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6-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB -- Welcome to the New York's. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No I. Yeah the time. Tom hourly. Column in the whether to let them and -- let everybody -- Lindsay and -- likely welcome. It's life these local outfit them. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly -- would have -- the biggest day -- day except for her before. And 930 W yeah yeah. It was interesting. Two hours I thought it was just like it too early to operate on a World Cup soccer and just just all -- here just -- all clear. I did not end salt soccer fans. Read the post. In fact those of you commented on the post without reading the post back and look at your comment and see if it even makes sense because it doesn't. Well some of the comments now if soccer is your back and maybe suckers -- bad. I just don't see it as a serious threat. To Major League Baseball the National Football League or. The NBA I really don't. And again I don't like being force -- The hand of some of the more rabid soccer fans remind me of the Islamic fascist fanatics try to convert people at the point of -- sword. You'll accept soccer. As the one true god of sports. We will be true. That might be a little bit hyperbole. Hyperbolic but. So what goes. Now -- a little bit about American history. And it. Somebody brought -- Gettysburg. And one of the fund trips in my life. Great week I had a chance to spend my son at Gettysburg. And he's very fast lower. And Gettysburg is a -- very difficult -- understand because it was a series of three days of battles with a whole bunch of different key strategic points over which the two sides -- I tried my best to explain it to him and actually got a but then -- he's produced he's very very quick yet he grasps things more quickly and I especially you know. Especially the artsy stuff. He actually schooled the tour leader at the Vatican. I'm undies in biology of us some of the Vatican art which I'd enjoy telling your story -- it was like eight of the time anyway. I wanna share a view as something that I wrote last night. And I must also confess I'm not a match. A writer. I don't have a magic Porsche about which I write and I'm not trying to sell anybody T. I just don't write naturally. Every now and again however. Forces. Larger than me. Get in the my brain. And even well all I wanted to do last night after I got home. Was. Go outside. Sit on a longer. And relax. I couldn't do it why couldn't I do. Because my -- was a swirling. Mass of ideas. The source of which I do not understand. But I do know that. I did not have a choice I had to sit down and put the thoughts into writing. The result has been. Frankly unprecedented. In my eight career. This is something that I wrote that. Exceed last. At last check handers. I don't know how many shares it has and FaceBook. 175. Shears. Including Allen west republic. Actually shared service. And a 174 other people as 229 lights. Am wondering on the year. Because. It's important to me. Because I get sick and tired of being lectured by people who just don't give it about. Being paranoid. Over losing our freedoms as Americans. You call me paranoid I'll call you naive and I'm right. But I want to -- nervous. Because obviously it is hit the mirror. With a lot of people. And it's not an ego that I'm honored. I'm gratified. But. This is. This is not about me it's about the ideas. That I expressed and I was basically compelled to. To express them by a larger forces that makes any sense -- you at all those who view -- in the performing arts understand what the muse is all about. You can be the world's best guitar player but then sometimes you just catch fire and you do stuff that you can't do if you try. You immediately you listen to Mozart's requiem the parts he wrote. -- tremendous. -- you watch your read Shakespeare's. -- you listen to some Bob Dylan songs and you understand that in some way they were in touch with forces larger than themselves. I wrote this last night. It's come up yours to -- your paranoid crowd. I hope you guys understand. That. When it comes to the constitution I don't care who I pissed off. With my consistent defense. Up all of our freedoms it is truly. One of the greatest documents ever written by some of the most brilliant minds assembled at one time. There is no partisanship in my heart when it comes to freedom. In a fight aggravate the law and order crowd with my defense of the Fourth Amendment and lose a friend because I object to cellphone data mining. I equally upset begun eating re aggressiveness. With my passion. For the second. Porsche ought to -- to local assembly to support the fourth. After urinating all over the second with his support of NY safe Israel looks. Friends. Our continued freedom requires. Continual vigilance. Against overreaching. Government. These central themes. Of the constitution involved. Don't live hitting the powers and rolls of the federal government and protecting individuals. From an all powerful