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6-24 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back with a big -- accompanies this article really caught my attention it seems like in America now. People do not want to take ownership of their own behavior. And they don't wanna take ownership of of the word. You borrow money you feel no obligation to pay back what that all the banks have more money than you do let let them write it off of the loss. And it seems like things are not supposed to count anymore. If you do something bed perhaps -- there was terrible choice. Now it's okay it didn't -- this time I just don't do it again as just the way it works you know didn't like that as a kid. I mean you do something that your mother father told him not -- well that doesn't count this time but next time I'll be a lot better okay. And I also think that the obligation. And our. Of ourselves to other members of our society is if if we see something that that we think -- be injurious or dangerous or whatever. To do the best we -- to deal with it and not just turn -- -- the other way and pretended didn't happen. And what I'm talking about is more states now are citing. The box the dreaded -- in hiring. If you have a job application in front -- -- depending on what state you live in it may have. The box and what is the box ask. It's -- if you've been convicted of a felony. All right that's what the box -- Now the word convicted it so you're not just arrested a lot of people arrested walk away totally innocent. And and not a misdemeanor. Okay. It is a felony so it's a felony or serious charge. And you've gone through the process and you were convicted. And one -- assume had some penalty to pay. Now to walk away from that they have because it could go on a lot of different. Scenarios is that how you got that why you -- But to walk away from that and and I think that there's no way anybody should ever consider that. When dealing with me especially when talking to me about hiring a for a job. That's Tennessee. I think an employer certainly has a right to ask a question like that it's it's not privileged information. And motive but if the employers looking for good employee there could be a lot of areas that of the employer might be concerned about. Now if you check the box yeah that's. I have been convicted of a felony. And the employer wants to talk to about it may be. The employers totally understandable under the circumstances. Or for some reason can understand what happened. At that time and and there and figures are going to you've done your time. You're you've done your punishment and now you're going to be a good employee and I have -- and that's fine but the employer also has -- right and the other fellow employees have a right to know. If the person has been convicted of a felony I think I think -- -- fire on the company I would wanna make it. A productive work environment and it's safe work environment as accord. And this story by Jeffrey Stinson. That some states now are -- I don't know it is it like that. A lot of legislatures. Now think beware room. Well I don't go away. We are generally a rehabilitation. Centers instead of vote places that proved -- produce goods and services. Are we rehab people -- or who have criminal backgrounds as though we do we are halfway house. Because I think that's what they're thank your social workers world social workers at Milton. Might might point before getting into this article is that things do count. And there's no reasonable expectation that they should be magically erased. Because you want a job I really don't believe that. You're talking about a guy named Duane Jordan. He has a four year old felony conviction and it's kept him from getting jobs and he's not happy about it. It says what he didn't bargain for was -- haunting affected being branded a felon. Would -- have on his ability lawfully colonel having a burden he shares were roughly seventeen million. US adults who have criminal records first of all that number just. Floored me when I first read this seventy. Million US adults have criminal records. It reminds me of the scarlet letter accord news weasel words of Jordan. His criminal past comes up nearly every time he applies for a job because most employment popular applications ask him to check -- box. Is if he's been convicted of a felony. Now first of all I don't know probably about a really don't cause its conviction. It's a felony. It's not an accusation. It's not a misdemeanor. Is not an acquittal. It's it's a conviction. So I'm I'm whether it's so far I think it's it's located either. He has been tempted to lie about his conviction because he believes marking the box has prompted multiple employers to reject him in the past year. But if the employer runs a background check -- -- of truth to be disqualified anyway yeah I think the truth is always. Better than trying to fudge your way around it. And I think there will be employers. Who if you tell the story might understand. The situation. Or maybe they've had some problems in the past that straighten their lives are saying rehabilitation. It is is an impossible task because it's certainly is possible to readable as they can turn life around. What I'm saying as employers shouldn't be required. To be a nurse -- Or roads social workers their employers and they -- right to know. A criminal record is such as stumbling block to employment in many states cities and counties. They're asking laws to remove the question from applications for government jobs. I want your pathetic. -- I