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6-26 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Third round today got -- baby holidays swaying back and forth. He just felt from that level on to a fan of the lower seeded level anomalous -- lost heart trouble. Trouble but it -- season tickets at the stadium for a long time -- Did you can't expect. Yes there they're cramming it down our throat that video of this this World -- it's gonna make a difference and I'm glad we're excited about -- USA team USA still being an employee at noon today playing Germany. But the bottom line is quits being a spoon feeding me these things. They expect that we can all be managed and if we're told by enough sources. In enough different places that this is the thing that's happening. Then we're gonna jump onboard because we don't wanna be left behind and that's the pathetic situation. People who are afraid to be left behind you don't wanna consider old school on sports you wanna be right where it is and to me where it is a football. And after that though hockey and basketball and baseball to some degree. You're absolutely right standing there is no interest in soccer the fact they've been lining up since 9 AM man hurdle avenue. To get into a couple of places but don't try. There was no interest just remember they line up the day before or four days -- to get a cheap TV ads that at a -- electronic Plaistow. So glad that you can use that as an excuse the al-Qaeda 5000 people watching him that's great I'm very happy for him. But that would be us -- -- be a pathetic crowd at a sabres game pathetic and also if you really think about it. When the sabres were in the playoffs we're broadcasting outside remember the 5000 people outside. Four don't remember ever seen them lining up for hours before the event well they get there when they get there but the bottom line is oddly the metro here is a 950000. People. -- -- 5000 going to one place to watch your game together and they have the -- wrong with that but it's not the end of the world got to remember -- -- a couple that with all the bars on her role in -- -- I'm not saying there's no interest in soccer I'm saying it's overblown. Then it's that it's finally caught on fire here. Because look at this survey and I are Puerto before USA today. Well in the next ten years so this gives it another a couple of World Cup's ago all right. In ten years you think professional soccer will become more popular in the US now. The bar is set very low there more popular just more popular -- now so I shouldn't be too hard if it's caught on fire. 46%. Say more popular. 47%. Say it's gonna be about the same. 4% -- popular no opinion 3% so if this should not me is hitting the US. Wouldn't you think that at least a majority of the people would think it's going to be more popular have the faith -- it most people think it's going to be the same. So there again whether it's the inevitability of Ferrero vote Hillary Clinton being our next president. Or the inevitability of Andrew Cuomo getting a second term as governor or Eliot Spitzer winning a first term one and out. We have -- didn't even make it civilians the first one. The inevitability factor is what ticks me off don't tell me. Will make up our own minds but that's what it is it's almost like the get together and they decide if we put this out and enough places. And convince enough people that this is happening. Boom suddenly their lack of interest will become. Nonexistent they'll be in Jessica's they wanna be part of a crowd. And Thurman Jeremy I soccer's fun and I don't care about it this system is boring so I don't watch it but I can understand a lot of other people do. And that's fine people love curling. In Canada would you go NC curling probably not. Look at our own country on of people like golf would you wanna watch golf on TV. Only after it was the last broadcast that I was are gonna watch. And I will be fine because that would be my parting gift to gulf. Our Chris what are we have posted here please. This line. Lets the guys when comes from Terry he says he likes Acker come out of my house that Saturday and watch me paint -- white picket fence. Eventually are wildly different payment of the pickets off point. He had Tony I'd love to watch Tony in agony. T is a you know I'm poker Avaya volley and Tony is fault him on soccer. And I'm watching you my friends form I'm reaching my hand I would I'd be squirming who aren't in this Tom you are you'll are slower when you I holding this down last one about the pain in their picket fence watching paint dry. To that post is as exciting news. I'm sorry I mean I wish. Wish people would give you confidence of workers are basically organized often and I like your children through to me -- look at FaceBook rate now and iciness culvert with red white and blue people rooting on the USA. -- -- -- and a half thousand people right there there's nothing wrong with rooting for the US I'd go to our