all intrusive government a cursory study of human history. Shows that the tendency of -- The powerful. Is to screw the individual for the benefit of the political class. Our founders. Were keen. Historians. Today new business. That is why. They enshrine. Our natural freedoms in two words. Another way to say it. Is our founders codified the pre existing rights of mankind it did not grant those rights. The USA's history of accepting slavery. Is a black. But that was XP aided by a horribly bloody civil war. And there is not one person alive today who was born a slave. In the US. The government's treacherous dealings. With the native Americans. And interment of Japanese Americans and some German and Italian Americans. Reinforces in my mind precisely. Why we need to have each other's backs. And never let our government do it again in our name. There has never been a perfect person maybe one. Or a perfect country. But on balance the USA has a unique place in world history. Four then laudable record on the matched by any other nation before or since. Have you any idea. How I'm real. Wars. For our revolutionary fathers. To win a war the revolution. And then write -- document a freedom for we the people. Unprecedented. I've had many blessings bestowed upon me but none of none of them would have mattered but for the ideals of our constitution. For which so many average men and women. Dripped blood in defense. And did the extraordinary from valley forge to Lake Erie to Mexico to Cuba Europe. Korea Vietnam Grenada Panama Afghanistan and Iraq. And that doesn't even begin. To cover the courage of our military the best guarantor. Of peace. Is a strong military subordinate. To civilian command. I made no apologies. At -- To anyone at any time. For putting the events of today into historical framework to illustrate how tyranny takes root and flourish is. Without eternal vigilance. Or because of apathy. Numerous events over the past several years. Have convinced me that all freedom loving Americans must band together against any leader who seeks to rule by division. And -- A promise. That I will do my best to speak up for all Americans and for all freedoms. Which are our birthright as Americans. The right to your religion and free exercise thereof -- -- to be an atheist. -- freedom of speech and protection from government told repercussions. Resulting there from. It truly free press that holds a political class elites are comparable. For passing hour. Writes on. To future generations unscathed and -- start it matters not to me whether you're black white Asian strayed by gay transgender Christian Jew or Muslim. Our freedom. Is too sacred. To be hijacked by an out of control government deep void of the checks and balances of three coequal branches of government each -- She game. -- those who would allow our freedoms to be quashed. As our borders are under assault. By an invading. Civilian army with no legal right to be in our country. And a -- those who believe America is evils so outweigh her good. That fundamental. Change. Must take place. In America. I call Bolton. Know your freedoms. Know your rights. Never. Let incursions. Be made upon them. For the political class will do as history shows. Destroy the many. To enrich. And empower. The. I have been a little bit overwhelmed. By the response. To what I wrote last night. It is posted on my FaceBook for those who like -- -- And if you're so moved to share. I would continue to be honored by that. I literally wrote that in ten minutes because I didn't write it I simply put the words that came to me. If the my computer. Those who understand from where I'm coming from understand. Exactly what I mean. Let's find out about traffic and that put that in your editors Alan Harris with -- traffic update -- A man. And AccuWeather forward today it will be. Mainly clear. More comfortable in the last month that -- -- -- -- Patchy fog in the morning otherwise mostly sunny. And the high temperature 82 degrees right now it is still 79 and who's ready in my thirty W via. I wanna talk about. Immigration. To the United States. Because just like I told. Folks what's going on right now to borders. Is not accidental. It's not coincidental. It is orchestrated and it has been in the works. This is. Patently obvious. When the administration. Asked for escorts essentially for 65000. Illegal immigrant children at the beginning of the year. When the previous record was only 5000 are we supposed to believe that the administration was about psychic and just knew. What was gonna happen. This is orchestra. This is planned. This is part of a larger plan to destroy. America. To equalize America with the rest of the world to bring your standard of living doubt even -- The people. Of course their children so we have to be nice to them because their children. Mom. You can fall for that if you want. They need to go home. They need to be sent all on rafts if necessary I don't hear they have no right to be here they know they have no right to be here and if they are cooperation have to pay the