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6-24 Tim Wenger Hour 1

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WES. And in them. And just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- here it wasn't going to set -- world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- over. They're being told. Yourself and it's live it's local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio nine and thirty W. And you know -- the best thing about that opening is today prepared by the wildly talented Joseph beamer. The fact that you don't have to hear the annoying time hourly today. He's not here time is out partying it up he's got a scheduled day off he's up in our partner HO. Our eighties at our park guy he's at the Ringo concert. And he's been excited for it and you know wouldn't you know it wouldn't you know the fact. That the night that Tom has been planning for for so long up -- -- park he he went to a concert a couple of weeks ago -- recall who it was but. -- notes that -- for getter he sent me pictures that night. At any rate he's up there for Ringo Starr and we have a flood watch in effect for all of Western New York including art park. I don't wanna scare anybody away from our part but. Hopefully they'll get enough that we do not have any severe thunderstorm watches warnings or anything like that the weather service putting -- on warning so to speak. Telling us that we might get some severe weather at some point later today but -- -- now nothing out there on the radar. And go over my shoulder here and -- outside corporate park we really looks like decent day can feel it in the air though that mugging is is out there and any point. The rain could -- people watch on it for you I am to my anger and here for Tom buy hourly today and why am -- here why is Michael -- don't know year. Michael computer -- yesterday gave birth. Well -- his wife gave birth. To their second child. And when he told me that they said okay but are you gonna -- are you gonna come in and work. As you what did you do is this part was done his work was over eight months ago. But Michael is is otherwise occupied today and big huge congratulations from myself and all of us at WB and Leo again realize. Computer -- was born yesterday at 4:36. PM. Rate during the -- program eight pounds five ounces 21 inches long. And mother. Is it marina. Myrna marina and wanna -- marina. Computer oh they're all doing fine it's still in the hospital obviously induced yesterday. And everything worked out just fine but Michael's got his hands full with their first child their other girl. So if you -- just give give Michael some kind thoughts he is busy right now. With the birth of his new child so I guess I understand why. Why Michael could not command. This afternoon it's -- what are we gonna do today got a whole bunch of different stuff lined up here but I'm gonna tell you one thing I've been spending a good deal of time. In downtown buffalo late. I've been downtown quite a bit over the past several weekends and during the week at 2% meetings as well -- the -- offices and I'll watch it harbors and Angola. I was at our sister station cases concert. A couple of weeks ago for kissed the summer Carlos -- canal side. And I've really noticed a lot going in downtown buffalo and a lifelong resident of buffalo and Western New York Atlanta and the south towns right now and Orchard Park. -- long time lifelong resident of the area and never never did I think I would say that I was gonna live through. The rebirth of buffalo. Never did -- even remotely think better remember driving to downtown buffalo with my dad to go see Buffalo Sabres game. And I look around and -- I would ask him about all the different buildings and in wider empty. In -- deceit you know that really wasn't much to do ask him where -- go to lunch he worked downtown you know we're we're would you go because there really isn't anything now. I never thought we get to a point where a Tim Winger would say. That I think we're living through the rebirth of of buffalo and at this downtown buffalo but buffalo. In general and I got to tell you I threw something up on the WB yen FaceBook page. I don't know about an hour or so ago on and pull that up. Rate now and -- -- shocked I'm not sure we're living in the same town you and I. Because I I put some stuff up there it's actually for the whatever reason temporarily unavailable at the moment but anyways. I threw up a post of of an interesting article one minute tele about that was candid it was distributed throughout our building here. In uptight about it just a second. And I put the link up on the WB and FaceBook page. And additionally it's on my Twitter. Feed as well which by the way for any view on Twitter is at him WB -- pretty easy your -- at him. WB EN through that linkup a couple of hours ago. So -- means check the article -- them and give you some of the highlights of it in just a minute but have a lot of questions -- kind of go along with this article. But I'm shocked really shocked at the comments that are coming in. Some of the comments I should say. That are coming in simply you know when they put up their. Is are we witnessing the rebirth of buffalo would you live in downtown buffalo. If not. Where you -- is where you live where you're living right now the best place to live in