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6-26 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now all all his major company and I'm sandy beach here and thank you -- Randi for bringing in some great banana bread. We will have Randy not because it makes great but at a that would be no that would be. Too easy of us to do that we actually love -- because he makes great -- nuts. The rest of Randy we currently don't care that much about what's special about because we really enjoyed them. Yes yes yes it is BJ company did you have any of banana -- Tony not yet I am going to today about your crests and -- pieces of the rays -- out I finished the -- the the unfinished -- -- one is still the -- wants -- -- yeah it is scored book he's -- makes somebody a good little light on -- and more habit or -- He Bakes. Yes it does. Now a lot of stuff to talk about today about before we get into it I would like to give away some tickets to -- -- It was I would like to see him call now 6449875. And president of -- compliment. Prepared tickets to see him a Tuesday July 29 -- -- first -- -- the -- 120 dollars general conference rules apply. James Taylor it is all star band alive at the first Niagara center tickets available tickets dot com six were 4975 random caller away and Tony you shocked me the other day when you mention. That his wife Carly Simon is 69 years old yet 6868. When I -- we don't wanna I wanna get an extra year honor. -- time goes by when you don't see artists on a regular basis. Carly Simon has always been petrified to perform live even though a person at all. She never had to perform her family you know you've heard of Simon and Schuster Manson family. Simon. And I was like there. Vessel that was thought it was but it would be was one of my favorite songs and it she's shadow whole string of hits I was like -- was married to James Taylor. But you don't see -- all the time when you don't see all the time. Boom a subway you're you're surprised how ages crept up you mentioned. That the other day. That when when actors especially or in films or whatever their frozen in time Eli Wallach died and he was 192. -- 8898. A couple of days ago. And usage is up picture album that you wouldn't even our current picture that you wouldn't even recognize in the middle used to sitting in the good the bad the exactly in effect when I saw. -- Now the good the bad and the ugly of course is the description of the management team here. Well. I don't dare don't don't ask those. It's also in the -- the -- in the ugly who's leaving and that. I leave -- -- about a face. -- -- you know what van -- on on a screen and there's a man to be record and not always on the idealized. And those -- there's a kind of miss those characters now -- dollars people living in the middle of the earth and you know aliens and that transformers. And all of his stuff. But I missing a lot of good character actors now. Yes and a lot of them you'll you -- up watching you know I didn't know there me more well there was a man known it was clinics what. Yeah that that's not what it was called me in those early spaghetti westerns the ma'am would donate. And I like when he would -- is best -- yeah and that you know you're in trouble if he flipped his best open or when he -- his back woods a guy out. And he just had that that gays week he would just look at -- -- you -- who. That maybe you shouldn't have done what you just use almost the perfect -- boy oh yeah well I always liked him a better ago in the westerns then ride because. He was there is breaking in and raw hide right and that he was them -- favors. Right hand man but he wasn't the star of the thing many broke out broke out of that went spaghetti westerns and it's still producing Jersey boys. Open this past weekend. So he's still directing and acting occasionally he's just a remarkable man -- -- areas let's say here's some of the things now. Usually. If we get a critique of the show and somebody doesn't like it there's two areas that they don't like. Somebody will say sandy beach hangs up on I really don't hang up on people -- an idiot. So if you're an idiot you can be expected to -- hang up on hung up on. But that's at aria if you miss -- state the -- opinions are one thing. You know he added the famous line as your into your opinion budget not entitled to to make up facts and that's that us awareness that's them. That's I don't do that a lot but the other the second everything is Tony always agrees with you. Well Tony doesn't always agree with me and what we -- a great week don't agree on the -- out today. A -- that big. As if soccer. Has one fan in the world it's Tony Caligiuri. And have soccer has won one person who could give a damn about are about to soccer it's me. Okay and others have been wrong with the either position you're gonna love and -- as a matter of sports it's supposed to be a diversion is as big. A take your mind off your troubles and and a root for your favorite team and have a celebration. If they whine and cry a bit at certain -- colonial life okay. So it doesn't really matter there's no right or wrong in a position like this. It's just that one thing is basic with -- I hate having things crammed down my throat. Being told that this is how come you don't know about it how come you're not on the bandwagon. What's the matter are you old school sports fans I mean. The same old crap and it goes on all the time and especially goes with soccer. And right now I have a lot of this I have all these every single one of them look at these headlines okay. Will soccer school or more US fans with a World Cup. Soccer finally gets a foot hole in the last gas watch soccer has arrived in the US. And that day they do a thing on ratings and I are talking about various -- soccer. We're being overwhelmed. By media sources telling us how soccer has just taken over the US. We're excited that the US team has won one and -- one stolen -- that's good nobody expected that do we want them to win the cup of sweet deal. Let me just say this kind of a soccer fan are you. If if the US gets toppled and they're out they're done they're done for the World Cup you -- come back in four years and try again how many of you will watch. The whole rest of the world. I'm guessing -- Some but not a lot but it's it's it's the biggest sport in the world. It's. If you go to Europe I mean that's that's a ballgame and I think a lot of people think. In this country that anything that's European. Has to be better then anything that we have and I don't believe that there -- some better things. There's worse things but what I'm saying is I don't hate soccer. I don't care costs -- -- find eternally boring but somebody else may be on the edge of their seat. For every minute those games -- played and that's fine. About what I'm saying is argue buying what they're selling now we have a web poll -- can we are refresh the Pueblo it's been running all morning. And are gonna tell us what it says on there and see what our listeners up to this point are saying to us about soccer. I'll what is the -- what polls say what's the question. Question is have you found yourself drawn into the World Cup frenzy. Yeah and there are four responses aren't just given to you as they appear on the festering sore yes. Where's that in our area yes I am following the results I'm watching what I can. That is at 14% fourteen out of a hundred okay I'm following the results just not necessarily watching just -- results. 5% OK it worked in nineteen. I'm just casually following the frenzy. That's different is 20%. And no 62%. Our case that's 71%. Basically dead -- -- so awestruck by numbers. Could careless. So we and you got some that are marginally interest and some apparent interest that but the very intrusive or small mind to a section. Went when -- -- the game is in progress today and tonight they'll show you the fans a canal side. There compacted there altogether in one place. They searched far wide and they brought every soccer fan of -- you know a -- to themselves in one place is 5000 people. Keep in mind the sabres can do 5000 people within outdoor event before the game starts. So you gotta put this in perspective. If a sabres game was was being held at the same time and they drew 5000 people the sabres a jump off a bridge. But it's 5000 people so we're being told get where that get with the program we come back. We'll hear the rest of the story from Tony Caligiuri. Tony has brought people let them who are chanting now go USA. And let's hope the USA wins. But it out I Jumbo nominee bridge will be back what more would -- -- company. I'm caught up in it now Tony how can I stop. What's a header. If I knew what I hander wasn't so. The World -- And actually much the same on the enjoys it wouldn't matter record years will be back after this thing here. It is a beach in company -- yeah before we get started on the subject. I gotta do something today I haven't had a dual and I can't remember. How many years okay. I have to do when I get home today. Call a TV repairman. Now I didn't I don't even know if there are any TV repairman. Anymore repairmen. I'm not really sure my big screen TV the eighty inch screen that -- but. Just before I came back which makes makes it about eighteen years old. Suddenly the picture just went out this morning and that's it. And now you don't take Canadian screen imploded in the backseat of the car and drive someplace they have to come to your house and fix it. Now I I don't know I'll readily available repair is -- projection TV I'm gonna find out. But I haven't had been about TV repair and all leisure have you ever had somebody got the house of fiction TV. No no my last team he was tossed. At a I am thinking I don't wanna. Toss this I'm sure it can be repaired. I'd -- that will find out I'll give you the the further adventures of that. Are regarding soccer in the USA for assault but make no mistake about it I don't. Cared like soccer fine enjoy that and it doesn't mean that I have to like. Okay because I've tried it. And they hate it its -- two board from okay. And that's only me doesn't reflect on you like whatever you like -- you don't have to like whatever you know like that's what makes a world around. But here's what I don't like I don't like the fact one is forced bit on -- you know reminds me of -- they were recording artist that no one. Knows nobody. Knows one day. The next day that's all anybody's talking about it's in no -- and though it's on the stereo by -- -- ever or. And it's being forced down your throat -- junior avenue whatever now this happens on a regular basis in the US with soccer. For some reason Europeans can't figure out why we haven't wildly embrace soccer. Just as we can't figure out why they have been -- embrace the NFL. So I mean we all have different cultures and whatever. But now -- -- guidelines soccer finally gets a foothold in the US here's another one USA today guess what soccer has arrived in the US and other one will soccer's score more US fans with a World Cup. Here's another one World Cup one to fourteen record US TV ratings. Surest sign of soccer's rapid growth here. That's the headline but when you read -- you find out it has exactly the same numbers. That they had four years ago and last World Cup. So the headline doesn't really go -- that the only person who's speaking sensibly besides myself on this believe it or not. This is a rare moment all of spam run recording I'm going to say. That an agreement with me. Is Alan Bergman. A now it's very seldom