consequences of being caught not just caught released. Yeah it's gonna stay in the southwestern smoke and we actually are smoking crack where you're doing whatever people do with Matt. Because I've heard already in New York State right here locally what they're considering doing with some of these illegal. Invaders. I'm gonna tell. When we when we come up here on and a WBA and after the break. I don't three on -- thirty is people number 803 all right thirty start at 3180616. WBE. Okay. You know this. -- Or -- vehicle -- here are eclectic. And Austin I must thank you Jovian bank. All right it is up 533. -- I hold that you guys are aware that serve our country right now is under assault under attack by a civilian -- This is -- it's almost unprecedented. In the American experience they have such a large concentrated. Civilian invading army of children. Plunging across our borders to latch on to the Naples of the United States of America and -- our perhaps -- Folks. This is not an action at this is not seek a -- incidents. This is not a flash mob I've been saying this ever since this story started making who's now what else have I said. If you think that it's all only a problem for the southwest. It's only a problem for California -- Mexico for Arizona and for taxes. You are. You you couldn't be more wrong. Because the federal government Obama's government. Which. Wants this to happen or it wouldn't be happening. It's just go back. If Obama's government did not want this to happen it wouldn't be happening. Can we all agree on. It's just basic logic. This is the intent. To flood America. With yet another. No skilled. Underclass like we don't have enough -- skilled underclass people in America. Folks. I know I say the Sola. But I've been to places in the Third World. They are not places you would want to live -- you can take any. It don't be offended by others you can take any trailer park in America. Where the guys were ripped wife beater T shirts beer bellies and the women pretty much do the same thing. That is like a palace. Compared to Third World countries. You give you it's impossible to describe the poverty and the this just -- disgusting sanitary conditions of these places. Unless you actually go there. And I'm a little bit crazy so I go off the normal beaten tourist path. Problem is even when I stay on the normal tourist trap right still end up with ridiculous food borne sickness but this wouldn't be the time and place to talk about bet. So. The federal government. Obama's government. Needs to find a place for all of these illegal. Children. And folks I Drudge points out his I can't possibly linked to every article Drudge puts up on his side about this subject but. -- they're given cheat sheets. Here is what they say if you're stopped by the border. Might it already crossed the border with your father I don't even know my father I don't even know his name. These are all employees. To gain entrance to the United States. 90%. Of the people who were stopped at the border -- then released and told we -- in court at a later date. Disappear. Into America all I'm sorry George Bush absurd Barack Obama they vanished into the shadows. Folks were being invaded that's what -- it is it's not even immigration it's an invasion by a bunch of lie and jumping no skilled people who watch America's riches. To be given to them. Without having any -- whatsoever in this country and they have no freaking business being in the United States of America. There's a process people go through your ancestors went through that process my answers -- went through -- process. I'm sure that in your story in your family story. You have the tales from grandma or grant of about when we're on the boat to Ellis Island. Week before we even got to that -- We had to have a letter signed saying we would never be a drain on the American taxpayer that we had relatives here is third dresses they'll take care of us until we can get settled. That's number one number to. The absurd comparisons that people are making. Between this wave of illegal. Children immigration which is being fostered by the Obama administration. The analogy. With this. Vs the wave of immigration to the United States in the period 1880 to 1920 is obscene absurd and devoid of historical reality. America 1880 to 1920s. Had a wealth. Of no skilled jobs. For people. America in 2014. Has no such wealth. Of no skilled jobs for people. When you look at our on the employment rate -- under employment rate the people who have been on employed in the long tour. You ought to tell -- other how we're gonna afford a bunch of people can be baskets on a good day. As we can. And do you want to tell me. That every illegal. Would love. Maybe not for the whether they would love to make their way to New York State. Because New York -- breasts are kept filled with milk from the your wall. Money is stolen from your paycheck. In the form of state income withholding taxes as well as federal withholding taxes. This money is then used to give to people who come here illegally so today. Frankly