Western New York. And I've asked people to check out this editorial. That was over in the Rochester Democrat and chronicle. Just this week published. Yesterday actually. In the name of the guarding that title via editorially so what's behind. The buffalo buses and can read it to you because you can do that and I'll give you some of the highlights. Maybe the tough times that brought buffalo to its knees made the city's leaders and citizens realized they needed to get on the same page. Amid a fiscal nightmare the city's finances. Were taken over by a state financial control board in 2003. Further on India editorial they say. Whatever the catalyst eleven years later. And the of the city is still under softer advisory fiscal stability board it's not an overstatement to say that buffalo is -- if not booming. -- -- such enviable metrics as significant increases in private jobs per capita income. In its population of young people aged twenty to 34 which I would argue is so key so he. To what I would consider the rebirth. Of buffalo buffalo residents are understandably excited for instance about billionaire. -- and the risks mosques plan rather to build one of the world's biggest solar panel factories. In south buffalo you've probably heard that story on this station and in the media over the past. Weaker so. And -- while the Cuomo administration. Is boosting clearly playing a major role in Buffalo's resurgence. Buffalo's new cooperative spirit has been equally impact -- paddy Gallagher -- who we talked to a great deal here on WB and and it's the buffalo Niagara partnership. Similar to the Rochester business alliance points to the community alignment around a well thought out plan for action. In her quote is they're no longer was arguing arguing rather about what to do. The arguing became about how to do it that's as much as I'm gonna read from the article if you wanna read the entire article. You can go on to the FaceBook page for WV and or again my Twitter feed it and WB and put the link. -- that editorial which was published yesterday in the Rochester DNC but. I'm Tonya I think it's pretty exciting times we're living in right now in buffalo. In your probably saying to him what he gonna give Governor Cuomo all the credit the buffalo billion what about Byron brown is he behind it. No. I'll tell you those people haven't heard it. And and maybe they have helped it that's that's fine too but you know what I think happened I think we had a lot of Smart developers. Come come up to the plate in buffalo. Carl Paladino is one of them Rocco -- and he is another one. There're there're a bunch of them Chris Jacobs and other -- These are people that had the where with all the economic and fiscal where Mittal and willing to take the risk with their money. To look at the building to look at something in the downtown area and say. Hey I can do something with it's I think if we do something people will move here people will live here the live in downtown buffalo something I thought. Would never ever happen in my lifetime and I'm not being sarcastic I'm not going it to you know walking the plank in saying that I never thought. I would see today were downtown buffalo would start to be overtaken by residential not just. Business you know nine to five Monday through Friday. Kind of occupancy we've always had a great deal would district we've always had a nice area north buffalo and south buffalo. Others lots of communities -- community. Com and there are you know we could walk through the city. A step by step if you will on the air and I can I can tell you where there -- there's a rebirth not. Not only in downtown buffalo somebody you know hurdle that's another one at that we you know chippewa several years ago. Chip block continues to. Be established and we. You know ten years ago eleven years ago we would be excited that a restaurant was opening in downtown buffalo. Now the same owners of those restaurants are opening another restaurant or two restaurants or three. Because if you start to build it they will come so to speak to use the the phrase from the movie. But I think buffalo is on the cost of a rebirth nothing happens quickly. But I would challenge you if you have not been in downtown buffalo. In a long time and I would define a long time more than a year if you have not been in downtown buffalo that you really ought to go down. Pick a time go down check it out and not just talking about the waterfront canal side is awesome looks great. You look at Harvard center. What Terry to Golan the sabres have done there it's amazing they've you know they've just remove one of the cranes and they're gonna start going up. I think sixteen to twenty stories on the corner of the harbor center right now. You know and that is going to be an enormous development in downtown buffalo. Just steps away from that you've got the old state office building which now houses -- sly little courtyard by an area. You know there's there is occupancy rate there. I'm we're looking at new jobs moving into the key towers further up you know I just north of the the -- district. On there's a lot going on in downtown buffalo and it begs me to ask you the question today. Do you think we're living through the rebirth. Of downtown buffalo do you think this is the rebirth of the city that so many of us you and I maybe grew