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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>6-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

6-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- What this analysts parade of distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington has taken its file the ball. And I'm here to say this needs to stop. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. What does this. Hey look it's Tom hourly. It's lives could. It's local and rock. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly pay ten cents. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and use he's showed up. Okay good. We're getting better W. Now I would as part of our regards Carlos my plans. A big backstage. -- get back close to Ringo Starr but then having -- -- -- ultimately. You mister Barloon and -- I was at a -- online every single I can't believe you actually can't quite sure you and I was -- and. -- And then I woke up and my cat was like licking my beard pretend you're there it was a momma cat or something. Anyway it is -- we get great concert last night lousy weather this that we needed the rain about your along -- looking a little bit peak it was not. We've needed the race but I said Joseph beaver a tax. Because those -- you. Who and by the way I -- -- get in touch with Verizon in a big hurry because. My data -- was a time and it. I'd ever -- Canada but. If you were. Are part and -- of last night. Everybody at the same time was doing the same thing we were all checking the weather app at WB EN dot com we were all check the radar NC. Hey are the thunderstorms gonna hit. And the 45 minutes before the show up on the other north Lake Ontario and I said art don't worry about those I said look to the west. Look violate you're on look to the west of saint Catherine's and that people did patents that are. And literally folks Ringo are supposed to a lot of 745. The arraignment started in Torrance at exactly 745. I told -- -- bat sometimes my psychic abilities amazed even many. And that I think -- -- text into a data messaging picture showing the don't for the good news is Ringo did take the stage with his amazing at what they call it an all star in it really an all star band. Basically what you got -- it was a Ringo -- concert a Beatles concert a hotel concert a -- run in concert and a Santana concert. Pretty much all wrapped into one. And it was absolutely. Sensational there was just nothing I could trade that would be. The musicianship was phenomenal and those guys are just consummate professionals the only downer for. Was that Todd brought -- did not know. Can't we still be friends he did not do that song which is one of my favorites because the intricate harmonies are at a level that I cannot even begin to cut the grass. The kind of complexity in the kind of IQ the kind of musical genius that went into those -- at the end of that song and we still be friends by -- run. Its the same basic structure of the Eagles I'd use a great deal in their career. Basically guys switching off parts mid midway through the line hard to explain. He didn't do that song but he sounded great. Just amazing and I was gonna say it all all the guy from Toto I mean you you would know his name publisher music geek but. When he wanted Africa. And Rosanna like you gotta be kidding this is graphic. And I do -- come because -- look at this that was before the show. And if you went there it was I feel bad if anybody left during the race and if anybody left before 10 o'clock. My daughter was paid yet I don't they kick everybody out here atomic clock shall we go now I looked at her a favorite dirty look innocent -- There's one in a lifetime chance to see a living -- the guys almost 74 years old how much longer is he going to be around a you're gonna leave now. We're only and so on seventeen out of 24 are supposed to do. And it's a good thing -- state because all of her favorites then followed. And if you're at the regards to our show you really need to tell you anything I did take a picture of window unfortunately. This is you do not want to know how I got backstage I cannot believe that I got backstage at Ringo Starr yeah. All all I can say is I think piece sale of scope went through the -- boundaries and but. Cut like that seed in the shield and a greater reduction. But that's a long story but in any event now I don't -- it was. Here here's what happened literally. Somebody with whom I was sitting said -- two wanna be -- costar. I was up in less than a second. I just grabbed my daughter sic ago. And we're -- literally ran down to the trailer. Now we didn't actually get to meet Ringo Starr but we were close enough to. Get a real good look and to get a glance from him which it look it up in the air. And I I thought I was a kid when The Beatles were first in the United States. There was a pregnant -- And it was totally. One of those circumstances. That had it been plan is never would've worked out it was just luck nothing but pure luck. And it happened so quickly. That we were already a hundred feet away from the stage before anybody knew what what the hell happened to us we were already gone. Now a -- and name names because I don't have his permission but let's just say 90 Richard thank him Tom. You're obviously nuts only you as -- Fifty year old dude all the way you would be so excited about being got up close and personal to a -- what's wrong with you. I market -- name names. But let me just say that the people with whom I was setting. Very. -- Davis. Very early on it why I was even there I still