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6-24 Tim Wenger Hour 2

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon it is 407 at WB and I'm Tim Laker here for Tom -- -- -- just for today Tom will be back tomorrow and hopefully he'll dodge. Any showers or thunderstorms it might hit up in Niagara county right now. So far so good that if you are heard from Tom pocket there in the news. The weather service out with special statement just before the top of the hour the doppler radar showing a strong thunderstorm. Producing some small hail in. Some heavy rains and very gusty winds up to forty miles an hour. Six miles south of Easter -- and moving northeast at twenty miles an hour. And and I checked out of the radar at WB EN dot com and that storm. He's doing exactly what they say. It does not appear to via threatening anyone Indian media that metro area. So it's so far the commute looks pretty decent for unity in the radar when you zoom out to I was talented guys here that. If you look at the radar down northwest of Toronto it looks like you know Armageddon it's unbelievable all the red stuff that's up there but I think that's what that slammed through. Parts of the midwest so we'll keep an -- and everything for you we do have a flood watch in effect until midnight. For all of Western New York we've got that 83 degrees and it's got that feeling the air so -- The stuff can do is pop up. At any point when it does if it does. We will pass it on if you drive on the New York State -- If you're over near the galleria mall like you've been seeing that giant sign over there for can Dallas. Everybody knows Cabela's is coming out today they're out with the release. A Cabela's well open. -- sooner than I thought. Thursday on August the seventh Thursday August the seventh the doors will open at 11 AM it -- that's going to be pretty big deal. For a lot of people and you know I mentioned that on a date when we're talking about development in downtown buffalo but you know. A development in general in the area. Is is really what fuels all of it right makes this a better place a decent place to live. In work and raise a family and Cabela's is certainly fit into that but that today specifically. I'm talking about downtown buffalo and asking you the question whether you think we're living through the rebirth. Of downtown buffalo. It's something I never thought I would have said you know two decades ago and I just never would have thought. That really we'd we'd start to see people living in buffalo again. More development in downtown buffalo not just office that is nine to five jobs but people living there. Working in in in the medical court or looking to invest in the community. And if you think I sound like you know I've I've. You know had a sip of the Kool -- that that the mayor the governor giving out that really is in the case I don't. Think this is due to the buffalo billion I don't think this is due to Byron brown I think this is private investment. Listening. What people want reacting in in government frankly getting out of the way and allowing this stuff to happen allowing the reuse of buildings. Buildings like the Phillips like a building in downtown buffalo now. You know new development. By falsely -- put Golan Carl Paladino and all the other developers. That we hear about in downtown buffalo I think we are living the rebirth right now. A downtown buffalo its not a one day or one year thing it takes time. It's taken us a lot of time to get there and I for one don't wanna stand in the way. And and asking you are we living through that would you live. Maybe do live in downtown buffalo or in the city of buffalo would do live there in if you don't and if you won't. You can call me and Tommy why where you live is the best place to live at 8030930. And star 930 why don't I bring this up. Yesterday the Rochester DNC the Democrat and chronicle. -- published an editorial so what's behind. The buffalo -- Maybe the tough times that brought buffalo to its knees made the city's leaders and citizens realizing needed to get on the same page. Amid a fiscal nightmare of the city's finances were taken over by state financial control board and -- can read the whole thing. I've posted it on my Twitter feed it in WB and in also on the WB and FaceBook page if you wanna check it out in read it but it really is that precipitous -- why am asking the question today. Do you think we're living through the reaper at some other things on -- talk about later on. During the afternoon we'll do that as we progress but right now. Would you live downtown. Do you and if not why is where you live the best place 8030930. In stark 930s the number to -- GM is in buffalo. Agent here on WB yen. The most articulate in the absence of rules and change the little things sort. I'm going to move downtown looked more bad development by the private industry is going gangbusters. And it's great to see that throughout these years because of the capital combat is likely -- -- I don't I don't remember it was a little bit. We still don't understand it was a trend my hospital that it was true that people are going to be our lives can be as -- and steal. The amendment and many of -- aren't jobs just road course centrum complex or whatever. At the same time well on Bloomberg taxpayer dollars for infrastructure at all -- -- Ten minutes to help them understand that there were. Two problems that are routing and remote parking around that so that people take the Astros than. I don't bikes and I that trap man looks. Indians. And I looked bad in the French federation unless we have emerged that couldn't parking