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6-25 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No one is anxious to build the stadium if we don't have to build the stadium more because no one is anxious to pay for the state. I've been working very hard to get the cost of government down and we have so we can get taxes down and we have. Stadiums are very expensive. Creatures. And even if he said what everyone's gonna contribute this state to count the the NFL the new -- Owner and it's that experience. Password reset and maybe religious don't have a record -- Imus where he said it doesn't take in. This am. So there you have Andrew Cuomo. He's one of the doubters he's doubting whether we need a new stadium. The other daughters Donald Trump. He doubts if any other bills on our prospective owner would keep the team here. -- so it's a tale of two doubters and which ones do you believe and which ones you doubt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of this is of first at all. Trump is in promotional mode which he's always. Andrew Cuomo is in reelection mode which -- what she's -- now okay so they're both and in -- -- consider each with a grain of salt. However I was thinking. Normal war. I'm Donald Trump or the or not Donald Trump by Andrew Cuomo. Or the Buffalo Bills this trump the bills the bills -- trump and for those of you ready to dismiss the fact of the bills might need. -- -- -- watch -- think about this. Almost the governor aren't. And he's had success passing is certain pieces of legislation. That have been very unpopular. New York say if so that you remember the Buffalo Bills do business and in the New York State. The the the laws are made in past in Albany. And the Buffalo Bills have to -- -- laws so I don't know if indeed Cuomo needs them more than they need Cuomo but the bottom line is if they're together on something. Is probably going to be a winning proposition. And in this case have you read on husbands columns he's saying no matter whether you build a new one or not. Whether it's a shiny new billion dollar -- we don't have. The emperor and not the infrastructure we don't have the corporate base. In order to a support this the corporate or the fan base -- you we have enough. As we are now. But if you could throw another billion dollars. At the expenses of building a new stadium prices are gonna have to go up everywhere on everything. And if you thought things were expensive before going to the experience. Where you see the new stadium so I'm thinking that maybe any prospective owner. Who sent for the confidential. Package showed showing the bill's financial. Was certainly gonna look at that and though they might wanna buy the -- but not require a new stadium. But. The odd man out in this case would be the NFL. The NFL I'm thinking would probably push for a new stadium. Because of the of these financial structure of the of the National Football League they wanna keep things bigger better shiny here. In more lucrative and that that's what it's all about so I don't think -- don't wanna hear about refurbishing. Something's been around for awhile. I think which is what we're doing now under and thirty million dollars project were and now. -- -- have been thinking bigger grander wider. And jump higher and run faster kind of attitude. And so would be interesting to see how that gets together with the taxpayers the NFL. The requirements of the trust left behind a row wells in Austria and I'm -- 1061692. Exits and start 930. And though let's go we got there -- several FaceBook. -- things let's go to Chris Chris what do you have this one comes. -- -- he says oh Trump's talking about apparently he's never heard of terror at the -- man worth more than him would dozens Latin name on everything. And who would keep the team here that's true I'm glad you brought that up no one knows exactly what trump is worth. But it's it's it's pretty pretty much guess that it would Golan has more money -- -- doesn't he's not the flamboyant show business kind of guidance from prison that he has better hair. But beyond Matt. I think for -- is a serious guy and he sent for the package. And any thoughts that if for globe put Golub bottom he'd move on there are insane that's just insane. With the investment he has in buffalo with the team and there's no building project in front of -- The arena you think he would dare move the team -- buying animal that that's that's that's crazy as absolutely. Crazy talk when Austria. This one comes from Tony he says trump just says things they hear herself talk we don't even know if he's submitted a formal bid Sig can't take him seriously. He got he got the information -- we do know that and I think he will submit a bid. But it won't be a serious. Just so he can say he submitted a bid and tried to save the Buffalo Bills and that gives him talking points on a New York guy they're the only team playing in New York. I did my best but I couldn't overpay can you hear that speech. You can happen. -- political consultant and I guess you hear a law -- -- This one comes from a rich he says I don't doubt trump he is the man to get things done. I don't believe in but goalie he's -- he's a con artist he's not gonna spend any money to get a winner. We should also keep the stadium where it is. All right well okay there's some interest and avoid severe and everybody has their own opinion. But here's what you got to remember. Don't think like a fan think like a business person. And that's that will throw everybody up with that will have a thinking like a fan your thinking with your heart. Businesspeople have to think -- their mind they have -- think logically. They have to think dollars and cents they have to estimate that costs all kinds of things. They don't have basic thoughts of we've got to keep the team here where the twelve man teams been here forever always support him. That's not gonna matter what's gonna