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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tea Party Tempering GOP Gains? - Dr Bruce Bryski

Tea Party Tempering GOP Gains? - Dr Bruce Bryski

Jun 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor Bruce Bruschi is our -- communications professor at SUNY buffalo state brisk -- a good morning he don't wanna get your take on the primaries that were held yesterday. Charlie Rangel appears to have held on defense off his challenger and it was a close -- Mississippi but the Republican establishment won there. What do what do you make of all this. What -- do you know to -- with the Mississippi rate I was watching that right up until 1130 or midnight just to see what the the result we're gonna comment. And I think that was a heck of a challenge from the Tea Party candidate. My overall take is that. The recent poll that is came out one in five Americans. What it will would associate themselves with the Tea Party and its principles. That's not enough to win any election but but I'm I'm kind of surprised that they got the staying power. -- that they do. I -- I think the jury's still out. But I think that is the movement they have been relatively impressive whether they can be a legitimate. Quote political party down the road I'm not sure. You know Bruce I've always asked -- -- even have asked you this previously we continue to wonder where that one of the Tea Party doesn't have a definitive leader or chairperson -- would think the party movement would do better with a little organization know what you think. What -- I think so I think Levy any anybody who knows anything about politics will tell you that organization is definitely a key. Are you know I suspected a pig you -- Making these major challenges to really especially in the primaries did the establishment Republicans. Are that they're gonna become a little bit more organized they have to in other words if they're gonna if they're gonna go one to beat Democrats which is really what they ultimately want to do. They're gonna need some more structured more organizations but for now they've been relatively impressive. Is the Tea Party had her hands -- have been good for the Republican Party are not when you look at it that way. You know -- and honestly I think the jury's still a lot of easy it has basically split. The Republican power see it happen. Up 47% of Republicans think it's a good thing that they're being challenges from C. From the Tea Party side and almost an equal amount they know so I think that. That that problematic -- the problem is I think that Tea Party has a PR problem. I -- what -- calabrese it was very interesting. He said when people are quizzed as to what the Tea Party represents most people can identify with those things. Immigration reform gun control. Right to white. When you use that term Tea Party that turns a lot of people walk I think he's still have a PR problem. -- do you think the Tea Party has a shelf life like in the next few years. In another movement with a catchy name might replace. Yeah I've been thinking about that earlier this morning I think may of output in intrigued maybe something good to mix it up a little bit. I -- think there's too many negatives I think that. When I hear Tea Party when a lot of people here Tea Party they think of extreme. I think extreme conservatism and I'm not so sure that's gonna work in today's contemporary society and the American people's. It everything was inching from the CBS poll 50% of the respondents were undecided. About whether they view it. Favorably or unfavorably that's a big black. That's right let you know and basically I mean that that's what I mean by that does the party now being split Republicans. The other thing that I think is interesting is. Democrats are seeing these challenges in the fact that these establishment Republicans -- Are really are kind of running for their lives here as an opportunity to to win a general election so. One of the first things I saw last night is that people already talking about how Democrats are gonna take advantage of this. Now looks like that and it will be happening Bruce were glad you could join us this morning thanks. Okay actor Chris Christie communications professor at SUNY buffalo state.

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