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6-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. -- And welcome to the New -- if they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one conflict and assault rifle. Tom hourly college. Went up. How much and I could have got covered up like to welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas big big big -- for her kids. And low and -- W yeah. All right. Yeah. It's -- power play on the news radio 930 W. BP and that. -- quotes from a hangover movies. As like a reward to retreat. Yeah I like the first one better. The second. It's a tossup debate between two with three depends of my move but I think that by part number one was the best. Because the other two became predictable after one that they've. Got to do what to expect from shallow. And speaking of people in China and things from China. I have just been forwarded a very important link. And I expect this story from a science page to go global and world wide. I put up on my FaceBook page. And I don't feel during the dinner hour like describing in graphic detail. Why this machine merits China's destruction. But let's just say it's kind of like a human milking machine but it's not for went. You can look at the article on FaceBook but I'm not going to describe it any further on year. Tom dot hourly BA UERL. The power just like our everybody knows about our put the -- the end and it is my name. Other people just call me. Or official -- Which are probably more suited to. 8030 my thirtieth the phone number we have been talking about these Supreme Court. Say the cops just can't or you turn over your cellphone so they can browse. Without a warped and I completely. Support that decision. But remember. They can still -- Just like they can still ask to search your car. And you have every right to say I do not consent to a search. -- -- go to myself although there -- zero. On my cell -- of any criminal nature or even embarrassing personal nature for that matter not that. They were elite quick look at my photos here through what photos and now let's -- gallery. Oh I pictures of Ringo Starr from last night including the picture I took backstage -- -- ago which is on my FaceBook page. And a couple of -- garden pictures that it. Can plants are great. There are a lot of course out there. My. All right by the way. Even though the police can't go through your -- The Supreme Court said nothing about your husband wife or significant other. And we have -- common -- for right now Tom is about 37 years old. Andy's been with a woman. And what was it Tom that made you wanna snoop through and I don't use snoop in a pejorative sense your girlfriends. Self all you just got the vibe you had yet the -- -- Yeah essentially that was you know it's there it's another one of those things with -- FaceBook where she's confident and -- -- teaching tool. At a certain point host and sort of like in terms fictional time which seemed a little Carol. Because initially she did not -- -- say about the guy. -- nothing bad to say about it and having good. How long after they split up did you guys -- Not -- or not. -- matured yet they put it might have been about a year. How long did that with your for your girlfriend whom you're just caught at an Al guy if I should point out folks who you just tuned and -- this guy came across texts. From his girlfriend it and to his girlfriend to the previous boyfriend who is the father of one of her kids about how they can hook up. And -- behind this -- back. That's basically why he's. I don't mean to sugar coated Tom. Well look I've been there meant and it sucks you've been. What this woman how law. About a year. -- describe your feelings for. I still you know there's times where and which I would expect any relation of the matter how healthy there's going to be times when you're not going to be whatever you know finally. But overall you know actually I think about it and I think -- here's a -- my child and -- eight. You know I do have some probable field where. Wait you've got way she's got she's got two kids want is his one is hurt us. Okay three kids a third one is his comedy -- yours. One is lying when it is one or somebody else is that it was you know. Tickets -- well that was a long time ago when that's so it'll over the. -- money for a good pair of Nikes. Can I cannot tell you to run fast and from the relationship. I saw that racial beginning but I was too dumb at the time. Follow -- you know. Let me ask you what you think you should. And look I'm not trying to be judgmental are right but I know human nature like I know the back of my hand and I know all of these things work out. Because my life is a freaking train OK so that's all you know these things so what do you think you should do. Well. I would like it to work so I don't see it working out. You know eight. I've -- a Christian majority of mileage at all these calls about which template I do believe. Trying to forgive -- repair. But it be decided and so far it really isn't. Have you post at that spot of where it's now or never. Have you had conversations. With your girlfriend about these texts and her relationship with the father of one of her three children. Well she she said that it was just talk. Who was it's a court and I do I tend to be done long hours. And she she -- it's -- he's not getting the feeling of affection from me because not home enough that you can get somebody. Which are people also understand that but -- -- list I don't think solution -- about that stuff. Let me ask you something -- had issues with a sense of security