murdering and today and what I'll do is how does a soccer match usually last should be over about 215 or ten they started known. At 220. MOX or five minutes -- tutorial to an NC one -- OK and then and then I can -- other more productive things. From twelve to you'll have to listen -- -- this to who you leave me you're gonna crank. I know I won't be able to have the sound Rush Limbaugh's on yes I have to listen for the I watch or listen Rush Limbaugh -- -- is there maybe things we want to use and the Marshall. Oh. Russia is Chopra for the rest of the meager people with. Very few years' experience. Do you have and Clinton Wembley is yet this one comes from James says maybe soccer will get a bigger foothold here eventually but maybe not. I do think the NFL might decline in the next twenty years so I guess anything is possible. You know I don't disagree with a guy and I think the NFL could decline. I think there at their peak right now and they haven't learned some lessons they're getting piggy really. Haiti and talk about more TV time you know. You know Monday night used to be a big special night for football because it wasn't Sunday. And is suddenly Thursday show up. And that they don't plan on Saturdays there's opposes -- senators but eventually you'll see them. A humble me may be a playoff time they definitely do plant Saturdays but did during the week they've gone during the season they don't. But they're getting -- a -- year more and more. Bigger and bigger fatter and fatter plump -- -- And it does that that's gonna burst it's going to burst there is no god given right for the NFL's it never gets smaller than they are now. But then not as fan friendly they Tryon Selby. NFL experience. Because they wanna sell you more than the game but I agree -- last post there they could decline in popularity one more plays before the break Chris. This is from Joshua he says -- been a big soccer fan for many years and it would be nice to see grow here in the states. It is much more action in the NFL like the nonstop action evident football they stand around and do nothing -- Well no here's the deal I guess technically you'd be ride but when they do something it's exciting. Especially if it's a long run or pass or trick play or long field goal or something like that the the rule. A bug though moving the ball further back on the extra point that they pass that in the offseason. -- I don't think so no consumer recall that they were talking about that -- and that would that that's interesting because I'd like to see more than a gimme the way it is now they were talking about. Moving the ball further back so it's more like a field goal and an extra point makes sense that. But -- they got to get realistic that they're going to price themselves out of a lot of people who would love to go on suit against. We'll take a break we'll be back go with more on news -- I'm thirty WB. And. I would assume that this game today will cause some distress in some homes. Just as though Tony. Is a you know a huge Red Sox fan and his wife Jeannie is a yankees fan they go about it like this Andre Agassi. USA USA he's married to Steffi Graf. Germany Germany. Boy they're great terrible pens players especially Steffi. -- tool but especially Stephanie. And so they have their split their house was what we don't know what they'll be rooting for -- they've both won at Wimbledon if and oh yeah -- did but I know Steffi did the -- multiple champions Steffi was one -- dominating players over era. And I loved watching her play issues are great where he posted a picture of her all decked out in Germany and how to -- not mess in Iraq are she's serious. And you athletes are serious about athletic events even if it's not a their sport. Are -- they're born competitors. Let's go to let's see if Kevin is here from -- then he's probably gonna side with Tony knowing how Kevin thinks -- welcome. -- -- -- yeah. The -- Arum. All of our biggest concern because unfortunately you ordinary. And -- that your two in the two week old fox OK -- Right now. All of that. Generations could become the compartment so bought. If that's already been here. It is just that it maverick Google for until late in 20 you know the early nineties in 2000. So that's that's out there and and and I don't think you. We're short circuit or to Wear -- we do we do know that it's expensive. It's boy to principally football but it's not like the European. That. We can. We review -- also. -- but he couldn't afford remarkable sense when you are you that you had paper balls. -- Oh yes that. Who. Or -- like back in the nineties and present you know since nineteen can okay. I mean we get to World War II it was 00. And say you know we -- actor is. No you're absolutely -- on the same team was -- soccer what are what are. Like -- seriously what do you like about soccer what you enjoy. I nonstop. Movement -- sure and -- somewhat separate themselves who likes football I mean you know football you -- you