don't understand Matt. I honestly don't. I don't rush talks about it I don't savage talks about it. -- It's they're -- guys to speak from the heart it's it's a real weird feeling for me. To have people in very prominent positions say -- listened do you all the time -- really you. I thought you had a life. And the guy with whom I dashed down to behind the stage for Ringo Starr. You would if you wouldn't know his -- -- his name you'd certainly know the place at which he presides. And we're we're walking back to our seats and were kind of drenched with sweat. He's got his kid I've got my kid is it was younger. Minus 23. And I looked at him and not -- we both like we just broke out laughing. And I'd I'd put words to what he was thinking the same time here we are to supposedly. Not big shots. And and believe me I I say that would have agreed assault for me. But here we are two prominent western New Yorkers. And here we are giggling like a bunch of giddy school girls over having a chance to get back close to -- So it wasn't just your humble post is a little bit warped. It was this guy who actually isn't a very responsible. Very well opening position -- nice guy too by the way. And you know -- awkward for me. What I what I read these people. A -- guys get get the same thing when you meet somebody that you know is a big shot. Do you let odd that you know there -- big shot or do you just not. And I just choose not to because -- or -- I try to respect -- off work privacy. I don't know if you can relate -- but I just. -- many of the positions these people occupy but I adjust. It I just don't like to be the first one to say old York -- now. Because I just gotta think that's like an invasion of their privacy their -- time -- now I know that lights on stupidest familiar and Ringo Starr by the way. Gary asked -- coach now we did Gary on as a guest. On the show Jerry is -- or -- grad school but just today nominated as promised I would. For weekend or he's performing arts hall of time. I Jerry -- a chance to be with Ringo last night for about twenty minutes and then exited stage left and he was texting me through the show. And bastard and anyway it. -- gonna say. Did edited it did admitted that op Gary Astros told me top. It isn't even cool to ask if somebody can be -- that's how tight the security cordon is around Ringo Starr. -- -- -- Put yourself in Ringo Starr issues. Talk talk about hard news all gonna get there eventually don't worry. Don't worry. I I I can't do the same things every day every time I would go freaking crazy. It more so than in Korea but anyway. Put yourself Ringo or shoes basically since for the last fifty plus years. This guy has been treated like a musical got. I think he was the lucky -- man in the world. Ringo Starr Pete Best the unlucky man in the world but that's another story. But Ringo Starr wrote that great teacher. I should also point out to the Ringo is an excellent drummer he's a very tasteful drop. Is he the best drummer while I need to find the best drummer. -- how do you compare that with the eighty with Eric Clapton. Everybody's got the world's -- You can't compare me with Hannity or Limbaugh savage because we've got its sales were all great at what we do Sydney -- -- Were all great what we do wishes were great in different ways and I say that without the ego. Folks and doing this long enough where if I didn't think it was great at what I did. I wouldn't be doing I know I. And that sounds like ego to people but folks I always tell you which you really wanna car mechanic who didn't think he was the best car mechanic working on your vehicle would you want a widget what a brain surgeon operating on your kid who didn't think he was the best brain surgeon in the world now. So anyway these security cordon I can understand around Ringo Starr. And you don't even get close to -- most people don't I did get our Gary actually gotten it yet to see if casinos. And I got as close as anybody not in the circle could be along with this other -- And a few other people even -- we just wanted to say this much even the guy who runs our park George Osborne. Even the heat did not get a chance for a one on one with Ringo Starr. I'm going to say that again and I don't think I'm telling tales out of school here George is a very pretty nice man. I had the honor of meeting of last night. And I. -- -- The thing fighting at the look at his face when I introduced myself. -- he sees this guy with a -- -- walking here. It was priceless. So. Well but now it's a classic Hawaiian shirt and -- exactly as it should be it did not look like white trash. But the long -- short of it is. I only wish John Lennon had been a security conscious as Ringo Starr once. I wish John Lennon had a little paranoid about his personal safety because chances are he'd still be eager to. So I don't play Ringo Starr at all you don't know folks that after John Lennon was shot and killed by. Market jet and -- New York City you do know the George Harrison was attacked in that his whole. Almost -- you know that right. You know that George Harrison had the fight for his life in his -- hole. So there have been two documented attacks on Beatles one fatal one that easily could have been. So when -- is appropriately. Security conscious I had never before seen. Bomb sniffing dogs at a concert. They must have been bumps and sniffing dogs because I walked right by and they pay no attention to me so they must have been sitting for Bob's. Little joke here. JK JK JK. So a long story short those in The Who went to Jersey and Steve Miller I hope you guys had a great