proposal to -- commercially. That in China and constant -- good as the bad guy who has been a long time the momentum. The real essence of that program and certainly I would have to broken bat. Because you know enhance its wrong to do with my irons and the politicians can try -- stop women that you dilution. I think than -- that you yet the only the only credit I give politicians is I think that they Smart enough to the point where they just get out of the way. They get out of the way they're not the reason things are happening but they're not stopping it. An absence let me adult. And you know I don't know capitalism. And investment -- and mr. referendum for the capitals who have it was a good situation. I'm glad glad I'm looking forward to regret the battles let's. This -- we just a crucial that will present government understand -- and screws. That let them bring his picture on bank and that would probably about his -- that looks beautiful. Most agencies I -- that little payment that we now. It's been some improvement and -- and he took -- bathroom which -- -- -- there shouldn't be -- And that essentially reform that is group. I need to look extraordinarily probably at least I welcome my guys -- members. Get gym some of that you know that -- nothing is perfect nothing is is great you know -- That that entire. You know the tallest building in buffalo being you know largely vacant that drives me crazy. On but. Like the rest of what's going and I think someone's gonna figure that out and you know we we did a morning on this not too long ago here on WB and -- John and Susan were asking a lot of different people. A lot of questions about that building and you know really seems like someone's gonna be you know come up with mixed use and you -- you know we'll see people working in their living in there and shopping and at some point just not there yet. Until I came on the road. And I don't. I have to look at children. The battle escalated wherever those who have grown page twenty -- whatever. The conduct OK he then be proactive wouldn't. There's something wrong -- just a little bit about our government doesn't bottom out and -- -- children's. And I really don't you know investigative reporting live find out what happened actually was believed to be corrected. That would help the people who try to -- a lot more. Okay not a crazy request at all Jim you know I appreciate that in its you know. At that the schools and thank you again for the call I appreciate it that you know the schools are definitely. You know on the list of things to keep people out of surprised we haven't heard it. So far in the -- -- posing the question would you live in buffalo do you live in buffalo. What we've heard as a lot of people say. You know while I've raised the kids and done with schools now I can move into the city's schools are clearly a problem and absolutely I mean will we follow the school's very closely as it is but you know could we do more could we do it differently. Certainly and maybe in the last hour tonight we my -- little bit of ask the program director instances suggestions for the station and what you know different things that we should be doing -- you'd like -- to -- -- stay tuned for that. Perhaps in the 6 o'clock hour but right now I'm asking you whether we're living the rebirth of downtown buffalo and whether you would live in downtown buffalo. What he would do live in downtown buffalo and if you won't if you don't. You can tell me why. And you can tell me why we are you live as the best place to live. You know three on 930 that number to call it star and 930 and I'm also watching my Twitter feed at ten WB and and also the tax that are coming in today. To our 3930. Folks texting back to -- 30. 930. Another -- is in north kind of -- Jim you are on WB yen. I do good a yacht you know that would that would be about will go to -- load off the but what happened. And many much look at a well it look at it to my -- and that is I think that is one of the greatest place in the war. What -- well when he get off the beaten up and that it. You know I'll armada major -- -- -- -- understand -- -- reunion at the cemetery the only thing yet but they're the out. -- go to the bathroom so I told my mother's. -- that I had to go to Tibet from campers that. The best corrected story about the look around first -- step good of their program they get there he can win that point. Jim I think. It ought to be literally I mean literally look around it or you don't just go out would look at Iraq could like that at little nickel. Let god will let go. Yeah you know I could sit here until I'm blue in the face today and say you know OK are we witnessing the rebirth of buffalo the answer to my own question is I think we are. Does that mean that in every section every quarter in the city of buffalo is a safe places a great place in the you know that sidewalks are cracked and you know every store Friday is he's populated with a growing business loan and on that saying. Tickets are being bought have you ever won big part of anybody. In western new work -- -- York kitten bit by appointment very. He could not miss that to attack. -- -- -- and I love it that if you've -- -- and we were we had enormous debt the air and get out. The extra care to when you know ordered after together with the southern tip of the year. We can never ever -- -- chairs and before we walked in the tools at your secure work like -- like that. You went back look routes to make commit to check. Out. Grade a Jim thanks for the call always -- the always entertaining. Our jam in and -- checking in and make some some fairly good points