matters the business side of all right we want the team stay here obviously. We support the team obviously. But the key decisions will be made with a mind enough heart. If you think about this -- -- got the most invested already was harbor senator and the sabres now adding the bills to it would be huge piece of the pie. For him he would all in this basically all of this area. As far as -- bureau is like ability of things like that. I don't see the others as being able to -- match him or have the interest in matching. For those who question here's -- thought he just sold property. Worth enough to buys the team and build his own stadium. That's just something you and I will go and -- while we want this old catcher soda bottles and or maybe the bond that grandma gave us were point five dollars. What were six years old. He sold property worth enough that by the I think it was one point 75 or one point eight billion dollars and five. Once them five few good absolutely by the team. And builds. The stadium with the money he just got -- and and that's not always got off. And a lot of play -- this guy I would take a break and we come back. We just got a ruling from the Supreme Court and it affects a lot of the way business is done. We have it with the -- between a policeman. And a perk or an alleged -- We come back we'll get into of that on news -- 930 WB and Tony and I and Chris were discussing. Whether it's a good -- to a slap your seafood and a fine restaurant like protocol. We said you -- teenager Trout. It is slap yours salmon what else can you do. You can you can -- your flounder yeah yeah I like that. But I don't know clams yeah yeah exactly but can you winners and serves are you. You funneling your fall flounder. This is fine restaurants so we don't know. I think I mean I've finally understand what you're referring to and that's when at the fish markets when there. Throwing the finish Seattle again when -- brother finished he had to get a slap the fish may be. I know my mother at home -- you know I am good table manners -- Potomac. Never to -- my fish at the table -- yeah you know it's not you know one especially if your aunts and uncles and what this company oil company and no home no no. Think you're -- our flounder. Don't we all wish we were here it was. -- now many flowers that would save. A couple check out. Like -- Yeah there's certain things like -- Can act like clams like lobster I'd like Korea. Galloped through guys excellence -- eucharist attitude like Canada's while cot is good. A lot via I again I. Addicts -- we all like had a good had a gives its greatness fish Dryden. The finish that I am really. -- -- that I really like would be. I think attic and and just told. Good -- truth and into efficient canned. Not you know not necessarily read I wanted to McCann and I want it in the increasingly hard to find packed in oil. I don't want to -- water that's what -- I want impacted soil. So that when you mix it and with the man phase. It tastes really good in water. The packets that they've come out with the tuna salad has opened up split on -- -- that that's easy that's good. And so basically. You'll get that Adam that the seafood -- deal. The 25 boxes of forty dollars in the big deal. Men are thinking of clams. I like clams like fried columns are like raw and steamed. See you and I would never move India know because we need a huge pantry and he. Has everything you like I don't like you like things that burn your -- excellent write down. You like everything on every. Everything elite whether it's a hamburger hot to argue got to put everything that's possible upon it on. I like mine. Barely season just lightly season a little relish here and there not the stuff you put on which -- -- -- -- -- you know toenail clippings you know everything and Chris you load your stuff up or do you kinda lightly yeah I'm pretty basic you know ketchup mustard -- -- that that's about it though. Let's go back to customize exactly. So it's an animal for. -- it's some of food is great but you -- Find the right stuff that you like now. This is from the Supreme Court in the story is breaking. And it's a big story it has a big story and affects a lot of things. And once you think about it it really opens a pandora's box to only cotton and think about that part of it. In a sweeping decision in favor of digital privacy. The Supreme Court ruled today. The police need a warrant to search a person's cell phone even in the case of someone placed under arrest. In an 821. Decision how many decisions that we generate a one not many. -- court ruled against the Obama administration. The usual laws the police and search any thing on a person when they make an arrest opponents argue that Smartphones were different because they holes it's massive impersonal stores of information. Modern cell phones are not just another technological compete against said the chief John or -- Roberts. As he wrote for the court. Think about it like this. There is probably more -- to be learned on your cell phone about you than there isn't your house. I'm using -- wired to leave of your senses what's the matter -- just think about your contact list. Your contact list that lets everybody you ever call. And if you look at the list of people -- called you that's all recorded on your cellphone. How many outgoing calls all recorded room unless you erase everything every day. So just the contact list and at all Nadia get your emails. On your cellphone I do. I get a lump on other thinks nobody government cellphone OK did you say idea send things from your phone yet. So you can find out up persons buying habits. A person's. The communication on cell phones. Of any type of communication. Between them and another party the complete phone contact list. God that's a storehouse of information and the reason it really hits home here locally. Is remember when there was an accident involving the police. In a