fishy feel insecure about herself her parents -- sex appeal whatsoever. She is going to be. Tom first of all I wanna tell you I'm not a doctor. I'm not a psychologist. I'm not a sociologist. Do we agree on all of those things that I am not a certified expert in any of those fields. All your. Prudent -- but I'm not an expert Erica I have no qualifications certifications license. I want to tell you just man to man. You need to get the hell out of that relationship and you need to get custody of their care. Continue to take full custody of the -- You have the time. -- Trying to juggle his schedule would be tough but you know I I told a different kind we will do they have to do -- to insert my daughter. OK maybe you can get joint custody you're not married. Now. Yeah okay first of all let's illustrate a separate things do we agree that the relationship between you and your girlfriend is done. Yeah I mean they're never really. We never really built a relationship which -- jump in that things. Okay so you are you're recognized it's over. Because it is -- -- I'm just a brother and telling it is man to man it's done. She has issues no -- will ever be able to fix how old machine. Thirty okay. She. Is. Always going to be this -- She's always gonna be insecure. She's always gonna feel was -- she's not getting enough affection. She will always be seeking the approval. Of other men. And the sexual attentions of other men. And to stay with her is to commit to a life of office. A critic of her -- around on the side I'll look some people can deal with that some people have an understanding I don't think you're one of those people. Moderately okay. Yeah I just publicity you're so Latin talk about slower than I do joke around about it at a -- actually handle it seemed. Well they just because somebody goes to where that goes on doesn't mean they protect let's just figure that out of the way first. Also means that anyway so. If I told who have turned out it's are you crazy -- but anyway that's another story -- today. You gotta get out of the relationship the relationship is over. Which you need to do basically my opinion. You have to work on a real world strategy so that you can maintain contact with your daughter. Does she live with fewer used to living together. Who owns -- is it an apartment or house. It's actually it's a real estate. Well it's a piece of real estate it's got to be developed. At. A mobile hall okay who holds. It's rarely. Been 00. Okay let husband number one pay the bills or I'll let let my father number one pay the bills let him movement. He can servicer you can pay your bills you have got to get -- -- get yourself a place to live are you make in the at least 30000 a year. I don't want to -- our first -- -- -- okay. Get yourself an apartment. Get out of that situation cannot stress that enough get out of the mobile home. Get out of their relationship it's -- separate yourself from this moment. However. Which you gotta do is do it in such a way as that you can maintain contact with your child I would strongly. Suggest. That you speak with an attorney about protecting your parental rights and if you can't afford an attorney. There are certainly. Attorneys out there you might contact that Niagara county legal aid you're locked for which is that the county seat of Niagara county. There are attorneys there who insurer could offer you thirty minutes of advice at a price you can forward if you can't get legal April ball well. Armed just make sure you protect your right as your daughter's father as far as this woman you've got no commitment to her you have the responsibility to her you need to get your stuff out -- note when she's gone. This cannot go on audio it's your daughters how old. Six months. Okay. Nonetheless I have to tell him. I think of offer as much good advice is -- camp this is not good and well if you stay in the situation if -- it's going to be one of those things you see an -- Do you disagree with anything I've said. You're you're told me what a thing gets it wrong and I you know I still I don't -- accept it but they acknowledge that. Really what's the best. Dude it's not it's not even a question of the best it's the only. It's the only option for you your 37 years old. You are still you're not even forty years old. There are still women appear for you what what all while I want to continue to excuse us as an important call because this is your life about which would talk -- this is just a political opinions all on just decided. Let's just find out about traffic right now ladies and gentlemen an expert on traffic certified as such I am pretty sure here's Alan Harris. And actually or other mostly cloudy tonight 63 by dozens against the Columbus clippers first -- several five should be good -- -- -- for ball game sixty -- they said the -- Tomorrow up to 77. Less humid and some clouds and some sunshine. Right now 73 that news radio 930 WB and we're just wrap things up her work on in -- lockquote. Tom what are you going to do give me give me your game plan here you'll recognize it's over. This relationship is beyond hope you are young. You have a whole lifetime ahead of you. And you want a monogamous relationship with a woman you can trust who is -- going to be banging around behind your back correct. Okay what are you gonna do. It's well I don't have a hard time with -- As much as I know that's what they need to do. It's not going to make it any easier waiting longer. It all and makes it more difficult. Do you have friends who can help you move like within an hour. I have a bunch of friends and honestly