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6-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WES. It's. And -- -- and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying several world. Tom hourly just really think you could possibly be anything -- You going to do something. There have been told. -- itself it's live it's local ethnic -- you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Earlier I get him here in a matter how many times I penetrate the studio earlier I still always need that extra thirty seconds I don't know that it happened you would you -- but and -- -- beer and a half our before the show. In this seat. And I'd still -- at thirty seconds just the type that supports the constantly change. Well I don't let their passwords sites explore all -- were unique in your life but. I don't trust grows because don't you have a password to get into the Pittsburgh tonight. Probably forget that their. All right it is at ten minutes chip memory gaps are upon itself ten minutes after three -- news radio 930 WBP. Had met. And I'm feeling well let's see I'm feeling very confused I'm ignorant. I I have to tell you I am. Ignorant. When it comes to soccer. That's number one I want to get that out of the way early. I do not pass judgment on what you enjoy watching on TV. I thought. A little inside me psychology. To explain. When I -- when it comes to sports right my dad I love my father -- We were two different guys but we shared there a lot in common. It's just that he was never in a position to really. Power sabres beat his own man. In I had him. And one of my father's shortcomings. My opinion I think he spent way to much time watching other people play sports. Now he loved to do softball look at -- But -- There's more like to sit around watching other people playing sports and I think my dad -- -- a lot of it was like doing that frankly I think his own lack of activity contributed mightily to his diabetes which killed and 78 when his dad lived until 845 years all. So when it comes to sports and very selective. About what I watched how much I watch because that is one trait of my father I do not wish to simulate. I wish to enjoy my life. I don't wish to watch others enjoying their athleticism. And that is the -- Where I'm coming from wanna talk about what we're going to be getting in through tonight because those are trying to do my own cycle analysis. About. All this hyperbole. About soccer. Ladies and gentlemen. I've been telling you now for several voters. Was yesterday I forget exactly when but I imagine you the fact that ever since I was hit. I've been hearing that soccer was the next big thing and a USA. Do you realize all the bad that have come and gone since you've heard that soccer was the next best thing the next big thing in the USA the pet rock. Came and went. While we're waiting for soccer to be the next big thing. The Backstreet Boys came and went sorry joke in the time it took for soccer to quote be the next big thing. John Lennon died George Harrison died. In the time it took for soccer to be the next big thing -- bottom died John Entwistle died when I guess you were my head is at lately. But so rich friends met but. Basically began and peaked and flourished while soccer. We're still waiting for soccer to arrive folks. Somebody in my FaceBook page accuse me well you don't understand math. Because I don't -- about soccer at first at all again folks if you like soccer. The guy's an extra and I wanna I wanna kill me right now okay they wanna literally go get that one again bank -- two on one. I'll take you both at the same time. I well. I'll get at least one here but. Yes it's one of those shortcut things. -- don't do so. You what you boy's best behavior sells you boys -- -- yourself especially -- Sherman. You're my sides beaver I get a workable but murder but. Now actually get taller guys are easier -- were -- were were -- German you know I would wanna fight is Caligiuri. He Kilmeny. Well -- -- seriously he would he destroyed. But it. Chris and I just getting got to know your limitations although he would not -- not -- -- Absolutely positively taller guys would be easier to fight and Tony who shorted and -- and it wouldn't wanna fight Tony because I like him. That a guy like John -- Never mind that was -- Also thought that just went nowhere but look I know -- you guys get pissed off of me but here's what I'm saying. Is demonstrable. That actually. Soccer. Is decreasing in popularity. Because the ratings. Are the same now as they were four years ago despite an increase in population. That's one way to look at it. The simpler way to look at it is there has not been some massive surge. In television ratings vs the past with respect to soccer. And you know what if you like soccer it doesn't matter what I went through a parent I put a 1415 years -- Summertime international cable. And you click that button before we had the remote to click on the button and -- you can watch them BBC Manchester United. I used to like to watch Manchester United went through about three months right actually enjoyed watching soccer I don't get it like hockey with feet. So I understand it. But. Folks you know what. I feel the same way about soccer being the next big thing. Is I do hockey. Being the next big thing hockey will never be a national sport in the United States. What do you think the