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6-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's the. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans -- -- -- protest it was because the guys out for a -- one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I mean -- -- -- People know and it's alive. It's local and. It's Tom how early. There wet white women that good news radio yeah. You have read it it is. Hourly news radio 930 WVE. Let's see I'm just trying to calculate. 21 hours ago I was this close to Ringo Starr I -- this close to rigors of the worst thing was when he came over and he said Tom I listen here every day on the WB and stream. You are my hero and then I've woken up and the cat was at that point play with my here -- -- back to sleep in the went back this agreement had but I told about a 3 o'clock except this time account with playing with -- here. Not my beard because she was congress. Anyway she also thinks of a big -- Many people would agree that they would use the word yet all right anyway ten minutes after five. These Supreme Court mr. Puckett told all about that decision which I support 100%. But the only -- I have to start here is. Supreme Court decisions are only as good as the will of congress to make sure that there. Actually followed by the executive branch which is increasingly grown out of control and certainly talked about that a lot. In recent weeks and with good reason. And you can ask Cheryl Atkinson about. How the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment. Were basically breached. In her case she was at CBS reporter and she was the one who actually it was not on the left. And she was actually investigating fast and furious and -- nauseam low and behold even CBS had to admit that a high tech breached a -- -- -- computer system at taken place. I don't quite simply out to before I get back to -- on here in the fall in business bet there is some. Things don't just plausible that my ability those of you who I have served an Intel. War the military. You know what that means right plausible that liability it is the ability to say that geez I I had no idea what was going up. Because you are quote unquote kept out of the loop wink wink nudge nudge plausible that -- ability. So there is nothing that would say that somebody like Obama. Wouldn't have a friend with lots of money. Who could pay the best hackers of the world to get in the Cheryl active since computer. Come. From the Obama administration wink wink nudge nudge plausible the viability. To report back on what Atkinson was -- You understand. Folks that's how the game is played. And I don't really give up lying face if you wanna call that paranoid the people who actually served -- Intel and military and tell -- and I don't what column talking about. And that's all it really matters to me the people in the know know that I know what I'm talking about plausible that liability and that's how you do -- You put -- -- ups you put a wall of separation wink wink nudge -- between you and the criminals doing your dirty work. Why do you think the IRS hard drives disappeared by the way just for the guys into which they were look at who are looking. Anybody who buys that story is an -- in. A naive moron. Because I will guarantee you every email you've ever sent from the time you -- three years old until today. Could be dug up by somebody with the proper authority to dig it up. And this story it's the equivalent technically of the dog ate my homework. But -- supreme but anyway. -- I don't mean to go around circles are all I'm saying is today's Supreme Court decision is only as strong. As the will of congress. To make sure the executive branch IE the president whoever the president is in the future. Does not unilaterally violate. Either with plausible the viability directly the dictates a bad decision. Which are basically it is Supreme Court said. The police. Do not. Have the right to search your bald without a war. But folks something I had earlier a lot of people talking about today and if I'm wrong please. Some attorney called. Just like searching your vehicle the police can still ask to search your cellphone. May I search -- fault that's equivalent of say male I -- vehicle. And you have every right to say well I do not consent to a search. That's apple. Let's get back to show on in Niagara Falls so Sean we're talking about are you more scared of by the police looking at your cellphone. Or your significant other looking at yourself ball. And you were saying something about that the difference between trust and privacy and I want you to apply to what we're talking about that. OK in my recurring that got married I think that. One. They're a big dent in -- Privacy up next -- YouTube probably -- -- -- ground. -- longer. Off a lot I mean ground. You don't you don't make my point when you that you could find -- -- so foreign that the red flag but I presented my point. If you would -- from that he not care about what I'm 10 or. Where do you draw the line went out of secret so we'll meet the truck issue not a credit fees should. About what I would love -- live in the political Larry and I can get out the issue can be buried between pro buried Vietnam. -- the balance. I -- that we have let local level we don't troll about privacy. You pulled out. We know we