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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Mising Ring At Drive-In; Looking For Reunion - Rick Cohen

Mising Ring At Drive-In; Looking For Reunion - Rick Cohen

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WB a live line and welcome our next guest he has written column that Rick is owner of the transit to drive them in Laporte. Rick good morning and thank you for joining us. The loss of bush are wondering why we're talking to you so let's begin by having you'd tell our listeners. About trying to find the owner of something that was recently found on the property of the -- to drive. -- personally we had Jimmy Buffett concert a giant in light cast and there was a ring found in our men's restroom. And it's eight marine graduation ring. And we'd like to try to find the owner of the ring. And. We waited out a couple of days we've waited till Sunday for hurting -- contact us and after that we decided well. Media don't know where they lost it. And needed or even. -- back on duty and this is the less than -- -- to be thinking about it the last ring. So we're turning to friends and family were presuming that they have friends and family in the area that can help -- lowering. So maybe they'll hear about it right now and WBM -- also turned to FaceBook to right. We we posted a photograph on FaceBook of the ring along with some information that's inscribed on the ring. Others to graduation date which is. July 19. 2013. So he's a very recent graduate. And to put two number which is. Turn 53. That noted that the gates in the platoon number correspond with the graduation date to. Of the class of the platoon from Parris island South Carolina. So these inscriptions on -- really narrow down who might have lost that -- so eventually could track dispersant down right. Like contacting the academy and they give -- a list of people who graduated. -- from the area they did they may or may not be from the area that we have friends or relatives in the area and they could have been visiting just for a couple of days. I know we. They they they they could be from anywhere in the country they maybe could be stationed anywhere in the country or in the world. And -- in media and whether in his return but eventually we're hoping that war is gonna get through to friends or family that are in the area. And that they can provide documentation. On behalf of the marine or it was the Marines as located back or has we can. -- and the -- themselves. I know in your face the -- some of the comments are critical that you gave out the inscription that. The years standing behind -- right. Well certainly. Not know. Marinas in Milwaukee and inspect it this is my ring it is not there. And secondly they're gonna need to document by the application that that they graduate from leopard puts him on the dates. So I I'm not concerned about. You know validating the authenticity of the owner. And so it's it's assumed Lynda -- the owner of the ring took -- off and washed his hands in the left there by mr. immigrant. Well. Recognized talk a deal and we wish you luck and keep us posted on what happens. Okay I'm sure we all -- colonies on or the transit Dryden in Laporte.

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