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6-24 Tim Wenger Hour 3

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon it is 508 at WB and I'm Tim linger here for Tom buy hourly until 7 o'clock tonight we're gonna change it up at 6 o'clock. And it changed things around for that last hour and is some of you may know I kinda. Watch over the programming here at WB and it WGR and some of the stations and we're gonna do a little bit of ask the program directors we've always called it. That's after 6 o'clock tonight so if you've got some questions about the radio stations. In general some comments and suggestions. May be a complainer to. We'll take Emporia after 6 o'clock tonight here on WB yen what are we doing now we're gonna abroad now a little bit that up for the first couple of hours. And it's been an interesting conversation based on. An editorial in the Rochester Democrat and chronicle. So what's behind the buffalo -- and can read through that in thought you know what I've been downtown quite a bit lately. For work in for for a fun. And I've noticed there's something going there are people choosing to play downtown there are people choosing to live downtown. And there are people who obviously worked downtown. And it's kind of coming full circle and I think we're seeing the rebirth we're seeing something happening that I did not think I'd see. In my lifetime I didn't think that we see people wanting to live. In the city of buffalo especially in the downtown buffalo area certainly they're people who live in the city in general but. In the downtown quarter buffalo and I think we're seeing that rebirth. That I just didn't think we'd see and it's not perfect it's not done. Yeah there are bad parts the schools aren't the greatest in in many regards are problems there there's a lot to clean up. And I'm not here to tell you that it's it's politically -- they think this -- all been by independent and private business people Lewis had a vision and made an investment. So I think there is a rebirth and some of view don't think so is actually more of you don't think so then do. Some taking your calls you think there's a rebirth in buffalo do you think it's real. In which you live at buffalo do you live in buffalo. Would you live in downtown buffalo I would. I really -- and I I could see myself living their Sunday. We view could you. If not why do you live where you live. 8030930. And -- 930 that number to call here on WB and Tim for Tom today. I'm WB yen and something else that's happened in the past week or so on this radio station that that kind of sort of relates to the development of buffalo. We spent a day we spent an entire day last week talking about this guy way. And I'm so tired of hearing people tell me that -- you know one of the keys to redeveloping downtown buffalo. In that the rebirth of buffalo is to tear down average. Makes no sense to me the bridge was stupid to begin with that serve the purpose and its today. And it it cut off you know portion of the city -- get all that so did the highway ninety along the river. You know but that economically and feasibility. Tearing it down ripping -- the -- just getting rid of it doesn't solve anything. So I guess I'm gonna throw that into the mix too do you think tearing down the skyway. Is something that will help. Or hurt downtown buffalo what do you think do you think we should tear down the skyway. Or you know -- is I say when life gives you lemons. Make lemonade tear down the skyway or live with that I -- live with that make the most of that -- we need another bridge. So -- but tearing it down as an expense that we can't afford. And inexpensive. I just don't think he needs to be made. 8030930. And stern and thirty if you wanna put that in the mix as well chuck is in north buffalo -- -- you are on WB yet. Yes and thank you very much knees dirty sure a lot of things that term was. Been going well knowing. The that was that was that was sarcasm okay. And Tom knows that. -- -- -- -- You look at Orchard Park I do about I'm not sure but I like to it's important it and it. Which now. I've told the -- promoting. Buffalo I'm not promoting that your. They chuck hang on hang on okay I wanna have a conversation with -- -- first of all I'm not promoting downtown buffalo and asking the question no shock jock talk listen to me okay. -- I'm asking a question do you think there is a rebirth going on in downtown buffalo. -- -- OK I think there is some will disagree there you go ahead. To write that article in the Rochester paper. -- you know in your being around bad. No I'm not basing it on that I use the -- GR. Norma. I'm using my. I don't I did but I live as I've been downtown every date. For the last. I don't know how many years. OK and you know you've seen no change at all. You lace wedding and -- school but -- family at a Orchard Park suburb in Orchard Park. In -- -- downtown. Of the what you're trying to promote it is it's listening audience. Debt we have this incredible -- Wait chuck chuck -- -- -- did I ever did I ever asked anybody to scoop up their family and move them to downtown -- About five million didn't did you do -- You get what you -- Nader you're telling us about his incredible -- -- much you're willing to do it yourself. You know I am radio -- -- that. How can I have -- there is easy to tell me if you go downtown every day you're not seeing any kind of development you're not seeing -- -- Downtown buffalo. You're out stop at one question that -- one bad. -- -- You know you acted shocked the -- you -- Chip industry. You know