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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>GOP Becoming More Divided? - Tea NY's Rus Thompson

GOP Becoming More Divided? - Tea NY's Rus Thompson

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the Tea Party and its effectiveness this morning. Our guest next on the WBM live -- is -- Thompson -- with -- New York rush good morning and thanks for joining us. Good morning John -- -- everyday. Where are doing pretty good -- hope you -- to listen earlier -- out of the SUNY buffalo states doctor Bruce Bruschi. And we were kicking around the idea. That the Tea Party might be more successful. If it had better organization and may be a definitive leader what do you think. I'm not America is victory and I know what -- -- a barrel or a warrant at about creating art. Like you really are you part of the nation we really try to get the Republican Party back where we the people walk constitutionally. You know I do limited or. And that because we we call -- warrant right now but yeah Republicans. Have gone more immortal. Or morally constitution. So what we've been trying to do we get it back all the legal right here back at everything. It starts voting you know would stop right in the taxes and everything it is doing right now or indeed it at all. What the tea party's been splitting the Republican Party in half court and in some surveys that are just out from CBS. Is this a good thing. Arm I think it but I think the good thing for the country overall. He can't whip whip polling -- all right side. It would you look at it like you say it. Splitting out. I can you you you really look at all. You look at the establishment they were up 3035. And immediately lets you make up their minds and our. All you have to do indeed it people on the real reason why. Why little. It Tea Party epic epic greater or more election. So I can admit they have overall. Against a party apple -- or. -- the Tea Party candidates came very very close in Mississippi. And New York City yesterday are you as a Tea Party activists happy with that showing. He really didn't winner. Yes -- no like yeah we don't want you to. Separate I don't know all you can -- or -- quality and a lot by a couple of thousand -- which an extremely good show. Charlie ready -- -- we are Charlie Rangel continues to get back are what forty. 42 term like our guy really the -- way. Each election cycle comes by and the Tea Party people or constitutional -- people patriots who -- We quote and quote unquote we -- we don't win it. Quite a few races but not quite enough -- on -- Rangel is 84 brass he's the third most senior member of congress and this is his 23 term. By the way when he. We're I don't you know alarmist or not. How long it but not yet -- not one of the reasons why we're really sharp. Tension Charlie Rangel did it. It's all kinds of accusations that act of violating the law. Andy is your new investigations. Unit or or. -- -- I really wonder gee gee Artie got an apple but well and that desperate out of New York City I'm not a pitcher that he lied. -- I ask you something at a -- riske who joined us earlier from SUNY buffalo state said the Tea Party has a PR problem there's just too many negatives associated with that. It may need a name change what do you think. I think if we -- we keep on moving in the direction will be staying on in the election cycle that we -- that I get a good idea. I Tea Party I mean it really originally would raise more. Capital on -- -- We wish that they stood up against just. Well now look where we are -- you know you've really lot a lot of groups out -- that call eight pre school liberty groups are all -- -- at all. I like it. I think -- continue to wait for the public -- quote drop the Tea Party altogether. Created now I actually like that -- say ardent conservative area I like. They rush you know whatever we think of Tea Party we think move you now let's say you decided you wanna lay low for a while. What's the line of succession on who's after you. -- we have we have a war. We differently I don't really call old everybody thought -- or this act local polish joke that we're delighted. -- I don't wanna make (%expletive) eating it or but it and by the way wall or -- but do not be different with a couple people line right up crime take over. I think the biggest small you know is the -- primary challenge. So -- -- now what. Yeah and also it also used to Wear myself into Milan. Yeah -- Russ thank you for joining us this morning nice genuine here. Ross Thompson was our guest is with T New York.

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