there you know and I'm not sitting here saying that buffalo has done in buffalo is. You know won the battle and you know rebirth complete not while I'm just saying. Things are happening now that I never thought would happen people are living downtown choosing to live downtown seeking it out. -- in my lifetime and I really did not think it would happen. When they go to the WB and FaceBook page at some of the comments you know I -- to them and some of them just driving me nuts. This one lady says I would not live in Buffalo's sorry too many homeless people walking around downtown. Doing nothing but begging for money and scaring the be Jesus -- enemy. Sorry garbage all over the place people don't respect the city also was not thrilled to see -- soup kitchen giving out free meals to the homeless. In front of the library and did I mention all the broken sidewalks. PS canal side looks great. You know that's the kind of mentality in in in this city that I think tried so many people not so I was just over in the control room and John -- and was saying why there's so many. Negative people in this town and you know comments like that. You know come on yeah there are there homeless people on buffalo there are and it's very unfortunate and in we as a society need to do something to. Try to help that out and in. And you know discouragement and prevent it from from being an issue at all. Put it exists in urban places that exists in Chicago it exists in New York City. It doesn't mean we are not witnessing and living through the rebirth of buffalo and Western New York is a seriously think we're starting to see. Some really positive changes and I'm not gonna give the credit to the government. In and politicians. And gonna give the credit. -- independent. Private business people who are investing. Yeah and sometimes with some of your money in my money. -- is pars incentives are concerned but they're taking a risk in their making buffalo and downtown buffalo a better place. That's what I'm talking about today and and I think is the rebirth. At least from my perspective. And we're gonna get back into it and just a moment but first you run a check on traffic and weather together for 21. I should know this stuff. Alan Harris over in a traffic command what's up now. WB EN AccuWeather it's starting to become somewhat significant we do have the flood watch in effect for all Western New York through midnight tonight we also have a severe thunderstorm right now no watches or warnings but there's a storm. Down on the south towns Easter -- area moving to the north east over -- Genesee County in Wyoming counties. So watch for that that's the only one that we know love and I can see on our radar. Right now. First pitch tonight it's Irish festival night at the ballpark. At 705 against the Columbus. Clippers for tomorrow looks like mainly cloudy skies -- humid again some showers and thunderstorms again and a high of 7483. And mostly. Cloudy skies some spots some sun peeking through and that storm down in the southeastern portion. -- county's volunteer Wenger in here for Tom our lead today he's out. He's actually going to a concert tonight at some stuff to do today and he'll be back. Tomorrow and there is an editorial in the Rochester Democrat and chronicle it was published yesterday that really was of interest to me. What is behind the buffalo buzz and basically. I'm talking about the rebirth if you will of buffalo. And I'm simply asking you because I think we're experiencing it are we experiencing the rebirth of buffalo would you live in buffalo which you live in downtown buffalo. In if you wouldn't you can tell me why and if you wouldn't you where you won't rather you can tell me why where you live. Is the best place to live 8030930. And star 930 the number to call. Animals watching it Tim WB ENN Twitter and our text line and 3930. Edison Grand Island and you are WB. There are. Good -- You know basically anxious calling into -- if we're very happy. Man Grand Island. Great school system. Wonderful teachers. Everything really good but. I just wanna give credit where credit this to the reason we're happy anger and with the school's system. And it is because my wife and I spent a lot of time. Teaching your kids right wrong making sure their manners. Her in order making them studying and making them do what they need to -- to be good citizens okay. Okay problem in buffalo years. It's not the school system it's it's the homes where these children Kirk Kirk Kirk coming from. A lot of on this single parent homes. A lot of these parents are working 23 jobs to get by eight. They don't have the time to spend with their kids. So they rely on the school system to instill. Certain values in them which the teachers and the administrators. Quite frankly don't have time to raise children. OK Adam and I have to cut -- off airman of which can hold channel talked if you wanna stick around after the bottom of the hour news break you can do so. But if you kind of taking it in another direction and I guess that's fine because schools are huge factor in why. And whether people would live in the city of buffalo I totally agree that. In I think it's a huge issue we get into than on the other side of the news. As well rebirth the buffalo you -- that. I think we're and that and that would do live in buffalo 8030930. And start 930 Tim Wenger here for Tom buy hourly. And I was -- island wait and WB. Darien lake right. Tonight. There were some tickets here in the building and I think I heard all -- -- -- being in the -- currently running up to the front -- to see if they could get their hands. On the tickets