bystander. It's -- a recording of it on the phone because you can obviously record video -- your phone to. One of the cops that was at the scene. Came over and demanded the cell phone. Because of either pictures or video that they were there were taking. What the cops didn't know is that the person shooting. When the phone shooting the video or -- pictures whichever they were. I had already handed off that phone to a friend and was holding a different phone because they asked for the phone. And so in that now that would be illegal. Recordings of his Supreme Court. So I think this is a a real civil liberties of victory. Even though I'm huge. On note on on doing everything we can. Tool allows the police to do their jobs there are certain limitations and I think this is one of them. Because of what I said they can track your life through your cellphone. And just for fun tonight maybe after dinner. Tried very you know relax a little bit just -- and -- that recliner and get your at your cell phone out and see what's on it. You will be amazed. And how much information. That if you would wanna say that's private information. There's no need for law enforcement -- that doesn't necessarily mean it's it's illegal it's just that if you're being arrested and they say the other hand over your cellphone. And they can look at your contact list. People you've called people's called you know people you via email people who've emailed huge Twitter account. Purchase account things you -- All kinds of stuff -- your life. Is encapsulated. In that cell phone. And now -- Supreme Court by eight to one decision says that the police need a warrant to search that. I think that's right you guys agree or do you think that's a that's a good ruling could ruling or with I think it's a it's a fabulous ruling. Because we want the cops have been able to do their job but there are limitations but I -- I figure -- -- I mean I hated the idea and just taking yourself what are the doctors it doesn't seem right and as I said I think I just made a case where there's more information about you on your phone and there is. In your safe deposit box or in your house -- in -- safe. 803930180616926. Good ruling are bad ruling that was call -- us know what -- thing. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WB yen that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Wow. That's -- on guitar and the good guys are taking lessons from. After one lesson it's amazing. Mark for a mouse you can really teach somebody -- -- -- burglars. Today's the day we already told you about for the buys this -- suspended last snipers it's 535 today. It's and I would very much summing during the break and we'll get right to this spring ruling. Why is it. You get different things depending on on different. Dispensing. For instance Coke and it can -- doesn't taste like coconut fountain aren't things in a candle tastes like things in a bottle. Why they're the same product news of his surroundings have have to do -- their taste. I think somebody had me to comment that they -- do with that the way it's. With the error something do with error when it's what about. Here you can give beer on tap or even get beer and a can not a camp a bottle beer bottle right or I can't whatever. Good -- taste different gases completely different I do not like draft beer and also business and I just told the other day yet knuckle head. But I don't remember what you think Chris. I generally like things more of it I don't drink a lot of beer but if I do I like him a bottle. It taste it taste like -- and can bought. I can drink pop out of a candidate it's fine although. I do like the old like migrant McGrath are used to get the coconut bottle oh yeah -- it's it's based models it's the vast enough that it pop on a bottle is unbelievable. I've got -- the beginning he was going into the world's the most interesting man think as you said. I don't drink one beer what I do. OK what about us. You always say you wanna grow up sums as the sausage Italian sausage patties on Barbara okay. I guarantee if you took the same meat imported cattle wink and and corporate on the same grow next that a patty they would taste differently why. I'm casing or casing and the I was OK hang on the paddy yeah that's right that's countries -- original casing in the Betty it is true. That's right that's right good thinking. But thank our editor Bob and -- assailants didn't have a casing. The mean it would just fall off. Yeah I would -- to grow a little -- don't sauce all assailants. A very good. Yeah I I go through quite a week you buy into that exists an app to get the skinless YE because McCain -- to do you really -- -- -- have to make the sacrifice you're missing somebody I mean I guess everybody has their own choices. But that's a lot of -- a lot -- assailants -- -- fair but when you take that first -- Nap Oscar I can eat beef hot -- do you like -- Now I'm particularly I don't like the flames -- now I like saints game period and the story. Right now his order to talk about apparently was a unanimous decision -- that nine zip. And as I said. Cohen so as I'm you've seen both sides of the court -- get together. On idea -- ruling. In a sweeping decision in favor of digital privacy the Supreme Court ruled today. The police need a warrant to search a person's cellphone even in the case of somebody placed under arrest. In a nine zip decision the court ruled against the Obama administration and the usual laws the police can search any thing. On a person when they make an arrest. Opponents argued that Smartphones were different because they holes that massive impersonal stores of information. Chief Justice John Roberts writing for the court said modern cell phones and not just another technological. Convenience and he is so right let's go to Dominic in Erie Pennsylvania. I've got outs and get him -- -- mind drove the wrong thing let me put this there we go