that's what they had there's hardly anything that it would really take -- -- Yup you know whatever it to grips with India actually imports stopped. Well -- I say you need to start looking at apartments -- an apartment and get yourself physically out of that situation cut off all contact with her except as it pertains to visiting your daughter and you're gonna wanna get that in writing and you're gonna have to talk to an attorney to make sure were -- your legal rights are protected as the father of that child. Okay. -- and Tom please. Trust me I know what I speak. This situation is not going to work. And the longer you let it fester the more it's gonna metastasized. And eat you alive. -- -- Let me try this one more time. What do you do tonight. It. -- starting with thinking about an apartment which you can afford. And that the last thing you wanna do my opinion. He's had any discussion before you move out you just have to move. To show shall sucker you into staying to pay the bills you're the sugardaddies. You'll still be paying child support for the one -- but he jurors. You know that right. Okay you'll be paying child support. But. Got to tell you. Given a choice between child support. And hope for a woman. With whom you can truly sure life. As opposed to staying with this woman who has issues that are beyond your ability to remedy. My course of action is the best. Yeah I -- I really wish you the best and focus I mean email Thomas WB -- dot com can be posted on what's happening. But if there's anybody who disagrees with what I just told this card please call it because Tom you just got to accept. Some things who's got -- except just aren't gonna happen in this is one of them. And I mean I hate to be the bearer of it I think what I do when those duties just re confirming what you already knew in your -- But the hardest thing is then taking what's in your heart and actually moving the hell out. And let the first guy move him. He'll take over the bills. Let -- be his problem. Not years. We -- Don't do anything stupid you're 37 years old are so many women out there dude if that's what happens. You can't. Sure there'd be it's not about picture -- -- up mode and arrogant look good luck in America. All right Tom I'm sorry you're you're going through it. I mean heart what heartache is never easy to take and you still can't be France. Primary are still alive from Todd -- this is an impossible situation. It's never going to work. The sooner you get out the suit you begin to heal yourself and the sooner you can start looking for somebody who's actually gonna give you what you need out of a relationship. Joseph are kind of sad right now regard but I think her game the best advice you agree. German he's on the phone and anybody like disagree that's fine. -- a lot of things to get into in the rest of the show I like to give you a happy ending a certain there was not a good start. But if you wanna get a really good mood and if you're an adult go to my FaceBook page and check out the story about what they just brought out in China. You're gonna say OM FG. I guess at what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry but that's liked to have somebody waiting fifty years our audience what the poll it's already tapping him on the shoulder well known and I got to see that song. And I got a chance last night -- Ringo Starr. So that's what off the bucket list quite unlike Paul McCartney Ringo can still say it. That being said I would still give my left one deceased sir Paul. To be guards. Seriously. If you are a certain age you understand. If you're not you don't get. Don't thrilled at thirty all. Is in serious but it tipping point for how the happy ending -- which. If you look at my FaceBook page you'll see it'd just just go there I -- -- a lot of other on the year. Let's just say China sucks literally out but. There's -- -- talent coach saw. The proper like forty years it's called the three biggest lies. And what am -- happy of the questions is this what is the biggest lie you've ever been told what what's the biggest life for which ever felt the biggest three lines for which you ever fail. I keep saying to David -- and I can say it but I can't. Do the words. Here. But those of you familiar with David Allen Karo melodies like John Salvi and uses a guitar. He's really really funny. In this a lowly hurt for a little while our let's go to Jack himself on a WB and Jackie Audi. -- -- it's accurate I think what. He's talking about the caller. -- for for those who were listening. And I hate to interrupt you but we have a caller who caught his girlfriend via text messaging cheating on him behind his bat with the father of one -- -- three children by three different men. Yeah I bet bet the caller -- Ali. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a look at issue is big you. I am a black girl -- that are at their courage. And I don't I would like to get only say that she actually I don't read that with that. All our energy and -- I didn't do it then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But shouldn't another app because she. Well let's put it OK -- I will accept that but would you agree that these statistical probability. Of a woman at the age of 36. Who is head. Three children by three different men and who has a deep insecurity. About her own. Attractiveness to men. Is highly unlikely to change to the point where if this man stays with her his life is gonna go right down the the Cooper. I think you're probably all of them and now Russia is -- about. Shouldn't the bat -- out of earth and gotta get it from -- I