get election year -- Doubt and you look at one means you couldn't you couldn't stop putting an article pretty could be useful Porsche and you see in. Probably stay you -- We've got -- like for example the guy who want to cheer and go to school. And the picture right or can people. I mean it's kind of poking -- them. Yeah. I I think any time you combine the competitor I'm I'm -- that -- so you are on Tony's side this is exciting USA today or give me your prediction of the game today. I think that they -- -- -- -- and -- entity that it would draw important sure. -- you don't so I want to play is if -- if if it's if troops are your article during -- article appeared buddy up there an age old -- let -- that -- deploy job would you would you. I'll be OK so you think you'll be happy to have a drawback is that it is sent. Because they're -- concern on my prediction okay don't and we now know that we can't get it's in my conviction. I hit a one man is a 119. Brazil. Brazil I think it is it would cope who every play a Brazil court appearance global if you look at these other countries. Is -- 10119. -- who are about dual Mitzi in order sort of stuff. But look at Brazil Brazil's low bit rates are start OK so he's been brought up at the extra US. Brazil well Libya. Going to be any body know or finals. All right well so. We'll -- Jordan Kevin thank you very much what you think Tony's that you're as a result he brings up -- good point in the fact that Germany already knows that there are advancing. So maybe they're not gonna go all they don't know yet kids. They already clinched a corner the next round. The question is whether the US can -- not so I yeah I can't see a tie in that regards. I however believe that Germany strength. Plays the US weakness in fact. Germany very good at Arab that the ball in the air so they'll be able to -- and I think Germany wins today unfortunately. In that it just comes down to Paul hoping their Portugal. -- -- Tom Barrasso. USA will be an against Brazilians think their boots yeah I I unfortunately status of paper balls what are you gonna do but I will give Kevin credit he predicted that the US would be in this position in. And I was negative so I'm hoping that he's right and your cousin kicked a winning goal and tell me about that. Paul Caligiuri I think it was in 1986. He scored that the goal that is referred to as the shot heard round the world United States are not qualified. For a World Cup but since the 1950s. And Paul scored an amazing. Goal at the -- play midfield at that time. And must have been 2030 yards output the United States they beat Trinidad and Tobago -- -- nothing in the US went to the World -- that's. I can see lawyers say about it let's go to Gordon on a cellphone Gordon here on WBN. An Irish aren't -- -- soccer game yeah. Major League -- ball. -- -- -- If you want to watch an action all giant. What I would OPEC. All. -- agree. 200 miles an hour per tree hours are you out. Like that. You're you're you're right thank you very much. -- don't consider race car drivers athletes but they certainly are. -- -- you know they've got two of the endurance. Is fabulous and they have to be focus because if they're not focused they're gonna end up on the wall or worse. And any kind of any form of racing when NASCAR. The Arabic on each other off the track was open we really can't do that because of becoming her Mormon. There wrote that there incredible athletes and so I'm I'm with columnist is -- desperate -- from -- race car drivers soccer fans so on yes Raj India one out of Formula One guys. I'm sure a lot of those Formula One guys are all almost all European. And a lot of the great Formula One drivers were from Brazil. So -- and this is where it's -- so I'm sure the of one guys. Are all watching it in and they do little -- you know on the infield and stuff like that well there trying to aren't common errors. One thing that I've taken away from this World Cup is that I wanna go to Brazil in the worst way. It looks so beautiful the old Brazilian -- I saw picture the I -- kidnapped while no I don't wanna be in the bad part of it but. But the big guy Jesus overlooking the city at night you see all lit up as gorgeous. -- -- -- yeah some of those F one drivers have bodyguards because that Brazil has been known in the past two kidnapped people hold them for ransom but it is a beautiful country. But first in this named. The World Cup Hamas in the World Cup to me is Pam Anderson. Now that's a world commenced the fake that is worth fighting for -- that's a cop you wanna hold over your head as a victory a signal. Our will take hold off for the key often call this guy. -- have formally kicked off the Brazilian soccer to name on Tom -- doing there but he brought translators gentlemen. They're -- basic. Not yet. If he's getting other podium he's waving to the crowd he swaying back and forth. Paradise there really. Bother saying Tom we need the latest news headlines one of the US Supreme Court do today. School art -- job the last one last night I -- that was jovial seem. That's ladies and gentlemen who's on the hour and a half our we've got it Florio's. And it does us no good that's why we tell you about it will be back after his hang in there. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Well today about 22 minutes we're all going to be rooting for the US aid to do defeat Germany okay are on the same page with that. And soccer is -- people -- soccer were on the same page for that that's fine I have no problem that. What I have a problem -- -- is being spoon fed the fact that it's it's it's the newest hottest thing in America it's gonna take over blah blah blah blah blah. I read some of the headlines and looked up he started. These are different articles all in today's papers. Soccer finally gets a foothold in the US that's -- via an editorial queries. Here's another column guess what soccer has arrived in the US. Here's -- op Ed piece swim. We have of people writing into the newspaper we'll soccer score more US fans with a World Cup. Here's a apiece from the wire World Cup 2014 record US TV ratings sure sign of soccer's rapid growth here. But when you look at it. You find out that -- rating is a 24 point seven million viewers on ESPN. Guess how many they had four years ago Spain Netherlands. Exactly the same 24 point seven so it's set and it hasn't grown me you know into a nuclear sport. -- tournament in his blog and I hate to say -- that I agree with -- but I do in this one. He says huge shocker scourge of popularity may be bending the truth. He's that I hope it's all true it's a wonderful sport he also says later he is a fan of the sport. It also was a safe sport to play. A safer than a football many parents for -- kids that play. But as a continuing revolution not so fast. Please forgive me for injecting some reality in perspective. And possibly be a dollar at the party. But I have my doubts because I've heard this revolutionary song before. Tony places some -- it's exciting to swing back aboard his great. But it's not the next coming as far sports are concerned for the US. It is where it is probably stay where it is in that survey that I quoted. In the USA today in ten years we'll be more popular less popular the same. People voted more popular 46%. It's staying the same 47%. So there it is it's that it's a dead heat on most through. And that people say it's here it's fine but it's gonna take over the world. Let's go to low line one and there should be robbed and he'd robbed on WB yeah. Ellis and the end Tony analog. It's inspired take issue with a couple hours ago compared soccer to it's the penis and strength. At the terrible disservice to the export of -- -- -- nice exterior latex set up little bubbles burst out. -- but a bubble game on on on computers and the rush of excitement that -- -- let's -- guys running up and down aimlessly. Now I'd rather watch the odd time -- the -- -- at the end of the day your -- Europe France's -- thank you. The games on to shortsighted seriously the game starts in twenty minutes and 22 seconds and I can tell from here. Tony sniffles artillery. Say that's how you can thousand dead giveaway he's very excited. -- idea he'll be running the Rush Limbaugh show producing -- but watching TV I guarantee. If we asked him a question about Rush Limbaugh. He won't be able -- whose Rush Limbaugh are. Thinking true. Dead so for all of of people think it's just taking over America if I ask you a question about say the NFL says said. Name a hundred players in the NFL. Hundred players doesn't have to be any special position to name a hundred names -- there now if I said okay we're at soccer. Take -- top five names out. And just give me another five after the top five I -- fable couldn't do. So it -- it may be exciting and you have a rooting interest and you want him to win in your love to see that cup here. And it would be a remarkable feat of accomplishment but still. It's huge and in Europe but it is it's it's successful here but it's not so -- telling me how big it is would you please. Okay Chris -- a couple of FaceBook post please. This one comes from William he says we seems to read about this every four years there between a World Cup nobody seems to care hockey. Is a popular here in the states because people say it's long boring if that's the case how can -- be more populous. Yeah I I don't think I think hockey is just the opposite I think it's very exciting. A huge hockey fan but watching -- that's our game -- movement our movement our group when you're hitting. The earlier hitting that pocket a precise angle I mean. To me is an exciting game and maybe too exciting and ever get a chance to catch your breath. Other games like football has burst of excitement but some wall to wall like hockey and like the NBA. And baseball man trying to early baseball it's it's a nice relaxing sport to watch. Blood tests in the sun hot dogs beer whatever. And