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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Soccer Popularity Peaks Every 4 Years - Tim O'Shei

Soccer Popularity Peaks Every 4 Years - Tim O'Shei

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's kick around World Cup fever with Tim Roche night on the WB and -- he's the founder of life starring you -- good morning. Sure soccer a popular sport yet not a popular sport. Do you see what appears to be a wave right now with the World Cup. Well it's that that every four years -- its. Very much like Olympic Ebert you know people now watch for example. It you're dealing with quick paper you know every you know that years they do every four years. That is unpopular. Figures in popular soccer -- popular a lot of people participate in that people who watch it that -- At least for years he attacks or in the -- World Cup come around. You know these seventeen different countries and that's where we stand back and watched -- -- pretty entertaining on its own. -- and even count. What do you think drives this so called soccer frenzy. In a country like the USA that does not embrace pro soccer. Except for the World Cup in the Summer Olympics do you think we're making a bigger deal out of this -- there it deserves to him. Well I don't know that would make you bigger deal. -- it is there's I think it's I think I think it's -- I am united in the very basic well it's. And deciding what they what they -- -- don't care about it the you know that the real -- yeah. Question is why do -- care so much about World Cup soccer. And again get through the at the Olympics has not that pro soccer from you know from your -- from month month. -- here's something that I find really interesting. And it speaks for that. Probably and most accounts. Measurements the most decorated athlete playing in Western New York right now in recent years. You know from like Ryan Miller formerly of the sabres -- You know from -- -- -- -- Bill it's actually I would say at arm back. You know look a little -- decorated women's soccer players in the history of the team. And it played -- what's your slash. And who is practicing every week it's England's sports park in Almonte. Oh I don't think realize that that Olympic women's soccer players in the world. There's peace and -- -- -- or what's your -- about well in Rochester. You don't that's. That's an ops that are surrounding are quite at the level like as you know some playing for the bill the sabres and that eight -- -- about it summit there buried in Europe and that. You know people are thrilled the last. I'm a grim spectacle on world spectacle but when a -- and hometown and their own country state you know they they they don't look at -- the same excitement. Yeah this is interesting like seeing the forest through the trees kinda thing. It's summer two and isn't sports viewing down in the summer. Generally. It's distributed at an advantage that the you know that the World Cup has you're not not that it needs much of an advantage but it. Certainly and in that country you know that. The NFL is. You know that's been great out the only time the national football is actually off optimized no news happening the Stanley Cup -- decided. And DA's done. In baseball a long -- -- -- businesses right in the middle so there's number real hot news coming out of -- so. Yeah right now American sports and he needs something to really look at and embrace -- look at it and that means people really. And I think it was a big -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No matter who's playing in the -- think people watch World Cup soccer. With excitement no matter is doing well what went USA it's doing well and at. And the current -- this year. That's that's at least straighten up and -- collapsed -- worked for breaking down that -- you know over excitement about it. I'd -- plate you know I'm sure -- -- in Britain today. You know the -- concern. You know following up on the -- question is pretty hard to believe that so many people. Who -- the local restaurants sports bars and the giant TV screens that canal side. Scheduled to lose interest. In the game once the World Cup games are over or who would be planting seeds for bigger things in the future maybe. I think it's all and it is you know American sport and they're very happy that aren't that play. Again people will -- people who aren't so ultimately people who -- the popular. Well still lots Super Bowl because the commitment because it's. An expectation that happened. People who. You know it here's a soccer player Israel payments and the country and all over the world David Beckham you know David -- -- split between the United States. But not necessarily because he's a great soccer players because he's. A big celebrities. Is known for looks certain managed to let go and for being soccer player. So people are very celebrity oriented now it would -- court has going farther than that -- other most popular participant sports in the United States. And you know -- boys and girls who play at. -- guilty -- -- -- basketball and that same category the soccer you know soccer goes so popular with families. There is an opportunity at apple let them -- at the trick in the first Major League soccer and any other professional soccer the United States. -- they treat their own practical and mapped attribute our immediate collapse on. So that they can change American sports fans habits and that they're very up and do but get the opportunity that there. Hey Tim fine not nice talking with you thanks so much for joining us -- That's Tim ocean ice he's the founder of life starring you.

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