think that people change a lot of people change and they change that -- -- -- and I think that the -- got -- -- out here are a lot. I think the odds are so highly against it that I think I would be irresponsible. In my dispensing the advice I gave and more over if she truly does change the machine tool will find happiness but if she doesn't. This guy has a much better probability of happiness without her. Underage I do like great. I don't I'm -- and that. -- and well in -- really really don't. Miss it at all. Let me ask your question. And does a leopard change its spots you're saying. A leopard can't change its spots. Now history and human being as they try and -- and -- And. This is who she is. Maybe this just is who she is a -- in life you will meet certain people. Who are perpetually. Going to be. Miserable. With themselves who because of bad upbringing -- bad childhoods bad experiences in high school will always feel like. They are not being loved enough. And no matter how much love you give them it will never ever ever be enough. Good and that there are not a company in all of our. She got to figure it out she cannot figure out what worked and what. Right but in any relationship there are two people and why should Tom. Why should he placed his happiness. Basically in the hands of somebody who is highly unlikely. To grow into the person he wishes her -- -- you -- change in Beijing needs to act got invited. Interior and an acute negotiate any your -- they have what would more urgent that I would it but it. I definitely need to move out on the floor and shoot Q and you shouldn't it's like ever tell. But here's checking her arrangement with the urgency. That the longer you let. This situation the longer you let any. I'm using a metaphor here cancer state your body. The more the metastasis. And I believe the longer he stays with her the more this situation is going to eat his soul alive. Our recruits well I don't try to look our our you know I mean he -- holing out we don't get it together and get out of there within a weaker -- and and you don't like it I don't make sure you do it right off but I'm pretty much cheaper than guided by. You know in Asia can figure out on the road what's good Erekat. Well in the words of -- breaking up is never easy but if -- in this situation I think it is the only alternative now -- You may have a point when you say never ever are strong words but I will simply say statistically. Highly. Improbable. I would be willing to say when -- 98%. Stood as -- -- 98% certainty that this woman at 36 will be this moment at 72. -- -- out of Wainwright but I like you know. I like look at you can get people -- -- Okay well there may be hope for her. To change I don't see any hope for the relationship -- zero hope for talking peace is in this relationship. What we need more that he absolutely can't -- -- about. Get started I think are you tonight and I'm gonna get out. But -- you're taking issue with the fact that I told them to do -- ASAP. -- -- Doug grant funding without an hour nobody gonna be able to do that back quickly you know that I would think you do or not -- like materially -- stopped going out and bought. Well see that's what I was trying to I guess that's what I was trying to prevent. Because sometimes heart to heart conversations. Especially involving -- kind of stuff. Can become violent I've seen cops want your toys. A look I hear what you're saying and I know that you're what I'm saying I think this agreement is pretty is is pretty minor on this one it deals with the time line. But I think all I really did. While making it clear that I have no qualifications whatsoever other than being a cultural anthropologist used I think I gave him. The advice he'd need to be here to reconfirm. What he already knew in his. And I don't have good but I I. In -- -- at the -- that I call. All right -- -- I will accept that. I will accept that I will say that there's a 2% chance that this woman will become. Acceptable. I think. Are right thank you very much you know that's interesting folks in well this really a happy ending so to speak. Unless hit a couple of questions here and we'll see if we get calls on this one. What are the three biggest lies the one biggest -- for which you've ever fallen. And that do you believe. That somebody can change that dramatic. What do you think the chances are -- I don't think the chances are 5050. I think the chances are more. Reminds -- of dumb and dumber. What are the chances. Of a girl like you a guy like me adding up to younger. Not good -- You mean not good like one and a hundred. More like one of a million. So your six. Cents. That's that's our minds -- Not to make fun of guys situation I'm not a feel for the and I know that I screwed up the line cues Jim -- was nervous and boy it was their miseries that the chances of a girl like me and a guy like you but the Europeans script. I didn't writers and actors can recite at 8030930. Start at 93180616. WBBM. Do people ten people changed that much. Can they changed that much. Great question. Maybe not the most pleasant question. But I think it's a tough one. 8030 my thirty start -- thirty at 180616. WB EN I think yup hope and change lives. How many millions over that. I really can't post about FaceBook because of copyright issues but let's say what's absolutely amazing is the cellphone videos I took -- Ringo Starr. The sound quality. Through my computer's speakers are gonna -- computers -- honest to god. Is. Is amazing and not talk in studio quality I'm talking and pretty damn good. So I have lasting memories or Ringo