don't have -- we we think that we can all. The government. We saw what power because we want security. And art when you give -- privacy to get security. Then you'll -- you know it probably did the light of course if it isn't well I'll let you know you know -- -- -- -- -- privacy. Because you love you went for a week you know so. And to the other local truck load but don't have a problem with a white but typically you know. You -- -- went to force them to particular property and stretching. We've got to put -- And checks and balances. Then the tendencies you know you'd you'd YouTube should try that. They're you know president can never become partly it's never been read your right to live up trampled on and I think he -- up. Pulled -- walking out of the -- it. Know there's a -- shocked look a credible by the -- other stuff but there's a work for that and it's called by you protect. There's a lot of people who do not understand how the real world works they might think they -- well but you really don't they just. Don't. Thanks Sean I'm happy to hear from you -- -- -- essentially it was a paraphrase an old expression which I will per phrase you're gonna call the exact quote board he who would give up. Essential liberty for temporary security. Deserves neither Campbell basically receive news. Are you you can't give up your liberties for security because -- empowers the beast all you do is you feed the beast. So what's your thoughts on this decision on cellphones. Today. -- on national up. You know the Supreme Court again set the police do not have it right. Now they did not use the word fishing expedition but they don't have the right. They cannot demand without a problem without a war based on probable cause -- -- -- of circumstances. They cannot demand to look at yourself. This is this is oh now I think it's been different I think it's been that way in New York State for awhile but I'm not sure. Not sure where you're listening in what is -- like in your state but. I have always maintained. That if anybody wanted to look at myself all I mean if a cop wanted to look at myself all of our responsibly absolutely not I do not comply. There is nothing in myself -- Norris or anything in my vehicle that is in any way criminal. Incriminating or illegal nothing zero. That doesn't matter that's not the point. The point is I wish to be secure. In my person. And my belongings. From the government that's not paranoia. You wanna call it paranoia that you call Thomas Jefferson James messenger is a row. Benjamin Franklin and all those guys paranoid. They -- paranoid they were very brilliant man who understood. That's -- natural tendency of government is to ever ever ever ever increase its role in your life and to continually move it up on and encroach upon the freedoms of its citizens that's the real freaking world. That's a great lessons of history goes to a Butler that. Who wanna put trust in people like Obama or bush. Ought to tell it because. You don't know your history. You might tell me who won the World Cup in 1936 which was a World Cup in 1936 I don't know but. Past. You got -- little further the more important things that are germane to what's happening in America today. But I think this rolling from a Supreme Court which was unanimous by the way is big is a terrific rule. I think it is a formal. -- declaration. Of the Fourth Amendment. Which I have argued has been under assault almost continuously. Especially since 9/11. And it is a continuing block upon my conscience and my soul that I ever supported African Patriot Act. By that I screwed up that never should've supported ever. Ronald Reagan once said there's nothing as permanent into government as a temporary. Law. He actually sent regarding tax. But there is no such thing as a temporary tax and government they all become permanent like entitlements. Once you give somebody something for doing nothing you can never take it away. Because you basically turn people into heroin addicts. I just find great irony in the fact that global and his cronies of all the local politicians are gonna pat themselves on the back over heroin legislation in Albany. Because you know the war on drugs has been such a smashing success in the half century -- alive. You know they -- pat themselves on the back all the -- Heroin is addicted. So is government largesse it is addictive. And Rush Limbaugh if you listen to his program today made the point. Why work for 500 dollars a week if you give 400 dollars a week first at all. Why why -- -- that's a fair question. All right 520 at news radio 930 WB yet. The Supreme Court decision was it right was it wrong and I just have a question if your spouse today. When you get home from work sent to you -- I wanna see yourself well. I wanna see your emails I wanna see your FaceBook account what are your passwords I wanna look at everything you've been doing. Could you. Without any fear open that up to her or him. There are a lot of nervous people right now in western New York's our guys too good question. 8030 my third of every people just pulled over to the side of the road to beat delete delete delete the lead. -- let's find out about traffic here's Alan Harris. And the exclusive WB and AccuWeather forecast by the way the -- this game is on tonight -- Kevin hesitating mentioning that that because that is wanna make sure about the weather but yes the homestand continues devices take on the Columbus clippers first -- 705. At the ballpark. Rain any of Richard and -- and otherwise cloudy night. 