now should be -- -- Erie Pennsylvania what do you think is this a good. Ruling. I think it's an exceptional ruling from the way it's been described am I ever read it yet of course. I am but I'm surprised the court at that. How will the way I think station lately. It won't affect me now. Well I can't I can't think of of giving more of your personal information at any level then what's on your cell phone I mean think about it. -- -- -- Okay mine I mean ever most people. Have they're contacting -- which is everybody they call if you go to history on your phone people called you what time they called all kinds of information is on it if you search web sites. Because a lot of things can be done on a Smartphone. It's it shows your shopping patterns is I mean -- -- -- overall lot of information I'm glad accord came up what his ruling. It. -- Yeah I hear you because a lot of stuff that's on my phone is on my tablets do that that's a that's a good point and is I assume this says cellphones. I assume on your read via the ruling it would also apply to tablets because I find it hard to believe that it wouldn't book. -- -- -- You never doubted that we are talking about senile old people that. You know up more than three quarters of their -- before cellphone even exist. Well that's Sharia is a lot has to be a little flexible as technology progresses because. You know and these laws were written a lot of them were written well before any kind of a cellphone so they have to keep up today I'm glad you approve of that and so -- thank you. You -- my tablet I wouldn't want them to seize my tablet. In fine tiptoe through the tulips. Will vote tiny Tim on there all my music is on there it's also on my iPods. I I dubbed it on I have two iPods and an iPad and all my music is on all three I I don't put any of -- you -- -- music and involved no I don't I should know -- -- -- I have some I have -- tied in with my Amazon account so. If I buy an album. And shows up on a real show up like him like I can access and so yes and no it's not on the hard drive -- -- -- I don't we're gonna possibly developing and needed on the phone but it it is in on all the other devices but I think -- I've mentioned before the break. Our -- here -- cell phones sometime today and just go through it. You're so used to putting everything on there because like one when -- record numbers from my contact west. I will put. What company they're aware -- and what their relationship is. Whether there are you all politicians and aura. A bank error whatever you know these guys is -- and there's so all that information is there along with who called jewel and who you called and what you're button where you were and what -- web sites that you visit. My god and remember back cop. That was involved in one of the cops involved in that altercation in buffalo saw a bystander. Taking up either pictures or video. And -- demanded that they have over the phone but what they didn't always have fallen had already been changed. With the person's friend so they still had that is evidence. Because the police wanted to and we don't know what they would have done -- it but they would have either looked at it or it would have. Something happened to we don't want that make any accusations there but the bottom line is instead it was preserved only because. They switched phones in this case. Anything they found on that if they just grabbed it out of your hand anything they found -- it would be inadmissible because they didn't have a warrant. So that's I think that is correct I really do. Usually. Anything that helps the police I'm very much in favor of but there have to be some guidelines. And I think Maria I think the -- scope to sell pretty well I'll be happy to read the decision to NC if it does include tablets. Because people put things on different banks though but the ability Dominic calls that he had a a straightforward. Regular. Cellphone. But not a Smartphone -- we come back we'll discuss that we -- 803093018061692. Through six are nine is region company. And the Supreme Court has ruled unanimously. Nine zip they just ruled today. Against the Obama administration. -- this kind of a ruling. The Supreme Court ruled that police need a warrant to search a person's cell phone even in the case of someone placed under arrest. Before there's. Police could search anyone -- idea -- Would conduct a search on anyone. -- or person when they make such an arrest opponents urged that Smartphones. Were different because they whole massive impersonal amounts of information. Modern cell phones and not just another technological convenience said Chief Justice John Roberts as he wrote for the court and think about it like this. What have they replace that the police would be interest -- them. How about your Rolodex. Does anybody to have a Rolodex anymore now it's probably under contact list how about. Case Tommy Shannon's let's think how much your little black book. Where you. Just went out with -- last night she was fabulous yeah as. A while Tommy would get a hernia lifting his little black book but that's an historic. A so so at the cellphone has replaced a lot of things a telephone directory. A roller Dex a little black book of personal things and I think a lot of us put things on there. Just so that we have them with us whenever we -- at the contact us is it is the best example -- for all kinds of pictures. So think about like this yeah I know I don't know John John Schwartz no I don't know. While optimism picture -- John Schwartz on your phone. I don't know -- gay movement time oh really how come you have digging Guggenheim that personal cell phone number on your contact list. So you can sit in is a powerful piece of information now normally I would not be. In favor of anything that would it would not help the police. I'm very very pro law and order to issue and gas. But I think this goes too far I I really do I think. Being able