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6-25 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well all all I. Wanna complain about Tony Algeria he's good -- it easy executive producer of her show and I'm complaining today I walked -- dawn having a conversation and he bit me. I think he's way too much into soccer these ways and way too much attention mother knows is that your -- -- -- just signed Mike Tyson. They figure this guy gets suspended they got are really good substitute that would inform. See your -- and coaches to blame he said look if we win this gamma log off for Italian food tonight and our big guy decided by an Italian player that's across the -- north. Is fighting a common thing in soccer and Tony Gallagher and no it's it's definitely frowned upon why would you bite somebody just to our children that what is and -- oh it's funny you should not just. I'm Chris. Oh my god that's it's. I don't talk with a mouthful of very good thank you -- -- I'm clamped I'm -- him would you please. Are you very much yes -- -- -- -- idea why did it just -- to come off I mean dead -- heat of battle is the third time he's bitten somebody yeah he wants to buy these three times a black areas. Yeah. I was watching the game and I see the commotion Bryant the sound counsel I didn't know really what was going on. If both players flop to the ground and -- -- come on -- don't yep here we go just a typical flopping incident and does and the Italian players. -- -- trying to get -- about what will be an issue would be that if that was that a female soccer water. But brandy just staying yeah. OK -- by -- just say yeah right now well yeah I saw a march and this thing and and I I don't know much about soccer. When you buy another player do you get a red card you get a dental floss. Treatment what he should have been given a red card Italy should have been awarded a penalty kick in and it. He should not place on professional soccer anymore and I can't wait well obviously when I'm gonna use them in the west -- -- commercials and on our hot button on the putting he might be able to help with that -- -- -- -- happy truth. So that said but now Italy is eliminated yet they stunk on OK I love -- this stuff -- very seriously yeah relax a little bit. I hope while Chris is all right -- -- -- jump on -- are -- -- much and that's the way it goes now yesterday I complained. That my a my phone went off several times. A because of the AMBER Alert apparently I'm not the only one. And an article on the bubble goes by Aaron Mansfield. This one guy having had his -- lost fifteen times. Fifteen times. And that finally went away. He says I think it creates a boy who cried wolf scenario as true once you. Once you see the false alarm false alarm pro slimy just assume the next them a false alarm and maybe that's not the case of that can be dangerous. So like you viewers who lost several times -- only once so what's what caused well I don't know I mean you know we should ask our engineering department. Because they would have a good handle on. Okay pesky little issue would. -- -- went up four times three times. Approximately. In the time it sure gone off and then once in the elevator the next morning as speaking of the elevator. The elevator here it was out of order today it was not now is that they should yet. Well I'm I'm glad it wasn't working because I I romped up the up the various flights to -- -- I skipped steps one. It's amazing my I was lighter -- -- is -- like to hit. No I don't think that is a railing here. Once that's when I was that Saddam never to examine. It. But it's vick's already let's glad to hear that I'm not happy to hear that Eli Wallach is ideal I Wallach. I want my favorite actors and -- if you don't know is and you definitely. No space and you definitely -- work and he was in those spaghetti western lands and he's -- east peace bid and an actor for a long time is nine the date. And a very storied career and I want everything was married to -- and Jackson was an actress. But I always liked him. A user in the -- movies Clooney's good bad the ugly oh yeah the most about Eli Wallach passed away at the age of 98. Meanwhile some knows if you like Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan's hand written lyrics -- like a Rolling Stone. Which TO which you wrote in a hotel. Is sold yesterday at Sotheby's for two million dollars. Two million dollars an unidentified bidder paid 2.0 45. Million. According to the Associated Press. The seller the person who sold it wasn't -- it was a longtime fan from California you see about an artist I'm writing everything down. Just in case you hit it big and -- sell at all on eBay. People buy anything anybody that's just the way it is. But there's no -- okay meanwhile budgets are going online trying to hook up with a -- Caroline Wozniacki. Forget it. She's broken -- -- Rory McIlroy who was golfer. And she was they were having a press conference at Wimbledon. Would she consider Internet dating that was one of the questions okay. She said I think I'm not that desperate. I'm perfectly fine being single at the moment is pretty hard to sweep me off my feet. So that's it's O line on Tony you're working buried there you know diligently on line drive and a just just for coffee sure just recovered Tim Hortons as she dropped amendment. I'm just telling you she's not interested in that -- matches she would like the frozen optional all she'd love the frozen -- Chocolat the matter effectively -- -- -- should probably be on the first plane here private jet. I'm telling you and John