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6-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- and and and just distant. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just really think you could possibly be anything -- over. You don't do something like it's there and hold. -- felt when it's live it's local Applebee's neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. -- -- era talking about the Supreme Court decision a little bit that. I lived -- question. Would you pay less geared to turn over your cell phone to a cop. -- to your significant other. If tonight US home and without any warning your husband said the U -- -- yourself all of would your first reaction be. -- -- Or would you say actually not. I would you -- to see myself fall off my password. I am curious. All let me ask yourself what else I use expression fishing expedition before. Everybody loves that expression especially lawyers say any -- loves me eat eat eat but. My question is how many of you have gone on fishing expeditions. Into your significant other's cell follows. FaceBook accounts. Or other social media but especially cell phones. Especially cell phones with text messages. And how many of you have either had a relationship end. Or end their relationship because of what you found in your fishing expedition of your significant others telephone. As a general rule I have to tell you. And -- a little something about human nature. If somebody without warning. Your wife says to you putting. I wanna see your cellphone now. If you hesitate for a single second. Or if you say no that's private. You got a problem on your hand. You well both people that relationship have a problem. It's a trust problem. And it's probably -- sign that something is going up now it may not be blinking. But it may be sex thing. It may be talk then you're still talking -- the guys get told -- with ten freaking years ago whatever -- cents. That happens. I told -- the story. About a situation where I was missed -- that -- I don't feel like going to Tug of distorted but it's still one of the funniest thing with things that they were capital. I should despite the brief story is. I will never name names on this one I would never embarrassed the people involved. Because I just I just -- -- -- that -- But one night. After this young lady who let my home. I got a text. Intended for the other guys she was seeing but that she told me it was over with that said honey I just broke it. Off with Tom I'm on my way. All well I don't know we had a long talk. It broke it off with Tom and I think of myself. Probably you are really in a position to be doing much talking win win. And needless to say that produce the end of the relationship. Except for about ten seconds and I moved down. You know 30930. Is the opponent restart 930 on a cell phone. And -- golf ball through -- ago or garden -- -- thrilled I'm thirty starry night 3180616. WB EN. -- -- it's an expression from the seventies you wouldn't understand or explain it off air. 803 on -- thirty how many have you gone fishing expeditions through your significant other cell phone and have they come claim. Rarely have they come out with a clean bill of health. Do you password protect your -- Just in case you accidentally leave -- around. And he or she picks up and says. -- This is a guy you're -- you broke up with the high school you're 45. And your seven messages to all about what you wanna do it -- These things happen. I wonder how many divorces. Cell phones. Have contributed to do. Now look. What about how -- is theorem. Issues. What was the plural of -- thirties. -- could you looked up Joseph the plural of the proper plural of their films. And we'll tell him try to -- Sarah is but I've got a list. Would be the first time but. Is that nobody and nothing can break up a happy marriage say it with me. Nobody and nothing can break up a happy marriage by definition a happy marriage cannot be broken up. But I wonder for how many of you this is hitting home it's at home and hardware. Because tonight. -- -- You go home and you say it is a debit and other. You know the Supreme Court decision today's -- doctors think -- -- the police have to go to war and before they check your cell -- but I don't measure your cellphone. If he or she says no. You've got a problem. If he or she says no I'm sorry there's something going on behind your back that they don't watch -- and -- Same reason if I ever got married again I would never have a private FaceBook account ever. What's the point. There's too much temptation. There are certain it's just way to much temptation. In 030 my third at least for May. Don't thrilled I'm thirty -- and -- 3180616. WB yet oh let's go to Franken Williams bill frank you're on high. How about. -- for -- -- Right so if if if if if your significant other. It was here at record I don't check out you know -- rule which will widger. Off my answer would be close it it really depends. It if I am in LA galaxy monogamous relationship. Yeah you can you can have the password to my email but then if it breaks up he got a problem because -- -- got to go back and change every. Every password you ever had in my relationships typically last about five seconds so be costly changing passwords. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well let's let's just. Let -- let you via -- the last few questions Ralitsa tried different method here. If you. Wanted to marry someone and that person refused to give you her email account passwords. What would you do. It's beginning it'd it'd be before merit at all that I'd be -- -- upset about it I would look wouldn't wouldn't. Go through. Yes I would -- Because its search you've got to be able to trust and now there's nothing by the way there's nothing that precludes anybody at any time for setting up a Gmail account Hotmail account. Or getting you know cell phones -- the laws do. There's nothing that precludes that. But then the go ahead. -- would Audrey -- so well. Did you tighten in the thing and -- building a nuclear commitment nor accurately you're hiding something. In an interpersonal. Relationship vs big government. I think -- got a problem. I mean I I'm sorry but if it was but this week if you are anonymously with somebody. Then there should be nothing he or she is sending or receiving the other person shouldn't be able to -- There's a kid does -- -- -- disagree with this. I wanna I wanna find out how you guys feel about this adultery as vocal anywhere Franken is still have to use you. I stuff to drain you dry 8030930. Start and I 3180616. WB EN. Now frank you're talking a little bit more about your situation. With regard what would you open the door I'm simply trying to open a little bit further I think. And personal auto workers at. Portrait you know. I do until I'm not disagreeing with that but my question is what prompted you to call in with such a question what's going on Frank's life. This. Might have come across the the -- and able to. This well Supreme Court that would really doubt about that I think you'd agree ruling. Because that. Especially considering the police. I'm on the person again these roadside. You know patrol to stop everybody at 2 o'clock in the morning and it's even once again drive. Or or Libya and Britain for a dog to do it through it -- in -- locker room. It's a lot to -- -- -- school. I do you know that that's a real sensitive issue for me. Well as far as drinking and driving an empty beer bottles and a car. I have just civil sponsor that tick checks are. From the movie dumb and dumber when the cops samples are -- was all call medicine and finds out that it is your. And didn't mean to spoil the movie for it's only been out for twenty years -- some time off. So but but frank you're avoiding the question and maybe I shouldn't keep on plunging into the same area but. Well. -- just. It -- been with privacy against the that -- like whatever -- I haven't Oprah I have no problem is that she probably don't you know I. She should never decoded your I don't know what it is. That's to me identical. See it also depends it's also oppose any relationship -- OK even if even if you have an open a relationship. And why OK even if your relationship is what were married but you can do your thing I can do my thing on the site is no big deal if it really is an open relationship then that. There should be no secrets with the secret accounts. I could appreciate and I can definitely did he got a good point I'd like -- do what you said before that the American people out. Agreed. Well I mean it's the behind the backstop against people. So. I would see I don't want to cause any murders today but understand that. If if you ask your spouse if you say today -- that's your cell phone. If they give you any resistance or something go and. -- I think Europe's did have a keen observer of human nature. Coffee and call me anything you want to but I am at heart a cultural anthropologist. And I know what -- speak. In both ways. It then -- really awkwardly. Just -- vacation just. Here's traffic Alan Harris. I ask you whether they're finally got the memo that flood watch is that not in effect and actually hasn't been in effect forum like the test. Almost two hours all I. Loved it -- got one computers were built one -- and I've got two guys in there with one race between. All. Know that it's. It's I love those guys by the way otherwise it would break demands. Today is going to be. Well any rain will come to an end this evening. Suddenly all kinds of things start happening in my microphone that is the GO. Tonight without a 63 degrees tomorrow it will be as -- intervals of clouds and so on the 177. Polling at 73 -- -- ready at 930 WB so ladies and gentlemen a major I think victory for the Fourth Amendment up for freedom today. -- Supreme Court you. Honestly size pickups. You do not get carte Blanche to search somebody's cell -- Without a war which of course is based on probable cause as called up by the Fourth Amendment -- constitution. In the bill of rights the Fourth Amendment being the fourth of the bill of rights okay. Now there are exceptions. You can look these up and I don't feel like going into all the nuances of them because. Because there are situations. Like incident to indirect or incidental to an arrest. There is eggs digit circumstances. And sometimes those are gonna vary from state to state. But exits and circumstance would be something where there really wasn't any choice. And it was such an emergency. Any reasonable