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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>IN FOCUS: Buffalo Gun Violence - Bishop Perry Davis

IN FOCUS: Buffalo Gun Violence - Bishop Perry Davis

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gun violence in buffalo bishop -- Davis with a stop the violence foundation is with us on the WB and lifeline bishop good morning. Thank you for the time a month ago. You were fed up and kicked off a campaign for murder free summer then the first weekend of summer comes. And there were three killings in buffalo. Our you'd deflated. Well well no matter who -- and very welcome to push through three weeks to a month. All I was hoping for the best but we can't continue to campaign because like this say to you want it to be yet another. If we could just save one life and you know is well worth the so that we continue to -- my pre summer campaign here. Bishop do you think these gun buyback program rules or guns and violence awareness campaigns. Do anything at all to help the cause. Well yeah and let them help and probably applicable to other solutions well. You know -- guided by that program was doing what. You know done. You might get your hands on guns there's not helping the situation as well aware that come with the kind of solution against somebody -- -- in the minor stands. Or -- -- would have wanted to do about it crimes it's veterinarians. Community leaders are talking about this yesterday commissioner derail and a among them who said. You know we have to change the mentality if you see something you have to say something is that probably part of the biggest problem here. Well of course his first thought that we would just sit back and be silent that's what happens. -- -- -- -- the -- -- what I would do we want to do out here because nobody listening to think. And that's what I'm trying to get up to the community while it is something on on. Don't let it felt good about -- -- -- -- -- prevent some of these things geared it would -- -- -- bill that. Most Google immigrants because of Nortel -- -- -- have -- -- you know -- Coke -- Coke acquired varsity as well. -- -- say we have to come up with other solutions. Any suggestions. Well yeah I I'll Kabul with a local guy where you know trying to play and on two different activities and -- -- they do do this summer putting kids well right now we're playing an army out basketball tournament which it actually gets started this weekend. Among -- rituals that are 1:1 PM. Which were -- registration right now. Well you know in the past month after you announced your campaign for murder free summer you're looking for sponsors and businesses to kind of step up. Did you get many. No not yet we're still hope and pray that most people don't do that would have -- and say OK well whatever I don't know which helped and happened to. -- my family and go ahead and start -- donating. It's good that it ignored at least participate or more what I do is I mean we all need to participate one way or another. We don't everybody should I say okay. You know there is so bad under Saban -- good and bad. But they're not doing anything about it and until it -- home. -- -- that registration is underway and -- -- basketball tournament and we wish you good luck with that but let me ask you this how often. Do you actually take to the streets bishop. And talked to these young kids -- hanging around a street corner and what do they tell audio. Well most of what -- actually do so told me that they just need something to -- in -- please call. You know they're sick and tired you know not having any activities. Are a lot of people go to -- go -- out column to a printer or. That would go away -- way it would escape car park. Even adjustable typical out of Kuwait are the ones felt that it -- go to try to come with different programs. To communities to help kids. Well we wish -- a lot of success here and and we know any kind of a tough flat panel ahead but thank you for joining us this morning and and talking about the issue. Well we appreciate you guys -- -- -- -- look at the word out there and one that I actually they main street post as well was supported our calls. Because we do have a couple supporters what we do need a lot more -- as well to LaGuardia. And how people get a hold of you. If people have ideas when it which they deal. They think they can call 716. 151375. And they can listen to this interview again if they want to. Catch that number and it'll be on demanded WB and outcome bishop Perry Davis with a stop the violence foundation.

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