that I'm an agreement -- Alan -- but I am this time. And his headline in talking TV blog says huge soccer surged in popularity may be bending the true. -- dawning -- me where am I wrong. Sandy you ignorant slot. First of all I will agree that the headlines are misleading because we hear those headlines for the last. I say three or four World Cup's. Affect -- -- United States. Qualified in 1986. When Paul Caligiuri scored the winning goal against Trinidad and to nationalize you know actually I go back to the 1970s when we have one team to root for that was Italy. My father obviously -- -- heartedly. So we grew up with soccer ball there and that the World Cup is very big for Ross and you know whatever that we played we we grew at a forum on course and 86 United States. Burst onto the scene we did see a surge in the game. But not in the adult level we saw in the EU level and and are continuing to see that now. The sport is rolling with younger people you can't look at our web web poll page to have any kind of indication as to whether it's -- because. I -- -- how are you saying our audiences ignorant know. -- -- would it would be fun older. I have an older demographic so that's it it's a -- thing yeah I think if you if -- five -- like it because you don't know anything else five you don't worry about it nobody except what you know about it has nothing do what you know it's because it's on the play. In more mortgages are -- Then you I don't feel -- hours or on US tour with advice on parents don't. Want the kids playing football obviously I was -- -- -- -- -- because it's a real sport nobody wants their kids real sport that they -- it possible. That through all you know and I think soccer is a better role model where. If they don't like the officiating they -- the official. To me that's that's a lot better than that rough game golf football I'll continue don't you know and you have to mouth -- all in your dreams. -- -- -- This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to meet tonight ten to one on WB. Heat and. Backward region governor I'm Sandy Bridge -- don't like to be told the inevitable. It's happening we were told that. In the last governor's race. We're told that about Hillary Clinton. And what I'm told something's inevitable I do my best to try and change. The make up my own mind I have nothing against soccer nothing at all if -- love -- ago and I hope the USA -- the World Cup I'll be rooting for and certainly I'll be watching him but I'll be rooting for him. But the over reaction. Two basically what has been one win and one -- and that and the written text saying that. Soccer is just taking over the US is ridiculous. It is ridiculous. And that what you find in different surveys that don't bear up. For instance in the -- survey that says how many people are watching soccer on television now. It's almost identical when I was four years ago that the members almost the exact same number so there's a great huge spurt of growth. And social people around the screen. Either -- a borrower venue. And -- cheering for the US spy. You see people doing the same thing if the bills playing the last place team that had won a game analyses the same stuff except smaller. But that's were being told the only one. I can't even really say this the speaking. Well a rational -- is Alan Bergman. A a if you went into my closet I have boxes of -- clippings of columns and stories about about my career myself. Most of them were written by temperament and not a very yeah. He's not the -- pats me on the back is a nice job okay but here's what he says in his blog talking TV. He's talking about -- ESPN show and he's and -- the announcer was British. He said in fact the Britt added the United States has become a bond a -- soccer nation. And the 2014 World -- will empower the sport to complete its takeover. Now Alan says I hope that's all true it's a wonderful sport. It's also a safer sport to play -- football which is why so many parents prefer their kids to play yet but. Is it a continuing revolution and not so fast. Please forgive me for him projecting some reality and some perspective and possibly be thrown at via a -- a dollar at the party. But -- I have my doubts because I've heard this revolutionary song before and and so have all of us. Every time there's any interest in soccer we're told how is -- gonna take over the country. And now there are people like that that's fine I hope they'll probably have a good time I hope the team wins I have nothing against any of that just don't tell me. That is inevitable okay. I I like sports and -- export flow of pro football's my favorite. Absolutely. Followed by -- I would say basketball and baseball and the other smaller sports not knock them or sports. But it's not going to take over this country may have you know enough kids playing at that there's an interest in it that's fine. But it's not revolutionary. IE I don't see it taken over the country as far as the big sports go it'll never surpass football. It'll never pass baseball never plans -- fastball however I do think it'll pass hockey I think the NHL. Is not as popular throughout the archery. A base basically look at the south they just not so regional slated for regional sport. So -- see soccer passing that net I think that's where it'll law it'll stay it'll never get any higher than that. As the youth Grohl maybe the popularity as far as viewing goes on TV. Look at this. English premiere league soccer is growing thanks to ESP and the show on the gain some more interest there I think you look at that there is interest in the in this sport. But it's not at the fever pitch that we see what football. I recommend a good point is that you're right about hockey I remember when I was in Dallas this is before