to have a better standard of health care known as New York Medicaid that you enjoy as a full time worker there something fundamentally messed up. With that idea. Ever counts he said it -- Reagan said that every county executive I think except mark Poland cars in recent history has said the same thing. New York State doesn't have the -- Cadillac of welfare we have the Rolls Royce of welfare and other to tell you that we have the Learjet. A Medicaid. In New York State. Every incentive. Is in New York State for every one of these illegals to come here not to produce. Now these people are dreamers. These people or people were gonna cause a nightmare for people like you -- me. You. But what are you kind of like to keep some of what you make for your family. Because right now. Between sales taxes income taxes real estate taxes. Into I have to go further. You are lucky if you get to enjoy it 50%. Of what you actually earth. You could earn 50000 dollars a year. What you actually get to enjoy it odd that is about 25000 dollars a year the rest of it is claimed by various taxes. Or fees. Call it what you will. And what does this money used for it is used primarily by the Democrat party but the Republicans are a little better don't kid yourself. To support an underclass. In exchange for votes. In alternately. The goal is a one world government deep void of the United States of America and any sense of humor comprise America's exceptional -- or any sense of what made this country the country it what's. That's what this is all about. And I will not apologize. For continuing the harp on this notion. That this is an intentional planned to destroy America. Folks. If I held a gun to your head and I said give me your wall. I have hungry kids defeat. You'd be pretty pissed off when -- That you would be that's what your government is doing -- right now. It's putting a gun to your head whether it's this new York state department of taxation and finance or the IRS and the criminals -- They are extorting money from you under threat of audit incarceration. -- -- -- Torre finds. And they are redistributing the wealth to people with no damned right to be in the the United States. There's a process for immigration. Lots of people have done it lots of people are on the waiting list to get here do we get the right way. People on my side don't oppose all immigration but we also understand we have are all underclass in America. In fact generation after generation after generation of an underclass in America. Whose primary responsibility in life is to learn how to game the system. To learn how to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous without lifting up unless it's to get -- -- -- done. Which I don't know anymore. Give my money goes to taxes. That it might be a slight exaggeration now. Here's a story. The yen cool what was your you know this was gonna happen you just fill in the blank there is an old Wal-Mart. You know -- port is right you know size for -- port at SUNY college or university. -- -- They are considering using a former Wal-Mart near Rockport. For illegal immigrant house. A former Wal-Mart. In -- for illegal immigrant Hauser who do you suppose is gonna pay to renovate that Wal-Mart in two housing. You will. Who will pay. Pay for the medical care dental care education and in that vaccination. For these illegal people who have note and write the year. You will. Who will benefit. By turn these. No skilled people. In two wards of the state on your -- who benefits. From -- the Democrat party. Of those who -- -- services to the government and they've got such an entrenched. Are tangled incestuous relationship vendors with -- Democrat and the Republican Party that the barely distinguishable one from the other. Folks you are going to pay the bill. Use your kid want to know hockey stick. You might not be able to afford it why because that money is gonna go for some illegal Guatemalan -- All you needed a break breaks for your car which car you. The State's gonna take that money the feds are gonna take that money because some Guatemalan kidney to cavity field. This is about lowering your standard of living. Don't you get this it's about lowering -- already -- standard of living in America. To get people on the -- filled teach or apps of New York State to create a perpetual voting block for left wing regressive candidates. All admit that -- again if you think the Republicans are the answer you're an idiot. Because. How many decades are you actually going to believe and promulgate the -- that well. A third part is just gonna keep the Democrat party in power. It changed Republican Party with which you want to tell me exactly how many decades you're willing to wait to do that because -- Here in this it's about 1976869606. I can hear this for almost forty flick in years. We don't need a third party that ultimately enable Democrats to win every action let's change the Republican party for -- -- you -- -- this week that worked out. Folks the Republican Party is not your friend. It is is bad is the Democrat