person would have said yeah we gotta get this done now. I mean that's not exactly legalese but I think you get the point. I'm really shocked at how many wars was and my show and actually like. That's disturbing to me. A break here is Mike and Orchard Park -- W via -- Mike you're on high. It's not I don't. I had said that figure that the I think. I think even appear -- -- engage or whatever I don't know I believe in a certain level of privacy in people's lives. You know all that's -- my fiancee asked me you know that you. And the desperate in my email account. I don't give a tour but I think I'd be a little reluctant now. -- not enough eyes but. It's I do think that they're there should be. Some level of privacy. OK we'll lose privacy. And -- trust when you go to the bathroom he shut the door that's privacy has nothing to do with trust. There is so much do you agree or disagree with the statement. That the Internet. Has made it far easier to -- up and get away. -- OK do you agree that email does the same thing. Therefore. I really think that if you don't give your significant other the password if requested you've got a problem. Or. Mike how much are you more about this gives you solid a fun guy and -- disagreeing with you so you hold out. My -- -- out yeah. Look I just happen to believe that if you're if you go that far in -- relationship. That. You better not have any secrets from the other person does -- welcome back to bite you if you don't ever pre nup look forward to losing half of everything you -- Well one of windows all stars and those are at the show us. Or it journey and Steve Miller band and I've also got a little spot of my FaceBook page asking you -- how you like that show. Yes that was an official you all. And I'm like Joseph Biden really don't have a political agenda for saying -- I didn't say let's. -- -- I lived in Florida nine months does that make your redneck. Probably. But what I say news if you -- the journey and Steve Miller giving comets -- Nationalists get it out to see Steve Miller. But Ringo -- to me once in a lifetime experience. I was honored to actually be. Within like. Ten feet fifty feet of Ringo Starr and I know that's not really stupid. If I told you the name in the position of the executive with whom I was out last night backstage. You would say are you serious. But I -- I -- because. We both were laughing our asses -- walking back to our seats about the fact that -- -- Two guys. Are relatively well known acting like a couple of beauty school girls over beatle. And by the way both of us were absolutely not apologetic. It is around 435. News radio I'm thirty WB the end. All what -- think there's the -- last -- I gotta say that's what I'm trying real hard my wife to be a better person. Are right. I feel blessed. Let it job. Try it and didn't succeed and try to be a better person there's got last night. Who -- talk degree -- Ringo was drumming and singing voice. Mail. -- I was a deck -- right I can't apologize. Sorry that would be like in the middle of the papal audience with a Roman Catholic. And somebody -- the shoulders are you talk about. No no sorry there's just some things are sacred and watching a -- something you've waited a half century the city. That's just not the time to strike up a conversation apps you know it's like. I I'll I'll happily talk to you but that was a moment really. I was obviously in to watching it. And you know what can I say. -- all. And I put the summit FaceBook page sometimes I don't hear what people say well I I literally don't your of the Rush Limbaugh but. Dollars in natural part of why you're hearing frequencies diminish. I'm up to the point -- hearing it but sometimes people say it on the person's talking you really aware. So just understand that -- if if you do see me I don't hear you just don't let -- try to be a work. Here is -- -- Orchard Park again we're talking about the Supreme Court ruling which I applaud by the way because backs up the Fourth Amendment which is sacred to me as the Second Amendment is. And -- the difference between myself and the political class. You've got -- -- I am. Who thinks nothing of wiping his nether regions with the Second Amendment. Supporting the supreme court's decision upholding the Fourth Amendment and using it as a chance to take a slap at sure. I pissed -- your power. Biden being completely against this stingray program. Even -- powered supports the Second Amendment. Well guess what. I support amendments. The Second Amendment the Fourth Amendment. Because. Our natural laws. Which existed before the states that there were simply put into words by our founding fathers. I don't know what part of that is hard to understand. Because I I can't understand people who think the Second Amendment is sacrosanct but the the Fourth Amendment is just up for grabs or conversely the people who think the Fourth Amendment is up for grabs and the Second Amendment I think it is screwed it up it -- and -- -- They're all important. -- got to be consistent. And Sean Ryan and I are as politically opposite as you could possibly be but I happen to agree with his statement. But it's obviously just the chance to take a swipe at your power. Now. Sheriff court doesn't like the anymore because of my