it's a traditional game but soccer to me one of the earlier. Caller said it was like watching people just running around aimlessly. Maybe because I don't know the game find the game I might have more and president humanoid that -- it has mortar do you shall watch with me. I'm gonna watch it not would Hugo. No I go crazy watch you when I get home today I am going to attempt to watch. All right and I will start to watch. From the time I sit down and turn the TV on until I shut the TV off and I hope I have time to. It the other button on the watch I think I'll give it -- try Chris one more before the break please this one. Almost from Joseph always has I don't think it's gaining a lot on TV in terms of repeal when -- -- -- more kids flying -- more towns having soccer leagues -- more soccer fields being -- That's a lot of kids play soccer because one thing you can take little teeny when he kids and employs soccer now Tony -- used the coached little teeny -- kids playing football but I think that any -- younger at soccer yeah. They can start as young as 45 years old because your -- on the ball he's teaching that kind of bummed out because there's actually no Little League soccer in Niagara Falls because I wanted to get -- a plane I think there's. Appeal -- Not so sure where they played. But that was disappointing. -- -- -- and started young and they like it I mean when I'm driving around doing that my errands or whatever I see a lot of vote. Feels with lots of parents and -- a little teeny when he gets points are that's fine that's good way to get them help their running -- -- exercise vigilance as formal take a break where we will return on newsreader and I'm thirty WV. -- -- It is -- company and we're talking about soccer as I said you want -- that's fine I have no problem that you get excited I don't know relevant either where I do have a problem with is it's being crammed down our throat as. He's got to be aware that this is the wave of the future and if not you must be tunnels schools sports fan well give me football any time give me the NBA gimme hockey. Save me from soccer now you're gonna have to explain what this. What this tweak means in the USA today. Soccer needs a clearly defined end of the game and their needs to be a winner every game now I understand the winner -- impart that will be a tie but. You mean they have no defined and the game and on a clock on. I think with the referred to is extra time the next time is. The officials. Determine the time spent -- injuries and fouls so they and aren't. Maybe two minutes three minutes of Abraham but there was controversy over the USA Portugal game because the and it. Five minutes effective form and it's and that in stoppage time they added another minute after that. M which Portugal after actually scored so yeah I understand that and I agree with that they're that they're definitely needs to be definitive scientists. Confusing I heard Chris on 1 of the early morning sportscast talking about well weekend against -- -- -- and if we tie it depends and so on and so on how much they beat the other team by and how much Gatorade they drank and whether the sun was in the sixth position I -- -- he struggles this cardinals whoever has the most goals of the in the game wins. I mean that's that's -- the game as. They're making it too confusing yes not the best system but I do enjoy a good beheading soul on that they've actually done I don't think we'll see that's -- Now they -- an official that they didn't agree where of them. That's a pretty critical thing that's worse than signs yeah we'll we'll have assignments -- too -- angry -- dad told the story in my dead used to tell me while growing up that -- in Italy the wrath. Rarely yeah well. Miami not forget you wanna do it anymore no why I think I've got a bit of a column in the playoffs now this thing where is it when it made him. Another one -- so from our FaceBook please this one comes from Charles he says soccer's the only -- sport where the entire world competes over one billion people can't be wrong. -- of the US in advance that no all of -- in -- we're just saying that don't tell us that it's going to overwhelm the US you've been telling as story for a long time and it's simply not true. Let's go to Jonas cellphone -- you're on WB him. Hey let's entirely accurate outside of fully intact. The next stop and come and support that level that they soccer billiards. While all odds on the day it got in -- -- donate Sony just gave your bad luck. -- thank you read your. Lot of comedians well -- on his comedic opportunities here now let me tell you something I am a realist and I know that if the USA today wins and goes to the next round. Tomorrow's going to be insane I understand all that. But my question is if the UI and I hope they do I hope they do -- routing form. But if they don't. Will you still watch the rest of the World Cup or 10 when the USA drops out you drop out -- them. That's the Marco because look if the bills aren't in the playoffs we still watch the playoffs if they're not in the Super Bowl. We still watch the Super Bowl but will you still watch. The World Cup if where I mean that's that's a good measure I think let's go to Dan in -- wanted -- -- on WB again. Yeah actually I got two kids that play -- love it's a great sport but I believe that the -- return it right talk about soccer. It's all political it's that's a smaller world it's it's united regional where United States were purple ball we're we're down -- everything he has global. You know the index's turn now that the United States -- I -- oracle -- right there. They wanted to point everybody's. Are -- -- dialogue it. Closer together. 