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6-25 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- acquisition -- a step up step up we have -- Babel there are doubters these are Major League doubters it's a tale of who doubters. -- number one Donald Trump love billionaire very flamboyant does TV. As one of the few guys against -- revered by Imus and stern that the at the same time. -- he doubts that any other according to it is a tweet. I am the only potential owner of the Buffalo Bills will keep the team in buffalo where it belongs. So there again is he's out there was self promotion. And the last time we heard from him he already did the disclaimer of he wouldn't be a shame if if he got a outbid because he he's not -- overpay for so what he's doing is he's just setting it up for. Weeks and weeks maybe months of speculation where the trump name is is right there the big T out there and I I doubt him. I -- him because if he has to differentiate himself from other billionaires. And how does he does he do it by keeping his name in the press that meanwhile the other side of the coin. Airing Campbell -- all the other way and they appointing a money and so it was Golisano. And so will others will Rogers group in Toronto but. But I don't think trump really believes that he's the only one that would keep the team here but that keeps him in the headlines that keeps his name in the news. So I doubt. The daughter Donald Trump on the other hand I believe the governor Andrew Cuomo because Andrew Cuomo. He's -- zone moderating his stand from will do whatever is necessary. And now he's saying the state would do its part the -- would do its part. But and only if you really need a new stadium which frankly I'm not convinced of will be more a function of what the new buyer in the NFL say to the conditions the Cuban here we have the CO develops on the road so he's been hedging hedging hedging. And I believe that he believes that. On there and that and when you re done husbands columns. About why in a wide does not makes cents in it's it's it's a logical thing -- -- business men. Are not like fans they -- the fans but they're businessmen first and everything as a financial consideration. And not just because they liked football they wanna be on TV but it's -- financial can especially the heavy lifting that would involve the purchase of the Buffalo Bills. So I'm asking. Which one of these guys do you believe now. The governor was in town yesterday. And he ducked a question I'm going to Bob McCarthy and Tom Russia's in the news. About whether he considered trump was serious bidder for the team which I don't buy. I think he might be a bitter but I don't think he's going to be a series. I don't I don't -- characterize what I think of -- the governor said. But I don't see is I didn't see is sweet let's put it that way so the governor obviously numbers seriously. I like trump. I really do. But I said he wouldn't run for president and he didn't I said it would run for governor and he didn't and he's not gonna make a serious but he's not going to be the next bills. It be kind of fun if he was -- -- fun because they would do things PT Barnum the circus will be back in town. But I don't think that's gonna happen I really don't going to be somebody who is much quieter. Then he has right now which would be anybody. And where we don't know some some people would come out of the woodwork people we don't even know people who got one -- money. More money than Donald Trump so we don't know let's just hope it's Nadia. The Canadian group that does wanna bring a team out there. Have recently read an article on our prospective buyers. And when I didn't know that there was actually two groups. I don't get out our camera coming out of Toronto one has led by Bon Jovi and the others Rogers communications from not mistaken. Which has some serious there's money in serious -- their intent -- bring in the NFL there. So it's the way the article made it sound like they would pay the extra money to move them and then it's a -- you know the serious -- is put cool. After that nobody. -- out well we'll see in other words everybody gets so excited. When Donald Sterling was offered. Over a billion dollars. A 2002 billion to a billion by a guy Steve Ballmer who has twenty billion doing so he's got some money to. Former CEO used to cry a company meetings vote -- I buses don't cry at company meetings we usually do what they have to Telus with. And we cry but they've never it. Real -- jurors don't cry right so -- advance word is he has twenty billion we and he kicked off two billion to buy -- vastly overpaid for the team. But I and so there was hope that allowed their -- two billion for the NBA tame what what is an NFL -- Giants were in I've read that this can have no bearing whatsoever on the cell built but here's what they are now I don't know if this is hampered happening -- Cuomo set down what Roger Goodell. And talked to our stadium are. Issue I think Roger Goodell called -- Quotes Roger Goodell Betty times he says the Goodell strongly suggested and made -- the bills would need a new stadium. The governor said we'll do what we have to give the bills it was a New York that was bad I don't know if they've had a serious discussion see here's another thing. Don't be faked out by stuff that is not going to happen. Roger Goodell is our friend he grew up in a southern tier you know he won't let it won't let the team leave -- alone a while Loney. Roger Goodell when he make -- 35 million dollars if I'm not mistaken you know we got that because. He went along with what the owners want he knows how to handle the owners he knows how to handle media