Dallas had its name. I couldn't get the sabres score just couldn't get it I looked for apart couldn't get it. There was no is there's a presence of hockey in the sports pages of talk shows are having them like that down there. But here's -- here's the world tests if I said to. Fifty people at random okay. Name of five all time great soccer players well most people would say -- -- okay. And does some might say Beckham. That's about it if I said name. Five great hockey players I think even if you Warren and hockey market you can name them easily. So that I think the intensity of hockey even though it's not a national sport there are places where there's a hockey drought. What would would surpass that but where that nowhere and this is not our national sport. And there is a frenzy worldwide when hockey is played I mean the we have our own hooligans here we really do we win an NBA tournament -- burden on Detroit. Mean that's basically the way it works and they have there's this might be a little more extreme. The example -- use of the heading an official. Might be a little over the top you know aren't talking about it ad -- I was pretty -- young guys nobody and hot he's got muscles again and those who are so awful so that's at. Just says we don't understand why football is in bigger in England. They don't understand why soccer isn't bigger and here but they're trying to pretend it is that it isn't. You know I think one of the reasons why there is a buzz in this country about soccer in the US team is because now were were competing in beating. The Europeans that debt is their sport and doing different as soccer's our fourth or fifth sport you know and we've talked about. The best athletes in our country play football basketball baseball. So beating them that it's their sport is exciting. Even the pro leagues here. Our approach eggs have their share of fans but it's not -- not overwhelmingly successful. I think the bottom line is is the bottom line. If the US gets bounced out of his tournament and let's hope they don't I'd like to see him all the land when the cup if they don't. And they're done playing. Will you continue to watch the World Cup and right up to B a finals. That's a good that's that's a margin of how much you like. And love soccer whether it's that moment in time -- -- doing what Tony just said we're beating the Europeans have their own game. And and then it's going to be kind of over for -- for another four years let's go to Mike in a -- -- Mike you're on WB yen. Hey good morning -- Yeah I think they're trying to -- pop there's this stop on her throat. Make us feel more term harm European height I worked with a -- from your four years ago when and a World Cup. And it's the different mindset. Between them and us why they go all how important -- is -- national sport. You know and this just. There's a pride -- a national sport it would be like our. Our all star basketball team in the Olympics. You know. You know -- and -- like. He would mention all you geysers is Sawyer you guys have the World Series like you're the best well you know what that's what. And what we have done of these fallen. -- better basketball is basketball and I think we better football to the way we play it but. I mean this afternoon I got a father was 85 years old and I ask them has awarded about soccer but I like the mountains. If I was a good sense you -- well. You know I got I got to -- and actually get to watch -- actually. I'm working in my bag of our minds. -- that's funny that's pretty funny now kids play soccer and you and you go by the feels. On. A day where they're playing in Iran and up and down it's line -- -- A writer here at the dairy queen after and that's about it we offered -- -- if the US wins Sony among a body you would Gary Quinn. I'm gonna get chip that one of those chocolate covered a waffle cones. Lot of beer I don't know they're good waffle cones dipped in -- And then they put ice cream in the lawful call home now you are fanatic probe. I'm a fanatic against it I just don't see -- who's doing what they're saying it's going okay. Chris is in the -- Chris is a modified sports fans give us your view of soccer. I think soccer is a lot like the Olympics we didn't really into it every few years and -- during the big major tournaments. And then after that it kind of disappears the Olympics do great numbers as well and we're watching illusion ice dancing. Exactly this -- -- -- -- -- a sport like when you watch the -- I think it's just the guy laying down a -- but. Whoa watch that every four years especially if there's an American involved synchronized bombings and adding we get we get interest and all that stuff every four years soccer. I think it is a bigger foothold and that there is an approach there is a Professional League here in America Vienna last but he's been around awhile now I don't necessarily know how big it is and it. The one thing you can look at when you compare hockey and soccer it's hockey is definitely a -- sport in this country. Look at the salaries that the NHL players are given now -- to want an analyst player -- -- opponent to tell you what at least is being generated revenue wise. I'm glad you compared it to the Olympics because Tony did to Tony said that the Olympics are like his sex life. It shows up every four years but occasionally sometimes disappointingly doesn't make the team and that's -- that's that he's cut I get a lot -- -- -- -- The other holding trials maybe they can I eat well and he's been benched we have a new starter. Governor helmet with a big backward more I don't know if you overcome by soccer fever argue buying what they're selling. Are you are are you think and what they're writing about these writers that they are. Does it shorts is soccer to urban -- We don't get the -- a Boller on a particular overcast. Not a -- being over exhibited the back portion. -- of the current organize. Grab a regular -- we'll be back web agent company. It is -- company. And I'm asking are you buying what they're selling and if you rebrand and have you watched TV and you'll listen to the radio especially Sports Radio. There are telling you -- that soccer is taking over America. And we get this every once in awhile. Obviously partner. I have no interest in soccer pro or con love soccer goal for. The bureau of starting off soccer but I'm just saying them tired of having this forced down my throat of how. Where -- bat we're back woods or old school sports assembly of where non interest and are in a soccer. And I got the thinking properly compared to other things. There's no question football as the biggest sport in our country -- In an end of the rest of the world overall soccer is the biggest sport no question about that either. But I am saying hockey as a regional sport here you and you'll believe -- if you're just here because it's fanatical here but it's regional there are places where they don't know. Yours was use ice in a -- I'm so not everybody is in the pocket because they're not aware of but what are hockey is a big sport in Europe. Amid a lot of our players come from Europe. And the Olympics when they go on play for their home teams -- home countries from all over the place. And so. Hockey is big in in Europe not his biggest soccer. But I am wondering how you stack up soccer vs hockey. Okay -- hockey to me it's always exciting. I mean there's something going on all the time now the scoring is probably very similar as far as numbers of goals. You know -- to London won enough -- -- Whatever but the excitement level of hockey is is through growth it's so exciting that you can take a breath. I put put a soccer game on. -- in my arteries hardening. And so on I don't know yet that clutching grabbing and asked -- I would -- -- in the neutral -- law he I'm Caledonia skating backwards all the I had those guys run backwards -- and I'm just saying you know what I mean he's -- and I don't think that you know soccer brings -- great sportsmanship if you can't behead an official what the hell good is that the latest sport you know I mean. Allergic Rampage -- sound. I think that's it -- celebrities and studio that made it. Well that's my friend gone in Pennsylvania which is a hotbed of soccer in that diner on W via. You it is this remember -- what side your bread is buttered on you -- -- your whole life you don't even know Tony it's not much on and on soccer. First -- had a question about ice hockey verses hearses to soccer yeah. I think the fans of all sports a similar I -- ice hockey Iranians. Generally are very fanatical about the sport I need to tell them there's nothing better than the in ice hockey yeah but there's only a limited amount of them and I think that same thing it is with doctor. Soccer is it's something that. Most -- kids play it might it play and it might it was very good at it. And I I really got into effect when my younger my oldest son said he wanted to play soccer I looked at him is what that. I'll did not know what it was years ago. Yeah I think we grew up without any knowledge of soccer go ahead. Right I mean what we came from -- yeah I mean it was a no nothing I mean I. Nobody played it. I just remember that's not what we would go into Boston because we have fifty miles outside of Boston to go to the strip shows you know real power summit. Of the Bruins always packed the garden always and it where we -- you know we didn't have any -- who were small town a so a New England has always love the Bruins as long as I can remember. I can -- definitely. -- remember. That we would get down to about bought themselves that play -- game like on Sunday afternoon with no tickets in hand now because. We go to the arena and we by the ticket that. -- outlook for the game and we had decent seat for a playoff game. But you're right when it came to hockey which none of us that have been arrested back and you couldn't get a seat. Well I remember Bob French was Juan Navarro one of our classmates and his father had a connection with the Celtics. I don't know if you on this trip or not you'll refresh my memory if you work. And it brought us. Into the dressing rooms and whatever we get a chance to -- Bill Russell and cousy was there and it was like I. Because we we never saw him up close and personal. Oh man I. I would have died but that. I'm Bob French is father has had knew about -- -- knew somebody in the celtics' organization. Well that's can't get. I wanna look wait. Something -- with we're so was doctor okay. The total joke here to equated. Compared. This is -- that there was conducting a class sexual latched on. Went back. Well that's what that's sexual classes are usually about. -- -- -- And and it was a a lot of students in there aren't in yet -- -- you. People he says had sex about once a week after Roma people raises. And -- how many you have. Sex about once a month in the not her mom raising. And it says -- how many you had sex about once a year. And one little guy in -- jumped up and down in me me me. Professor looked adams' point I don't know why you're so excited he says he only had sex about once a year in the -- system like that night -- night that night. So that that my. -- describing. It's like our every four years ago look forward to it -- thanks I'm glad you were a bunch. When asked my guys how many have you had known him. It is region governor and we're asking your soccer vs hockey watt light your fire and argue Biden what they're selling soccer is taking over America will be back.

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