want you to think about the implications of that okay. They understand. That whether criminal record. That you will be asked and it's OK to be asks. If you have that with private industry. But what they're trying to do is remove it for government jobs sort of setting is the government welcomes convicted bonds. Or has no problem with convicted felons. Now I don't seem hard -- here but the bottom line is the last thing we didn't government is more convicted felons turns government try a lot of people in the convicted felons. Though we don't need to import them. A general Leo that's my thought it's it's kind of funny to think that the government jobs in the savior delivered the -- Increasingly some are forcing private employers to -- a question -- so far this year. Delaware and Nebraska have pass legislation to ban the box from application form for most state city and county jobs. In the past five years California. Colorado Connecticut Illinois Maryland Massachusetts. New Mexico Minnesota and Rhode Island and DC have -- the box from most state jobs. So I'm surprised that. -- and on there were usually anything in Massachusetts and California Conosoga. We come back -- ball over more of -- and we're gonna ask the basic question are you okay. With the -- box on the job apps that says have you been convicted of a felony. Or do you think that's an undue burden that the person is already paid their debt to society and should start with a fresh late. We do know. That's there are times. When maybe you're not convicted that you should have to check that box that's under the OJ Simpson trial will be back after service. More than sixty cities and counties from Indianapolis the Kansas City, Missouri to Alameda County California. Have adopted similar laws for government employment and other words they have to take the blocks out of the questioner. Rochester New York did an inmate. OK so Rochester has that and as far as I know we do nod as the summit this article or so I'm asking is that box okay. Asking if you are to check interview are convicted felon as I said honestly. Should prevail if if you are should check -- in the -- can have a chance to explain. And and make your case. Because I think the employer has a right to know. And you have a right to explain at that the fairest way I don't think you'll get an automatic pass because it happened two years ago is that last Sunday. But if if you can make it compelling case as we all do lower trying to get a job we make -- compelling case for. I -- being the best person for the job. Let's go to a Fred in buffalo fret -- on WB yen. It's any you know I had the year and I really in particular very complicated issue and making it very black. You know there's there's a lot more they're here -- just. Yet she should say that certain though you shouldn't say that. You know you said that there -- seven million Americans out there right now criminally Parker this issue young adult criminal record -- Now I can tell you that I do that -- -- it was from twelve years ago. And you know what I was young real stupid mistake. I keep my debt to society. And you are also very fortune. It's been twelve years I was able to educate myself. And specialize in an industry and I was able to find a job that -- a living wage. Now most people aren't -- -- And when they go and they and they try to be on instantly and try to -- -- light. They -- even get -- -- I understand yes they made a mistake and make sure it paid for their state. If they're not even -- and shot to move on with their lights. You know you're really boxing them into two choices -- continue to make you out to do illegal things to make money or. Not the system -- not -- Well let me give me an example what you just said is what I was talking about you made a case for yourself I was young I made a stupid mistake. Here's what I've done since then and I think you should -- the employers should have a right to know and you should ever -- to explain. But beyond that I don't think the employers under any. Under any obligation. To just forget about your past were all less about our past for good battery indifference all the time. And I understand that -- What the issue is is that you know for the first five years after I like that. I couldn't even get another. It would sort of like -- -- -- honest about about my past they wouldn't -- -- chance to explain there's so many people out there that. They don't ED EX. I don't think that we should just forget about. But what I think the solution here is that New York State and other states stamp out you know getting rid of the they should look into some sort of expunged and see where after ten yours it's yours for certain on our -- We do take -- record that they see that yes you are not practice site of the state and you'll you'll want amateur -- What you -- -- I made -- -- about like this if you're an employer and you've got somebody there who wants a job and your company. Oh well maybe they embezzle some money and it became a felony at a certain level. But they you understood they had big family health problems and tragedy and whatever. That's different than somebody who goes and shoots somebody and it's is -- not a homicide but that may be close to what I mean there's a lot of differences is a wide range. But the but that -- -- the employer doesn't have the right to know that I think is wrong. Well. I right. I wouldn't say they don't have the right now. And yet there -- experts but if I had fun interviewing. People. Seven of those people have no issue. Three of them out criminal record