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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Soccer Venues Kick It Up - Robert Gioia & Greg Nicotera

Soccer Venues Kick It Up - Robert Gioia & Greg Nicotera

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about the World Cup watching party -- Not a big one of canal side and on the waterfront on this Sunday 5000. People maybe even more word player to watch. Beginning between the USA and Portugal today and -- USA in Germany on the ability of -- -- to talk about soccer frenzy around here as. Robert joining other chairman of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation are also going to talk Greg Greg -- of terra Greg is manager of mass today. But I also sports bar on hurdle avenue anybody into soccer around here. Even. Aside from all the -- watches soccer and basketball star to mr. -- first. Good morning mr. joy how are you. Or. Or -- would go on how much of a crowd a bigger crowds sir are you expecting this afternoon that canal side. Well I guess that's anyone's we're not really certain what were prepared for large crowds we certainly have learned a few lessons that there is excitement. Not only about soccer but excitement about being down canal side so. We encourage your listeners if you wanna come outside and if you want to enjoy the waterfront to conduct an outside we'll have additional -- venues and and facilities to support a large growth. We hand down a lot of rain between Sunday and today in does that does that we'll have that have any impact on the -- and you know we. We certainly hope that it won't it were prepared for as best we can which sometimes -- -- got there. Are part of the challenges when you'd have a corporate news. I can tell you after the one concert to you can see now the progressive open reached that so I think we're going to be good check for today. OK let's switch over now to Greg -- of terror bring him into the mix his manager of -- today another hurdle avenue thanks for joining us this morning Greg I suppose. The pleasure manage is going to be packed to the rafters today people -- sitting outside. Absolutely we're gonna we're gonna gonna -- say they and then. And going out and watch which -- what you can be -- but look in front of the theater. And you open. And do you think they'll be people -- their attempt just holding their spot for the game at noon. Yeah absolutely I I would imagine that I think people have had experience. You know getting here is the best way to get a spot. Greg is our understanding that anyone who wants to watch soccer whether it's a World Cup. Whether it's a match between. Any of the other professional soccer games that we hear about all your long. The placed -- watches the miss K what did you guys develop all those following. I would say that I was -- so we we prioritize soccer. Basically it's anything out where soccer bar and I think people have come to realize that if they lost against web based on whether it's it's it's gonna put on. How many screens to him. And what kind of crowds heavy hand since World Cup soccer started here this tournament. Mean it had. That -- business sum up everything and and her USA games were able to provide an additional screen. You know -- a block party atmosphere on the street. You know upwards of fifteen people. OK let's go back now to mr. -- chairman of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation. Mr. -- no alcoholic beverages are going to be served this afternoon we understand that's correct. That is correct so if you if you want to have and enjoy the game that I that I think you've I think -- you take out. Greg's an invitation to visit him on hurdle avenue because it's a wonderful venue also that this has about a community enjoying. And an event and the popularity that continues to grow in the United States and so -- worked world helped participate and. Gentlemen thank you both for joining us this morning. Have a great day and go team USA I guess Robert joy chairman of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation. And Greg look at -- manager of mass today on hurdle that was.

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