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6-24 Tim Wenger Hour 4

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is 608 at WBE and and good evening to you I'm Tim -- here on WBE and in for Tom buy hourly and -- is off today he's back tomorrow Joseph beamer in the control room along with John -- Thank you guys from making all easy for me. And we're gonna switch gears a little bit if you still wanna call in about living in downtown buffalo whether it's a rebirth in downtown ball follow up off. Hello buffalo. If you're seeing it or not -- means you can do so. Tearing down the -- when we talked a little bit about that. But when it wanted to do in this last half last hour rather is kind of open it up TU. And as is one of my other hats remind mean -- is overseeing programming and WBE and also working with WGR and ESP in 1520. Kind of opening the phones TU and finding out from the what do you like what -- you like what you wanna hear more of less. What kinds of topics that are of interest EU. Neck and hopes Andy and Tom itself from the guys and GR whatever. So we'll take your phone calls now for that indeed 03 owning 38 hero three on 930 and start. 930 now first and foremost when -- get to some weather information and by all means if you're seeing any weather. Is -- would always do the lines are open for you to do so but though we do have a special weather statement from the National Weather Service. Line is strong storms moving into the area 6 o'clock. National Weather Service doppler radar showing a line of strong storms. Producing some small hail and heavy rain gusty winds. On the line extending from north Collins to varies Bergen moving northeast at forty miles an hour. This could affect of Boston East Aurora. -- out that way so watch out for that that's in effect until 7 o'clock tonight. And there is also. -- flood watch for all of us until midnight tonight. If you take a look at radar at WB EN dot com or radar wherever it is you look at radar. Is very colorful rate now off to our west and that's all headed our way so one good chance that you agony hit tonight. And if you're one of these outdoor events just be ready for. We've also had her share of traffic problems -- WB and time at 610 traffic and weather together Alan Harris what's going on in traffic commend. RE 82 degrees and mostly sunny skies here that are -- studios but obviously that varies depending on where you are. And will people watch and that weather in again if you see it you can call us at 803 on 930 in stark. 930 in another check and a problem on the 190s south coming up. Is well if not before rate at about twenty after the it is now -- 611 at WB and continuing our. A conversation. Not only and living in downtown buffalo which shifting gears right now to programming and WB yen in WGR the Entercom radio stations. That's what I do on a regular basis when -- -- -- in here doing his show is so we'll take your phone calls. On that -- the program director will be used to call it here on WP Ian let's start out with -- Jim in west Seneca Jameer and WB and it's. Hi our social first I do believe bid possibility a grandson. It's the reason I'm calling. Is it just seemed like afternoon programming is the same story every day and I would like to hear a little bit more about what's going on around town this city. -- Just up more and more things happened in the -- region. Okay Jim that's and it's a valid point it's something we struggle with here because we look at the you know we talk about war we're gonna talk about on the show is or what we cover on the news. We don't do is do it based on you know is it local or is it now we look at you know what what the interest level -- You work all day Amanda drive home it's like I'll Rush Limbaugh -- done. It. And we're you know I think to have that talk about the waterfront and what's going on in some of -- really cool things that they're happening. Instead of the same old political out commentary it's taught it's -- listen to want to drive home. OK I don't. -- I appreciate that night you know I kind of agree with that too you know too much politics is that's why -- want to show today earlier we are talking. You know Bob you know buffalo in the rebirth I didn't wanna turn into you know our politicians doing their job or not so valid point John is in Batavia hey John you're on WB yen. HM. To basically. You know it -- I think you know thank you for bringing medical that I haven't done. I think he's very interesting you know like I mean political. Talk show out there. You know he's you know he talks a lot of it you know it books and art. And I think the Italian Albany. -- I don't know you can namely -- and look like linebackers -- opened their credit. Just -- here all the time I'm like they're pretty damn radio I work in Rochester and at. Really hard to get you guys who don't -- you outlined by it periodically Hannity he just kind of old. He got a -- He got big overtime and hurries you know like Rush Limbaugh did obviously eruptions were heard all over the place and. But I mean -- -- The point where you're pretty sure I was just talking load on TV. Bad and it all that for awhile now it kind of like. I don't know I think. The changing up a little bit I definitely I. It's obvious though it left wing radio doesn't really work as evidenced by now yet the end being that being on the club. You know well I mean Iggy -- more local programming on fifteen corny and old article that these are. I think you know meaty meaty ballot at all. Yet known good points -- eighty -- in the ESPN fifteenth when he was done out of demand you know there's there's an awful lot of sports programming that. Is not local that the you know we needed a place for. That being said there is additional local opportunity. Over there as well that we're looking at so door and closed and that. -- though while they keep Roddy Buchanan again to keep up the go to work and you know -- -- pretty cute aren't open -- -- programming -- of the only candidate in the kind of get built in the -- well I don't mind the politics that much because it beat. You know the American people certainly need to wake up. I'm you know but I think just you know maybe bigger outside the box that are quite different car. -- okay Perry gents thank you you know I definitely I hear that up fuel quite a bit. I hear it both you know Indian my personal life I guess and I also hear it on the phones here you know behind the scenes at WB and in in the industry. You know what born talk radio what would do the birth of talk radio I guess is a better way to put it. Really was politics and political talk and I think that the the era of all political talk. Has come and gone so. I hear it and you know I believe itself. Good point. Let's go to Dave in -- stay here and WB yen. Hey Tim thanks for taking my culture. -- idea. I make sure you're believed -- to grow to a lot of the collar about. You know the stuff going around downtown and you know -- to see the at the activities strong people. Out and everything but I know how you'll probably really address you know the population decline how does that fit in that picture of I don't think. -- -- -- -- You know cranes and they are great but I mean if you look. Yoga statistics. You know that sent the statistics the population continued to decline year entry here appear. -- and we have sustainable growth. It would how does that fit with whatever -- wish -- -- -- -- did my calendar colors to be a little bit more realistic they almost sound like them. The bill after they won their first game of the year and people are talking about the Super Bowl. Yeah a little bit of post game post game show but you know on the outside because I was I'm IE you know him in in leading that charge a little bit of what's going on down there. You can't just leave buffalo alone in stable in the population catches up you know then things will grow I mean you do need to adapt. Dislike radios and industry needs to adapter whatever industry that you work in -- worked in. You know you need to adapt and you need to adjust to what people want and I think you can't just follow the population trend -- population shrinking. So no investment in the city and let's just watch it decay. You need to do what you need to do to get more business and get more people live in buffalo and I do think there's a demonstrated. Evidence there that there are some businesses locating in buffalo there are more. If if not additional jobs jobs moving to downtown buffalo from different parts of the area Catholic health for example. In the medical -- In in when more jobs moved there and more people wanna live there I think we're better off in the long run and that line via population -- structure. Right off I agree with -- that he definitely got to do something about it just. Just. It seemed a little bit early to be high five thing you know. -- -- you know what I'll take a little it's it's kind of like you know in in the worst years of the Buffalo Bills we'll take a win right. Let's just take Ryan and and celebrate a little bit but let's not that ticker I planning so good call they've appreciated. -- Cuba yet as. I -- all afternoon. It's not over. We're not at the finish line it's not the Super Bowl city of you know in in buffalo but. Boy it sure. A lot better now than it was as they set through the afternoon a year ago five years ago ten years ago or you know as I can remember even. Further than that. Let's go to to Taiwan the next and say hello to be a beer and WB yen. Good afternoon. Yeah I just I had to comment about the programming particularly. Speech -- -- -- They seem to be a handful of subjects that they go over and over again in one form or another. -- -- chose that this sexual proclivities. And references to the anatomy and things like that. But what's this subject matter you're concerned with that the topics that their over and over one of those -- But. God I hate the that -- about those schools the teachers. And yet there's no in depth conversation. On Saturday mornings. -- an hourlong program on your station. It's only an hour and