time. And via pictures by the way -- the picture I took a Ringo. Backstage. And this would have been just as he exited this would have been literally twenty seconds before he mounted the stage. Is on my FaceBook page also actually tweeted. I was gonna tweet last night. But I couldn't because. Everybody cell phone was out check on the weather. And everything was -- to the Canada. And not in the in Lewiston. If you're only did the show on the gun rally in Albany we can't lose the signal you know wire right good everybody was on their cell phone at the same time. So that's why the first hour went flawlessly. Then after that the show slowly deteriorated because we kept losing the cell phone connection because the system was over well same thing I suspect last night and our park in Lewiston given the weather. But looking at your post and we do a bit flash flood watch in effect still and if you are experiencing torrential downpours and you wanna send us a picture. Feel for my email Thomas WB Ian dot com top at WB EN dot com we'll keep you posted through the -- through the afternoon of whether crosses any traffic habit out or anything untold portly that is going to impinge upon you or drive poll. So. -- -- Had to get that out of our system -- joke ever master control that at -- later regular army yesterday about the annoying sound you won't hear on the radio since. Us and I can't get away from it. John -- you call screener. Us Supreme Court gets one right. And I think the world is gonna come to an end folks because shorter line who might consider to be a political Tuesday QB one of the great guys in the world. I don't know personally it's not uncommon politically I'm specified politically I think he's -- Tuesday. He let the guy politically we're worlds apart we actually agree on something today. I think they'll let becoming too and that. -- I. That time. Was that version recorded in the mud tunnel by any chance presented here. It was the best version available -- but I'm also -- -- -- my iPad it's downstairs in the car you can take -- respect by themselves. It's 334 orders ready in my thirty WB EN it is. It with you radio. And this actually happened was it that was during the city V show today and it is the S Supreme Court decision. Which was a unanimous. Decision. And I have to tell you it. I don't think. Well SC there's mark Lippman and obviously the other talk show host of a certain political stripe who get it. And I'd like to think that of one of and I think that I'd get it on the Fourth Amendment and I think I know what the founding fathers were talking about. When they talked about government growing and growing and growing and the fact that the people you and why. We are the bosses of the cops we are the bosses of the military popular way around. This is a civilian state not a military state this is a civilian state not a police state. I also by the way. Strongly defend this Second Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms which shall not be infringed. -- A lot of interest that -- because. I have found a way to (%expletive) off both sides of the political help by being only consistent. That I have supported as few others had. The Second Amendment. When I say few others I'm talking about in the media. Wanna make it clear the Second Amendment the right to keep and bear arms. And at the same time I have told you that I equally support. The freedom of people like you and me and Joseph and your husband drama. Police searches without a warrant based upon probable calls. And it. I managed to (%expletive) off pure power because I I believe that -- racist is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. I think he was very arrogant with for how we dealt with the Erie county legislature. And this is a guy who. Again you can't say eight while I support the constitution. But at Fourth Amendment thing. It's like the Democrats saying I support the constitution but people shouldn't have to own guns to people should be able to own guns folks I'm consistent. Say. I want you to give me some credit for. I don't care if liberals hate -- I don't really care conservatives everybody hates me. Every -- what my life for ID EA GF. I think I got that wrong. Yeah I got it wrong you know point Australia. I really don't give up pit. Because I know an intelligent people all are consistent. Absolutely 100%. Consistent I can call Sean Ryan a Jewish bag a New York State. I can call SharePoint reported Jewish -- on the Fourth Amendment. Why because I am consistent. Com. I don't think amateur college Christmas card list anymore and that's fine. That's fine I I you know what among shorter irons in there. But a wanna share with you -- the first of all the these Supreme Court decision itself. Unanimous decision. And basically this goes with what I have been saying. -- Howell. Bet I do not believe the police. Should be able to go on yes I will use the term city beach because it's the best -- -- -- mortars like Paul hair ribbon user for years and that's good enough football cabaret is good the opera. I don't want the cops. Going on a fishing expedition on yourself -- having the right to do so. Absolutely positively. Not. That is not what our founding fathers had in mind. I don't want you to have to worry about yourself all being looked at if you get pulled over because you were wearing a seatbelt. I think that's bogus I think that's police state chicken blank tactics. -- Supreme Court. Has agreed with by the way some exceptions involving as they always do. Exit your circumstances which I don't really feel like getting into right now