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6-26 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Reverend Billy Graham. -- addressing the crowd. Artist something. -- -- my chest cavity it. Why it's amazing how these remove gbagbo I don't know I think gets you excited about soccer and -- thank. Hey ladies and gentlemen. Or maybe not maybe not maybe this is to. He's way of playing at a very high decibel level. And -- and trying to convince us that soccer is taking over the country no I have no problem was soccer. I don't really care about soccer you're gonna like it -- you -- it will don't like interview on -- like. I don't care what supports your followers they're following these -- but what I'm saying is I'm tired -- having this rammed down my throat. -- how is just taking over. We've got their callers we've got columns here here's some of the column soccer finally gets a foothold. In the US here's another one guess what soccer has arrived in the US here's another one will soccer -- score more US fans with a World Cup. Here's another one World Cup 2014 record US TV ratings sign of soccer's rapid growth here. What you find is live TV ratings on the same as they were during the last 14 years ago. Another one Alan parliament finally finally a sense of reason Allen says that this is is a blog. He is a soccer fan but he thinks that this is really bending the truth. Expecting. Us to all believe it is just taking over the US there's a lot of reasons why people would love to see soccer take over the US. Money money money money. I mean there's lots of money to -- -- in merchandise. And franchises in ticket sales and all the things that would go. If they could get at the same fever pitches any of our major sports. And even some of our minor sports and so I'm asking how soccer stands up against hockey. Because. If football is our biggest sports soccer is their biggest sport in Europe. And hockey is also played in Europe and as popular there's not as popular soccer but how that a stacks up I find hockey. To be very exciting. You barely get a breath. Soccer wishing you. Couldn't catch your breath and just went away. All -- talked the talk to a guy that loves soccer like Tony he gets excited. Even when I told what the subject was going to be he started to feel his body trembling because these plays soccer and and he loves that he eats sleeps and every starter Chris meanwhile. Aren't good games and it may sound. So we got to covered here -- let's go to Sheila and see where she falls on she's from Hamburg -- earlier on WB yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh yeah out because that's wall to wall excitement it seems like. You can barely catch your breath of hockey football the big plays the big passed on orbit a down downfield or are huge Ron and that's excitement that's adrenaline that I guess outside of of the goal scoring plays in soccer rest of it's kind of boring to me so -- know you are with me then right. It's pretty good -- a lot of it. I don't know what -- -- well. -- up and we've played football all levels of appeal way -- near. College football on the pros that thank Sheila thank you for your call. -- -- The verdict isn't. It. What good is because I'm working argued to a slow burn. It that's what this -- not saying I don't won't. I'm in this room equipment not -- press. Some Facebook's up. Ways this is from -- and it's not gonna make Tony feel any better. She says no way soccer is so boring and requires no athletic ability it's for people who can't play a real sports. You enjoy just running around aimlessly for long periods of time -- go play soccer. All of that that. And have to got that they're -- athletes okay directly target map. But it just seems like they're just run if you don't know the game and I don't know the game then bind to the game might have more appreciation for. But it just seems like they're running around aimlessly and you hope to get the ball in the Air Canada and the Golan somebody kicks in and doesn't it in and that's it. Well think of the kinda like in in hockey and basketball and that you bring in the ball all for the pop servers and you have to pass pass the trial court draw a defender out of his position. Then advanced the ball popped -- open space so that somebody can run out of our hands -- committed to a hands were in the Zahn now paying publisher of the -- -- say something's wrong with that god gave a chance for reason Tony. And the reason god gave his hands so we replaced sports and it cost me game I I and ball. Once in the in the game in our in the box the other team got a penalty shot they scored the winning goal in because of me we lost. -- so I'm saying any sport that says one of the most important appendages you have your hand. Hands cannot be -- I mean I'm I'm thinking that immediately labels the kind of game I think soccer is boring you -- look at what they can do with the ball with their feet is simply spectacular. Job can I give you that it I've seen that. I don't know -- to describe because not a hockey -- I've seen that where. Pelé or somebody flipped over backwards and kicked says it can't let those things that bother him that I mean this amount yeah I could never do our -- this group probably doable probably nobody else could so that's great argument that and -- athletes for sure. No question about that either and their very famous and popular. But it's yes I think that you either. You're either born into that sport or -- not mean. I think a lot of the buzz to this going on it's a national pride sorted out absolutely wrong I like we did the Olympics were playing to sold only -- how exactly the Soviets I think we see a lot of that -- and soccer where you're getting. People family would back too much Karen into the game ball