yet. Frequently. They have in one or two seat gas. And they talk intelligently. About. Their object. Callers are allowed to call live and ask them intelligent question you mentioned before and I believe it was last -- That you're surprised that the negativity. Of the emails and things you are getting people's response to your crap out. Part of the problem I think is. -- stations. The local people on your station are so negative starting with -- early morning team. They are so frequently Beckett hit in the questions they asked the way they approach. Whether it's traffic or whether. It's shot. It has the bell we already have a complex here being the -- affected stepchild. Yeah IE you know I hear you say the hourlong show I think you're talking about the the hunt realistic programming are obviously very targeted in its its nature. You know and for full disclosure page show that we have on the weekend but. You know during the afternoon drive we can't -- unity you can't have one caller one guest for for an hour or two at a time it just doesn't work these people on their neck and at times so. But I get re saying a completely understand you know there -- people who want a longer and broader discussion. In an opportunity to do so so will will look at that for sure 620 WB and traffic and weather together we have our hands full and -- take it away. WBA and AccuWeather very colorful radar screen this afternoon and early evening and watch for some of those severe storms did move into the area throughout the evening hours. A right now central Erie county central southern Erie county seems to have. Good deal of red on the radar screen of Europe here in the Amherst area north buffalo. It's pretty clear but things will change after around 8 o'clock tonight so watch for that we -- flood watch in effect until. Midnight tonight otherwise mostly cloudy muggy with those storms around those 67 tomorrow mainly cloudy and humid may be more showers and storms. And high of 7482. Degrees right now. Under partly cloudy sky at the airport and outside of power in her studio 622 at WB and Tim linger here on WB and for Tom buy hourly. Tom is back cut tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. And rounding out the the latter part of the program today with a little bit of asked the program director your comments questions concerns about programming. Not only here on WB and that on the radio in general as we also work with that WGR and ESPN. 1520. Let's jumper back to the phones in this is gonna. Good I think you still wanna talk about what we're talking about earlier and that's fine Jerry. You know the sky where it. I think you've been opposed to a should we leave it up portrait dome. I think we should loaded up all the -- what -- it on the peace bridge. You have more of -- conflict they have been quite. Looked like across the correct spirit yeah most of church and what do you think. Not a bad idea at all they've talked about the lighting canal side. Had talked about doing lighting from underneath this the skyway and I don't think that's happened yet they're gonna do some lighting and the grain elevators down there that. -- I think that's something that's in conversation. As far as more of those events like he did a month ago with the on the bike event I'm not sure if those are planned or not but good thought. -- we should we do we have buffalo it should promote the city promote their skyway -- acumen and he runs from. However you know -- blue sky way I think it's a beautiful broke a -- of you when I'm on top of. Okay our Gerri thank you very much -- you know I won't call it the beautiful bridge that's for sure and I do think it does create a barrier but I. The whole. Philosophy of when life gives you -- Lemons you know make lemonade and I think the -- is there are so just leave it alone and then make the most of that if we need another way to get out to the outer harbor. A little ahead and do it -- more of your phone calls coming up next. Right here on WB and 8030930. And start 930 asked the program director continues on WBZ. Why won't show. Could only see -- fever. -- -- -- Miller and John Sherman in the control -- and -- -- here forward Tom hourly. Only have to put up put them for another 24 minutes or so 26 minutes or so. Tom will be back tomorrow he's out at our park tonight hopefully that country gets in without any problem lot of color on the radar right now. And around 8830 tonight is when a lot of these storms are supposed to come off of the lake and impact parts of the area I don't think anyone here is gonna get hit. But as you heard from Tom pockets on the these storms. Do -- upon Soviet are on the look out tonight. And we'll keep you posted text weather to 3930 if you want alerts. On your cell -- of course if you see anything you can give us a call. As well right now we've opened the phone lines -- you for the next 25 minutes or so we're gonna talk about. The radio though what's on the radio what you like on the radio what you wanna see more of on the radio. -- here what types of topics you'd like to hear discussed on the radio station what kind of news stories would you like us to cover. All of that is open right now also but WGR and work with them to you can tell me what you like and I would like more -- down in the mirror less of an ESPN 1520. On the phone number for that right now is 8030930. 