other teams in Phoenix Los Angeles they just won the cup okay. It will never enjoy the widespread popularity. As football which is the new national sport baseball which is the old national sport in America's pastime. Hockey will never enjoy America popularity kind of national attention it's a regional thing it's huge and -- well. That we live by -- hockey we really. That being said the I also understand that when you go to places like Bisbee Arizona. -- don't care about the Buffalo's papers they're currently don't. They don't care about the LA kings don't care about the Philadelphia Flyers. Now I suspect I cannot statistically prove there's. But I suspect it is with heavier concentrations. Of immigrants from Latin America. The ratings -- tiger. Then they would be here in Western New York because soccer is a European game -- Central American game it's south of -- south American -- Let's face it -- soccer is huge around the world please understand what I'm saying. But folks I don't see the hyperbole. Being worth it even touch that those who listen to the show know that. Basically I'm the I'm the news amalgamation site for match dredges news amalgamation site. Because I'd pick the best of -- every -- I usually thrown up on my FaceBook. Because he's got some good stuff on there but America comes to a halt for World Cup really America can all. You want to work today right I want to work and did you hear John's here Tony was yours sandy was here Christmas here when I was here. I mean we come to a halt like what. It. Well again I am not saying. -- there's a soccer socks. Because it is in the eye of the people. Some you know like hockey. Some of the football. We call you know I could use the word I was going to but I thought better not so you don't like football. I mean American football not to be confused European football which we call soccer. What are called American football football that the -- beginning was an idiot. Because that's not football. It's yeah ball it's Kerry ball -- ball stuff football. Except put extra points field goal took office but that's another story. Which I'll say from my one minute show. Which I'm gonna do I swear. I I figured out that there -- things are gonna add the my bucket list -- -- -- right eight top song number one. Number two. I want to be an actor. I wanna act in a film that I can actually show my mom about embarrassment. Well I don't seriously. And I also wanna do a comedy that. In addition to what I do now. Not that you really care but it's good to have goals. To which to look forward. It's in my blood. But as far as soccer goes god love you if you enjoy soccer. I cannot do you buy the hype. That is going along with the World Cup. Now here's something I don't understand and I look I. I understand. That soccer the World Cup has its own rules under which everybody operates -- seem to be foreign to me. My friend Rachel wells called Euro map funny. -- I don't understand. How the Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl despite Scott Norwood missing the field goal. I don't understand the sabres won the Stanley Cup despite -- holes illegal goal. -- that none of those things happened yet the it's it's. It gets into the 68 huge -- States lost to Germany. For the first time I was gonna make a bad joke here but the United States lost in Germany. What about epic of Portugal. The -- -- The State's chances. -- It doesn't make any logical sense to me it. I'm sorry folks it just doesn't make sense the United States can lose and yet stay in the tournament I don't get that. The -- soccer people who can explain it and make you look like an idiot but I am going to tell you. -- -- has -- right now he's dying -- you want to do. You know what the project year. Because -- -- thing that I do. But feel for buddy because you can you know you know soccer you know sports will appeal good about picking -- But I wanna ask your question is soccer really the next best thing I'm fifty years old and ever since I was in first grade right elementary school. I would have been hearing that soccer was the next big. Soccer is the next big thing at the school in the studio. -- by the way. -- you know Bobby he was on the buffalo soccer team and -- good soccer career unbelievably. Small. But an unbelievable. And he was too -- at Brighton elementary. He was just natural after that which is good. Sports wise. And it's human league that. Joseph -- which could be why. The United States advances. Even though the United States got beaten by Germany win the Buffalo Bills didn't win the Super Bowl. With Scott Norwood missing the field goal in the sabres didn't win the Stanley Cup year despite round holes illegal. You turn your Mike in matters. No it's not. Something Isis view something's amiss in the control room I don't think it's my hero because I can hear your voice -- in the background. -- again right now. It's very very low -- Now maybe your listeners can accurate folks if you can hear -- in the background just you know wiring your inspirational it's. -- come in here not now it's up to 330 prepared that way you back. But it -- explain but you know be hyperbole involving soccer. Is what. It's soccer. But it's this constant drumbeat of the fanatics. -- Like them it's Islam is the answer Islam is the answer like -- at the restaurant. And said the water let me give you some advice Islam is the truth. I