or is that going on out at Darian lake. And by the way we just sits on the text that's too that it's raining out at in the Batavia area of a long ways to go before that concert tonight. Journey out at Darian lake but I just you know be prepared tonight. You're headed up dark park if you're over Geary -- wherever you are outside tonight we do the flood watches Tom told you and severe thunderstorm has moved its way up. Out of by northeast or southeast rather Erie county over in the Genesee & Wyoming county there are seeing right now. I just check the radar. And really that's the only thing of note right now. That MC and radar this kind of weather we cadets and pop up storms that any points so. Be on the look out we get any information here we will pass on to you immediately and Tim -- I'm here for Tom -- today. I'm WB and Tom is back tomorrow he is at one of those concerts tonight. And hopefully is avoiding any kind of a storms that might be out there he's been waiting for this one for a long time there was is. Editorial the word I'm searching for editorial in the Rochester Democrat and chronicle yesterday. So what's behind the buffalo buzz and have posted it on my Twitter feed at ten WB EN. In on our FaceBook page as well. And really it begs me to ask the question today. Whether you think we're living through a rebirth of buffalo rebirth of downtown buffalo buffalo in general and I think we are. It were on the cusp of that there's a lot more to do. A lot has been done. But yes a lot needs to be done the schools have been brought up. Huge huge issue to get people live in a city and community. Is is good schools and decent schools. And hopefully new board of education and probably in new -- -- probably and new superintendent. Will be coming in and you know that's gonna help but would you live in downtown buffalo would you choose to live in buffalo. By choice. Would you. And if you wouldn't tell me why and if you won't tell me where you live and why you think it's the best place to live. In the buffalo where the Western New York area 803 on 930 and start at 930. After 5 o'clock got something else will -- into the mix. As well so. Stay tuned for that but for now we go to the phones at 8030930. And start 930 Madonna is on a cellphone -- Europe WBN. A lonely and they Madonna you're on WB. Hi I'm thrilled with -- discussion today. Trouble -- regrets about well it's not right and it's something I know. And lately by issuing a weather being -- that is people by doing more things. Parties outside it's the top it's a people are really commiserate about talking about came here and there -- work think animal interaction and it's just it's an odd thing you see happening. And people are excited about it and -- and -- -- becoming more metropolitan. What do you mean by that I think we're becoming less city. Suburban more one area and maybe some other things that happen -- or education. -- work and it it is people taking a look at. He inner city difficulties in knowing that there's an impact on outlying area. But if you live in an area like awfully dull jobs limits you don't just -- at least -- live and. The totality -- -- I think it's becoming more match. That would eager that I mean look up north of the border in in metro Toronto you know attempted to different country. But people say they live in Toronto they may live and you know you don't miss a soccer whatever but -- Toronto. And I'm even though we have separate jurisdictions -- separate governments. And even though there are -- specific political divisions. People who read this city to go to -- are always say when they -- and I'm awful they don't have a lot of time from start whatever. And so you've seen that backward migration -- people coming back. And I think it's great I really really do and I interest -- in the fact that there -- people and they expect it since 62. The downside we wanna be your outlook we wanna be -- the characters we wanna be your DR Garrick it's an exciting thing to hear about it really. I think Madonna people wanna be able to -- somewhere you know in the suburbs you really can't walk anywhere you have drive everywhere. That's natural that's so true and it can be barreled through and I know optics and experts and that but it can be just a big packs story. And just you know boxy houses. And maybe backs see 600000 dollar house where -- obsolete income. Into the city and find beautiful architecture and tremendous. Building materials. For a fraction of what you spend and from a suburban -- turn you know some developers stream which you can have your own -- in my house. -- home for a lot of money really. Good exit. -- -- thank you so much appreciate it. Treatment John Madonna rather checking in and I think Madonna she's or a regular -- and WB and lives in. The city of buffalo if I am not incorrect but you know on our FaceBook page today. To a whole bunch of activity on this subject. A lot of positive a lot of negative. One you mentioned where you live. While I can I'll tell ya guys at the beginning of the show I did I live down Orchard Park I don't live in the city right now. I could see myself living in the city and perhaps will at some point. On schools are huge issue I do have to school age kids right now it is an enormous issue for people. Choosing to live in the city of buffalo and if you're -- buffalo teacher and administrator. Don't don't -- -- and bashing the buffalo schools because I'm not but there are issues within their district. That a lot of people don't wanna get intimately involved in. With having your kids there and know they're great teachers in the city and -- great schools in