like Roger Goodell but he's not gonna he's not gonna stand in the pathway. Of somebody paying big money for an NFL franchise that the owners want -- do that not gonna happen. So you can forget about each of -- twelfth man -- you can forget about Roger Goodell you forget about trump if you're gonna concentrate on this concentrate on stuff it's gonna pay some dividends and that is the unknown -- the people who are. Got a group together now that we don't even know about those of the -- like a dark horse in the race. The one at the back. It doesn't matter how far back that horses until the first horse gets to the finish line and sometimes it's the horse in the back that does. So that's what you got to be alert for not the stuff that goes out well ahead of time. The publicity hounds like Donald Trump not I'm not taking him seriously -- he might make a bid. But you know he's not gonna get -- a fire sale price. And then he can say he made the bid I tried to keep the team here -- that's the gift that keeps on giving. Trump makes it trump makes a bed. And doesn't -- of money involved with making the bid certainly but it's chump change compared to actually buying the team. If he gets out bid which he probably would then he can always say I did my best I'm still you are still have to is considering a worthy investment. I tried to keep the team here don't you just meet Donald Trump now when -- do the bidding OK everybody puts down their initial bid. Are they able to re bid after that in other words okay well that group just put up this -- on that account owner with this. I don't I don't know the procedure I don't know what the procedure is the the investment banks would present the best offers to the trust -- the trust and make that decision. Now I don't know if they go back and forth you know I I I would tend to doubt I don't know. But I would send it out I think they're gonna put their gold ball slow all of that and that initial -- I could be wrong. But it doesn't seem logical to me that then the idea they would go back and re submit that that could be a long drawn drawn out process -- -- it'll be longer than we'd like anyway. But I'm not sure that's the way it works. But the trust has to be satisfied and the NFL has to be satisfied -- so both have to be satisfied. And if they're not it's not going to be a deal OK we'll be back -- more Beijing company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yen. The Bill Clinton and Obama. By the way thanks -- Dario right now our friends at WGR. He came when a trail of cupcakes. And they I have not had time to eat mine yet because he came in during the break but while it's very nice you're gonna like now this is you know. As I've been a rough tough. Talk sports station. The manly man station testosterone testosterone. Layden. They have to drain the Bulldog on a regular basis of testosterone he's got so much. Show we're not as sure of but others are like that yeah. But but others like that and you would not expect somebody working -- erupts we are on sports talk station. To be coming in saying I haven't tripped up tracks -- why it's why I'm you know in an instant. It's fabulous they're going to love that it's better than biting another soccer player that's true by this cupcakes instead. I like that solemn argument via the external tests here but we're asking it's a tale of two doubters that doubt that I doubt as Donald Trump. The other daughter but I don't doubt on this issue is Sandra drama are Andrew Cuomo. I don't like Andrew Cuomo but I don't doubt them that that he feels sincerely. That -- we may not need a new stadium. Donald Trump tweeted that he is the only person involved in this bidding that he knows of that would keep the team here. Now what does that kind of between true. Well I guarantee you're gonna get your name in the paper on television and on radio and to our chosen whatever for a lot longer. But even if you make a -- half hearted attempt but you do make it dead then you can always say. Nine that is in good faith I tried to keep the team in buffalo that's me Donald Trump. I stand for truth justice and the American way I'm sorry I got -- but I simply couldn't overpay for the team. I didn't see it coming and I can write that stuff. And those suckers -- about all the time because as Donald Trump. As is the way it is it's a couple years ago. I got invited to wait charity event at Merrill Largo okay down in Florida that's his golf course and a and a beautiful facility. The best man in my wedding got me invited OK when I got the invitation while this is critical. But as I thought about it I didn't go for a couple of reasons number one I have no interest -- going. Number two I had no interest in going and number three I -- personally so I didn't go but one of the reasons I didn't know why you're caught up minute. I don't wanna come back to be a cheerleader for Donald Trump because that's what would happen anytime you're in the aura of Donald Trump. Whether it's in his office of one of his properties or you rent a Condo from -- who knows what. It's like a spider went up. And and that's the kind of stuff that happens. People get caught up and it even sophisticated people get caught up Bennett. So the bottom line is if you're wasting your time thinking about Donald Trump as the next owner the Buffalo Bills it's an interesting spot and I wouldn't mind seeing it happen soccer. Andrew Cuomo. Started off real strong will do whatever we have to do and now he's already down to I don't happen. I don't even -- and their new stadium. So that's where he has let's go to. Stand in Rochester stander on WB yen. -- -- Just taking a look backwards. Well quote