the mystery that Bob York went. Away. Absolutely there is cry you know chuck you're not listening you're not listening at all and you know is -- crime of course there's crime is crime again in every other city. That I've talked about today it referred to Chicago alive because they think -- a lot of comparisons to make between. Buffalo and Chicago from a demographic standpoint from an architectural standpoint. That's sitting here telling people that they need to scoop -- -- should scoop up their family and move from what you know whatever suburbia a year and and and moved to downtown buffalo it's a simple question. Do you think that there is some sort of a rebirth going do you think that. Things are better today are things happening in downtown buffalo now it didn't think we're gonna happen. -- doesn't think so I do. I really do I think it's a great place to go I think for for those of you wanna live there and I could I could live there. Do -- right now no -- choose to know. You know one of the -- schools of course. But. The question is pretty simple is there a rebirth or is their not a rebirth and I think. If if you're gonna tell me that nothing's changed he says he goes downtown every -- nothing's changed. Come -- I mean. You're not opening your -- if you haven't been downtown. In the pan -- I will say that said this at the beginning of the show in one year if you have not been. In downtown buffalo in one year. Number one you shouldn't call and tell me that nothing's going on because you don't know and number two if you do go. In you should. I think you'll be -- it what you see. Are we done is it perfect. You have to move no no and no but you know. Have to basically. To look at this is an eye opening experience in and that's what the Rochester DNC did in their editorial. They simply said hey what's behind the -- -- and I'm saying I think there is applies. -- doesn't thinkers you know three on 930. And star 930 on WPP and let's go to the trees yen north buffalo victories here and WB again. I don't have comparing -- analysts and prior cholera a Q and knowing announced it was that you spell yeah yeah. Agreement is at their way out of such -- shared outrage I actually agree with that. A spot on about how about well I'm in total agreement. That there aren't something that's why -- really -- real estate library Elop well older. I'm. Eric myself -- recall without air the eight iron over here your early and -- rapper. The other -- gateway among EU. I'm. That's entity should ever -- -- you -- a lot there's a lot going I don't let my girlfriend act here. She -- downtown on. Deck and I don't know I didn't -- under here at the church saying you're trying to. On everybody Google account you are not -- that there were changes. Changes being made I think you're back. I was thinking I'm actually really cute little and beyond that pretty much what a lot at -- it it's exciting. -- pretty thank you very much for the call I appreciate it. Yes it totally I mean it's you know -- I'm not telling anybody where they got to live and and I could tell you that I think. You know family with four kids needs to move out of Amber's and and moved it downtown buffalo and you know rebirth that's what rebirth means that someone I mean. I grew up. In Western New York area and I grew up with the mentality of you work in downtown buffalo and that's it you go home at 5 o'clock he might go to -- sabres game at the odd. -- that's about it. And there were one or two restaurants. Now fast forward thirty years and there are people living down there I go to a sabres game I looked up I see people living in a loft. I don't see warehouse anymore. You know I think it's great I think that is a rebirth I think that's positive I don't give it -- it's not on the backs of politicians they didn't do it. Maybe they didn't block it. Maybe -- get in the way this time. But some private developers got in there they had a vision. They -- working in other places and you know what I'm I'm excited it's happening in buffalo I think it's terrific and again I'm not gonna give politicians. You know the benefit. Of saying that did they're there to credit for office that's not what this it's not a political show. Simply an observation. From someone who's been downtown a lot lately something's going. It's changing it's better now than it was a year ago it better now than it was five years ago it's better now than it was ten years ago. So imperfect not gonna say it is. Will continue with a phone calls now in Lovejoy this is bill failure on WB and what's up. -- -- I think -- -- -- humor that chuck was -- from I would like to put a little more elegantly. She had a couple couple too many Beers are bought. Yeah all right it's great don't -- -- -- -- -- the sabres gave Murray was the north ball -- it's great. But direct this city and you walk around on the street to Billy you're gonna get your ass kicked. DeWitt bill would you say tell me directory issue we're weak I guess if it's pacers torture -- -- going to be -- -- in all of buffalo stated the city is I just don't sit well wait you said. Everywhere except for downtown buffalo is that way they'll. We'll probably take a walk -- Psycho Babcock mountain pocket bullies who have been -- and walked out all enjoy around 10 o'clock at night to see what happens okay but -- respectable person that you might have little character but maybe a little money in your pocket. You know. -- I'm not I'm not arguing that there are not bad sections of the city of buffalo but you know there. Maybe. One. And then only at bat well