and yet I don't even talk to these people like you on the application yet there. Why even bother calling those people to explain I seven qualified candidates that. -- -- That's a good that's a good point because you know what this parallels this parallels affirmative action. Why should you have an advantage over someone else in other words you just said if prominent. Lawyer and I have a vote of of people that have a clean record and ready to go into the ground running and I have others that there are questionable I know I'd give the others a chance to explain. But I'm thinking that most people would take it would it would take the best employee of the time as the same argument as affirmative action. I'm very much in favor of hiring the best person for the job and always have been. I can tell you that it actually in my particular. You know -- I've got a bachelor's degree what -- -- education. And there are very few people in the Western New York area that can do what I do the way right. Yours -- -- find myself in the position you're educated I'll do. And I actual court that it has to do with the fact that I was honestly I expect I mean the state. Since then I have I educate myself I'd I'd changed. You know. We don't have a right now. But. We shouldn't just make -- -- black and white issue we we were we need to look at the ramifications. Are you know saying. Having the -- are. You look at the count IR. I understand what you're. I understand what you're saying and you you've made a good argument. Along the lines if I were an employer and I wanted -- -- to make -- that's the kind of argument you would make an air might be very convincing. Of -- what I'm I'm saying is. It is a black and white issue regarding the box on the -- on the employment form. Because we both agreed that. The employer has a right to know it's after that that we we may agree or disagree. I I think formally that the employers should be inquisitive and have a curiosity to find out what you've done -- your life since that conviction. But I also -- strongly believe it shouldn't be. Expunged or hidden away especially in the in the near past until that explanation has been given. We can agree on that in the in the near past of course. You know. There are people out there are just criminals and they're gonna continue to get in trouble -- -- -- -- -- -- but sport somewhat like in my case and I can tell you that I I've. Joint support groups and our joint you all online communities to talk about this and tried to move my legs were -- guys that are good guys -- About target there on welfare. They cannot get a job for like for. -- -- I really do they wouldn't it baker signed up. I guarantee you they would not -- on public assisted they would not get in food stamps and a checklist of rent eight. You know what that number that we gave out earlier about -- numbers of Americans what is seventy millions of America. That have a criminal record. I'm sure some of them are in positions to hire and to recommend. And I'm sure the support groups seek them outs of it because they might be a little more understanding. And walk a mile and your shows and I'm not saying you should get the scarlet letter I'm just saying that the employer has a right to know. All about your past and I'm sure your the when you present yourself and I'm sure he'll do well but I do feel strongly that the employer's right to know thank you thank you call. Will be back with more -- beach company under -- and I'm thirty W via. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WBA and that call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- -- company a program -- today at 3 o'clock go to Tim Wagner will be sitting in for Tom hourly who's taking another well deserved day off. So that is that it's employer based on talk about fitness I'm not mistaken. And that is seems to be a lot of people -- and -- you know it when -- really amazed at how many people in fitness. Have you ever gone by a fitness club on a Sunday morning. Again I mean you know you can't party's -- So Sunday morning apparently is a big time to work out -- that is a lot of different times or I'll -- Sunday morning all the parking -- to jam with the fitness people -- absolutely correct your retirement go to Dunkin' -- to get my doesn't get in my apartment as he didn't exercise that you hate it when their exercising in front of you asked me to stop -- but -- -- today at 3 o'clock. There were asking basically the question do employers have a rights and -- if Europe while applying for a job if you're convicted felon. Now many states are saying that -- government jobs. You can't put that box and they camp can am checked the box so that tells me and -- government jobs -- more receptive. Two convicted felons than not not and convicted felons. And that doesn't surprise me. But now they're getting him some private industry to in my position is this I'm not saying no one's ever rehab I'm not saying no one's ever regretted or made a stupid mistake -- We did something on the spur of the moment or for some reason. And got themselves in the troubling can't return I'm just saying that -- first of all businesses. Are not social workers their businesses. And I think they have a right to know -- -- -- applying for jobs there. If you wanna check yes I'm convicted but I like a chance to explain what happened. If they understand and they welcomed you so much open camp -- on the application. And I don't think they should be required to show preference to people. Because of that and edit things just don't go away because -- wonderful