console. These -- into the Erie county taxpayers. Now if they -- to new stadium what are they gonna do with people like naked and he -- we market. While that's up there's practically no real use. Our floor of that old stadium one at least surely they could do some things there. But whatever you're doing there you'd have to keep the upkeep of a stadium it's hardly used at all. Which would be problematical. My guess is that it would probably be torn down which should be just the crime. Number two. Remember there's two reasons in New York downstate. -- don't -- in New York City -- -- Alabama. We don't have that kind of money they were gonna pay twenty dollars for a hot dog and everything else. I have my doubts. Any kind Emmerich is gonna go out and try to make money even if they got to go to LA -- collateral. I don't think Western New York has done. Well I think -- ride and that's essentially the the prospect that it. That Don has been presents is that we don't have the corporate base and we don't have the population based. To support higher prices and a grand new maybe maybe billion dollar stadium and without that there's no incentive for private donor. To put up any money for a stadium and that's probably the reason that Cuomo believes that -- We we are about at our limit with Ralph Wilson economics I think if we -- the new stadium and everything went up I think would be over the limit thank you -- -- -- -- -- maxed out. -- out that the best the clearest thinking on this that I've seen is -- has -- columns. Where he said it doesn't matter if you build a new bubble and is called whatever stadium. Because we have X amount of dollars and the corporations that are here have X amount of dollars you you wonder what do corporations do it. They do it because they entertain clients there. And it's and it's a nice deal fly somebody in in Europe the owner's box and stuff like that. It's it's a it's a really nice thing to do business wise but we don't have a broad base. We have no fortune five hundreds based here. So we don't have any broad base of a corporate support that we -- we get we have corporate support but not at the level we would need. 482. Billion dollar stadium in plus remember Ralph Wilson himself. As I remember his words when when he was talking about ticket prices. Ticket prices of the bills are very reasonable compared to other NFL standards. And he said we consider -- very reasonable we also considerate. You know that the best. Revenue that we could get. For the marketplace. So he understood that it suddenly he increased ticket prices by 4050%. Then that's going to be a fool's errand because he's gonna analysts had canceled -- get more per ticket. So this is Ralph Wilson's appraisal of the market Ralph Wilson was here all this time Ralph Wilson knew the market. And of the others -- maybe don't Miller did their due diligence will be there. And that'll going to they're thinking there may not be a lot of bidders because of the situation of everybody would like to see the team stay here. And whether the NFL wants Wednesday or not what they say what they do oftentimes. Different things but don't party. Your details are for a -- borrow hundred bucks and see -- for obvious. We'll be back tomorrow would be to governor while I enjoy this fabulous sports cupcake on those -- and I started Arabia. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. DEN call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Again this would be if there's a new owner. And if the new owner and in the NFL say there has to be in new stadium. And then the question would be win and what are the terms and who's contributed. And he also says I am not convinced of it. If you really need a new stadium which frankly I am not convinced of it that was a combat clip but that's exactly what he said yesterday. So we have a tale of two doubters Donald Trump doubts any other bills prospective owner would keep the team here. I -- Donald Trump. Andrew Cuomo says that -- what I just told -- what you just heard him say. They obviously want the bills and stay here it's important but he's softened his position well lot. From will do whatever is necessary to I'm not really -- we even need one. I believe that he believes that because of the economics the same things that died that Don has been writes about. The economics of the situation there's no reason a new owner would wanna come and and build a new stadium which he might have the -- and 400 million more than the cost of its name. If the revenue -- couldn't support the new -- and what would the revenue have to be more expensive for everything that we currently pay at the Ralph. So idea of the true. I doubt trump the most and I dried I doubt Cuomo the least a very interesting dynamic here. Fill in north buffalo fell what do you think about these two guys -- what Wednesday. You know I think your core I think it's a real large. What are trumped by a routine. You know and -- all the requirements keeping the ball well at all at. But -- it raises the ticket prices are the prices and a concession prices higher so mediocre players. And find a way to split that. Because -- a -- Built up anyway. Well you know bad so either I and that's sounds sinister. But. -- in business who knows what happens I don't think he prior purposely trying tank. But if it wasn't financially book of financially viable he's already said it wasn't viable for him. He wouldn't buy them in the first place. -- -- their money is being made these non profit and -- the other you know going on that we don't know tour. The launch. Well -- it's anything is worth throwing a little putt because we have McDonald's involved anything can happen