feel -- thing about people saying it because soccer is the next best thing like really it's as accurately as. Because ratings why is. It's exponential. I'm like wait WB and in the afternoon show where it's over but the others. Oh. It is that 323. At news radio 930 WB and he's doing great the more I'm doing great and it's. Now. Which is -- But that's another story altogether now. There are things were gonna get into today but I'd like ostrich if I didn't talk a little bit about soccer. Or as the Europeans call football. The -- but he also put a post -- and purses. If you notice the number of man purses. You've seen lately. I -- where the call and set jewels. I put -- very funny post up late to recede from the movie the hangover. Which pretty much explains my feelings about man purses. And -- about soccer in Europe is. Europe is like Saudi Arabia but it has Eiffel towers and stuff. And women with clearances and other than that you know there's really not a lot different. Oh come on. Then don't like act. -- start shouting in German. There's something fundamentally wrong with that except for 33 is ready at 930 WB and especially today. There is something you're wrong. After the -- left. Something bad that correct my my grammar sucks in German my vocabulary is OK for guys only really had put one good year a German instruction. But who grew up. -- again old people who've spoken of heavy German accent. Joey let's get your -- they are you sorry. Excuse for a human being and -- -- Let's. Boy let's -- -- okay folks have been just joining us if you love soccer the last thing I want to do is alienate your the last thing I want to do is judge. Opposition to judge you. Maine will I spend more time watching site area on the Internet -- watching soccer you can judge me so there's at and and this and that I don't understand hey how you can lose and still be in the mix and it looks like -- -- But in some respects. And also content present. The fanaticism. Of those -- help me and it would have been telling me for. Let's see the past 44 years of my conscious like that soccer was the next big thing. Beverly Hills that's where wall and see let's go to up. There's a line in there the next big thing you've ever Weezer don't you joked yes market it but like close your mouth -- virtual mikes are not as good as the semis is our. Jolie. Explain to. Everybody who is as ignorant as high as it is ignorance is not stupidity how the United States can actually beat in the World Cup running despite having lost today. Two Deutschland. Stuff like -- Deutsche month. Well on those gains in the first round and that's reed army play -- groups of the group was -- Portugal and Germany. We beat got a little recently beat me. We beat -- 21. And we tied Portugal and fortunately -- -- and that last second goal that's because they kept on adding time to the clock at the end of the game right stoppage time with five minutes and -- for OK now what I just interrupt Joseph 1972. Europe where I mean -- student of sports you love sports. So -- Sherman by the like -- -- at all but to my dad's old sports books by the -- one of them in good hands. But 1972. Munich the Olympics the Soviet Union against the United States the basketball game. Eastern European referees kept on saying. We're gonna have some time o'clock we're gonna have some time o'clock and as a result the US is our beat team USA basketball in 1972. They got the gold medal the United States -- screw you were not even gonna take this. Over -- because we got bone and bone dry please continue playing basketball that would make sense because it's not running clock like in soccer which -- stoppage time -- how many. I holly -- ago and the ball is not a play when an injury the clock stopped. So -- fake injury. Yeah actually the guy gets wheeled off the stretcher almost catatonic or going through a concussion spasms and yet to witness later respect -- exactly market. So -- the ports to a game -- and tired mentally what a loss so today what. The US it was obviously win or draw and the end of the loss which they didn't in Portugal to win or -- gonna. But partial Clinton win by more than three goals since its score so with the goal differential you can relate. The goal differential beam where it is. On the USC advances on the tiebreaker. Also that's the bat too which might poster alluded right instead of actually explain it to you pages that -- -- -- that's got a look. Look -- I loved soccer and I was listening to me right now I might misconstrue and have tried to make it real clear that. -- I used to watch Manchester United games and and I'm not obviously not pulling out of my ass I really -- But this whole. A rules of soccer like. How many ticks of the clock was the ball out of play while. And any sport. Where is human beings we are not allowed to use what separates us from other animals opposable thumbs. Issue. On the throwing in the goalies so. Well this is true but you still could do that technically without opposable -- -- wouldn't get the distance that they look at Tom Dempsey the field goal kicker who said at one point the record in the NFL for the longest field goal ever despite the fact that he had half a foot. I mean I'm not that I'm not -- it is a disability you literally half -- -- condoms. Right now it's tough -- pretty I've -- or is a kind of looked up to him as a guy -- a disability puts