63 the overnight low. Tomorrow not as humid at intervals of clouds and sun 77 were holding that three or 73 degrees at news radio 930 WBE. And by the way. If you don't wanna talk about this in the present tense let's talk about this in the past tests. You know. Was -- Valentine's big joke we did the show. About is this black Valentine's date view and I'm not talking race here I'm talking you know the move. And if we take a call from Canada. From a woman who is married to a guy. Who every night was up till the wee hours of the morning on line. And when she went on a fishing expedition and looked up his history. She found -- Mr. husband mr. faithful. Was basically. Hitting on every -- -- North America. It is it is it -- luck if your husband or wife's cell phone just sit there be honest with you picking up the start looking through -- if it was password protect them would you say hey -- -- your password protected yourself on what is stirred up. I I honestly wonder how many marriages ended because. A technology. People looking at your history. And people go through your emails I -- -- people I mean your spouse your people close to significant others. In adultery all right thirty. It's Joseph you've got a lot of public people right now have just pulled into a parking lot hitting delete delete delete delete delete. -- probably wondering right now Verizon and sprint is there suddenly disparate systems which I stay with us news -- 930. Wouldn't it be funny if two people pulled over at the same place and then they hooked up with each other the leading from their spouses on this and -- WB EM. Yet is bring back some memories for those who would are pulled last night. -- -- -- -- Almost news radio 930 WB -- by the way I make this point perform I don't wanna restated Tom because. It is an important point. You know they started doing the big -- Tuesday shows at -- park I heard. All. Horror stories about traffic. And it made me very reluctant to wanna go to art park for any show whatsoever. Of the last thing I'm up I'm not the most patient person in the world remembered that out. And traffic is one of those things Specter -- mean it's. The egress. From -- park last night was Walt's. 101000 people there at a sold out show. And the law enforcement agencies but what about for example. Was. Really really good which is one exception which was corrected. They let too many cars out of one lot while keeping the line waiting for twenty minutes that were already in line. Which I thought which is terror. But last night it was flawless. Absolutely flawless literally -- Lewiston to Williams -- 45 minutes maybe. So if you have hesitated to go to our park for show. Because of the traffic nightmare stories you've heard don't pay any attention to. The -- law enforcement agencies involved in the traffic. Getting to -- out of our park. I think they've gotten down to a science. And it's really got to take some of the best traffic control a receipt. So well done. You addressed problems that were in the past. You fix them. And it worked and last -- the weather was exactly in your favor either. So -- nice job by the law enforcement people and the -- biggest applied logic and common sense of it solved the issue. Are right it is up by 36 news radio 930 WB and if you're just joining us. The United States Supreme Court today ruled the police no longer. Can go on fishing expeditions it yourself -- They have to go to war. But. At least as I understand there's. They can still ask to see yourself ball now that -- confused some people. Just like they can ask to search your vehicle. But the Fourth Amendment says you have a right to say well. And specifically. What the civil rights attorneys say is state called late and repeatedly. I do not consent to a search. I do not consent to a search. They may threaten to bring in the dogs. Five bring in the dollars. I do not consent to a search. And you watch these people on cops and it's a riot. Because. Had they not consented to a search to which they did not have to consent they -- gone free and clear. Instead they consent to a search. At hand it over content up fighting ten pounds a week I have -- like there's -- -- -- candidacy. Excuse usually doesn't fly. All right let's go at all and by the way these phone decision here's here's what I find interest. If you read the decision I can find no where in the text of the decision which -- -- epidemic FaceBook page in its integrity top -- -- hourly. Albert obviously united the FaceBook -- got our elites that picture of me in the tuxedo. They only talk about cell phones they don't talk about tablets. Which I find very interest. But may be this will be considered precedent for ipads -- and whatnot. Let's go oh by the way the new iPad the camera has improved a 1000000%. Way to sit next to last night and one of the new ipads blew me away the old -- ped cameras sucked. I bought mine what two years ago. Terrible can't today's camera is like why don't -- that his bike yeah. -- let's go to John -- wanna RW BMI job. I wonder if they don't want to bring up earlier today there -- about LB -- what are bound to grow your relative then. And our