up here and thought would never occur. We listened to our parents talk about you know the heyday when there was retail in downtown buffalo things to do. To me I think it's happening again I think there are people that will. Live downtown I think their young people who live downtown there are people my age. Who would live downtown I would tell you right now I could easily could easily find myself living. In the downtown buffalo area. Where in the city in general so that really is one of the questions -- -- -- -- dated today in addition to are we witnessing the rebirth of buffalo. Would you. Would you live in downtown buffalo would you live in buffalo the city of buffalo. Obviously there are lots of different neighborhoods not just downtown. On the law officer exciting that there is some great collected neighborhoods. From the downtown area stretching north south and east and you know would you live. In the city of buffalo and if you wouldn't if he simply would not obviously -- lake where you live. Why is where you live the best place to live. -- here in buffalo and Western New York what makes it's so great I can tell you why. Orchard Park is great it's just it's just place another place it's a great place to live it's safe it's convenient. Has all the the stuff I needed you know the part of life that I'm in right now but. That the only place secondly but I could make a real good argument for -- chip market lived -- -- Rory as well I've lived in the city. But check -- editorial. The Democrat and chronicle. Has a great editorial again that it linked on our FaceBook page. And my Twitter feed at him WB yen want to hear from you today whether you'd think we're living through the rebirth of buffalo. Whether you would live in downtown buffalo. What he would live in the city in general anywhere in the city of buffalo. And tell me where you live why you live there why it's the best place to live you can call me at 803. 09308030930. The main number to call. And if you choose to do and on the cellphone you can do that with a quick and free connection at start at 930 year -- living through the rebirth. Of downtown buffalo you do 30930. And Tim when you're here for time hourly on WB and we'll continue this and other aspects of the conversation throughout the afternoon here on WB and also wanna tell you I'm following our attacks speed as well. If you want a text this station just the way we text you at 3930. Am watching that as well. And I'll watch it for whether information to it that becomes reality later on with any of these storms that may pop up were OK right now. But 3930 protects animals one Tweeter and it Tim. WB yen I really think it's a pretty exciting time and it really would seriously challenge you. To take a trip to downtown buffalo if you haven't been there. In awhile. Because you're gonna see some change in its not just Harbour -- one of the comments on her FaceBook pages. You know re doing an empty building and I think you're alluding to affect them the state office building you know repurchasing of building does not make rebirth. Well I mean and it let's let's walk from the arena. Harbors manner the state building which is now the Phillips liable in the courtyard building everything that's gone on and chippewa. You know. The new jobs the new office space that is is beginning to be filled refilled in the key towers. -- and he then medical court and you mentioned the medical quarter yet. My great grandparents grew up on mulberry street in buffalo. And I'll go back to my dad I mean -- he would drive me by the house and I would look at that house and then in I would look at the pictures. Of you know from from decades ago. And in just all what a beautiful home it was and it was absolutely destroyed dilapidated. That very neighborhood my father re here today I think it's his job would drop because people are starting to invest connect communicate just heard this morning in our news meeting. About someone who's making an investment in property there. Fix it up because there are a lot of medical professionals doctors nurses you know anyone in the medical. -- administration profession where those jobs are now. -- being occupied in that area that -- a live and work in the same spot. You're gonna start to see that grow. You know what else do we need in downtown buffalo. What else do we need for you to say. Like guy that you could live in downtown buffalo and again I utilized it's not for everybody living in the city is not for everybody. I don't I live in in the suburbs right now but I could see myself in the city in an urban setting at some point again. I'm there when it one point. But if you like it where you are you can also shout out for that why is where you live. The best place to live here in buffalo and Western New York is this the rebirth. Or. Is one of our FaceBook followers. Pointed out here is this all just lipstick. On a paid I don't think so but somebody might think so 8030930. And -- 930 the numbers to get in now watch the -- at 3930. A -- Twitter at Tim WB yen -- Tim Wenger and here for Tom -- and the news is next. Stay tuned for the weather information to it's going to be important this afternoon. And will have you covered rate year on WB. -- -- -- -- Buffalo's got a spirit judge Joseph beamer -- for finding that from 1982 -- remember when they filmed the