Starr. That I mentioned I was within feet of Ringo. -- is a stroke again as they school girl. But then again so is a local prominent executive. I mean very prominent. I don't say this a few times already but I will never forget. Walking back doors seats each of us said that he had days and I had grabbed my daughter. We're walking back -- seats and we look at each other we just basically broke out laughter. Because here we are. Couple of pretty well -- people look at it just acting like a couple of school girls overseer -- below that close. You have to be -- a certain age to get. All right you know three on -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB EM let's go to carry in buffalo Kerry. First of all. You tell me about the biggest -- for which you ever felt. This is my in honor of David Allen -- question and no he did not die. Political. I currency. There and the lifetime I can't I can't think of one I I could -- disciplined at the hospital I was he could look any etiquette so. I could -- -- account as Canada's trying to. Our -- our -- so I think -- but. Lie I would define as intentional deceit your husband had an addiction which is not deceit is a physical condition I don't think you your. Now I cannot -- that is a lie but Kerry I mean look you love your husband and irate I'm not going to be who want to sit here and call him a liar. You obviously love the man god bless you know what's on your mind. OK I component I could of the calendar until your last and turn before he hung up. And the fact that it's just children called you look at -- -- I think. Certainly got a search used to sell them again. I don't it if you think you know and then conscious of Heatley all I have no reason members -- I thought it was a different direction at any rate I -- that the -- -- Your -- -- -- the -- that can't -- -- and that is. -- -- And I know I'm guessing this is concerned there might be. More serious and based on the child that. I think there's several it's a cut it to pieces. At this moment and made it very chemicals and two kids are probably since childhood terror and then maybe is going to be a concern doesn't bite out. So what is that she's still leaning. It just -- involved and one of them -- But we cannot have a really tough to walk away equity game make it legitimate concern for the safety you know who couple. Calls. It again excellent points my first idea was that he get. Sole custody of the -- that's going to be a challenge he should at least speak to a lawyer about that. And if that fails joint custody and whether he gets sole custody is going to be contingent I think upon his. Family's circumstances. -- her circumstances. If there are caring grandparents involved who can help out that's a big plus in his favor I think the kid is gonna be better off with Tom that -- with this woman and any man she brings in her her life I agree. But but let's put it this -- if this guy is gone long stretches. That's something that's gonna be good for the kid either -- is that this woman is likely to bring everybody home. Of those stories never -- well it's always the mother's boyfriend how many times -- that in a news article. Right break is -- scary it's it's very difficult social studies and -- -- -- of the current term is. That should historically speaking. -- there has been an appreciation Kabat. -- -- our own political cranking up against their partners that they'll -- woman. And in the case of in the hair -- women can cut at a higher this country continue to give and take a look at the content into an hour. I don't know I think there are a lot of variables involved in that for example. Has the men have something on the side in which case he might be more inclined to see the woman's point of view. Or two you know basic and there are so many variables involved in that I'd like to see more research and I'd like to see all of the internals on it. It used to be a -- is psych 101 and I've no idea whether this is valor not. Why is that. The woman's fear was that her man would be emotionally committed to another woman and less about the sex the man was more concerned with the Saxon -- with the emotional commitment. That used to be conventional thinking whether that is still the case I do not know. -- -- human nature -- I Laura I record and no woman had this year. Or urging really only a choice or. It's happening but what could. They -- to learn under -- -- being presented to you know that's how tearsheet to -- from a little better. -- -- -- -- Well and replace a hard to attend the -- -- the -- potentially of being here so you know and people from. Now if you like the -- like to read the article when it was written when it was for search how was were searched it's harder because that kind of stuff as the cultural anthropologist does in fact -- me it really does that mean when I say cultural anthropologist has been my life observing people and try and analyze. -- grade Obama could have been -- -- off toward Tokyo. I only do that because my own life it's basically. It's screwed up flattered hammered -- thanks very much magical. Funny line not a regional him all right hey I can upload the show's over. I've got three more hours of -- journal wanted. Take a day off and it all builds up I had Newbury that are. All right thanks ever -- Chinese machinery economic FaceBook page my take care that -- the -- be referred great job as always judge German Latvia and a woefully -- between three and seven with a good Boston is open. And out. -- leave you with two words. No yourself. It.

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