contacts. Pictures by the hour. -- what they didn't talk about was back there -- and also connect to what they called out at me you have access to all data that we. -- -- computer. Art tablet. -- and expand beyond what I'm mark but oh well they are important are on there at the end of what data they access. If you choose to back up to the clout. Exactly but -- -- allotted based generation that. Indeed they do because they don't want lose their files. Or if they lose them they want -- to be readily replaceable. Exactly an awful lot have access everything right. -- Everybody. And now you know. As. Bad as well. What are. Your history -- whether or not. But if there is probable cause to get a warrant. Then. Our constitution says that's okay that's legit. But what they have been doing it too many cases is -- every pointed out is just doing it is a matter of routine and I think that's wrong. I'm and I agree I agree that no doubt about Arnold what. It's -- eagle -- -- and have access yourself while you have few of her life. -- That's an excellent point and you phrased it much better that final sentence say happy you're absolutely 100%. Correct. -- how much of your information you have on your cellphone I don't. I don't back up my cell -- 2 -- Well on the information that don't meddle in my didn't have access to might even help -- by email on it whatsoever. But there's nothing ever in my emails I'm sure you're or which which -- the other point. About like quote lack of automatic out I have a lack of all are about I. Oh -- in your earlier will be different outlook are now well not only am not a great deal breaker. I know couples that do not add individual FaceBook accounts they only have eight joint FaceBook account. Wage you're rolling your parents. When these are married couples are not dating couples where you think that's all I think that's where. I don't me queer as it made derogatory term for almost nationals I -- you think that's awkward. -- I would Joseph do you feel like coming they are not as it dissenting voice all this are Adobe are gonna tell us why they exist and we. So. Your cellphone is basically guilt -- seeing myself -- is totally spied guilt free there is nothing on your any personal or. Criminal incriminating nature whatsoever I don't even have a -- of my private parts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well the idea is you can't send a mirror over the Internet. Different -- -- what a lot to do that -- like that -- what we need. Well that's because your -- stable monogamous relationships that are. There are more shots pictures floating your half of the Internet and I think anybody cares to admit that's why one minute whatever politician does something like that. You know my new first thought is she's a morality other people on the same thing. All right. Because that's that's a in my brain operates okay John thank you very much at a great point about the clock out. Joseph you don't you couldn't find headphones. Now. So we can't really had a conversation did you keep turning on and off your microphone -- forget it. For Ford are -- coming here again Joe's gonna come in here. Do you share. You're count either email or FaceBook with your significant other presuming presumably your husband or wife work the person to who you are married. And whether you are heterosexual homosexual transgender whatever and -- So Joseph you find bets. To be -- -- what would the word -- that you would use it it's weird it's strange. And yet you're still two separate people not just one -- person just because -- -- -- OK but we have both heard horror stories from people who were married who had individual FaceBook accounts. Who suddenly get even -- on FaceBook -- friend request on FaceBook from. Somebody from the past who suddenly became available. Somebody who might have been the one that got away and there they are. If you you don't have much of a commitment to the other person in the relationship that the whole separate issue. Now there is also wait I have two separate FaceBook pages. Joy to the same account so I could say I could sign -- line. -- mice my page. But it also have access to another page without having joint although up repeatedly essentially they're talking about the same what you're talking about full access to each other's FaceBook information -- -- -- I don't think that we I think having joint pages weird. Lol okay soul. Were really just quibbling over semantics. Right well and I think it's a bunch of trust issues if you can't trust them and have went into themselves but it all you know I've said this before by -- news. Nobody and nothing can ever break up a happy marriage -- but human nature being as it is. 1015. Years into a marriage. You start fantasizing about the guy who got away suddenly well I'm not you of course not not but. Suddenly they're separate request. Eight tight until I've recently widowed slash divorced just wanted to see what you're up to. Which is 201441. -- hook up. This is true like again if you'll have a commitment after fifteen years and there's Rosalie without. And that this is true there's this is absolutely true. -- You have no issue okay let's let me are gonna put you on the spot energized I usually get -- put people on the year on the show look at it a bit better behind the scenes but. Joseph has an interest