Buffalo's got a spirit. The video I think they did it right in Niagara square. Downtown and the they've recruited a bunch of people actually girl I went to high school -- Was one of that quote unquote stars of the buffaloes got a spirit. Jingle whether or theme song you know it's -- -- the money was here not too long ago. And Mike you mentioned is Susan and John in the morning that he thinks someone should that come up with. The new look that 2014. Version. Of Buffalo's got a -- talk and crowd talk and proud. So on and so far. Nothing has happened yet but that I'm Tim Laker here for Tom buy hourly today and there's a lot going on in this town there is a taunting going and where I sit right now out in the town of Amherst. If you if you're out here in -- in the suburbs and you live and work in the suburbs and you don't have reason to go. The downtown buffalo very often. Check it out go down and maybe he'll walk away the way I have a late. Where do you think there's an awful lot going on and I'm not gonna throw the credit it mayor brown I'm not gonna throw the credit Governor Cuomo not gonna throw the credit really at any politician. I'm also not gonna blame them for anything -- standing in the way I think what happened is they got out of the way. They just got out of the way and let the people the developers. Listen to people. And in start doing what what brings a city back to life and that is having people live there and worked there people live and work. It's amazing how that works you know and then once you do that it starts to spread. And we're starting to see that residential -- in downtown buffalo along with all of the other business development. Recreation. Development downtown buffalo a lot of bar and restaurant development in downtown buffalo as of yet not too much in the way of retail development. But I think that's the next piece I think that is probably the next thing that will happen. Is retail development in my question to you today is are we witnessing you and I'm witnessing that rebirth of buffalo. In downtown buffalo. That we thought we would never see in our lifetime. And I'm not sitting here with rose colored glasses saying wow this city is perfect we're done. And now let's move on to the next thing it's units now works its fan -- happens. But I do think we're seeing. Some strategic. Progression. Of development on both the business and residential. And perhaps a little -- -- retail front. Is well that would point toward. Some pretty promising times for the city in guess solves a separate downtown from the rest of the city too because we've already seen. You know areas like hurdle and on what those areas. Achieve. You know notoriety for a for having. They're inclusive nature and in collective nature and what makes them neighborhoods Allentown. The only courtroom when district I should say. -- village. But downtown buffalo and I do think received a rebirth and -- know would you live in downtown buffalo are you seeing that rebirth I'm seeing. And you know I'm not looking to give -- give anyone credit or blame anyone or anything else and just wanna know are we witnessing the rebirth together and would you live there 8030930. And start 930 we go to the phones we start with -- out and Akron men your on WB and what's up. Unit and good. I. Well I just recently bought a property. Estate. If -- -- I've given up forty. Rocket city buffalo. Like that certain hurts her. And I wish her though now lord. By you get off the beaten path. And lot. -- -- you know what -- we had this conversation earlier today internally and someone brought that up in their you know the you tell me you go to Chicago today go to Chicago we use that as an example because so many people call Chicago a giant buffalo it's very similar -- dinner. You go to Chicago -- do you tell me you tell me there's not a bad neighborhood in Chicago. Every single city you -- a city that doesn't have a bad quote unquote bad neighbor. I agree yeah so. I'm okay so why would you move out because buffalo has -- that area. Well it's Saturday in Europe and -- senator -- they're both from that took us. And -- or eight -- and creep back. But then again and you get the act the Tony. -- -- -- And why would you state here. I mean and last year in the political elite already get those. -- minority. -- That's probably a bad word by. -- met met what is your privilege we do you do you have a job are you working right now. OK any. I don't you know obviously -- I'm not dumb I I understand I pay higher taxes than most people that frankly most people who work within the company I work for because we're all over the country but. I -- I do choose to live here for a reason I choose to live here because of gambling I choose to live here because some comfortable here. You know some of that comes with a price but. Yes I agree. Oh absolutely I agree with that the reasons I stay. Our you know outweigh their greater than that I'm not just gonna quit my job and in Upton in -- my family and leave everybody that I love and care for so I can say I pay pay lower taxes and in Texas. I'm -- different situation. My youngest daughter just graduated from guys both. Ends. She wants though she can expect a while and through that well and you know maybe -- let me. Much over the years but it. If there -- greener pastures. Well and I'm tired of