because of the national pride they're going for guys. Actually there's nothing wrong -- that -- -- for our -- I don't care -- -- are synchronized swimming team whoever we root for ourselves look at Wimbledon we always -- -- -- American players -- in tennis and everything -- -- golf and golf and there's nothing wrong with that and it's fun and it's exciting. But I just don't wanna be forced fed and spoon fed the fact that it's taking over the country here is an editorial from the USA today. The overwhelming appeal of this year's World Cup including the US television audience of nearly 25 million. For the USA Portugal a match is no doubt disquieting to certain. Old school sports fans. Now you know they may by old school sports fans. If you're a football fan that's old school. You're a baseball fan that's old school if you're a basketball fan that's old school soccer is young and youthful there we go using that card. So to a certain old school fans is disquieting. They spent years trying to marginalize soccer put a dollar stymie its growth they have as one Boston Globe columnist did though last weekend. Make a point of telling the world -- not watching it. Well I'm I'm not saying -- -- watch here for a reason I'm still rooting for the US because I. Or falsely on driving and when they do watch they focus on the games blemishes which include bad refereeing. In attention. Concussions flopping. And at least one player is caused biting. They left out the heading. I wonder why it. Wasn't on there at Indio again and I just write this down nine -- four months suspension for biting off of lighting and this is the third time he's been he should be expelled from the sport they should remove his teeth. That's what they should go he should get a dumbing penalty it's hard to -- guy. Unless you have really close friends I it is hard to govern guide during athletic competition by biting season. To these people. We have some advice deal -- that maybe even give the sport a chance the USA is playing Germany today could be interest thing. And I'm hoping in Germany absolutely. Bottom watcher we'll be back after -- -- -- Are you buying what they're selling and what they're selling his soccer. And what they're selling his soccer is taking over America. My position as. I. Final let him compete there of Raleigh want to look soccer fans enjoy it but I just don't like it crammed down my throat. That this is fabulous. The most inevitable thing to happen is it's gonna take over US sports. I come by -- a footballs are games soccer's their game. In basically I don't see that changing an interview for action I mean comparing I'm comparing hockey here to soccer. A first of all look at our pro leagues you got a hockey. Although it's a markets and regional sport. It's wall to wall action in the whole game. He got the NBA wall to wall action in the whole game you got football is not wall to wall action. But when the action is very it's intense and there's a sustained drive a new build up excitement. And the so does that. I think baseball can be boring. It's okay it's it's relaxing but it can be -- but soccer to me. -- Throughout the lights the party's over the world loves -- albeit but are you buying what they're selling and Hadi who are ranked soccer against hockey. Let's go to word Jerry and amorous -- you're on WB again. And Gerri give me your thoughts. Well I think if you're you know you gotta realize that in value in the red states we have hockey league baseball we have football we have basketball. In Europe. 99% of their major sport is soccer. And kids kids -- -- -- play these sports in the United States would have their money and -- think. And then you throw a soccer -- to look at these two when he played together -- till he's eighteen when he gets good. An opinion that's their only export. You know we -- we got all these other sports over the years so I think that's -- reason that there's so crazy about it. And I think of Americans will love to see our team witches. No it was not rated. Having much of a chance so far do were pretty well on -- that's what they're rooting for or not the sport itself. They're rooting -- have to ask the team and the united dependable voting provision that was born in Germany. But the thing is they're rooting for the United States team but let's -- -- the coach determined and I think seven of the identities list. So poor -- yeah but that they legitimately injured many. And you know let's say they -- hockey I look at the Olympics where. Our National Hockey League players go to their home country which we are human or where their own country was for a lot of them. And that's -- of -- come here to play hockey while they grew up within over there so I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I've got to thank you necessary balance. I and I international competition I really wish. Is that Europe flight football. Like we play you know they call soccer or football but I wish they played what we call football. Over there on a large scale because I would like to see this level there's certainly a lot of skilled athletes in Europe -- And speaking of Germany for powerful ball is growing over there there -- leagues. And that's mainly thanks to obviously the covers military but our military other military. I've just thanking -- -- they have been trying to sell soccer to this country and they can't figure out why they cannot. Because of the enormous. Impact it would have financially. Think about a like this if tomorrow we woke up and soccer was as big as the National Football League. You'd have to build stadiums you have to have uniforms you'd have to have. Jerseys this cellular franchises. A superstars to promote I mean. While TV contracts radio contracts. People who cover a much. You do it will be an