in take -- How about emails. Would you would you be put out. Air if a woman in your life to your -- said I want your email password because I wanna make sure you're not doing anything behind my back. I would have no problem because anything I was doing would be taxed I would never do anything behind it that but all email -- you and your job so. But it Walt that would include email or text OK if I was relationship. They can check my tax might -- and the other which does not something that you would do if you had just seen each other for a month. Now yeah I mean this is we're talking about some long term long term deal exactly like immediately. Involved before you can look like there's a -- involved. Of course yes I'd make you sick joke but I think I'm just gonna pass silent right now -- where my mind goes well Joseph thank you for sure. The problem it's a Twitter handle. What's your Twitter handle joked that beam underscore machine. Whole week for an at beam of underscore machine -- BE AM. Underscore machine that extra -- -- at Tom buy -- but I don't even follow -- -- Aren't they can joke happy I'm I'm the anti Twitter guy I cannot contain my thoughts to -- number of characters figure. I'm more FaceBook person I didn't have this for a living I'd be off the grid. It is -- 546. I think Ted Kaczynski have the right idea I mean up blowing up people but. -- Being off the -- Off the radar. Virtually untraceable. Jimmy Buffett tried -- 6546. News radio I'm thirty WBM's -- for mesh first flourished. By the way while doing this this break. Is there anybody who wants to tell me. Both big before they -- switching years and topics sure anybody wants to tell me a horror story about. So my wife left her fall on the table I picked it up and our marriage came to an end anybody wants to go there anybody. In 030930. Start and I 3180616. WB yet for some of you you couldn't care less if the police look Richard -- It's your significant other and everything you have to lose it could be the issue. By the way you're ever gonna say -- -- -- -- -- not to be a bad. DB bit right get a chance to get backstage to be really close to Ringo Starr last night with my daughter. I'm I'm my daughter's new hero now and anyway long story short. Everybody was stunned at how small he -- he spot with six I power over Ringo Starr he's 56 and probably 145 pounds soaking wet. -- all these very but occasionally looks great he's going to be 74. You should look so good at almost 74. Basically cloudy tonight less humid and a devices take on the Columbus clippers first at 705 the game should go up just fine without a hitch. And tomorrow is going to be less humid at some clouds some sun 77 and is holding a 73 degrees. One of the things that sucks about -- and after an existed -- I've got to take the day off. Unless -- by helicopter which. Are really don't need and don't need the extra expense. All right it is 552. That the chemical can be working a chopper that Sarah -- flooded area Alexio later. All right here is. It must be nice to be mark -- here is a Tom in Laporte on WB -- Tom you're on hello. They are. They well me I'm a little -- -- Yeah story about a suspicious you and me ma'am we've all been where you are. Part just -- -- turn on the radio probably funerals for -- commercial breaks. It's not talking about. Looking at -- significant assault on slow. I'm in that situation right now. It's a paper. Myself for the electoral council followed. I suspected. Issues I checked yourself or or or text score until the well. Exploit factors which they actually. Father of one of her children. And they were talking about public to hook up without knowing. Oh. Well do you have like a good friend. With whom you can talk to get you through here's. I I'd putt so what's different people right. I confront her about it. And -- -- crazy but it still cheap at least a little bit of hopefuls trying to exit but that is seriously -- it. Which how old -- you Tom. Here's my advice. Rip the band laid off stop -- it's done. Move on. It hurts it sucks. But. It's just not gonna happen. She's not -- you deserve better. And I am sorry but but on both sides of that fence and the relationship is over. If it makes you feel any better did you that you didn't hear the story I've told for years now. About the young lady who left my home and she sent me a text meant for the guy she supposedly used to be seeing but was still seeing. And she said. Hey I just had a long talk with Tom and -- and that it I'm coming over. The only problem is there wasn't really any talking going on she is not really in a position to converse -- at that time. So. We've I've been their two man and it's over. Current. I really pretty got to talk about you know what talked to somebody. -- it hurts and you get 37 meant to hit the older you get the harder heartache is to deal where. I'd be happy to talk -- further about the stepped -- Tom. You want you wanna hang on there with me. -- we would go to Wal-Mart actually -- Well look I mean there's only so many pairs of size. Former yoga pants worn by women oversized -- you can look at itself. Our -- I was gonna be about ten minutes -- you'll get your name off the year -- -- your phone number appeared get back to you because I don't wanna give you short shrift. 555 W via.

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