it screw U I don't feel it is available on to a football. You know I've got half a foot and I'm sorry Tom Dempsey is you know unbelievable now getting back to soccer. So it all gets down to how many goals you score and how many goals the Portuguese scored that's -- the United States is still in the running exactly the situation came down since the -- to head with -- -- It came down to the tiebreaker because he had a result. Like now -- I love you dearly and I consider you almost like a second son or third brother. And I'm still trying to figure out where -- our relationship would be but. Why don't get the sense that if they called flies pumping a sport you watch. Well given a shot. Very well played served very well played all right so a lot of skill. A cable what is it it's a skeleton how big soccer fan are you re entry. I think it's not. I rally I I do volume I am also a huge baseball fans -- The MLS and nine MLB player on the same time that you try to file as much and Dallas and Europeans are easier sentence in the fall. So football on Sundays. And Saturdays. While soccer where there were two families in the can -- -- -- school district were exceptional era in and soccer I mentioned Bobby go to zero before and also the appeal of him very well -- For their soccer prowess and agility back before. You know everybody was supposedly soccer crazy which is going to be my next question to you -- and that is miss Joseph you're obviously younger than I but. Like Sydney based talked about this today we -- an awful lot of things but. What bothers me I think Joseph is this force feeding almost like it's being jammed down our throat that soccer is the next big thing. Because I have not seen. Exponential. Growth for example in the TV ratings. You're exactly right I I'm not those people like I said. College football regular football hockey and baseball -- better and soccer and I think those four things that will never ever that the cycle never be ratings. I mean especially capital eligible to -- OK now I have another question -- and ask you to do some research on this because I have a fury. -- like hockey soccer tends to be regional in terms of the number of people who were drawn to it on television for example buffalo Detroit. American cities with very very strong hockey politics obviously border cities but Detroit Windsor buffalo were -- And of course the original six of the NHL big following there. But in terms of -- soccer. I wonder if there is validity to my theory that the larger the population. From for example central or South America. Or for that -- Europe or. The larger concentration of immigrants from soccer crazy lands the -- the TV ratings in those particular markets. We can look at the MLS in LA galaxy. One most watched teams Los Angeles at two teens in Los Angeles for that reason. All right well -- Joseph I thank you for splitting their old golfing today now just explain to be one more thing. Scott Norwood -- in the bills with a Super Bowl. Well number yeah. All right thank you I've been pondering April I think it favor of my he's my walking talking encyclopedia and sports they say it's funny because it features Chris Johnson Tony Caligiuri. And I've got Jon Sharon -- -- And it's really awesome appetite. Because sports they're just not my bag baby. But. It's nice to have a couple walking encyclopedia is on every sport because I guarantee if -- if John does know the answer to something -- well if Joseph doesn't job. I just like with the beaches sure you can your nine to noon and catch on line at WDN dot com he's got crescent -- -- real huge sportsmen and I think sandy beach and I kind of alike in that respect that were both -- casual. If that makes any sense at all and there are some sports will take seriously and other sports or you know must see games. Ladies and gentlemen. I don't wanna spend all day -- But may I have your thoughts on soccer. It's an exciting. As it boring. Do you believe that it is really the next big thing the next big sport in America. Because seriously. In our culture. You realize you did you ever think you'd see the date of sports channels would cover poker as a sport. Poker as a sport. Gets. A bigger ratings woods is back. Owners. Did you ever think you'd see that day I don't world's -- to cover billions. The wide world of sports when capital was going up occasionally in Minnesota that's of course ago that up but. Folks are -- soccer crazy or soccer and we're. And to voters. Our soccer fans you might have been one of the thousands of people down -- pick -- outside watching the big TV screens. You might have year old little girl. With the World Cup I don't well. But to the interview and it affected everybody I have to ask the question do you truly believe that soccer. Is the next big sport in America do you believe that it's gonna take America by storm. Will soccer the next NFL. National Football League again it is the biggest sport in America. Baseball used to be America's pastime now football this nation is football crazy. They say that sports. Reflect the fundamental and underlying culture of a given time or area maybe to some extent that's true -- well. Some people argue that the NFL never could have been big in America in 19100. I disagree with that those people don't know their history because Yale and Harvard. They used to play a rough equivalent of what we would call