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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>"House Hunters" On the Prowl In Buffalo - Susan Hunt; Pt I

"House Hunters" On the Prowl In Buffalo - Susan Hunt; Pt I

Jun 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we welcome Susan hunt in studio with us this morning with pie town productions. But. Everyone remembers Susan hunt from PM magazine here in buffalo right is really funny after all these years I walk down the street and people still say. Remember you and I -- -- kidding that's how are you. Well how we got a little house potter series and employers here earning your listeners just a quick. The quick resume of where you've been all these years when you're on the Travel Channel here everywhere. Well yeah I mean I'm done I I certainly it -- freelance TV since the mid eighties and and really did it and and that began my association with pie town back in 96 but. What happened -- -- took a little siesta I took a break back in the beginning it I think it was 2003. -- diagnose breast cancer than. And I am so I just took a step back and then at that it was sort of a life changing moment that's I think anybody will tell you that they've gone through it and so. At that not try something different and kept going to work for apple. And that was a fascinating little sojourn so I I became regional trainer and a manager with apple. And then quickly decided that I was always meant -- television so I went back but it was an incredible time was there when they launch the iPhone the iPad you name it. How how exciting right before we get to house manners has your -- but this great I just celebrated ten years so when you talk about right for -- I've never done it. But I know how many people do and it's an amazing events out gathered here these guys on -- is terrific. HGTV's house punish renovation. Is shooting in buffalo this summer in -- thrilling exciting and you're casting -- we are absolutely casting it's really exciting I mean I know you're a fan of house -- John I know you watch every night every episode. But isn't it crazy show everybody loves it and they've never done anything in buffalo and being part of the company I went into the one day and I said look you're missing a great opportunity here. Look past Chicago and Baltimore and Boston and look at this city. Where was so popular and and so respected that I think with the national preservation society came here didn't about a year and a half ago. And just because our architecture so amazing. So -- bit so here we are for shows we're starting shooting as soon as we can. As sinister cast and will be -- probably through the end of the year target tell our listeners about the casting. Process how do you find the people who are going to be the stars of the show. -- and he's giving as little princesses and how to find people that are willing to endure also for you know usually takes about twelve to thirteen weeks. I'm basically we're just looking for homebuyers people that are out there actively looking for home in the buffalo Western New York area. And that are willing then to let us invade their privacy. And I'll watch them do renovation. Once once that we've we find the couple's then we we. Launch right straight ahead so we column during the house learning process and then we pair them up with the designer local. And then the design and contractor take it -- them about the effect this is the renovation show means they should have an extra little budget. Foundation absolutely they should have a budget for renovation. And once we cast them will get the won't give them all the inner workings of how things get done but basically. They also have to be handy they have to be able to at least pick up a hammer the because if you ever notice on the show that's usually part of the fun as watching them try and tackle their projects they said it's it's fun. When you do look for people do you make any attempt at all to find people who were very comfortable. Around all those electronic equipment I mean they know they're being watched. Right it's funny giant once they get into the renovation were there we actually become like family to them. So the cameras are sort of second nature at that point because they're more concerned whether that granite countertop is going in straight. They don't care whether were rolling and a so it's on it's fun I have to stop the maligned as the directors -- -- -- Really be upset about the fact. But for the most part yeah yeah it's a date -- kind of I think cameras becomes second nature at that point. At the beginning there's always nerves there's always winners until they realize how it's it's just that we can burn it on and so it's it's pretty fun. Right so Howell and we'll get through this in the next hour that. For people to say this is -- you know that I need to get in touch with you went to went -- it and it's really simple folks and you really should do it now because we're we're going to be casting quickly. We party and a lot of people that are looking -- so weak I should just mention one thing very quickly there is a process that's why they should kick. I'm pie town dot TV if you click on that www. -- -- dot TV. And then there's a link that says casting just go to that analysts say house -- renovation buffalo -- the application it's really simple and some you can -- and you are looking for people who -- -- in the process of planning. You know renovation you know and they camps on the money to back up their intentions or -- -- be excited to have us commitment navy it will help.

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