8030930. And star. 930 embers still leaving the door open to the topic from earlier in the days well -- the program director on WB and this is Chris out an Orchard Park. Hey Chris you are on WB yet. -- -- Mario today do good. I look at grant neighborhood in western American electorate or from your airport cultural. All. -- actually and I'm sure reverend Jerry should buffalo audio and I grew up in north buffalo. You know moved -- Orchard Park twelve years ago -- I could hash for a better neighborhood might actually know what I'm old recognition he. No way. Regarding it. You're right make eleven cattle and it didn't want to add to a little that you really don't get anywhere. About oh why try and like -- it doesn't believe that waterfront and and it does it. But we don't have to worry about traffic. Go into the -- -- and derby and -- kind of again. Figured. I figured -- a wonderful job I do wish. They include the economic and you'd pick out of the -- -- -- I -- a year -- a year bit about the -- I actually met back at about but there's no big deal on Friday yen and you. Probably busy work and cinema Bob is still on 11 o'clock and Fridays but today you're busy then you should be home by now Chris it is figured out who this as you ought to be home by an. No we can't we -- the candidate. Chris have a great night and you know to your arm and you drive -- -- Okay thanks for the call yeah he covered it all he cut he talked about Orchard Park the city of golf although the skyway. And WB EN well played their Chris appreciate -- this is Molly in Niagara Falls -- you are on WB yen. -- -- I would like you I would just say how grateful I EM. That you can't Alabama early on the air. I appreciate. Your tactics. I'm freedom and I enjoy your victory back -- and when he made the lake. He lipped -- on I changed my work schedule like it was simply can't. I don't want to. The sacred book that he thought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fareed I agree Molly and I'm sure you appreciate the time -- early show and he's here more than when he's not. But here and there and then think about. Yeah I don't know enough in my time Molly thank you very much for the call and well I think she might be the only person though that adjusted their work schedule. To get the you know in into the the regime of Tom's work schedules so that's pretty impressive Somali thank you. For the call into. That that dedication Simon is on the side of buffalo -- -- senior and WB yen. I yeah I wanted to mention that no use patient and more I would and its outlook optional expect from a well. Conservative area but no one discovered this it is source code and obamacare. The information is readily available but -- don't know use media outlets are covering. On the hit a -- as strong now now others you have no more right to privacy. In no one -- don't talk about those. Are -- on taken notes and tolerate this one down I -- with these guys you know on a daily basis in the newsroom as well and I'll put that on the list. OK Simon thank you very much appreciate that let's go to Debbie and Amherst a deadly year NW -- yen. Call hot air I got so -- -- I I didn't quite get it that they cannot let that. The iPad it was so interesting about what -- your reference to something I'm Arab I'm. He's talking about obamacare different aspect will always on your mind now. I'm Eric as well thank you worked globally are on an insurance company and though -- that interest to me. -- And that impact happened that we hear a lot of talk about but what it and it looked at our. Why not the -- there was an AM people it -- something. Hot today at a act it would cause -- for the power start to act like it's a look at that the preparedness state. The western New York County Erie county Niagara county Orleans county. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our -- our county. I have yet to Debbie you sound. Very little from like the conspiracy theorist type of anger. Now now now now now the potential for -- looting -- Howard stores or whatever their -- The only opted -- it might be prepared -- The car and why. Okay that's a good suggestion that something we can't bear we can definitely help it. 80 it all of your -- prepared and we need to prepare now or -- would be at the Weimar like -- perked up. The content that would be like the information and the like he showed on an -- Okay Debbie thank you and I appreciate that you knew we all know how prepared we are you know you don't find out how on prepared you are until something actually happens so. Good suggestion there for a news story here corporate potential. Talk topic as well will we come back we'll take more of your phone calls I'll take more of your phone calls. Your comments suggestions what to