the first -- -- first. I'm talking up downtown buffalo and I know there are notes that there are bad there can't -- you know they'll they'll count down bill. -- to settle down okay listen to me for a second stopped blocking. You know the bad things happen in downtown buffalo this crime in downtown buffalo of course -- then there's crime in Chicago and New York in Minneapolis and a lot of great cities. And that's unfortunate in that state you know that's not something to ignore and turn your head at. But I'm telling you that there are areas in buffalo where no you don't have to -- you know pack heat to go out to get a cup of coffee. That's just not the way it is in all of buffalo the way your painting it. Are there sections like that absolutely and there are probably. Unfortunately. Always will be OK but don't don't just sit there and tell me. You know that I'm getting angry -- -- you know did tell me that all of buffalo is unsafe and bad it's not the way it is John in north -- and WB yen. I tell them to -- I couldn't agree legal war. We and in Barcelona and and are -- well we have been keen to move on talent. What we have found is that. The question is gonna be it's going to be affordable and that count how. Prices are increasing because the quality of life is increasing. I'm in great you know -- vanished. Because the -- Although we had our pick of the -- One of the things. He's behind you can poverty and so forth in the city. Well -- if you just applicable law and economic they are the people who out of this city and the potential -- at least has been. Well the lower end of the economic ladder and and can't get jobs it would ever be sure there's. That's where you can get the kind gesture and any city. And I think depression unconditional our camp and our cities is naive but fact of the matter is. I I grew up an awful good part of childhood than the rest of it is in the suburbs. That for the past 37 year we. OK -- can't really take a phone call anymore there's there's a problem with your phone line. I don't know the call waiting or what but today keeps dropping out and maybe it's just a bad -- that I got the the heart of what you had to say cost of living in downtown buffalo it's an issue for sure. Will we did that focus on WB yen last week on their word the you know price issues that I forgot something jumped. Okay Harry. But anyways -- price issues you know I was seeing. You know to our morning crew they were doing the interviews. You know hey you know. Several years ago I would love to live downtown. You know coming out of college or something. But really the reality of that the price point that its average now probably wouldn't have been able to do that. So pricing is going to be huge issue the fact that people want to be down there though Timmy is just like an enormous wakeup call. And I think it's a good one. And I think it's one that we need to. You know listen to and and you know absolutely there's crime there are bad areas the schools are great. There's so many bad things and I guess for a day it was it was focusing on some of the good and they still will. That there is a buzz going on in downtown buffalo and I think it's a real I think it's something I didn't expect. At least not now at least not this quickly. And I think that's a good thing we -- live down there. -- -- A lot of you wouldn't. You know some you obviously would not absolutely wouldn't matter what would happen. You do is the EU wouldn't you think it's unsafe an American argue that because that's that's the way you feel. More of your phone calls are reliving the rebirth of buffalo. Coming up here on WPE. Don't beat. For me. Family. You hear about a country band and I'm I'm. All right so -- at master control John Sherman the phones and producing this afternoon I'm Tim lingered for time hourly and WB and Tom will be back at tomorrow. After taking a scheduled day off you get that alert yesterday on your phone. The AMBER Alert that one surprised me -- pretty plugged into stuff but my phone went dead dessert yesterday afternoon when he AMBER Alert went out and you know we have since learned that on the iPhone at least. And I think and the android phones to inside there's section called government alerts and on my phone it was obviously on so. Setting you might wanna take a peek into on your phone. Under alerts at least on the iPhone. If you wanna get those alerts or not you can choose to do so. At the bottom of the settings talking today about what at least I perceive to be a rebirth of downtown buffalo I think there's stuff going on downtown. In in the Rochester Democrat and chronicle they're taking note of it in an editorially published yesterday. People -- -- choosing to live in downtown buffalo there's more development in downtown buffalo. Something I thought I'd never see is happening. Is it perfect no -- you know are their problems in buffalo of course there are. But I think we're seeing somewhat of a rebirth and I think it's pretty exciting and I don't think it's because of any politician I think it's because. Of risks and investments the private business people have taken. And they're paying off and here here -- -- more power to amend government get out of the way and they've done that. So at least -- give them. Kudos for that aspect of it also we've been asking you know -- talking rather about the rebirth of downtown buffalo and something tied to that is in the -- way. Last week a lot of on this radio station was. Discussed about whether it should stay -- ago. Say the skyway should stay in that we'll take your