the city. But it is an issue and it hurdle that is he has yet to be overcome the really going into this today the precipitous for the conversation. Was an editorial in the Rochester DNC. Basically. Touting the buzz that is going on in buffalo and a region a couple of things from this if you wanna read the whole thing. The DNC site has it or put it up on my Twitter feed. In on the WB -- FaceBook page as well linked to it for you. Maybe the tough times that brought buffalo to its knees made the city's leaders and citizens realized. They needed to get on the same page amid a fiscal nightmare this city's finances were taken over by state financial control board. In 2003 whatever the catalyst eleven years later. And the of the city is still under a soft advisory fiscal stability board it's not an overstatement to say buffalo is. -- Did you ever think you were in a year that. That is from the Rochester Democrat and chronicle. In editorial. Not from the buffalo paper but to from the Rochester paper there -- look at they are looking to the west in noticing what is going on here. In buffalo and western new York and I do think something's happening something is afoot we're seeing a rebirth we're seeing -- some life. In the community that we have not seen before. Tons needs to be done yes there are bad sections of the city of buffalo -- bad sections of Chicago Toronto. Of any urban. City any city at all has some areas that you know -- that are problematic and we have our share that is for sure. We need to continue to work on that too but. In the meantime I do think you're seeing people living I know you're seeing people choose to live in downtown buffalo. And that alone is a great thing in what follows living there. He shopping there and we hardly have the working there and more and more -- doing it. I think it's a rebirth I think it's real. I don't think we're done but I'd like to know do you think we are and would you live in the city of buffalo. And if you wouldn't he can tell me why to some of you've chosen to do that. And take that route today 8030930. And star 9:30 I am Tim linger here for Tom -- on WD. Him. Good afternoon it is for 46 at WB and I'm -- -- here for Tom hourly today Tom is back tomorrow afternoon. We're about four minutes away from an update on traffic and weather together. -- we do have some severe weather down to the south east of the buffalo metro area and to the east. It is targeted it's not huge or anything but it's something you need to be aware of I'm will bring it to speed in just a moment we'll track those storms. As the might come up we've got concert going on over Darian lake tonight at the art park and hold onto other. Outdoor activity so we'll keep you posted he sees something text us at 3930. And I'll means Collison. You're in touch right here on WBG. And we've been talking about. This editorial in the Rochester Democrat and chronicle gonna broaden it out a little bit here as we approach the 5 o'clock hour. But. Via editorialists and -- so what's behind the buffalo buzz basically. Really -- a piece of the kind of sparks Rochester to wake up in and looked down the through way and say hey what do they do. What are they doing over there that's so good how come they have some new jobs and new companies like the solar company how come they have the Harbour -- how come they have the medical quarter. What's going on in buffalo and I do think we're seeing a rebirth of downtown buffalo. I'm not sitting here today to give credit to anybody I'm not here to say that any one person is responsible I'm not saying that at all. But I'm gonna bring up the buffalo billion because someone on our FaceBook page today brought it up Mike. He says we are witnessing the reelection bid. Of Cuomo he's trying to buy your vote. I really don't think what's going on in buffalo is a direct result of this so called buffalo billion I don't think it's a result of Andrew Cuomo. I don't think it's a result of Byron brown I don't think it's a result of any Republicans either by the way. You know justice if you think -- being partisan. I think the rebirth that were witnessing in downtown buffalo and in buffalo in general is a result of private investment. And developers who had a vision -- willing to take a risk. A financial risk. Business risk on their own to make an investment in a property in -- vision in buffalo. And it's paying off now it's now paying off because there are people who choose to live in buffalo there are people who choose to locate. A business in buffalo and not enough that's for sure not enough yet. But hopefully that'll come. But that's what we're talking about whether or not you think it's real do you think we're experiencing the rebirth. That at least I in my childhood heard about that it would never happen here in in the buffalo area I think it is happening I think I'm seeing it 803 on 930 and start 930 phone numbers to call. And get in today and if you do live in the city -- wanna hear from you if you don't I want to know if you would. And if you won't why you live where you live and why you think. It's the greatest place to live at least in in the poplar. In Phoenix at least not yet Joseph is in the East Aurora hey Joseph -- NW the end. They thanked them. I yeah I agree with you that. Bill -- all the development did in buffalo where as a result of all of private money. Not government money and I would also like to say debacle billion. I'm -- like somebody got other got to political hack who has got one dollar yet they'll just off to a billion. You know it just well I think it just -- it's a different sort of formal reelected. The usual lament