views on this great program. And it's not about sheer power it's about the constitution. If I lose friends because I support. All of the amendments we'll let -- help you -- friends so what. Really. -- -- -- started just it doesn't matter I would rather speak the truth can be alone. Gonna have a whole bunch of friends by vacillating. And isolating. And being wishy washy. It it's like when I say I'll defend your right to religion and also defend your right from religion with equal fervor Denver. And I'm sorry but I think those are noble beliefs that I had a I'm not perfect person real I'm definitely not. But the one thing you can never say about -- AME hypocrite and beat them inconsistent. Here is Mike in Orchard Park WB got to get now what we're talking about. Your need for privacy in a relationship and I sit -- that privacy. Is shutting the door when you go to the bathroom. All right trust is a totally different kettle of fish. And you let me ask you this in all honesty. If your if your fiance has said. If she were to look at every single FaceBook exchange you've had since you met her. Every single email exchange you've had since you have been in contact. Which you find any thing over which to be concerned. You know. Com and you have -- they have they look at I -- -- -- number good for you. I would not I didn't do this for a living I would not have a FaceBook account. And I definitely would have a Twitter account I can't stand Twitter. Useless. One of those the other. Side most people banner Obama gave man I'm only five and -- not the most -- person but I'm not I I I fully agree and I air warrior caller from what to -- between -- some privacy. -- -- -- You know all and salary of their shoes especially the attitude that they might you know Iowa courier emailed here on AG after -- All right more power via. Audits that thing where you -- hagel and new iMac back there I'm not a fan of. -- You see. -- -- that was part of the question I asked that I don't know how many people are still listening from that event or how many people diskette into their cars but. Do you password protect your phone so your spouse or significant other. If you fall asleep cannot just pick up your ball and start reading all of your texts. Because I'd love to know how many relationships that ended because. The minute. What in the hell is she and killing touched -- all front. I probably wouldn't use the word hell but were on the radio. -- all right so Mike -- yours you still believe. Value you're gonna marry this woman. But you don't feel the need and they -- this is an indication of trust I don't know perhaps as an indication of naive but I I don't know. You don't want to see all of emails or at least have access to them even if ever music. Right. You know. My fiance for -- years -- -- there was my wife you know as you know I try out for more than anybody else we all player world. And -- it all if you ask. I would get her free rein on things we know why is that there's -- -- -- both open around. There is bad to our right. -- -- play a funny story might. -- it gets back to a certain place. In Jamaica. And at this place in Jamaica it is not unusual shall we say four. Are couples to it shall we say have certain exchanges of an intimate nature with other couples and I saw a fight. Break out between a man and a woman. Because the woman in the relationship without the guy know yet had gone off and had an intimate with another guy. She did behind his back. What they've been doing together since they got there but she never taught him about the guys she was doing behind his back. So that was the issue behind the back not the sex. -- there exactly. You know my best. Is it really are able see -- okay Mike thanks very much a tragic call. I'd like I told you guys I was a student of human nature I learn more hot -- a Jamaican ten minutes and I learned in six years UB. It is up for 43 news radio and thirty WBE and Joseph will not come with me John well now you're not invited sorry you'll never -- ago. But go on for a week I could be anywhere necessarily mean I'm going anywhere I can be driver across the country brought you know. Our -- from for two weeks considered in Jamaica are right it is up for forty. It look. You have does that do you does that replace it -- that some people without even doing anything like it. You can find a place that is yours in place a place where you feel comfortable. Place for you feel relaxed a place that for whatever reason. It's on your personal late line no pun intended where you actually feel more at all that you do what you are at fault. Irrespective of what what other people they do. Were you feel a well this is -- relaxing. This is a lot. Of people can't. Have a beverage. It is up for forty. You only live once sorry. You'll love -- I now I know I I just made that up. By the way it reminds you of the trailer from dumb and dumber two you're gonna -- after bucket list. You don't know what I'm talking about you check out the trailer for dominant number two all right. We do try to work in a few Jamaica references every every show. Because actually that's a rope a dope I actually go to the place in Mexico. Are right it is up for 44 news radio like thirty WBBM. Where you know that's not true because