Zach had this story and it's really interesting about a woman. On the 26 floor apartment who was getting dressed. And as she saw hovering outside her window a drone. A drone Anders is she thinks it's a peeping drones you know you that we used to have -- that's advancement in technology used to have that. Oh I don't know step in the shrubs and get a latter. The -- and how we have Rollins and I'm just thinking about this. Forget about a drawn with a camera. Or drone went on iphones set for face time. I mean you would be broadcasting. Somebody. And that because the smallest phones have facetime on them so you put the phone on the drone and it become a full on grown in -- talk about -- -- and there it is an annual however. Or it's better hang out of trees and telling you that it's much more effective. Much people aunts and and your very one minute I know that when they wash the windows here behind us. And and they come up -- that the scissor type machine that just at its creepy derivatives yeah because I don't pupils -- -- magnificent. Body should -- it is -- on a private person when you know I'd I'd like to sometimes they even charge admission. But I don't like it and I can't imagine a drones hovering outside your bathroom window no make a song about that. She came in through the bathroom went on a drone. I'm a guy who I don't know the guys. But I know -- woman whose brother works for a guy who has a drone and it's a fondness for photography. So as you can get her shots what are I think it's going to be fun to have sure but what is the difference between us I don't notice. Between had a traditional loan and people have been flying model airplanes forever as the place and block port of yeah park. Where'd they meet on a regular basis and and fly model planes what's the difference between a model plane because -- model helicopters to. No one and a -- you have model out of gas in it and it flies on battery problem. Have yet to try it. Gore at that. Since I'm going to be on vacation next week I would take garage it was given index for Christmas and obviously -- -- -- console -- outside and see this -- how we -- neighbors any anything worth -- The way I'm losing neighbors but not enough when -- hot hot -- all gone -- I don't know the difference between a drug I -- drawn that this guy has cost 4000 marks -- -- Because that -- there's certain things you know and that's one of the things that I know. But I don't know the difference between and among among replied I don't either problem obviously wider range urgency commercials. All our kids commercials showing them a weapon around with a helicopter stuff like that. Anyway radios so ugly look forward drone fault and went on -- you are welcome back -- to talk about today under is ready at 930 we are WB. Today's the day from my buffalo parks continues C vote week. Within a forty dollar certificate to protocol restaurant I'd love was there a couple weeks ago. Protocol restaurant -- over just 25 dollars enjoy lunch or dinner at protocol with seafood so fresh you can slap. -- -- -- I just read -- final item I'd go to WB and dot com and click on my bubble Burke's law well. Would would that something you would do is slap your seafood while you're at our protocols -- -- nice restaurant and I just think and there is a specific. What I funnel like flounder. Not what I what I tease my tuna -- -- While those in your -- I guess the slackers salmon -- had. Exactly I'm I'm thinking right now play -- -- virtually completely and I don't boo my best and welcome back. Here then that's the that is if you don't they're against Graham. Don't want that's Americo. I'll -- The protocol many times and I've never seen anybody slap their seafood and never have I've seen them eat it. But I've never seen -- slap compete for. -- made here to make the best of real thank you very much. I try to -- to try it next time -- you know the big old tiger very sophisticated. What are you going to here's a vote because you can't do that would be funds on -- you really can't it's going to be seafood -- clams. Right yeah ability of a player getting bitten -- about -- like this outside of Mike Tyson be abiding Holyfield. -- many instances although Conrad don't blur when he played for us remember. He put that book out you know he said that they used to -- he used to bite you know in in and not a model but you know at the bottom of the -- he would bite people lot of players have said that you know a loose ball and yes -- -- and essentially there's -- going -- but watch your fingers I can understand that in. In soccer but in football when -- I don't Osama. Most of your bodies covered -- as some kind of equipment maybe not your hands and your receivers something hands. Off OK -- now and you -- that yeah okay. You -- the fingers you exactly. But the ISO biting we don't recommend biting no Basil has the rules are right let's see what we are going on today well I think. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times and now we were. Like to present to you a tale of two doubters. We have a couple of high profile doubters. And we're going to delve into it we're going to do daughter delving today. That's not like dumpster diving totally different daughter delving tale of two dollars the first daughter is Donald Trump. Many people -- Donald Trump but Donald Trump doubts as any other bills prospective owner would keep the team hair. Now as you know Donald Trump is a publicity whore. There's no question about that he loves publicity anything. Anytime he can do it. I heard an interview by Howard Stern. Recently. The entire interview with self promotion that's all allies. Was this is going on Merrill Largo and I bought this coal mine union on problem Volvo Volvo balked at that that's where he does. But for him. -- what -- you -- he tweeted it right I think you know each -- -- that he would be the only bills owner that would keep its name here. Knowledge is some logic -- If the goal is interest and and we understand he and his wife Kim are interested. Do you really think he would buy the bills. And then move them out of town considering military Google opens the sabres and is doing this huge building project downtown. If he ever did that. He'd be persona non -- he would be -- out of business so that doesn't make at least for these of these project -- -- make any sense at all. Another name mentioned as Tom Golisano Golisano even when he on the sabres always talked about. If the bills were wrote were for sale he'd be interested and he always said he gave them hair. And so we have two people one was not talking at all. Which do which would be -- -- -- one who is said publicly many times that he would like to keep the bills here and one who talks all the time and -- Donald draw okay. So he's a dollar he doubts that many other bills owners would keep them here. There's no reason to believe that. I'm not at all I think that. There might be solemn would like to move the team but I I think that of the names we've heard so far it's very -- you know kept under wraps. I doubt McDonald's adult and out all he wants but I doubt that Donald. If a couple of calls for. Much the daughter. Well I sought the office at -- Let's just imagine president that was swept off my feet you know they have these little sandwiches that oh yeah and probably government says. But the doubt is and Rockwell well what does Andrew Cuomo about. He doubts that we know stadium. About that so we got to food doubters now Cuomo started. Keep them trying to Cuomo is running for reelection. -- it's not expected to be itself race but he is running for reelection and he wants to collect as many chances CK and if he ever runs for president. But he started off we have will do whatever we have to do it'll get done -- pretty definitive that -- well know whatever wave during week. -- By the public okay and now he's I don't think we needed this pick a modern -- advanced. Welcome back we'll or flash a subtle little bit more on newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah. It WB and wherever you go with a WB -- iPhone app powered by the final out let the best in fence railings and -- We're back -- -- -- Aussie James Kelleher is certainly you do 06449875. College right now and they. Our car at random I mean they they say we should take a certain -- but I'm just -- at random so all the power belongs to Crist. So be nice to Chris on the phone call 64 point 98 some vibe and feel like your voice you could say things like Chris I loved the James Taylor tickets. What do you wearing you know I -- might sway him to say you are the winner. The third tickets to see James Taylor Tuesday July 29 can be first Niagara -- -- valued a hundred and when he Bucs general konduz rules apply. And don't -- instead of the all star band live at the app and senator. Available tickets dot com tube and the the number it's called sickle sport and it's about five and that's it. Couple concerts last night Ringo I guess that there was a delay of like twenty minutes or half an hour. Where they had to regroup and come back out on -- job. And I I don't think that the concert -- a journey and Steve Miller Band what I was this heavily rained on as the Ringo concert but. A couple of -- -- at the same night the same area so that's good. All right we're calling today's show a tale of two doubters -- our number one as Donald Trump Donald Trump. Says in his it's a Twitter okay Twitter account. I am the only potential owner of the Buffalo Bills will keep the team in buffalo where it belongs that's Donald Trump let me just tell -- this in my opinion. If you are wasting your time. Thinking and imagining what life would be like -- Donald Trump was the owner the Buffalo Bills you are wasting your time. Just as we said he wasn't gonna run for governor. Just as we said he wasn't around for president. He might make a bid on the Buffalo Bills he got the information packet signed a letter of confidential. A confidentiality. That's fine but remember remember the disclaimer that I read view as -- -- -- It was. A lengthy disclaimers saying that. Yeah now I I've -- bargains and -- Obama I'm a good businessman but I'm not going to apologize if I if I think it's overpriced whenever it that's it is get out of jail free card. So he's gonna ride this publicity train as long as he can. He might make an offer but it won't via a winning -- I can tell you -- it's gonna happen he's a publicity hound a column publicity war. That was really unfair to -- actually he is a publicity hound par excellence so he knows how to get -- get his name in the paper. But that's what he's saying he's saying. That the only -- owner that would definitely keep that same here would be -- -- one and how you feel about that. Now monetary Pakula and his wife were very close lipped about this they have they've certainly have the wherewithal they also a great investment buffalo already. Where they're building project downtown and owning the sabres. So and they're not saying much at all that's a more serious. Personal look at people a look at. And though I think Golisano has been saying for a whole lot remind me a long time. That indeed he I