but you can look at yourself exit -- circumstances. The target to via decision. The Supreme Court thank god has banned -- warrantless cellphone searches. That to me is a victory for our constitution. However. I need to make this clear. If you -- that decision. I don't see the word tablet anywhere in the decision. I don't see the trademark. IPad in the decision. Or notebook in the is that it just says cell faults. So I don't know if this will be used as a precedent. To establish -- sovereignty. Over police fishing expeditions into your ipads or other tablets as well as cell -- I don't know. I -- assumed it would but I don't know that's -- number one number two no. Let's not make a mistake about -- folks. If the government. Violated the first amendment rights of Cheryl Atkinson what she was with CBS I've talked about there's quite a bit. The Obama administration. Course they'll never own up to it. Went in to her records on her computer. Because she was investigating. Fast and furious and she was investigating Ben -- It's that simple. So. Hurt constitutional protections. Only extended to hammer in name all. Nobody has ever been held accountable. Nobody. For breaching her computer records. So. I wanna celebrate at least this Supreme Court taking a stand for freedom. But if the Supreme Court. Does not have the backing of the legislature. In keeping the executive branch in check. Then there's simply ask him what's words words notes. Somebody else wants of that 20 yes that and mr. Obama fellow. Words have meaning. Like that word fundamentally change that we talked about so much lately. But. I won last year. Whether you agree. Well let's just -- -- -- real situation here let's put your real life situation. Let's just pretend just for the sake of argument. Bet you -- pull over because I've got your headlights. Brake lights a simple equipment violation. I suppose we get escalated let's that you're doing 65 and 55 zone. You get pulled over. You get pulled over for whatever reason. And the police say. Would you please give yourself well. How many -- you would give yourself. I would not. I might be arrested. For being -- failing to comply with a reasonable request or some other BS charge. But basically over my dead body. -- -- I am not ever going to allow the police to search my cell phone without a war. There is nothing in my cell phone out of interest to anybody. There is no pour it in myself on what really. You might find -- charitably zero -- in my -- zero absolutely zero. I keep all my home computer but. Kim. But. At least -- -- better things to do it myself on the watch pork there is nothing illegal on myself well. At all whatsoever. Yet. My response would always be even before this -- If I didn't intentionally spill water on it and say it's my goal play at all over my cell phone and if I did. That's really unfortunate. That was plan B by the way but plan it was always well get a war. The folks. I am pro law enforcement. Up to the point where your constitutional rights are protected. Because folks. And ejected -- the -- I hate to keep bringing this up. What did they prove they proved the system will screw you if you let it up my friend city PH reference pops this morning. And I have to agree -- I'm with sandy on the show cops if I find cops on TV I have to watch it because it makes me feel so -- -- superior. Because you see people also made the point bat I don't know how ten pounds -- okay gotten my trunk. I'm thinking to myself yeah you can retired that's on but that's another story but. They but if you ever watch that show. What is the single if you're an attorney. What is the single biggest mistake these morons make. You might if I searcher are. No go ahead like real. Stay away fifteen years -- your life by not knowing you're -- and -- All right the search your car well there are exceptions to that as well. Which again I don't feel like spelling out but they involving a lawful arrest of a whole bunch of other things. But for the you know 95%. 99% of situations. The best thing you can say I want you to write this stuff. And I want you to put it on your passport. I do not consent to a search write it down put it on your dashboard. I do not consent to any search. Now did you might get a little hot style are you trying to hide something you have steel topic are. I do not consent to a search you are on the record as objecting to a search you're on record -- not having consented to a search. I do say it would be folks out lot. I do not -- sent to a search one more time I do not consent to any search. At the very important right that we -- America. You -- search you go to war based on probable cause. Without probable cause sorry up you know popular hurts. -- what you would say that but that's the way I feel about. Authority. And the government. They wanna be active and every part of our lives. They want to dominate every part of our lives in this short affected call the Fourth Amendment. And this decision today is good news for supporters of the Fourth Amendment. But what I really don't like. Is the political hypocrisy of both shots. Regarding our freedoms. Because on the one hand you get somebody like Shawn Andrews is. Are they support the Supreme Court decision. And that he goes on to go after sheriff how port. Okay which I don't think it's unfair. But this is the same genre I -- who basically bowl you'd drive of the Second Amendment supporting NY site. -- show -- what's good for the Fourth Amendment is good for the Second Amendment what part of consistency don't you kept. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. But at least I'm consistent for -- very. And the same thing goes to the people who are -- lot -- God's time. I have to do the accident guys I'm falling into the stereotype you know I feel about guns but I like and got a -- -- -- and -- -- what a shot. -- -- on your side -- believe me I'm on your side you know my side. But. I don't see why you should be here for to have the police search car you got put. Away. Because that's just -- America. And I only consistent person on the planet now I don't think so they go I have -- lot -- you guys are. Because you know I mean. It's just it's it's hilarious to me how short -- I -- and I happen to agree with them. I don't know how the Supreme Court decision is going to affect the sting rate system I don't know how what is going to -- I pants. I have no idea it only says cell phones I've read the text I didn't see anything but cellphones. Big. Let's -- electronic data devices. They specifically said cell phones if you read the text which I put on my FaceBook page Tom dot org. I'm so my question that you have a couple of questions here. -- You were pulled over the police say. I see yourself well what do you say. I say no not without a war based upon probable cause. Well that's -- vehicle make sure I'm safe. No I do not consent to a search I'm not a threat if you would never hurt. Folks. I'll say one more time or for those were a little slow. I'd support law enforcement. I think they should take the guy who ran over the trooper intentionally and hang them by his nuts. I really -- even harder -- -- this murder for no reason. Now I think there's just there there is not a punishment enough for that guy. All right don't hit cops at all. And I actually what I want to also say about cops last night regarding Ringo is you guys did. And are doing an amazing job getting people out of our park and -- -- I have to tell -- you have perfected. The art of getting people egress from. Our park and all of these agencies involved in the traffic control at the so thank you guys and it -- well work. Anyway I'm I'm more than just another pretty face. Anyway. So what do you tell the cop wants to see your cell phone. And here's the big. What do you tell your husband or wife. When they wanna look at your cellphone. You Puerto hide from the cops or your significant other when it comes to your cellphone. -- is horrible. Will be impetus -- more coming up till three on -- thirty start at thirty. And 180616. WBE. AccuWeather map the way welcome to embassy -- we still have that flash flood watch in -- -- -- just in case otherwise it'll be cloudy tonight overnight low 638. We needed the rain. The farmers needed to -- wish it hadn't happened when it did we needed to winning guys. How often say that practically never. Less humid tomorrow some clouds some sun 77 and right now Joseph 73 it's already at WBE. Let's go to let Jason -- Orchard Park. For -- as long as you did. What do you make about the Supreme Court decision today which says if the cops wanna -- cellphone. That is an article. And you may need to go to war based on probable cause unless there are -- circumstances. Sean I'm Terry. I -- Sure yeah I digital. Because it's a contact -- Are. Well. Yeah it was its content that's my excuse today what's on your mind. I think it was a great decision number one and number two got a quick story worry. When I was younger I'm thirty right now I don't know about eighteen years early and 7-Eleven and -- Gap in and out that's right and there at a London where we had no idea it areas there outside where he can't -- -- my truck. And very popular athletic site yet -- -- that big bag out. And you got it right to call the police and Ottawa to drug deal which could actually what. And that are popular and arbitrary question -- look at us and beat you outside but maybe I'll get out of that truck. Eight and it's -- all right what are the problems -- -- -- get here. And he told us he'd like Willie -- drug -- you know and I called up because that guy in that truck he's like you know right at -- track. And I might -- circuit brought the necklace and you know consent or circuit track. Is that gonna have to call judge and have a judge Angela aren't they want to read more he's going to be that. I'm like -- -- truck that make you call that judge right now and they can mop. You absolutely. And -- and and they obviously. -- -- track every searched the truck and -- -- -- it -- it like it it was like two hours but it did get a war. I'm not -- Gartner and -- and everybody in the acted like it is because he acted towards where you -- opted. Jeffrey you know I made good for you to have the balls to stand up for your Fourth Amendment right. Which about a long haired men known as our founding fathers wanted you to hang out. Yeah and by the way the question as to how long police can detain you -- that. Depends on it's I'm not a lawyer. But it depends on circumstances. And the key word is reasonable. See a lot of times they'll threaten to bring in the dogs that's just the threat. And you still say. I do not consent to a search as I do like him to usually when they say they're gonna bring in the dogs -- -- and because the canine units usually going to be asleep. Yeah NA about it and at. First it was. Outside. I accurate in their an hour outside -- I love it of course meanwhile in that store you could about all the beer you want -- because that is an accepted drug even though in the 1920s that would only be doing jail. Because we're dumb ass society thank you very much -- glad you called 355.

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