way. If there's something in your past. And then that you wish you hadn't done it well I'd probably. Have some compassion forum but doesn't mean it goes away. Let's go to word GM in Lancaster general on WB yeah. This video calling me Q this is simply -- it in more situations. An employer -- 100%. -- an old if you were phone or not. Okay now is whether an employer. OK want to be judgmental and there it's up to him OP activists say that the vaporized they bought you are if -- if you stared out the in this it's. And they find out later that you were not totally honest about three application you it'll obviously you know. -- -- -- One -- electorate here well you -- July and again and I mean we find a lot of people. Exaggerate their academic credentials to get a job and later they find that we find out that they didn't really go to that college they didn't get that degree and then they get fired in disgrace. The yet we know you've got a call earlier and actually shortly before it was immoral so you're making issues split -- Well they did this person was able -- for whatever reason understood or -- was able to write the -- shark mistake that he had made here. That it did not think an excellent he had some validity of our help people may think but they didn't hoping to do. With a very initial implication -- yet to be honest at the very beginning. OK so people can write the ball they -- some people cannot yet to do this is crediting him but it doesn't make it a gray area no you're absolutely right the black and white. Oh yeah that's -- -- from there. You know holds a good thing and hopefully importer or. All right thank you Jim thank you very much yeah -- if if if you want me. I and I checked the box. I'd also marked comments of mark please allow me to explain. And maybe the circumstances we can understand. Certain things more than we can understand other things aren't. If your life has turned around. And you made progress and and it really was one moment in time on your life. That you where you regret. Realistically and and tried to reform your. Your position that's and it's up to -- employer to decide whether to go on with the interview. But not to Null and not to not to have to is say. I think is deceptive Hawaii Massachusetts Minnesota Rhode Island have extended the ban to include private employers San Francisco -- in February. And Baltimore City Council last month voted to impose the rule on businesses with ten or more employees. I think before people run for public opposition of the check that box. Of course -- not a or at least check it when they leave public office because is more likely go -- it at the end. As some of the nation's biggest employers such as Wal-Mart and target have also been on the box. So that if you go to Wal-Mart or target apply for a job they won't ask you that. And that's up to about it's -- up to them. But I do think that the employer has a right to know and I think the employer is looking at different things there are different kind of felonies. I mean obviously if it was a violent felony he might give second thought as opposed to embezzlement something like that. If you embezzle money you're going to be around any money in this and you paid your dues you digit time. And looks like you rehab. Might be a different story depending on the job is but it has to be. The -- big disclosures to be there. Now such laws do not. Prevent employers from rejecting applications because of their criminal past however they typically -- asking the question. Or running a criminal background check until the first or second interview or until the offers made. The goal is to prevent employers from black balling people -- -- just term black balling. Okay. -- this story says that term is to prevent employers from. Black balling people based solely on their criminal background. I think that if you make a decision. Based on the information in front of the view. And the information in front of -- says this is not the best person for the job and that person doesn't get a job as a black balling. It's simply that somebody else's more qualified. But it's there again we wanted to we wanna tar everything with the same brush. If you don't if you're not willing to be open minded about hiring somebody is convicted felon you must via bigot that's it that's the problem. You don't understand you've never walked in my shoes blah blah blah blah blah blah blah all the same stuff. We hear it all the time. But what we applied for a job we bring. We we we bring -- -- a totality of that person. What's their attitude. How holiday probably applied themselves to previous jobs things like that are -- good. Employees. And then you make that decision based on what you can legally make the decision on there are some things you can't make a decision on. Big on certain things because it's illegal. But of the legal things you should be able to lay it out and decide who the best person for the job and to think that this would fall onto onto a version of affirmative action is ridiculous. There's bad -- that silly. We all do things we all have a report -- in life and were judged by what we've done. And that that's that's the name of that soon it's always been that way it will always be that way. It 030930106. -- 692 through six -- 930 I know if I were doing an interview. I would wanna know that information. It may not it may not -- keep the person getting a job. But I'd rather have the information and. Will be back efforts are you OK we have about having the box. On the unemployment application to be checked if you have