would like to keep the boggles the buffalo if he ever got involved. Those are the ones that we know about there are others we don't know about and that might be somebody we don't know about the would like to move them. -- basically I'd doubt trumps vote. Trump's idea of that the only potential owners of the Buffalo Bills and keep the team in buffalo where it belongs -- him. So that's the first dollar that I'm doubting. I'm doubting Donald Trump because he doubts he doubts of everybody else would keep me here the second -- Andrew Cuomo. Now he doubts we need a new stadium and he of course is anything he says now has to be a run through the I am. I am running for office again filter. But I don't but Andrew Cuomo says. Indeed that he's not sure he's not convinced. Percy started by saying yeah I will do whatever we can the state would do its part. Other county would do its part but only if you really need a new stadium which frankly I am not convinced though that's his quote. It would be more a function of what the new buyer and the NFL's say is a condition to keep it here we have to see how it develops down the road. He ducked the question about according to. Bob McCarthy and Tom precious in the bottlenose. He ducked a question about whether he considered trump was serious bidder I don't -- characterize what I think of them could -- the moment that. But I didn't see his -- let's put it that way. So now is you have to doubters you have Donald Trump the daughter. No doubts that any other bills owner would keep its name here you have Andrew Cuomo dells we need a new stadium. How do you feel about that do we need a new stadium are we willing to pay for it. Do we how much heavy lifting do we expect the owner to pay. You know that -- better clearest. Story line on this has been a -- Asman. Donna has been has written two different columns that just nail. And don't want of a columns. First set you can forget about all the bells and whistles on the new stadium we don't have the population or the corporate. Support in order to it's to make it work after it's built. You can build bill that as nice as you want at whatever but we don't have many top. Manufacturing or or businesses here we have some but we don't have many. And asking them to pony up you know like double the price you forget that so he says no matter how you build it. Does not necessarily. True that they would they would come to -- by the tickets. Which made a lot of sense these second column he wrote also makes cents. He said he does not know if a new owner is going to be that hot to trot. To -- to build -- -- stadium because in the water after paying maybe a billion dollars for the team would have to pony up a sizable amount of money toward the new stadium. And it's a point of diminishing returns. In other words if he can get X amount of revenue -- valve that. And an X amount of revenue witted -- he asked the kick and say 400 million more than buying the team. Is not gonna pay for the new owner. To -- to push -- -- -- now whether the new war Bush's Florida weathered the NFL pushes where that's a different story the NFL are. They are big time big east I'm just saying you know we yeah we love the NFL we love our football that's -- as the nothing doing that this is the business side of football. They want -- squeeze that last time -- of the they might put pressure for a new stadium. But Madonna husband's point yeah I think is very well taken. That that the new law -- if he has the pony up 400 millions of -- to jazz nudge. What is the revolution's gonna be if he doesn't have the pony up 400 millions and it is not wanted to. So those people makes sense to me. That the people that the people that you have to listen to are those kind of people you know why. 'cause they're thinking rationally. They're thinking clearly. We all love football but you can get caught up minute you can get caught up on a stampede you know it's almost like an auction. Where you're at an auction and you get into a furious battle with a -- mother bidder. And you still want that item but you'll even more are wanna beat the other bidder that's what you wanna do. Until you realize that you pay. Three times what you should have paid for that. That I don't. So it doesn't you know doesn't pay to be like that you gotta be irrational you guys Kenny Rogers the great philosopher once said you got to know and hold them and got to know when to Fulham. So I doubt Donald Trump. That he doubts that any other bills owner would move the team out. I don't I doubt and Andrew Cuomo when he says he doubts we need a new stadium and other words I believe his doubt. And he probably believes his doubt and he probably doesn't want to have to kick him for a new stadium but I believe he believes what he's saying I don't believe troubling reasoning at all. It -- -- on 9301806. On six into the sixth and I thirty and Don has been. Clarity on this issue total clarity will be back after this. But this makes me. Today's show is called late IA tale of two doubters. A daughter number one Donald Trump he doubts that any other bills owner would keep the team here except him. I dealt. I don't Donald Trump because I don't believe that. If Terry goalie ended up buying them he would undermine his other investments like the sabres and is building projects if he ever move the team out so that doesn't make sense. I don't think -- -- I would move without either we don't know who the other players are but I can't believe that trump really believes that he is the only ones I doubt trump. Okay Andrew Cuomo doubts that we need a new