thank you. While that I don't think -- purposely tanked the team to try and doing -- like that but. If the economics don't work out Clinton and the people doing these numbers. Not like you and I we're fans. We you know we love the team we want to see the -- stay here we think that in the twelve man really is about us. The people looking to buy this name our business people business people look at that you have you seen that asks with two lines are. It's called a dollar sign that's a -- look at. And we get this city. So easy. -- that I heard about the commissioner being from the southern tier. And having an emotional stake. It does not all the commissioner wants to continue to eat steak and so he's gonna do what the other owners really want. And that is maximum. Money. That's what it amounts still you can forget the fact that he's from of the area and it's not going to mean anything. But the -- is a lot of wild cards here we don't know what the process. The trust has to be followed OK now what if there's a conflict between what the trust demands. And what the NFL will approve. Nobody's brought that up that's very -- think next time we talked to Paul embryo or any corporate lawyer. In the interest thing is to see what would happen then. It would be like 22 and that he's bumping heads which one would win. Does the NFL has the final say on approval of a franchise. And the trust as the final say on was on the sale of the franchise so if they didn't agree -- what happened legally. You have to believe that that -- when when that trust is put together that they know. I'll Wear the NFL stands and what they need to meet -- bidders would be to meet some not so sure that there would be a conflict. Well remember this. Remember Ralph Wilson has has tried his own path many times. Remember the last the collective bargaining agreement only he and the old I think the owner of the angles of the Bengals. Where the only two that said it's not gonna work it's not gonna work. And then after a couple of years they found out he did and they were they were laughed that. After a couple of years they found out Ralph and the Bengals owner were right it's not working in May reopen the contract remember that okay. So like any large. A big deal business corporation. There are those there's a lot of politics being played who don't know who knows what Ralph wrote in the this could be his final. So the NFL. This is the way I wanna get it done you know laughing this time. So I mean who knows we don't notice. But and Ralph obviously know how Little League work. A by the was rebuffed in that last deal maybe yeah maybe this. Trust reflects that I'm just. Guessing none of us know. Let's go to bill in north on a one billion on WB yen. Good morning senator bill would -- told me. A couple callers ago. The gentlemen brought up the real question point. In -- -- she -- -- and before the magical distribution you're Judy right and you know we don't know what issues in its. Trust agreement. There they're keeping it real thought and I mean. And that the content Carey school or ordered. Held -- over and -- these other folks. Because they're small time compared directors or whatever. By -- will be made of -- assembly. Herman grip -- themselves. They want it. Period. And money talks say he would come in there and I didn't mean -- cool -- let's say hypothetically. Three million. -- trying to lace number but Rogers for rises or horrified really that helped me. They don't care. Think the live there they get the victory -- totally outplacement. And Billy and the trust. Made him an obligation to say -- Eight orbiter to over ten billion. Well look what happened to look what happened there at the end. Look look what happened to the clippers. Steve Ballmer is one guy but he's worth twenty billion dollars so he double double the price of that franchise the bit. So I mean I I don't think it matters I meet. It doesn't matter what although he's a politician and it doesn't matter what trump he Republican. Is the promoter I'm not. Order a guy I know -- All right but we don't know as -- as you said -- and I agree we don't know what that trust says but the trust does have that responsibility. And that responsibility. Legally has the BO fulfilled thank you good good things that -- and our -- thought process there. Appreciate. You never know. -- there are people whose names we don't even know. Who -- selling anybody. I mean we know bill gates' name we know warm Buffett's name. But beyond that went -- from a you have people who have more money than god. -- and a building come up with -- anything if if the price if they get two billion dollars. For the clippers. And keep in mind they they're real market value the clippers was like half a billion dollars got tool. Because one guy wants the franchise who knows what can happen come clean sandy you would never put a bid to get their yes Dan and I were having a yard sale. This weekend -- taken care of it we figured -- yard sales have put us right and -- territory and arms are -- -- you sell her tee -- we again heard a -- -- anti Jewish is very much influences she collects antique chest. That she has. The formal -- teach us in Western New York. And -- she might have to sell it if we're going to by the bills we're gonna make a serious effort. To move forward by the bills. And I'm not saying because I won't overpay for the -- really -- I'll -- -- have to stay within my comfort zone which is tolerated theory. After that Ron arrow will be back after the. You would only built the stadium if you really really add to that the new stadium and then you had a lot of money from other sources from -- this they would do his part to do