enormous infrastructure to support that and they love to have that this is this has lost money to woods is soccer interest I. I I disagree I think you're seeing with the growth of MLS we are scenes soccer specific stadiums like in Columbus in cities like that. A soccer merchandising has been gone off the charts people know where they're -- families are from some our friends from Poland so they've got pole and soccer Jersey. It's a relatively -- I think if you saw a part pie chart. You would find out that it may be growing but it's still very small sure -- well what I'm saying -- have got a little if the guts of the level of our National Football League you can imagine and it's never going it's never going to it's not part of our culture is there really isn't and the last caller said you know when your -- kicking a soccer ball around. Or was the use and a one of you don't call us at that and he needs true artist father grew up poor in Italy would they have to have a soccer ball that was it well and Bloomberg mass where I grew up we grow up for we kicked a rock. We took a rock and kicked it -- and realize that our feet or really gonna hurt at the end of the game you know bare foot two barefoot and naked and hungry. That's a lot of laws we -- at the end is a rock yet they are today that's how tough we were. And Bloomberg tried to start that league. Let's go to Joseph in north Boston -- you're on WBBM. -- -- Andy I'm fine my English soccer those who have been able athletic ability. And I consider cocky you know Mary church initiated contact go. Well. We'll definitely appreciated again and boring in my life. All right and now you find hockey bore while to its oil regularly like yuck when a -- -- a little different you know. It just sit there and my beer. So what is your favorite sport and what you like like auto racing. But I primarily skeeter and leadership. Of both good pass. I tried trap shooting but I do well at that because if you look around. I would have restrictions most crap shooters are about trees fiftieth street changed. -- a lot you know -- shootings a lot of fun and it's it's great way to spend some time. I can tell you gotta be a big boy it was trying to just look around. Now I -- you know you're talking to -- talking to a guy named large Lloyd -- -- hey thank you thank you are -- Yeah trap shooting skeet shooting. A sporting plays a lot of fun never do anything like that. I shot eighty sort of model once all did you -- you water killed over -- bottle and all of a fifth set and there have been trying to find you ever since twelve gauge shotgun. And it scared the that you don't want -- that's a solid the machine there yet anyone fired again. It's just that our goal is this the government still much all eyes. We're asking are you buying what they're selling and what they're selling is soccer. It's taking over BUS. Might go by you're challenged the Euro. It is -- hope the US goes all the way but if it doesn't. If it gets knocked out of this tournament. Will you follow. The World Cup right to the end. I'm guessing the answer is no will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 -- our toll free line is 1806169236. Tobacco Beijing governor AM sandy beach are you buying what they're selling if you read the papers watch TV listen to have a radio. They're selling a factor -- soccer is taking over America finally beat. Soccer invasion they've been -- foreclosures. And I'm saying if you enjoyed soccer fine that's terrific but don't sell me this is that -- over 'cause I don't I don't buy at our own survey. -- which we've been running all morning is a refreshed and we get the survey details -- get that forming and reloading and now what's -- -- but and we're asking you that you are Europe feeling about a soccer pick Chris over the latest results of the web poll. Here is the question have you found yourself drawn into the World Cup soccer frenzy of first answer yes I'm following the results and watch when I can. 15% target for -- say yes. I am following the results were not necessarily watching everything -- 5% -- 20% evident whistled for. I'm casually following -- frenzy is 19%. Casual -- -- today so was don't want any as far as legacy -- and no is 60% so basically. It's no 60%. Yes 20% the rest in between. So are basically. A some people I guess some people don't I don't care either way about I find it boring for myself but they human like. -- that Tony is a fanatic. I don't like get it all Chris is in the middle that's what we go let's go to Gary in Wales we'll -- were Gary asses say -- on WBN. -- and he called Gary. I think I can well this soccer. Thing in just a couple -- -- -- Therefore like I wish to apologize to Tony. Rule. America oh okay and where owners forward and become sort of tickled to soccer. And it shouldn't we finished with. He conversion the -- -- -- -- metric first soccer's second I got it. Both here DN. I -- Remember metric so there you go. That's set once you start -- metric is the first step to soccer. And him. I know mega Gary thank you another ten or eleven I'm not really sure it's it's our am sorry I'm sorry -- -- Nokia its. What are the great things enjoys about this world competence I should be you know social media is watching all the reaction. Of NFL players Buffalo Bills -- totally supporting turn USA team. I shall -- so picture a little bit ago Will Ferrell and -- US soccer shirt given his vast. Soccer face and I were seen a lot a lot of people that you don't expect to be following it really into. -- athletes. Look at other sports and they look at the -- -- -- needed to play it and they appreciate that. Whether they would pay money to buy tokens in the stands and of a story or sit in front of TV set. I'm sure a lot of their kids play and he had a long call and