waiting for pot or a summer on global -- not to turn Europe were up. A lot. Two years ago and it worked in every. Vote victory. City -- And it was. In -- -- OK now you know I I understand what you're saying completely and I'm not gonna sit here in this chair today in Indian sitting here for Tom and say. You know bang we're done Buffalo's great and -- and it's the fees they cut Phoenix of the north no not at all. I am telling you that I feel and I EC. On rebirth occurring that doesn't mean that the birth is complete. So it is now -- it around a little bit but I'm. Under the point where I can't wait for anymore. Okay well correlate different points in her life and I get that I I do I get it where you moving to where did you buy property. Kong. Eastern Tennessee. Okay nice nice part of the country at this was talking with someone that was in Tennessee recently had a great time eight. Date notes state sales -- curtain no state income tax gap the C east and again aren't cheaper in and day and I regard. Now I know man how I'll give ya let thanks for the call -- appreciated and there. Eric thanks for hanging in there and you waited a long time that. You know -- brings up really good points there are all excellent points in the united I will be and always on the road between here in Florida. Earlier this year and I want the gas price go down ideological back up again to. But I you know -- there are places with two with them far fewer and less taxes. Cheaper taxes I guess when I'm trying to say. You know we're gases less and Indian maybe more jobs my point today isn't that everything's done. My point today is. You know twenty years ago. If you told me that there was a rebirth going -- buffalo I would say you know give me on the tour bus and show me where. Because that's that's not the case that it that wasn't Kasich today but now I don't know I think it is 8030930. -- 930 the numbers to caller we witnessing the rebirth of downtown buffalo. And why is where you live if you don't choose to live in buffalo the best place to live in this area. I'm Tim Wenger for Tom hourly here on WB EN. It is 346 at WB EN hello there I'm Tim Wenger in for Tom buy hourly time off today he's actually up at our park for the the Ringo concert tonight and he'll be back here tomorrow afternoon so he will be right back with yet. To -- this -- kind of an opportunity to talk about something that's been on my mind -- the past few weeks have been spending. A good deal of time in downtown buffalo late concert canal side. Some meetings in downtown buffalo. Some appointments down there and it really is impressive. What is happening downtown. My last I'm not sure which 1 morning last week that I think it was Friday. Does the morning crew here on WB and John and Susan did did morning. Focus if he will and living in downtown buffalo and all of the reuse of buildings in the lofts and a places like complaining -- downtown buffalo where there was a tour and that was among the properties on a tour on Saturday. Leaving buffalo tour. Can really get a -- needed to to wonder are we witnessing this rebirth of downtown buffalo that I really did not expect to see. In my lifetime really didn't when he grew up around here. A downtown was a place that certain people went to to work. That was about it you went downtown between 95 and and you did your job you worked in. UN home -- -- in the city some -- in the suburbs whatever but -- that's about. All the usefulness there was in downtown buffalo and then we started to see some growth. Now it just seems to be. The exploding is too strong a word. But it's definitely multiplying. By more than times one let's put it that way. Indy you know I wish you lived down there which you live in downtown buffalo we do live in buffalo do you live in buffalo love to hear from someone out there. Listening today that lives downtown -- lives in the city and wants to tell us why. It is a great place to live and whether they think. That were feeling the rebirth. Downtown buffalo. And if not why is where you live the best place to live 8030930. And star 930 will get to the weather in just a minute which may be a factor but. To the phones we go this is Jeff Jeff you're in downtown buffalo. I don't welcome to WB yen. -- In my way and I bought a cultural group and pledged that. Five years ago here in the recited downtown. -- tree blocked action -- You renovated house should probably doubled in value. He won -- divided into concern. About five years ago while it's great. And I mean how lol on that stripper relive -- people are buying -- -- -- and don't anchor it a lot more money in the bottom work. I gotta let the delay of -- -- complain about exit to connect to Alter ego dollar. Yeah I mean Iraq play on all I mean we can argue week that's a different show for different -- Texas and New York's eight it's better but yet in the city of buffalo -- You know put your house out in you know I don't wanna pick on anyone the -- house out in Amherst put your -- out and Clarence and -- with the Texas. But -- had been drifting too because whatever -- we get a lot of a lot of our neighbor but people didn't we will then here are older couple. You know to get on -- They want experience what happens. That is the part that is so interesting to me because I am I'm encountering people like that. People in their fifties