recover and WB yen types of topics that you would like to hear. 8030930. And start 930 and also if you're seeing any severe weather where you are. He can chime in as well -- -- for Tom hourly it's 641 I'm WBE. 645 at WB yen what do you like what you wanna hear more of on WBE and maybe what you wanna hear less of on WBM a kind of stories and topics interest you. It's asked the program director of the lines are open to meet him -- sitting in for Tom. Just until 7 o'clock so if you have some interest thing that's something of interest rather. Regarding the radio station or WGR. Feel free to give me caller right now at 8030930. And start 930 we'll get -- here in take your questions about. What it is we do why we do it how we do it and whether we should do more of it. Or less of it and also were watching the weather situation out there not colorful radar screen flood watch in effect until midnight. Some severe storms are up approaching the Cheektowaga area right now the eastern side of Erie county so be careful out there tonight if -- seen -- you can certainly call. As well is we take your phone calls right up until 7 o'clock let's go to Natalie in Hamburg -- Natalie here and WB yen. I think they've taken my sure. I'm calling because. And in seeing -- -- economy ESP and collier liberal optional. Are gone like Randy wrote the other one that you come on after her. And you know yeah I think there. Years ago he could be felt regret and then now you're not -- -- Conservative I mean when I was 930 progressive. Quite two years ago when I would -- -- -- had more I have. Progressive thinking ballots to conservative. I mean sandy beach in our leaders are like reruns you know they'd be you know it probably. They actually a bomb I think there are are all lower you know anything any -- if somebody did something good that you'd ever -- And -- it would be nice it has liberal opinion track your program. I mean I put them. The whole rationale beat Natalie you're asking about liberal talk let me answer I mean we had we had KB which was was completely dedicated to. On the you know quote and I hate the labels but it was dedicated to -- you know quote unquote liberal talk radio. It simply didn't work it did not take off it didn't have have the following that we needed to to you know to to continue the program itself. I'm not seeing Nolan have -- I've certainly -- no one listened to them dancing at an all but you know to the levels of which. You know immediate to be a viable opportunity for us it is it is was there. I don't know why they I'd say that I don't know you know why. During the day like -- -- -- output (%expletive) if you know went and it was the action and I need look official on it it was a good that they can't not right. And went back and abandoning a bombing. Bashing Obama I just I mean when any -- -- -- I deteriorate your station right up because I guess that probably built. -- stayed backstage action I mean and it it. You know and it added it's like you know I'm gonna -- a lot of good information out there about. In they're they're all planted an opinion and it you don't get anything you know about contracts they I mean I'm not against -- but you don't get anything about guns. I said I'm not against. I'll everything they talk about is I sell -- you know people who don't -- -- have -- it -- I need it that's not really delayed it. We'll look at Natalie we let you call in and we let you bad shots okay. We appreciate that. Well see now you just. That's what Andy be ecstatic. If anybody called an increase the writers though he literally. No I ask you to call and preached in the idea you'd hear you're not like that I wish you would get a better during the day that he probably could hurt me all day at all concerned right. But we do what we do do Natalie is we reprogram the radio station to what people you know and mass will listen to so I mean that's that's where that comes from we don't just pull it out of our -- I mean it's it's. You know educated decisions made you know behind the scenes so to speak but. You know we put programming on that that works and he has a lot of listeners Tom has a lot of listeners Russia as. A lot of listeners there's only so many hours. In the day this is bill and tunnel on to hate bill earlier and WB yen. Why gas all of the edit I just think that Tom -- -- of a seventeen year old Louis everything -- a sense has to be a procedural or sex joke. Can I don't -- at my mother in the trial my daughter in the car while he's on the radio. Okay SharePoint. They'll appoint you don't like you know the innuendo I guess we'll call. But right. And it sort of being adult educated talk show what it's like it's normal private party that -- Well it is exposed -- -- our early show I mean there's no I won't put a label on it as an adult. You know talk -- it's time -- show it is his show but you know your criticism is is -- one's on me now live. I'll that he might be listening who knows and -- -- our park. Okay thanks for calling appreciated. This is Joseph up in -- -- out here and hammers stage -- you're on WB yen. I accept this joke out -- -- good joke. I'd buy that I'd like that VPN -- India and I'm. And that it WG aren't a lot of time that I -- they don't talk about the bills during the day. Numbers are sometimes. Seven -- -- -- -- you gotta talk a little alternate day that a lot of people don't I try to elicit so I'm not all the side. -- who's got talking about the French Open Bulldog they definitely talk about the bills you know Howard on Jeremy do. We don't. A lot to -- -- articles. Marty are you people and you stroke or a. So you're talking between like 10 AM and 3 PM. Well liked it and a you know I do listen to some of the others stopped for -- but I just I just think that I want. I love both species and you know it means brightness both both agents and I try to do a mix of both -- This one little boy -- -- -- it's a big. Now it's a -- it's you know we and we try hard with. GR really to be centric about the sabres in the bills for sure. You know and -- I listened to agree -- and the other -- -- rapper picked up yeah that goes sports you're off well. It's either that -- or. I -- GG WG and that -- be great. Joseph thanks for listening and I appreciate the comments about GR appreciate it. Are you have a good night this is going to be I think Sherlund my porch earlier on WB yen. I feel good. I can -- that they I think the radio station it's been aspect. That's good goalie but listening for maybe four months now to this station have never looked until before. I I love -- Geithner on their in my -- obviously it was a great add to that radio station. But I've learned more about what's going on in the world. From this radio stations and I ever ever ever in new and I'm very thankful for that. -- that's great when you tend to listen Cheryl. When do you tend to listen the most. Well I work thirteen dollars that they -- in the hospital on a date -- Look the periodically throughout the date from like you know whatever. Like today I was until whenever I was -- tablets and all of them. And let them home makes -- on it and I just. -- just incredible and they acknowledged that they -- Is just amazing. I have to agree with one woman on the power outage I think it's a valid point. Our own little or whatever happens I believe we should be prepared important not. And that's coming from not looking at a point we're not prepared. I am gonna bring that one -- panera news meeting and then we'll have. You're obamacare was to get blocks began work not -- I don't -- -- -- put out they're not spelled you know below don't think it'll. OK Cheryl thank you I appreciate -- -- And thanks for being a great new listener I do appreciate that very much it's always good to have some new folks in the -- this is David Cheektowaga Dave you're on WB yen. I. I don't like you went but then it went it would and it can't get over it. Something happened there -- way we like -- ball better. I'd go a bit about debt and. Brett tipped and people are out there and did he would keep updated our bed and it was so late at night. Yeah you know it's interesting you say that -- because we found that Jim Bohannon a you know it's it's it's a fair point obviously some people like -- better than. Michael Savage but we've done very well with Michael since we made the switch what did happen there we are gonna put David -- of the it 10 o'clock and we we ended a bit of Bohannon show. And then when David was not allowed to do the show due to his previous employer you know we had to put something. We could put him back on the road but savage was some and I have been looking at for some time. Before the ballot -- thing and we find that he just -- a little bit more topical talks about what's going and in that day's news more than nine Jim Bohannon ones but that's that's a matter of taste. I guess as well let's try to slip in one more call before the break here this is Jim on merlot Jameer and WB yeah. And technical about it it sure. How content because I really think you guys need to diversify your opinion somewhat I mean you look at that Hannity impeach and Tom. I mean it really is this scene higher talking point over and over remember awhile ago when Tom was -- You guys at a guy and a girl and and they were trying to from opposite sides right and remember who or what but man that was the factory you'll be unit cat. In forever now and I don't know what -- was says oh my gathered the diverse opinion that she got all -- show. By. She was filling in as Christie Christie -- -- from my channel two in Michael computer I hate to cut -- -- it's a really it's a valid point it's when they hear a lot. And something that will take into consideration. I'm -- Wenger here for Tom our lead back tomorrow watch out for the weather tonight lots of stuff -- the region. The radar is colorful -- details for you coming up in four minutes. You -- weather on your phone text the word weather to 3930. And we'll keep you up to date with what's going -- and it's coming up on 7 o'clock rate now 656 and WBE.

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