calls. And then as well 8030930. And -- 930 Robert is in Grand Island and is now on WB and the Robert. Daycare couldn't -- and I appreciate. You. Wanted to make larger government. -- things actually for about they're the school. That is so much action from the private and -- -- politicians. Right now it is Yvonne had a choice to turn out if you extract. Another thing -- is saying is that summer there's going to be seven hour occurring in buffalo. If that's not a sign that something happened and I don't know what it. Robert how do you know seven where do you get that number from. And no they just took one down at -- senator there they went. You know the entire summer -- that would include lieutenant governor in the medical sector there's they're gonna -- a couple there. -- -- -- -- -- The one that time chippewa. And then there's going to be an extra uncommon valor and also in the medical okay well. It's -- if it if you can't reconstruction I don't know -- looking. It is a place to perhaps. Latin in the suburbs -- the city at all personal preference -- -- model that. But there -- they're definitely about their -- Okay Robert thanks so much appreciated and they get those cranes are you know who defied -- he won crane in buffalo let alone seven. I was down a canal side. And Saturday. And they were dismantling the one crane at -- senator there have been two cranes there and you only need one out of continued tower. And that corner of the of the building so one Ukraine. It came down over the weekend but I yen and you looked at medical quarter you've got the cranes. You know there's a lot going on for sure. Are you CNN you liken it 8030930. -- 930 Jerry is in downtown buffalo hey Jerry Aaron WB and. There they take in my crawl the problem -- I was calling victory over the old geysers enough it was -- mean downtown. There are actually wrong. You know -- like a -- got -- seventh grader who knew what going up aren't you want Delaware today. -- a block away from -- and PO box which it was completely renovated and -- and how well they're all sold out on the topic but oh well. The great song -- Filipino was just completely redone. In two luxury. Well Israel living. They're all kind of book or another Washington -- main street Paul right there where they all come together there's all kinds of luxury. Apartment -- middle -- Washington but it woman -- alone there's. There's five star restaurant going and everywhere you look there's construction going. People are just coming into the city they're going to. Canal the latter -- replied you know it. Enjoy the content of the show ball close. Is coming back -- right now as Attica -- in Orchard Park I would have wiped out now. You can City Hall like that my backyard at night. My next door neighbor. Just walk out to read from or you -- and Orchard Park is requiring it to the city so. Well look alive and happening. -- Gerri thanks those are great examples appreciate the phone call and yet you don't. Certain things will follow you know once once you have certainly -- have a critical mass of people living in downtown buffalo stores will follow. The people that live downtown right now need to go elsewhere for the most part to shop you know for the basic needs you know grocery take shopping and that stuff. You know that's gonna change regarding heard you know I think and the buffalo business reporter or something and the radio station about. You know the potential of shopping in downtown buffalo grocery store. But you know that will change tonight I do believe that more people living will also living in the city as you take. Will will put pressure on the school districts a -- needs to be done there obviously and there's some change afoot right now with the new school board and soon to be. Maybe not soon to be but today at some point and you buffalo schools superintendent time for another call before we take a break yesterday in Cheektowaga a year and WB yen. Our current president thought for a moment about three. People like -- -- That wouldn't -- great -- for the people I look forward at this bridge. And their money and -- Another -- money right now it -- -- I'll. We -- and is -- to it might be right. We know. We know very well but it didn't in the news where all. The destruction. Or not. I'm glad that all our sport. There'll odd. It is true. Or not good when a miniature liquor and -- note that the ball. The workflow. -- worked so hard you're things are -- and start. You know where terrorists. -- quick that you want. Within a lot longer. You know as far as. A lot. Right. OK yesterday thanks for the call I appreciate it. Are we're gonna take a check of WB and traffic and weather together 'cause we've got problems today especially on the 190s -- great Alan. He had decide -- picture you posted on -- WB and traffic command and FaceBook it looks like in the ugly accident when ninety's south avoid it AccuWeather tonight we've got some of these showers and storms that will dot the region. Nothing serious in the immediate metro area right now look for an overnight low 67 flood watch till midnight tomorrow mainly cloudy and humid. Showers and storms and high of 7483. Right now partly cloudy skies. Is it a rebirth than downtown buffalo or just rose colored glasses 8030930. Your calls are next on WB and 546. At WB and Tim lingers sitting in for Tom -- -- here just today time is back tomorrow. -- after a day off wanna warn you 190s south Seneca street some major issues air -- traffic and weather coming up. In four minutes or so and find out from Allen now what the latest