Also John Wall sex joining us on the WB Ian lifeline John is marketing director for habitat for humanity resource -- got Susan hunt here to talk about. The fact that I don't know if you're hooked up with them yet. But he probably will be for talking about old housing stock and doing renovation. And things like that it that would be great and I'm not a designer yes they're local gal I'm very bright very I'm interested in old old buffalo. But she if she was talking about the many places here that you can go I guess people go and they. They tear down homes and they find -- some cash and then you can go women in you can buy these things and I think it'd be fabulous to use them. Are you necessarily. Looking for. Relics when you renovated new homes. Or I mean do you wanna bring I'm John delivering you know some some modern -- absolutely I mean again it's it's about the house hunt to begin with so. You know not everybody's going to be looking for an old Victorian and then a couple of and I think what makes him the so it's much fun is the house content people that are doing it and every house needs are and a. And John now -- -- is with us now from. Habitat for humanity restore hey John. Great pay and good to -- hear -- excited to hear that house hunters renovation shooting here in buffalo this summer. -- is great news they could find everything they wanted our stores. I mean you just come to the rescue. And lots of projects on you. We have -- where we have when he -- we have doors everything donate it to us by individuals who -- renovating their houses. And my company circling about their warehouses confined to stop news -- when you install. The pretty exciting place to work. What do people actually looking for us and older classic Woodward from the old Victorian -- around that era. We have some occasionally -- store content -- pretty well there's popular generally aren't. Figured the frame where a couple of pieces I'm very sport. That they stopped the big load that we got stripped pop up pretty quickly. What are some of the hardest things to find. That you guys probably have. Are things -- finally. -- -- -- schools. All that I have great stroke but it circle. Old screwdrivers and are afraid of people going to throw away -- they're great for us. Slap the wall will break from our construction crews come in the shop -- -- sort -- always -- hand -- Electorate to orchestrate -- over. And tools or what we socialize. Judge Susan hunt -- great to meet you and I definitely will be calling you while we're in town. You know it's interesting is I've been working with designers out in Los Angeles most recently and so many of them are in in need of those kinds of things that they incorporate them. In contemporary designs I think it's kind of fun to do a little the old and -- together. And a lot of our customers they're censoring on our first book page. I will put up projects -- -- there's -- not in both sides and around have a world of probably critical things that make them look Uighur. Well let's be honest here it's a lot nicer than just getting another piece of plastic crates an end of the things that are very disposable I love reuse. We've their customers go through -- merger for example. You know what to work pretty. Well -- picture -- on what merger. Comes. That's awesome. But all of this kind of really preserves the integrity of the -- -- house -- stack right. They're very obvious spot -- trip and they are probably -- Post to a really and if not more than -- -- how collapsed but I'm -- cost of this sort order. We people on the Lan Phil pulled apart in the people's. Let me ask you this much what do you think is the most popular thing of people come in looking for is is a door knobs is that and you know big pieces so that that have been pulled from homes. Our most popular thing that's probably half -- -- yap -- I would believe them. We have a local supplier here in there are clears their warehouse once you're streaky -- while struck. We have an amazing election polls. -- handles. The -- popular probably importantly those. Yeah you know it's funny people think you know even if they would beam on our show. You can do so much with your home by just changing out -- or a pole or a door or window. How about loaded windows and glass. Enough to be at the premiere item right. We turn the focus on. Insulator when those double frame it certainly it is strange. Athletic bloc -- iron if we get a real style course. People turn to find another oval for you know -- out we have to restore the flow of -- Saturday editors oral folk art. We are finishing workshop and -- away document the local artists from the neighborhood who's gonna come in and our show are registered insults you resource elephant to find the most ordinary -- you'll make -- feel even better. We had John it. -- act just talking about leaded glass windows I was just touring a house on bird avenue the other day. That's on the market for between fifty and 60000 dollars that's great if you're 60000. And the house was filled with all of those old London stained glass windows stunning so even if you didn't want to live in the house going and take with him. He added. You're. -- Jan. Outed their habitat for humanity part I mean what do you do with the profits from the store. There weren't there -- people -- -- -- and we solemn but probably make -- -- goes directly into our construction. Last year we made enough off the -- five houses are awful. And we're on track that they look well not make a little -- or -- almost five and -- this year. So it's all about building -- although we. Shall not Opel is due to habitat builds homes for our clients term. -- and Susan -- before we let Hugo. Our listeners are pitching now to become part of HGTV's house was no doubt about it. We're -- calls and our newsroom beginning emails there's a process that people have to go through. And we have that process posted on our website WBM dot com just click together now button folks but let's quickly review. What do people have to know they want to get on the show. All they have to do is have a house that they want to buy and wanna renovate and just click on casting and then what the processes. They'll go through they'll do an audition tape and it's usually do with their iPhone or other you know computer send in to the to the network. If they're approved we give McCall and we we hit the ground running in the most important thing folks is to bring personality. That's what we're looking for don't be shy don't be afraid and -- be ready to have thirteen weeks of fun. This respondent and will be following that up some great to have you here -- these guys thanks so moderate that Susan hunt with Titel productions and HDTV's house -- renovations and also joining us we appreciate you John walls at this morning. From habitat for humanity restore.

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