party except worse because they pretend to be something or not. All of these politicians are wars and the sooner you realize that an open your eyes to the truth the better off this country is going to be. And given a choice between. The Republican establishment and the Tea Party go with the Tea Party. Now there are parts of the Tea Party constituency that turned -- off. For example the religious right because I don't like religion jammed down my throat I believe in freedom of and from a religion. Many of them are not in favor of same sex marriage equality I -- But you know what at least they stand for something. And at least eight Republicans. There is no difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in 2014. You know John bidder is considering a lawsuit against Barack Obama over his use of executive privilege. A lawsuit. All the laws now. Obama and his cronies ought to be put on trial for treason. They should be impeached. And removed from office. All lawsuits. At the rate. It is insulting to my intelligence and it should be insulting the yours to be told that emails. Went missing and they can't be found that is the biggest bunch of baloney. And yet most Americans will buy it because. They're too preoccupied with whatever maybe if the World Cup. Maybe it's America's Got Talent whatever the reality is right now. You're just not paying attention. And I'm gonna tell you that if you've got a choice. Between an establishment Republican candidate. And a Tea Party person I suggest you consider the Tea Party person now I happen to be a conservative. There's no conservative area party. There is a Conservative Party. I don't you wanna comment on that in New York State it's a joke. It but why. Because it is basically. Horses they. The Democrats used operation chaos on the Conservative Party -- what Rush Limbaugh called operation chaos for the Conservative Party with people more conservative. So. This is just -- bit outrageous situation that we have happening right now. And the urgency of it cannot be stressed. More and more of these illegals are gonna end up in New York State. And you are gonna foot the bill. And like I said got a flat tire. The -- at the shots that you need for new tires you better have a good credit card. Because the catch will already be be eaten by some Guatemalan refugee. Send them the hell hole Obama. And by the way thanks a lot bush -- better major Brothers -- totaled pooch day. It's an act of love though it's a criminal act. It is 548 news radio 930 WBE and the we'll take calls coming up 8030 my thirty start I'm thirty. Should New York State embrace the new wave of illegal. Lovers. Because it is an act of -- on WB yeah. And a few other for tonight it will be a immediately clear night it'll be more comfortable last night the overnight low 59. And patchy fog in the morning otherwise it's sunny. -- tomorrow and 82 Saturday some clouds some sun warm and 85. We're still at 79 -- news -- 930 WB to gauge of the moment we walk out of the building you know it's gonna drop to like 65 minute 55 drive home -- it always happens that way. So yesterday it didn't -- are always remember. But it is responded to our folks shouldn't -- our state welcome. These out of control. Illegal. Immigrant. Camps are illegal in -- children. This is. One of the most. Transparent. Obvious displays. Up trying to flood the country with future Democrat voters you'll oversee. And please don't -- the Republicans are any different. Here is -- Tony in the us are actually on a cellphone a -- in his -- ponies for small purse toting a WB and hello. Big -- arm. I -- -- the station protections are mother yesterday and early this morning it and they brought up this problem. The idea that our government. It there was a switched Chanel four escorts. From the border should an unnamed. Mostly. -- border like Rio Grande today. We're out of the -- patient on the government website. That I got the link and I went to it. And looked at it dated January 29. Were. You're absolutely correct I posted that June 23 which shows Monday right I posted it on June 23. Your absolutely correct I made reference to that earlier. Bad the previous record for illegal immigrant children in the year was 5000 and in January of this year the Obama administration wanted 65000. To be taking care of this is so obviously an intentional Obama plan. I don't even know how to begin the -- To really need to say anything more. But you know what I can kind of ran down further into sort of details. And it actually put out. And com. Four year. Our conference on the first here and then three error at all I think by here actually. The alleged three year the last four years with -- -- -- option. Eight Tony Abbott puts on hold because you're right and anybody who thinks that this is some accident is so naive. This is an orchestrated part of Obama's plan to fundamentally. Urinate all over America he hates this country he wants his country destroyed if he's gonna do is damaged in the next two years to do.

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