deal is there but the problems. On the 190s south at Seneca street and while you're driving out of downtown buffalo perhaps. Maybe you're not may be driving to downtown buffalo because that's where you live is there a rebirth going on in downtown buffalo. -- -- kind of angry today thinking you know it just all of rose colored glasses no big deal nothing's going on in downtown buffalo. And I argue otherwise I think the Rochester Democrat and chronicle really nailed it. In their editorial yesterday. About what's behind the buffalo buzz something's going. People are choosing to live downtown some people not all. But there's investment there's development things are happening. That I didn't think I'd see in I'm glad I am seeing them. And I don't think it's all done I think their problems that need to be taken care of it I'd say let's go this is awesome seeing. Some life in downtown buffalo beyond. An occasional hockey game you know it's it's it's pretty cool. 8030930. And -- 930 and -- -- can let me know what you think we're gonna go back to the phones right now and say -- John in north buffalo John -- WB yeah. I gem countries and particularly dot com and I apologize. I'm okay. I -- I live in north -- like I grew up my early childhood on the west side. We moved out because there's a lot of problems when I was -- -- in years ago we moved in -- -- For the past 37 years we lived large pot while we are presently looking to move to own child what we all doubt. Is that. There are -- Yeah he's. Yeah wait wait on the ashes on the way that people are coming from people are coming from the suburbs and a machete in Japan didn't count on air. You give -- -- show. Different pockets and the city of crime and so we're. People who make a judgment based on what they hear on television and what they issued a newspaper and not because that's -- you were. But the reality is where whenever you have poverty you have unemployment. You're going to have those kind of issues ago widget and where they added most. In machetes because people moved into the shot. It's poverty and poverty can't move to the suburbs. So that's a little -- that you -- they have I got to try and my wife and I quote -- literally downtown. We have no problem going downtown under certain pockets in the city we would not walk around at night and I'm very excited limited time. Absolutely but that doesn't keep them from enjoying the Croat and electorate find them -- the Clinton should -- the restaurants. The way he's the musicals. It. I might might I meant to people initially come on down the water's fine one final thing is anybody has any doubt at all. About what's going on and cheap -- -- of the guard walked. You're going she always does -- -- you're gonna she -- property. Exciting and neck and not go out rushed to cabinet or part Jeremy that was short stay -- between for so many years. Lecture my wife and I went down that prospect avenue. I tend to she what's going on their. People gotta get out of their homes and -- into the CD and she what's going and stop making -- based on what they're reading in the paper. All right John thank you I love the passion OK I love it enjoy the city and hope you have successfully can I get I'm one of those waiting lists and make it to the the top of the list and move. In two downtown buffalo great call 550 WB and traffic and weather together mass on the 190 -- take it away. 558. At WB and Tim linger for Tom -- they Alicia had nothing but time to sit around and call radio stations and be. Really. Wiest and it's his desire to me Sergio is out Williams or Sergio we don't have a lot of time but what's your point today and WB Ian welcome. How amazed at what's going and downtown and I received so much activity in forty years that -- been. Waiting around. When I started river mr. so water. Or decent wage. We cannot even dropped fly downer that it took us ten years to build 52 only 52 units. But anyways I think also I think the governor's. About four billion has helped. -- -- -- these projects start there's a lot of these projects are subsidized. And I think his money that is our state money I should say. Our techniques that have helped make some of these -- has become -- real which otherwise they would not have become real. -- Sergio really good point and you know together some would say that. You know your vote is being moderate -- I really don't give credit to what's going on in downtown buffalo to. Politicians right now I really don't I won't take it away from them you know they've helped but I think they got out of the way. And they allowed private investment and business to do what they do best and that is to recognize opportunity. Recognize something that will pay off in the end. And as you mentioned it did just as you did Sergio when you built those condominiums and develop them. You saw he is it was gonna work at some point took a little longer you wanted but you worked and I think it's working in downtown buffalo. Here's what we'll do after the news at 6 o'clock if you wanna continue to call on whether downtown buffalo is amidst a rebirth. That's fine if you wanna tell me whether the skyway ought to be torn down or left alone you can do that too but also put my. Operations manager program director -- and anyone call about WB MW GR. The programming -- you dislike you want more of her last -- you can do that to ask the program directors we kind of finish it out. With its time we call it a happy ending here on news radio 930 WB yen at 8030930. And Starr at 930.

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