football and by the way even back then there were calls for football to be banned did you know that because too many guys at Harvard and Yale and all those places who were playing college football. Ending up with the same kind of head injuries and body injuries that we experience tonight -- in fact. Think the folks. Big game we now call rugby. It's been around for hundreds of years. And even. Ago if you check out the -- book of world history people were actually writing that. It ought to be banned because too many people are being crippled for playing rugby. Now robbery -- me like dude I could not play rugby are you would last. Less than one play at a rugby. -- yeah up less than one play I don't I got to go any idea if you can I there's no way that's got to crazy sport away. Two meters a touch of say domestic isn't I mean why not just go USC go all the way seriously forget the ball just go UFC. Our people just think I swore I didn't. All right 8030930. Is the phone number. Are you soccer crazy or do you think all this talk about soccer is hyperbole extreme exaggeration. I think it's extreme exaggeration and I say that with love and respect to my soccer loving audience if you gotta love soccer I'm not mocking you. Please understand there's. I'm simply making a statement that I've heard this song before I've seen this movie before -- read this book before and after the World Cup. It will soon be forgotten. By most Americans except Joseph -- who clearly is a member of al-Qaeda. -- tonight's going to be clear -- more comfortable than last night. -- don't -- central errors by permitted on the overnight low 59 hopefully for you to and I still think it was that bad last night muggy wise. A couple of the windows open but. -- -- too -- patchy fog in the morning otherwise sunny tomorrow beautiful 82 Saturday some clouds some sun warm 85. Wrong. Saturday night news radio 930 WB -- Tellme is soccer the next big thing I just wanna be real clear. I'm not saying soccer sucks -- we just get away. And those of who posted the nasty grams on FaceBook. I think you -- apology and I think -- to delete your posts because I think urban real clear about it. OK if it's your thing it's your thing. And I I respect that. What I understand that now I have no reason to understand it because I don't hear but in terms of society. And our. Publishers. Our flocking to sports events I have been hearing the same song my entire life. That it's the next big thing and statistically it is -- -- demonstrable but that is not the case. No matter how much like something it doesn't make it true ascent in the Easter Bunny here is a -- inject a log on WB and hello. -- at Tom and yet I'm Russell -- that time limits on. They've just founded it were not thinking this can't Chia. Yeah there's so I'm not called phase now watched it and them and I can't because. There's not a lot of stopping united that I know the time the united. Them I don't like American football because she got that -- Dellucci got this. They -- you know that so. Well American football is for one purpose and one purpose only that has to sell Beers. -- Have to understand that TV timeouts. Are right now -- answer this argument that a lot of soccer looks like a lot of the guys are simply walking or kind of jogging around the field not doing anything I know that isn't true but some people believe that talk. Not Obama but who they thought -- they've been expanding its its central position that claimed. You know it study M if they they -- better than not them and not brown not the field is because they have. And the area with respect that they united. Well yeah every even hockey you know you've got your lanes into which you were supposed to stay for the most part my favorite position was hanging out of the Blue Line waiting for the hawks like you get a breakaway but that's another story defense I don't play defense. But I understand all right -- obviously by your accent you're from Mexico so what was your favorite team. Now I'm English I'm kidding what was your favorite team what is your favorite team Birmingham Nottingham what is that I know. Arsenal and they are from a. And taught them how because that's where -- -- Now there's a famous thing that happened atop them and I just don't remember what it was tell me. -- -- All right well kept it was OK what do I know more about British history than your. Well you'd do I know you about a lot more about this straight. When you whenever you talk about it -- with -- Well you're very you're very primary. The battle of Stamford Bridge one of the greatest come from behind wins ever in history. I gotta go thanks very much. -- make guys. Again I am not. Insulting soccer or soccer fans all I'm saying is I'm being sick of the almost Islamic fanaticism of some of its fans telling you know basically trying to convert me at the point of a -- Took their religion of soccer. And I'm sorry it's just not gonna happen and statistically it's not happening. And for bat on being in -- that's okay I'm a big boy I can take it but if assaulting at least solely for the right reasons. I respect soccer. Is soccer your thing I respect that but again been here in the same song. As long as I can remember and it hasn't changed. Satellite in the got a divvied up with sports. Dude dude it and monitored it there and it.

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