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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Discussing "House Hunters" Popularity - Susan Hunt; Pt II

Discussing "House Hunters" Popularity - Susan Hunt; Pt II

Jun 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go right back to our special in studio guest this morning Susan -- Pie town productions. The HGTV show house hunters is going to be shooting in buffalo all this summer of 24 episodes of the program -- the -- recorded. If you well -- well yeah Susan thank you. For food coming in I'm. You know why is Susan rose mentioned. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But anyway why it's called DVRs though and yet here. Well why are Americans all hooked on building and renovating curb appeal reality show. It's a great question I don't even know if I have an answer for you I think that. I think HGT when it first started when it first first came on the year. I think it didn't have an identity and the girls that founded this pike camp productions they're the ones that really I think build this network. Because they were sitting around one night talking about buying a home. This will what do you think this one what do you think of that one. And they said you know what this is so much drama this is a shadow so that's how it all began and I think once house -- started. And people you know loved it to you know borders strictly go through this with people. It's spawned so many other shows and I think people genuinely. Like to see the force and actors they'd like to see people get out there in the whether it's landscaper is challenge her whether it's. Design on a dime. People to stay at. I think two decade. Identify with the people that you know they're watching and we are ready for it or not you know while that's that's through their planning I'll say this when I see these twenty year old -- to go out there and they're -- like -- 5000 square foot mansion while I have to I have stainless -- captain of granite -- -- When I was growing up I have -- a little tiny refrigerator to open. With the we wanted Formica for quite that's a that's a very funny but you know it's funny to -- this is gonna say that and -- the show itself -- sponsor Romany. Different shows the same you know I can -- the same genre -- house -- house -- where they now house lenders renovation obviously. I'm so house leaders and international -- people of that. On but it's also spawned gains on the Internet house hunters the drinking game what will only say he now. So and you can Google that and it's pretty fine. We know we'll all have said we probably assume that house hunters is going to be filming here because. Susan -- Influence I -- you brought them here but do film commissioners from. Others cities. Call HDTV do they call pie town productions and say. Hey we'd love to have you come here and spent some time in our view of your calls like that Kosher and and of course we get individuals to I mean we have him buckets of people that want to be on the show. But people genuinely want the exposure because they know it's great it's on all the time it you know you -- you watch it every night there re morons -- time and every country in the world so yeah it's it's it's a big draw. When you're here and -- -- here and everyone else is coming and where do you wanna shoot -- looking for you said you you wanted to -- shows are you looking for the city of buffalo are you looking outside just everywhere. Do you I mean certainly anywhere in Western New York it's beautiful this time of year and I mean I would love to have one home in downtown buffalo just because all the old architecture it's so beautiful. And if some you know young couple who buys a home that they really wanted to keep the integrity of the house but modernize that I think of -- really interesting episode. But necessity the other day Lewiston Youngstown I Cheektowaga. -- Wanda. I mean are all different homes and all different neighborhoods and I think we can what I hoped to do with each episode is not only follow the renovation. But really be able to portrayed the sensibility of the neighborhood it's in and the kinds of people that live there because we are city neighborhoods. -- I have to ask this question Iman -- a little bit search for a you can. I watched a little trailer and I saw those couple and this guy goes you know the wife goes my dream is to have this dream kitchen. This guy once finished basement. But we only have a budget of 630000. Dollars if I go you know. My entire property all of my possessions. Are worth that. Now it's very scary but most of the shows I've done over the last year and a half have been in Los Angeles. I through these houses in Burbank and seen him California I'm walking and how well we're asking one point two and honestly it's a box it's a -- and I am like really. So people when I think America is gonna get a real eye opener when they see the homes here in buffalo. And what you pay for them. It's going to be really fun show you know because price is not a -- totally apartment. An anxious of the season to us that one of the fun parts would be if we define hockey player. Because we're rebuilding our -- -- there's going to be people that are going to be drafted coming in looking for homes one -- question. To increase the value of your house what is the most important room or rooms. To remodel and concentrating. That's an easy answer kitchen masters -- okay not death -- Master suite is usually with clothing on we Alia this two.

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