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SUNY Buffalo State Soccer Coach Mark Howlett with WBEN's Brian Mazurowski

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- This site now and -- and that's woke up with yet. So that they you know obviously every -- -- it is just into number experience. You know growing up in England that. And not being. Everything to everybody. Or whatever woke up and around natural. It would excite their people out but be -- crowd up. Really be a special especially buffalo this year. You mentioned you've been in the US for ten years in those ten years how would you notice. The growth of soccer. In the United States whether -- I'd do it just at the youth level or our interest in international and the English Premier League or even -- Ramallah sound you noticed. The sport grow. In the states over the last ten years. I think. While I think -- you know -- The on the sport. You know everybody. And everybody's -- around -- -- -- All. It's that -- I think. Widow. With American or injury -- -- You know our people and and looking at -- child. Eclectic that. Warranty -- soccer idol I think. Aren't you eat comfort lately you'd go. Out they got to let that go yeah. Mean -- just you couldn't watch an English premiere league game all that you met. Adding you know all on eBay which. What if you strength while Boca or I'll. Go watch the way he actually that's patently. And these street and now. This now coming over it and you systems are now I'll go with. Pretty impressive I think that this is building and its sequel I won't go to the. Has it been. The media -- maybe let this with. The rise of the Internet it just being able to have access to all these schemes that we weren't. Having seen before or is it. Do you think more driven by -- -- youth the growth and soccer I guess wrong turn and skis. Is it an access or kind of priming the pump of -- lots of young people interest it. I think our parent and I think obviously the -- -- -- -- I think you know again like that that. Regular access to gain that implementation -- and stonewalled. Definitely. People. -- -- -- -- the sport and now I think I mean I don't know the actual numbers. I agree I think what you. Playing soccer a sport now in America. -- side might -- -- We've talked about kids playing the game but your coach in your catalog of games as far as people watching the game. -- a lot of a lot more people show up for these games and whether the college game. High school game because they enjoy the sport are you finding. I think that the whole. Actually buffalo area and -- -- -- -- yes yes. You're a wallop that yeah. I haven't been this year but I was at a game last year actually us. And it's pretty great experience. For news. How many people are out there are people are out. And I think I should note that elements are now and so I think. More typical they -- in college. -- obviously I think somewhat correct rights -- -- an awful. It might opt out so awful -- so he. I think they are or at the gate. I think that the general -- in. A soccer a -- -- -- -- polls with like buffalo at that Britain that they. That. -- Our. Album a little -- people out there you know a lot. Will be different countries and forty differently why. They are or how much people -- -- the war. OK so we've talked a lot about the growth of the sport in the US that being said. It's still Lum far behind though what our big for -- -- why you think that is and is it the sports is it bosses though what needs to change it to change that fact. They -- that next generation. Growing not what this all right. Well we're now. I still think people sit on I like our score. I'd like a click -- and I think people are aren't what they are in -- whereas you know American -- is -- talk about what or. Oh what -- period I didn't. The -- would yeah I mean I think it's just. What a load up now and you know our let me pop it -- now oak. But I still you know -- we are out there are. Pretty. Quiet electing. It's built like why. Are -- -- tracked child ultimately. Win it we're. Yeah African American. Sports that are. I think it's their alphabet economic -- that it would it will slow. You know you -- I. All around forward but it injury that -- -- -- And I think people. You know art -- in the air or Arctic they. Are aren't watching. As well. If the US went far in the World Cup well that being said about them maybe just needing more time for to catch on. If the US did well and -- reached reached a year's semifinal or final. Could that just be a magic thing where all the sudden our interest clicks in did sustained. -- -- I don't know what will pick in the Arctic a couple of more woke up. And a couple of all of a huge amount you why aren't all get older are still at it but they'll think. But little white the white right.