to just say hand over your phone. Is almost like you'd have to declare -- That you don't self incrimination that you yours you know it Libya a matter of self incrimination of major phone. Because it shows everything in life. We're not required to incriminate ourselves and I think our cellphones might add to that it doesn't mean that you have to be doing things. And they have to find things illegal on your phone just means they can tie things in with -- your phone and unlike some other things. If they get information on your phone it's very hard for you to claim you don't know how it got there. Because some people may occasionally. Because I watched cops. All the time and whenever they stop somebody had a card the people on the card don't know how anything got there. It's somebody just gave them a car they don't know the name of their friend. The you know aids is as one screw up after another. About the bottom line is they always deny any tie and with things tickets and jail. But that this cell phone wouldn't necessarily as I said. Show you to be guilty of anything but it was show whom you have contact -- It would be hard to say I don't know how that number and that name got on my idea contact analysts. Or yes there were 87 calls that I made within half an hour to somebody but I don't know VR. I mean it takes all that away. So think about it like that if if you handed. That over your handing over what could be very much incriminating. Evidence now. What I don't no one will probably find out after after its it's been written and we can read it. With the report and and talked to some legal experts or maybe judges. Whether if they get a search warrant. For something specific. Suppose they're looking for something specific to tie you went through Harry go to Perry -- it's okay. Well you might have a picture with -- what you might have Eric gets is phone number do they have to ask for each thing individually order they get carte Blanche. To search the whole fall and that would be -- may now a fishing -- position then. That's in every court case -- Television we oversee Iran air that's up fishing expedition and in the judge always finds of the person complaining about that. Result because there's so many different things on your cellphone. That's a good question. Would indeed the search warrant allow them to search your entire database on your cell phone or would it be something specific your honor. We're looking for a call made at 922. On the seventh of April. To Harry lots. And that's what they have the look for as opposed to yeah we just once it was on the phone because to me that's broad. But -- -- you guys both think it's a good idea is it is this a blow to police work that's a question how fast is this a blow because. I just explain how incriminating a can be and one man's incrimination is another man's evidence. So think about oh I bet while what are about it from that aspect of it is this harmful to the police. Public is being that they can still get a war to find with a look out more accessible I don't see it is as. All that harmful maybe is gonna take more and more time. I think about like this -- if they need a warrant and I don't know house how hard it is to drop a warm I'm not in the DA's office. I know that they wake up judges on the medal tonight to get him to OK -- But how how fast -- they get it if they pulled over a roadside. And suspected that something incriminating can be very helpful to them in your phone. Do they get to hold you there -- a little -- shows up. I'd do they have to -- drive you to our court house or of the judge's house. I don't understand how that would work would they want to bring -- the judges well it's just I don't know about it right from the exact that's right like fall back but it's still warm in the heart is still being solved season I didn't to a good enough job on that when we stuck in my mother's house to -- with -- and issue. Coach Joseph Pesci and chicken Jamaica's some -- the get the big butcher knife that's and that there was a -- -- -- -- material that the -- had a out of my grill you know that's good. But if you are cop. I would thank you wouldn't like this -- No probably not now I think if -- our defense attorney. You go out -- -- -- it. I think if you are college as a citizen with the way this government's going. I think we welcome a ruling like this because the -- can still have access but needs to get. Leo why I would you need probable cause again. Yes we have a reason to believe that that information is on that cell -- would that be enough. So I don't know because I don't know the procedure for getting more. So that's I mean but we're -- a lot of talk from a lot of book people -- and I -- to make a lot of money. -- discussing the law and the effect this will have on law enforcement. If the law enforcement had no access to your phone I think this would be. Awful would be a terrible ruling but they do but they have to may have to go through the procedure of getting awards so. I think I'm okay -- I think I'm on the balance is better to have this ruling that not to have this ruling. But to be fair to everybody make the paranoid people happier color really one. So -- we'll see where this goes we'll keep you informed. About wraps it up hope you're going to devise -- game today and checking out Arabia. Enjoy and I stay at the ballpark we'll see the rest of you tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock am running out like soccer would mean it was flying today online and on lock United's probably is you know some country I never heard well tomorrow's the day you have to plan -- -- in here by any US US US at what time. Well -- Our problem may be a semi or longer. -- world and it -- and ought to work. I'd ever have an answer tomorrow morning at nine under is ready at 930 and even her soccer fan trying to to bite anybody today. 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