it was not a good match and analog is getting ninety cancels itself and that's -- it -- -- and there's nothing evil about it I'm just saying it's not gonna take over the US and they've been trying to do this for some time as a matter of fact. I have USA today. Today as a matter fact a Columbine -- Nate Scott. There's a running joke among US soccer fans of the game has been quote America's sport for the future since 1970. Every four years when the world coveralls around a flurry of news stories declares that. This time is the time that soccer the most popular sport in the world truly catches on in this country. Writers Vasquez soccer finally arrived or will Americans ever embrace the beautiful game. There are stories that don't need to be written soccer is already here. American fans are getting together by the thousands yes thousands in cities across America to watch their national team play. More Americans -- World Cup tickets in Brazil this year than any other nations -- except Brazil. Of the US game against Portugal was ESPN's highest rated event ever for anything other than the National Football League. Or football game and when they'd try to tell you about the ratings. Other ratings -- through the roof. When you examine the ratings. It's at 25. Basically it's the same thing as was four years ago. So there's been no growth in that and -- I'm saying that truth will be I hope the USA who wins. The whole thing I hope they win the World Cup and they raise their heads and we are now champions of the world but if they don't. And if they get beaten and they're no longer in the competition would you still be following the World Cup or you only following up because of the USA today. On they got a lot of people will drop out if the USA. Speak about the the pride factor again in how nice and it is to be able to rule. A four red white and blue again after -- watch what Obama has started this country. During his terms here which has been very un American like so this is something that we can wrap our arms around him -- to be excited. Notice even knew had to bring politics into a -- has is sustain you and your argument while I'm saying once we've dominated curling. Which I think we've got that down pretty well. Where you -- aware of the world's number one curling we can't touch him and then. Next would be shocker. In fact if they kept on a curling stone that would be more fund one -- -- -- because order -- to our when he got Chris. This one comes from -- he says that sucker sits tied with basketball just behind football popularity. With the eighteen to 35 year old demographic is more popular than baseball hockey and NASCAR I'd say soccer is already here. Senior tour to great absolutely I agree with that -- markets -- it sporting goods -- -- soccer balls and stuff like that that's fine. Other National Football League. Dominates we know that baseball used to be the pastime it's not anymore. National Football League has there NBA is there on a big national scale and to a lesser degree hockey I mean we love hockey. And it's fabulous to watch and very exciting but it's not that way in every market in this country and some places. They don't know much about hockey they haven't been exposed much hockey they don't even a Minor League Hockey. As I told you when I went to Dallas that was before the Dallas Stars got there. They didn't know anything to do with hockey I couldn't even find the scores. I -- the radio station a big one though it's bigger one Dallas. And the bottom line is even know about it and nobody know nor cared then that's changed I think once hockey gets into a market. There's an excitement level especially singer alive while target it's hard to follow. You know on TV but is it alive it's exciting so how do you feel about soccer verses are -- I think goes hockey is far more excited and they're similar. Except that you can use your hands somewhat anarchy -- years Obama. Not at all. They they have the play with one arm tied behind -- -- all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All are like best get to -- -- gone in effect well all I pretty good and that look at my massive American chest. He says looking Jimenez and we'll be back after us. We're asking are you buying what they're selling and they're selling the fact that soccer is taking over America. Now I've I'd know there's a high interest knock as the USA today is filling usaid is today still in. Contention but I'm saying I hope they win at all but if they don't and if they're out of it you're still gonna watch -- gonna watch it to the end I don't think so. And here's what I resent true I resent being managed. We are managed as a population. By politicians by people wanna sell us something by people who lost the buy something. And it actually we are is what happens is this all of a sudden where barrage -- information that this is the latest thing. You must have this. And go like you know I don't like that I like what are you have watched the video on your contemporary. What is it is because you're too old you're not hip enough you're not Richard -- what is it you must have a problem then because this is adding you don't see it. OK we get that we got that the governor's ways with Spitzer we got a with the governor's race with Cuomo we're getting that would Hillary Clinton. You know it's inevitable blob blob blob Knoblauch. And yet in the middle of all this. They're raving about the TV ratings which has the same as they were. Four years ago they're the same and guess what else I have right here in the middle of all this this isn't USA today opinion poll. Washington Post ABC knows conducted may 29 through June 1 2002. Adults. Margin of error plus or minus 3.5. Percent. In the next ten years do you think professional soccer will become more popular. In the United States now that's a small hurdle. Or popular just borrow more popular what do you think. We're being told it's that's a tsunami. 