11 world sport one world government will be the next thing I hear real loud and Clinton to revive that you. A good point it is global and I think. Without getting too political about it. I think because the US because of our size and our position in the world there's a lot of people world to root against us even sporting events you know where the giant and if you can knock the giant off that makes it even sweeter OK -- -- And I don't. I I don't regret that they feel that way we have to earn our place in the world. And usually we do very well we're not graded every sport but what we apply our our skills still we usually do very well so I can understand that. So we're Germany today we'll see where we go if we go to the next round OK Christie have another forcefully. I do this one is from Pauly says to me soccer fever is a lot like Olympic fever we don't care about these sports 99% of the time. But Elena comes around we get really -- -- for a few weeks that's true and because we don't see a very often at it like for instance with the Olympics you care about the luge probably not. Could you name anybody who was. Competing last year in almost any of those smarts with the exception of a few. International stars probably not. But the point is they're different things to watch -- fun he give -- got to give the athletes credit for their ability to do this stuff and be dedicated to train. I don't like this especially with the Olympics I mean they have other competitions but the Olympic athletes. Who wanna be on the next Olympics stay in shape for years sports are two years it depends on what they're playing at their you know. A but the bottom line is these are dedicated people. And the same thing with the soccer. We understand that the world community is watching -- and we wanna be part of it but don't think we're going to be overrun by. A what what do you think to be the next big step we already have a Professional League here. I think it's got to continue to grow and the way to do that is obviously. I'll win today maybe go another round maybe even get to the finals like Kevin from panel to inside. I think if they were to do that. The amount of kids. Plane is signing up for youth soccer would be ridiculous. And I think that's the the only way -- corner -- gonna grow from the youths. At a national TV contract I mean on a major network. Yeah I have to have that because it's one thing -- is to seek it out on the cable or whatever it's another for it to be there out of close and personal. ESP and is done a fantastic job of focusing on soccer now one of them I know one of their executives that's a big priority of his and of course. Being able put games on ABC. As well be that there is almost everything people. So I think get visibility is definitely help. I don't they had Huey Dewey and doing playing soccer as a -- Disney didn't so I thought that was a little bit too much time. Has Scrooge like dark -- he was the commissioner of that league dance and we're gonna see us borrowers can't -- up a plane made to our -- will be playing fullback got more twitters from video USA today. I would watch professional soccer more of players didn't. -- didn't exaggerate their injuries or blight I hate that part of what biting birds are exaggerating the flopping they do don't MBA. Trying to draw the cardinal -- penalty here's another one we need more mainstream coverage and expert analysis of the best leagues. Soccer isn't just every four years while that's when we see it. By a large degree every four years he as funny as I have vote. Obviously I I have the dish and they do a lot of paper view stuff on oddball sports from Australia and stuff like that. I think all of that is sports that aren't mainstream sports. Try and become mainstream sports but the soccer's enormous popularity all over the globe. They have managed to crack the US in a major way and and that's that's a goal that's their goal form. In fact I hear them now I'm in the game starts in about a 35 cents I can hardly wait. I hope I can concentrate on my drive home reluctantly USA today we'll see you tomorrow at 9 am on those right and I -- a BBN. About a. We'll we'll my -- they never had to leave -- be used she.

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