do its part but that's only if you. Really need a new stadium which frankly I am not convinced. It would be more function. What the new buyer and the NFL say is conditioned to keep that team here. The bill makes it. It is -- and company I I'd put these two things together because they both. The same time. Via of their on the same track but having an opposite directions. A tale of two doubters Donald Trump tweeted that he doubts of any other bills owners while his exact -- is. I'm the only potential owner of the Buffalo Bills will keep the team in buffalo where it belongs. Now he's. He's. Barnum and Bailey circus you gotta know that he's publicity. I don't think he's be taken seriously in this issue. I think he probably will make a bid it will not be accepted because it will not be the winning bid. It'll be something that if he gets -- no will be -- from heaven but the bottom line is then he'll still have talking points by saying I tried to save the bills. And so this this guy knows how to play that the press he knows how to play of the operatives around them it's all about the trump brand. And I said he wouldn't run for president and it didn't. Said he wouldn't run for governor Ernie didn't I'm saying he's not going to be the next on the Buffalo Bills meanwhile Andrew Cuomo was in town by the way. I go away Andrew -- ball takes cut he takes very controversial. Stands. Here's a picture of him in the paper. At a signing of legislation to combat. Heroin abuse. Anybody in the old. Donald Trump was -- against Carolina abuse. What's he what's he going to do next. He's against childhood abuse and hunger and pestilence and disease and I'll please but anyway the -- always ceremonial details but while he was in town one of the things talked about course with a bills. And he doubts that we need a new stadium is is frankly just heard his voice frankly I'm not convinced. So I believe that he believes that I don't believe the Donald Trump is what -- Let's go to Iran in -- Randy on WB again. More and -- and -- Sent out an agreement I think every stadium and also. Bill Polian made a cabinet it's that got the best for Atlanta in the lead at an open air stadium shrill. If we considered just take an example for a million dollars as a retrofit. -- retractable Obama methane and hand it to make it appropriate for the corporate pay so they can sell those luxury seats. And we have been sharks are already in place bill the first issue already got good. Structure in place has been updated over the last 45 years -- inside. Is let's consider all of these groups and Hannity what we took two people who really do terrible awful color sound good and they create a joint venture. And they both have deep pockets. And collectively then as they they -- ownership they have the ability to. Did Clinton play in the big leagues with the boys -- really don't have a care about them but keep in buffalo it just a business deal. These guys -- generally with these three scenarios. Keep in this stadium and had to do that really do have a definite interest in buffalo. I think that's the best approach. Like you you have a good point outside of the truth I I trust my goal Lamar and I trust trump and I trust for -- -- more than I trust that Cuomo. Because he's put his money where his mouth is getting a building project on time. And it's going going up every day in the and he bought the sabres and and a so I I I think he's got an emotional and financial investment in buffalo already which neither of the other two -- really have. And we knew that agree that he and got out and establish a report. And if they could joint venture. Into that -- -- deeper and if we in the senate and a billion of but I knew because we really don't have the corporate -- But it -- -- yes good enough. To take in hand bid for the corporate structure usually and we pay a retractable stadium adult rather. And now we take out that only almost eight. And you know at a -- only eight games here. And now we community here allow an inevitability and open air and -- stadium I think -- -- -- situations now. Like go it sounds like a good proposal and something for us that show up thank you thank you very much and it also has something else it's not about things that aren't sexy. Besides me no way that the infrastructure issue. Some people said well let's build it in buffalo so we can boost buffalo again. But the infrastructure a lot of the -- and things like -- buffalo. Would be -- desperately tax in some situations. But the infrastructure out of Orchard Park is already there. It's already there the roads are already bear the parking areas already there the if they like -- truth. Say it's devastated it's it's that I should have what's -- -- on now explaining this but you don't just yanked out of tools. We you'll you'll you make it better if you can if you can you make a better a better foundation a better appearance a better outward show whatever these -- non dentistry terms but. You do that instead it just saying that however this -- I'm gonna ignore there's still a I'm putting -- no truth over there where there wasn't even a true. On Tibet and that it's the same thing -- stadiums. A guy at the thought of denies it was on the waterfront whatever not via Tbilisi and got a building infrastructure around it. Now what what kind of parking is available on our roads to get to and from howl that impact travel and although most games -- played on Sunday not always the case. How about other then other things at the same venue. 80309301806169. -- for six star and I thirty Donald Trump. Andrew Cuomo a jail. Two doubters will be back after us.

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