stadium I don't doubt that he doubts that because of what I mentioned and -- has -- column regarding. How much money there is to mine out of this out of this town and the surrounding area with the NFL. Let's go to Paula cellphone caller you're on WB yen. Well what -- to doubters why give me your scope on it. And really gentle way or another you know I'm really not that you edit edit it yeah they live up to -- the optimal -- every day. I like not. Really. But I think about it what we got what -- at that -- -- -- I don't care what one another and at all I don't I don't look at what did -- While I -- I. I like I like trump -- but you -- recognizable what are you as you guys as a savvy business what he's a showman through Leo. It didn't matter trader you know -- When. You. Look at why. -- candidate -- what. -- and in the guidelines that they -- -- that ruling liberal. And I. -- -- Question are doing now and no guarantee to keep an RB -- -- our response to. Two other groups -- epidemic that better. Well we don't know that's never been made public as to what the -- what the trust has to abide by in order to choose the winning bidder. I guess it'll be revealed eventually but as of now up all we don't know also will sit with the -- and we'll wait and see how that goes thank you for your call. Yeah we don't really know what Ralph Wilson's thoughts were. In here is though will keep in mind you have you have to certain guidelines they'll be guidelines and the trust which have to be followed. There are also guidelines in the NFL about -- succession. Which would also at three followed because they don't have to accept. The because he gets a vote what does that three quarters voter bankers that are present right yeah I think that's right three quarters of the owners have to vote OK and if they don't it's not okay. So that you know that would be an interest and legal. Position I hope it doesn't get -- that. Can you imagine if the trust. And the NFL. Clashed heads. If they had different. Responsibilities. And then had to proceed differently. Because unless unless the NFL says yes to the new orders what do you have to sell. Think about it if if if -- if you can say yes this medley he's gonna buy the bills and here's the price in the animals and what program they don't have to approve the can make them. Program I think NF from a mistake and I heard that and I don't remember if it was Collison out or the cool look I'm talking about. How many owners would not be in favor. Of him all -- and they're not sure what I'm sure that they have a good idea -- before even bid whether they would be approved and. Just remember in these circles we're talking about the mega stratosphere money here in these circles a lot of these guys know each other. And a lot of these guys have -- business dealings. And it's it's in the NFL is a good old boys club now maybe you've got more money than god. But the people whether or vote on it don't like Theo. -- think about it we don't know but they also have to abide by the trust the -- -- as far as I know I was under no obligation. To Oprah I have to approve somebody. So just because some references suppose one for supposed buyer one. Fits what the trust says has to be done. But they don't about the NFL votes no we don't want him and then they have the go to buyer -- would also have to fit the criteria until they found somebody that would be suitable to the trust and -- of the NFL that'd be interesting we. -- know that Jerry Jones is in favor of the Rogers communications group. Two by the team to move to Toronto so we know that there are active in talking. You know our guy he because he was very much out there and the owners group meeting let's go to Lloyd Jared and -- -- on WB again. I'm Gerri what's your thought on. There's still I like that they will pay like about what can -- the year in this stadium. Playing god -- sixteen games a sixteen regular season games those eight regular season now. Yeah right so what they've played -- -- -- what else who -- daily -- for the rest of the year. Well that's that's always a question because you can either stadiums have multi uses especially if they're covered by how much stuff goes on at the Ralph not that much. And the other thing is that the speculative grade papers and everything like -- do you consider Jill Biden Hillary Clinton. Would probably take it to the point that don't have all that. It was tallest in the paper that they don't have any money left in the support. Should a candidate -- luck I billion dollar -- separate -- Yeah I know what they said and and they get a massive amounts -- as you know. Common people are going to be with the common people and get elected. Biden said he didn't have any money but they found out that all the money is -- -- -- and we're committed to deter him money to. Well that's true we got Joseph Biden. Okay you guys read it oh yeah are they said that their room they're -- they're trying to pretend their four. Give me a break where you don't pretend -- not what you don't pretend you are some limits or not are 803093018061692. Through six. Do you believe Donald Trump. Do you believe that he is the only savior of the Buffalo Bills achievement town I don't and I don't think he believes it. He's a showman he's -- snake oil from time to time and he's good at it so why I'm I'm I'm doubting their daughter on that one Andrew Cuomo. I believe he does believe that though we may not need a new stadium. And I think a lot of people might agree with that under -- and I thirty WB.

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