I boycott -- Mexico. Our Supreme Court today says. Police no longer. Even if they work they cannot. Now in New York State title but they've ever been allowed to do this but I could be wrong. Across the country now the Supreme Court is sent a loud and clear message. If you are stopped by the police. And the police say may I see yourself -- You have the legal right to invoke your Fourth Amendment right and say no I do not consent to a search of myself -- now. That means unless there -- exit -- circumstances. Or put another asterisk there. Unless there are exits in circumstances. -- gonna have to get a warrant based upon probable cause which is what our founding fathers wanted the authorities to know and remember folks when the constitution was written a lot of people don't know others -- our constitution was written when the bill of rights were ratified. We can't have police forces. You do know you do know that right we had village watchman. In London. There was great resistance in the eighteen hundreds. Two Robert appeals planned for a metropolitan police force in England. Because people felt it was going to be an intrusion into their rights. You know for the longest time it was obvious that even carry guns. Hard to believe. But what our constitution was written we didn't have the Orchard Park will please the New York State Police the Connecticut state Italy's. Basically. You had well local citizens. You might have somebody appointed a deputy. Somebody in charge of law and order and given community. A group of people but there were organized full time police department as such. Until the middle of the nineteenth century. A lot of people don't know that they think police departments have always been witness they haven't not even at western civilization. I need to break on WB and what we have police departments please don't misunderstand I support and I just again folks I don't mean to confuse any. I just rock Aramis. My heart and head will always be with the cop especially the streak. As long as the cup is acting within the constitutional. Limits of his server brought authority. And respects the rights of the citizens are always going to be -- are -- witness I had. But the moment. Your rights start to become in question that's when my shackles you raise. Raise hell. -- it's fun to do on WB. And other words it wasn't ever have a long here is when he try to eat something and it's windy and -- -- into your -- -- Anyway it any rain welcome to embassy they shut up -- mostly cloudy tonight the overnight lows as the -- Less I do not trust Austrians but we've established there. Jurors beavers Austrian descent. You get a fabulous. Now we we have fun whether their miseries less humid tomorrow intervals of clouds and sunshine the high 77 right now. But I would seek seek at that news radio 930 WB I think it -- at 73 in German but that my members might be a little off. Let's say get back to the calls on WB via my question is do you agree with the Supreme Court decision today. If a cop wants to see your cellphone you have the legal right to say -- folks I watch it understands open. Don't think that the cops won't ask if they can see yourself well just like they can ask to search your vehicle. You have our right to say -- I do not comply. I do not comply with this search. Stated repeatedly I told you take your passport. And -- if they start getting belligerent. Keep your cool and say. It's my Fourth Amendment right I do not consent to a search. -- -- Let's go to push on in Niagara Falls Ontario on WB -- Sean well. Art -- already I have been told I'm pretty good but the mature. I didn't Google did think it should be I just want to say that I be up control of privacy and all are completely different on the political -- and on -- -- the marriage in passing. And before the break -- -- throughout the luck on the marriage -- -- might -- comment equipment beyond that however I might have something to create. On the political -- if you do -- BP. -- it -- control law could draw the line between. -- not independent. He's they are -- all. Truck and not be a total of privacy you don't force people mall. Because they -- more present could you give people more -- see what you trot them. -- -- -- up like that -- married you discover that he'd be he'd be there that fine line be strongly armed and deprive the it would be human being due out. -- -- -- About -- being who we want married. You'd -- if you. We are very different breed of people leave they can read what like these are pretty pretty typical -- flooding and or feet feet feet via -- Yeah they're being -- people. And so. -- -- look look up look on the issue in those days if you are in the red pill form that Powell would not know what what did not know out. Delicate he'll break -- now that it felt like what I usually do what. On some of them won't -- we would push to put a little bit but privacy. I don't I'll watch it all -- be happy to talk to further but. The whole. You know secret cell phone thing that's a giant red flag. If you're going out of fishing expeditions your husband's briefcase and you find a obviously trickle. Trac ball that they'd ever told you about. Ping Ding Ding Ding Ding a red flags.

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