people you know maybe in the sixties that have said you know we've done this whole thing this suburban thing we raise the kids they went to school. And now I wanna have some of this fun in downtown buffalo and I think it's pretty exciting. A Jeff Jeff one of the things he gets thrown thrown up all the time. When we talk about this and I'm looking at her FaceBook page right now. The WB Ian page and in people there are pointing out that there's nowhere to shop where -- -- do your shopping when you when you know house where you do. Okay yes they got to turn that needs to change that needs to change and in I would assume that if someone's -- -- you go. -- -- But I mean. I think we got probably about two dozen restaurant within a gunman walked right now and from everything associated side at stake out that the barbecue -- -- That's awesome Jeff enjoy it okay. Eric thank you very much for the call thanks for hang in Jeff live in the life if you will just behind hutch tech. In downtown buffalo WV and time now is 350. And time for traffic and weather together Alan Harris you've lived downtown what you. RW BEN AccuWeather first of all you need to know flash flood watch for all of Western New York cut through this evening for all of us here in Western New York -- nothing on the radar yet but the the mother -- could produce some showers and thunder showers at any point your first its forecast. Down at the ballpark it's Irish festival night. With first pitch at 705 against the Columbus clippers. Hopefully the rain holds off tomorrow night tomorrow rather mean the cloudy and humid again. With a high of seventy force some of those showers and thundershowers could. Hang around in Thursday thinks Calero little thick clouds and sun and a high of 7683. Degrees right now and we've got. Partly cloudy skies outsider studios here in. Amherst and Tim Wenger at 352. On WB and sitting here four Tom hourly. And we're talking about whether we're we're experiencing together here the rebirth. In downtown buffalo the rebirth of the city of buffalo. In a lot of you out there might be saying you know what what glasses are you wearing rose colored glasses and you know thinking that and I'm jumping in bed with all the politicians I don't give the politicians credit for what's going down. I give. The credit to people like the Terry -- is. The Carl Paladino is the Rocco Germany's and -- missing a bunch of names but the people. That it invested. Private money in a vision that DC in a building or location in the city. And in the invested in it and it's paying off and people are. They're following suit they're moving in just like that Jeff did. Who is just -- with us few minutes ago who lives down behind hutch tech would you live in the city. Do you live in the city if you do I'd love to hear from you -- if you don't and -- won't. Why is where you live the best place to live in buffalo and Western New York Jack is in Niagara Falls eject your WB yen. Tournament -- day to be retired admiral grounds I didn't that's. Okay. The -- folks said. I can't right now fifty years ago like to brag about this city but right now right you know it's. It's getting along. Got to wait Jack Jack Jack king are you talking about Niagara Falls are you talking about buffalo. Okay -- it's gonna be clear. But -- realize he is progressing and it hit a news is an effect they'll be going to a baseball game Friday night. -- when I grew up there. In the Paula I like to see you be placed -- -- -- Amherst and I killed. Love man who answered it felt that because John. I told him that there Emerson plays and I like to go. And shopping. And places seat were back in the fifties and sixties and I used to go to buffalo. I don't get down there really that much anymore. Until I go to go to baseball gigabyte. Well you know you you raise a really good point I think her -- a lot of people are are in your shoes. Either they have not been in buffalo for a long time or fallen into that everything is an Amherst and Williams -- because a lot of it is. And indeed but you know what if you go to any other successful city around the country and again I'll throw Chicago up here because they do think they're very similar buffalo and Chicago just that obviously population differences. Enormous but they're similar styles cities and similar similar climate. You know there's a lot of great places there's an Amherst out there I wanna see it Glen view. We -- in Chicago. And it's successful and that great you know but there are areas in the city too obviously this great neighborhood great restaurants and where people live I mean -- you need the Amherst. Nothing wrong -- but the you also need. You know -- downtown area that draws people not only to work but the live and play. We'll have a friend that just moved up to. The gates circle area and that. You buy one of academy and I guess of -- -- what this building. Their conditions -- Columbia Maryland. And Delaware and she says that it that's great there took me. -- name going to buffalo. I eat I we don't like the traffic present itself got out of my mid seventies so. You know. As that situation. OK Jack I'm gonna have to America lets you -- I appreciate the call and hope you have fun at that -- game more of your calls coming up at 803 on 930 right here on WB.

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