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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>IN FOCUS: Buffalo Gun Violence - Rev Darius Pridgen

IN FOCUS: Buffalo Gun Violence - Rev Darius Pridgen

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Violence in the city of buffalo especially on the east side. The reverend areas Persian pastor of true Bethel Baptist Church only aside and president of the buffalo common council. Joined Susan and me now to talk about this is on the WB in life line Revver purging of morning. -- order it now. Darius it seems like we're always calling you on something terrible. Happens on these side but you know it's a fact of life while we understand. You're officiating at yet another funeral for a a member of your church who's been shot and killed do you did you know this person. Well essentially -- members. A nephew actually use them and church and the reason we appreciate so many. Could -- a -- my doors to anyone. I think that it is very tremendous opportunity. To talk about -- we have got a lot we've had a lot of success. Of people after euros giving information and because of the messages that you've got these huge. You. You know the first week in -- summer three killings in buffalo. And there's the stop the violence foundation that wanted to. Trying for a campaign for murder free summer you know now there and -- read re doing re analyzing in and trying to figure what to do people we talked to. Terry Davis bishop Perry Davis this morning who said. Young people need something to do. Is that really what it comes on ten. Well I think I think mr. Byrd gave vicious totally correct -- prepares -- huge puzzle you know I think we all of each person. Who puts something on in the puzzle. Who continue to move toward peace that it becomes better I don't think any applause when the bush has no one answered there's no. You know one answer it's a combination of all but -- wouldn't be very clear signal your show before and I hope you keep calling it could somewhat keep saying I'm honestly it observing lately in the -- And that is it goes back to this one word education. If we concentrate. On educating our young people giving our people will listen I believe in the power where I'm a past. But David. After the -- yet to deal would -- -- could just stand near after the prayer. After the player yet give -- most -- amicable we've got to make a -- in Western New York especially the city of buffalo when it comes to education. Reverend version when you'd talk to the congregation. About peace and you deliver that message and told us about the results of people coming forward with. Information about crimes which is a good thing. I mean what do you say what is your message. You know my messages always tailored four of the Stanley -- I'm going to be ministering to the people that are greater. We -- we have. Hundreds of young people. Come to the church during during these promissory funerals and we we have learned how to administer to their needs and to really talk about the point out of love your neighbor and in that certain actions americorps or somebody I'm -- listening gore was not working. I disagree. And the reason I disagree is because I think it is hard not it was a for the Perry -- it's as if you want to stop the violence people. If there was an effort regarding that I've actually of their efforts that are out there and prayer vigils. I think we would be in a much worse situation than we are may make no mistake about it if all the folks were not on the street including. Including the people give for preparation. If they were not out -- I am telling you right now you'd be calling me every twenty minutes every couple hours on the murder. So it's bad yes in light losses bad but I'm telling you be worse. Reverend Persian go to talk -- you again this morning I think everyone is praying for you and hoping that things get better thanks again. Thank you are the reverend areas Persian pastor of true Bethel Baptist church and he is president of the buffalo common cultural.

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