46%. Say yes it will be more popular. 47%. Say it'll be about the same. 4% say it'll be less popular 3% have no opinion so this is not me. Isn't there but we're being told it's there. We're being persuaded it's there we look to the left there as we looked at it right there it is it's on the ceiling it's on the floor almighty god I must love soccer because everybody's doing it. Meanwhile got 5000 people down there watching him on the big screen and it's great. That's great -- -- -- that our pregame. On on the sabres need to do that are on our camp day. In if the bills those summer camp. So it's not the end of the world boys and girls were being swept along and we're being managed. Only to be managed to make in my own mind. I'll decide if I like that became commiserate but I have to like it because other people like. And that's the impetus -- that to let's go to Franken on the scene of frank likes of frank you're on WB yeah. I I know where you're coming from my news if indeed it is seems like every -- years -- four years. Actually it's -- couple bought the World Cup and an -- don't get me wrong I'm a sports strike in elevating. Their exit to sports. I pick in this country the World Cup always be. What it is it's -- -- at -- rated sport. The readable but watching it just sit back I achieved the all that scrutiny there were these guys following -- ground. What -- shall try to expert another player all the ground rolling around me. All right Jack. Looked -- our. Detecting the amount to little little first aid -- they liked -- -- victory at war. And now and it's all what is -- time in itself a groupie -- I hit it about this. You know hit that didn't know how law that he'll proceed on with their place I mean I hate about big game right here. So you think they are exaggerating all they do that and other sports so there there yeah. There's more so seeing -- I mean it's like. -- on the you know all three regional ball. They -- -- a -- we a lot of portable operating Roman turn on the lights and doctors in masks come out and operate on the person before the next play you know. I'm going into this guy -- around -- people who are Suarez toward me. -- beat from playing again Hannibal Lecter is terrible act or just get a -- the field he shouldn't even been allowed to play the rest of the game. Sure I hope all the -- and sort of article in the paper called -- quicker shall be for the cup even started about -- how suspect. He worked for a majority it indeed. It's terrible. How the outcome could be. -- outcome could be arc and made by our Mercury. Well -- worked so how will region all right -- or control or are yellow prior. Determine the outcome. Why can't buy what you -- apply. And perhaps there. And that you could see that it is terrible refereeing in its seventy K determine the outcome of the game. Well yeah I think I do think officials in any sport though have a direct. Directly import into the outlook can be into the output of game but. I'm telling -- idea I saw the guy getting bitten on the shoulder and many whips his shirt down so other people would say it. And there's like a set of teeth marks and there are so I'm sure he was trying to make his case. I've seen this guy before architect I watched. Soccer I would drop out back. And I've seen him play I think he played a little report or report so what are cheap and he done it before. He got suspended for ten days. Twice. Yeah twice before this is third offense. And it does hurt right now I think he took me I think he should be banned from playing that game RB IR flat out there. But before they start at thirteen. All of these star that he's gonna get a little more leeway so try divers and you like the purity of the game but the referees are questionable all. Yeah the very question at all I didn't stop it goes back on the field. And it's it's being cleaned up I mean I expected game would be a lot better than them what they're presenting circular for. -- Okay back to frank thank you. Okay now -- -- red card is that major bad boy what's the yellow cards -- yellow card is if we give you one more yellow card -- bad boys so it's equivalent to actually yellow -- the -- one -- cards right so the yellow cards -- less of an infraction the red cars or more of a -- -- -- -- expert -- yellow and red cards now is there anyway where they just don't give your -- -- -- -- -- No you'd have to you have to get a cart -- so they get at least one free one anti if you get red card you have to miss the next game. Okay now as a punishment on this -- did at the Italian guy I think he act and -- nine month suspension or something he's out of it woke up. Yeah he can't play anymore so that's that is it now after the World Cup is the soccer season over in Europe or are they still continue to play I don't think their leagues have started yet but. So -- words -- against their next game if he's -- league or for our country. If he's suspended for nine games it's that nine next games that that team plays that any team he's on anything Amazon okay. Yes I do I -- association. When you want a good bite. You'll enjoy a game of soccer are you buying what the what they're selling they're selling the fact that soccer we have finally. It'll let out of the wilderness. A sports wilderness. Now we're all embrace soccer they won't be our number one sport. Well I'm running around a little short pants and falling to the ground joined by parks will love all that stuff that little black -- white ball. Have fun have fun it was into the crowd they're really into. We'll be back -- -- more with -- company.

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