here by whomever about a popular but yet again. Yeah that's true that for sure. -- -- Even -- there's riverbend project. You know what I'd like to be -- name me one person -- got a job other than a political act. Like Sam pointer somebody as a result of the multiple billion. Yeah I mean the buffalo billion I guess is is real I mean there's money out there but I don't think that we can point to it and say that's the reason we're seeing the rebirth and we. But you can't even -- -- -- got a dollar from another event like there are older than a political act. Yeah why -- Joseph I can't I can't say that are not I don't know exactly where you know they're certainly giving grants made to people. In businesses and developments in buffalo that you know our our invest. Anyone you can name 1 look -- Pacific on okay -- and I'm not my point is. I think -- talk almost. Plan to get reelected and then you'll never hear about it again. OK so you're you're you're more on the the the buffalo billion again that's what does -- and and Facebook's that is well Governor Cuomo is trying to buy your vote -- Okay yeah that's what politicians do by the way on both sides of the -- they buy your vote they do it whether it's that with the buffalo billion and now we talk more about that just a minute but right now at 451 traffic. And weather together Alan Harris what's going on and traffic command. Okay WB EN AccuWeather for tonight we do that flash flood watch in effect until midnight tonight -- one thunderstorm that's been moving its way to the north east right now. Across Genesee County it affected the southern tier area south on their nation's East Aurora. -- -- last caller is from but at any rate that has moved out of the area the radar right now looks clear that could change. The forecast for tonight though. Mostly cloudy and muggy a couple of those showers and thundershowers. Overnight low 67 tomorrow mainly cloudy and humid showers and thunderstorms. May be some heavy downpours and spots and high. 7483. Degrees right now we've got partly cloudy skies and again if you're India. Area where that storm is obviously you've got some heavy rain but that is move for the most part. Now out of the buffalo Le metro area the immediate south towns in his east of the -- -- Right now we'll keep you posted and if you see anything by all means let us know and if we do. We will let you know via our last caller ease -- frustrated by. That the buffalo billion I get frustrated by that too and really when it went into this this show today. I didn't wanna talk about politicians and politics but how well. Because you know. You can't do all of this you know with private money can't read you know -- rebuilding entire downtown buffalo quarter. Without these did at least the support of government is the buffalo billion real Americans adherents say it is -- isn't. But that you might be among a group of people out there who think that. This rebirth if it if there is one. Is simply Governor Cuomo buying your vote in once he's reelected in all likelihood that's gonna happen. You know what you think -- think it's all he thinks people are gonna now board up their businesses move out of buffalo its not the way it works you think it's just a result of of the buffalo billion and Governor Cuomo I don't think so I think this has been a long time in coming. I think politicians have gotten out of the way not in the way. Just out of the way and allowed some private business people to do their thing and do what they do best and that is invest in properties invest in. Businesses investing in residential areas and convert things into usable spaces where people. -- in choose to be I can't feed the conspiracy theorist to sit here and simply say. You know he's the only reason this is happening as the buffalo billion and this is a big conspiracy by Governor Cuomo not not the case I don't think so. At all is the buffalo billion real I don't know. You know there's there's money out there yes and there are people that are benefiting from it but Adam is he trying to buy your vote. I would say sure but I think any politician once they're elected that's what they do every. You know whether it's two years four years whatever their term might be. That is what they do. The eighties they serve to get reelected. And and will be a cynic in that case because I've never met one that really does one do that is that that's how they continue their job. To get reelected so. Number I you know the bigger issue to me the bigger issue that I'm trying to discuss with you today is whether or not. What we're seeing in buffalo is real is that a real rebirth is real enough. That the folks down at the Rochester Democrat and chronicle. He took pen to paper so to speak and they wrote an editorial and ask the questions so what's behind the buffalo -- Okay they're noticing and they're not seeing the Rochester buzz so to speak. They have their own issues over there and I'm not here to say today. That Buffalo's out of the woods -- a lot of problems in a lot of view of pointed them out in the phone calls so far and and FaceBook and Twitter. We've got the schools there are crime issues in buffalo there -- sections of the city as there are by the way in just about every city in every city. Across the country there -- problem areas but there are people now choosing to live in buffalo where they weren't. Two decades ago right in downtown buffalo are we witnessing a rebirth. Or -- wearing rose colored glasses I don't know. Give me call -- would you live in downtown buffalo 8030930. And star 930 here on WPC.

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