a felony conviction. He reminds not for misdemeanors it's not four acquittals it's simply for a felony conviction I say the employer has a right to know. Yeah and that you should be honest and discuss that -- and then see where you stand now after that. Are your life has been since that felony conviction and make a decision but. For the employer to be forbidden asked that I think is them I think is wrong I think the employer has a right to know. Of for the sake of not only -- what kind of an employee EUR but a maybe. Maybe for effective are you violence -- did you have a violent conviction in -- still violent. Mean things like that. No there you know bears they report card that we all get. And at all supposedly reflects our lives and this is what we have to offer to think that the employer. Is your nanny. Or your priest or your counselor. -- or your social worker is wrong it's your employer. And and they have rights and now. Let's go to Joseph in Cheektowaga Joseph you're on WB again. -- -- -- -- All these popular wanna pick up the Bach that by about an employee per common employer. -- -- -- They ten people. What what -- doubt it from doing repair project and finding finding out of there are convicted felon -- an -- anyway. Now you probably will do -- do a background check and then you find out and if they didn't. If it wasn't evidence that you probably would -- count that against them. Well it doesn't matter I mean. It's that these people think that -- you can you can I bet you really can't. Another idea what you -- I mean they're the wave good employer to find out. Our parent what they're afraid of is that every employer will be just to have a knee jerk reaction and if the boxes checked just discard that application. I don't think that's necessarily true is it harder to get a job as a -- develop probably I mean that's said that's a sensible. But is it impossible now there's seventy million people with a criminal record in this country. It doesn't say in his article of their old convicted felons. But as so I'm sure there -- some in hiring positions and counseling positions and and and advisory positions that help you get a job. And so that's not always gonna be a hostile audience there. Like I agree would you like to -- should be air. But in the event that all the lawmakers must take the box thought there's nothing to stop order form right. Exactly so it's stupid depending on which road you take thank you Joseph thank you very much. And I mean really since when we get through would say that you know that part didn't -- I mean that's what you do when your head. -- you do something and mother father told him I've been doing is what I didn't help I'm going to be good golf from now on. And that's fine but you have the -- actions. As -- speak for you what have you done since then how is your life change. And maybe of the persons on your target it will will consider you the best person for the job I've always believed in -- whether we're talking about this. Or affirmative action or any other thing similar to this the best person for the job should get the job. That an agreement can be made. You should not be under any obligation. As an employer. Two two world. Rania -- clinic. Or to be a social worker you're an employer. Certainly humanitarian. Issues come to play and should be his marriage can be but you shouldn't be obliged by law. To follow certain paths with that. Let's go to Robin in robbed on WB yeah. In our rob. In the Robby while rob has gone. So -- basically. The estimate has seven million US adults have a rest or conviction records. Is based on FBI. Statistics compiled from federal state and local. Law enforcement agencies in Washington DC. About 8000 people a release from prison every year. And go directly to congress -- made last part of the first part is right. 8000 people. In Washington DC are released from prison every year I mean look at Marion Barry. Marion Barry. Not only guard and got hauled away on a drug charge while he was in jail received oral sex. From our visitors and he got out of jail and was elected marry again I think for two more terms. So because you're convicted felon doesn't mean that you're never gonna work again. 82010 study by the Pew Charitable Trusts. Found that one in 87 working age white men wars incarcerated. While numbers were one and twelve for African Americans and one in 36. For Hispanics. -- -- pretty startling numbers -- on all of them on all three areas. While. One and 87. For white man won in twelve for African Americans and one in 36 for Hispanics. But the bottom line is there are people who are willing to. Two would take into consideration your circumstances after that was -- don't we all -- We all do some dumb things summer legal -- illegal. But the laws that are illegal camp you can expect from just go away because it's convenient it's inconvenient due to get a job. I think they should add another boxer should be called dumb criminal an idea as -- because there's a torrid sexual guy in many in Minneapolis. Who while burglarizing a house you know what he did not logged on to FaceBook nobody didn't do not log off. Oh that's good must the -- rarely to die too dumb to be walking around absolutely. I think we've gotten to you on the broader spectrum of this. We've gotten them -- affected nobody wants to take ownership of anything. It wasn't their fault they were forced into it. Circumstances. Mom and dad weren't there. Didn't have putting after school got an inferior education. You can list that you know Melissa's a mile long. But some people rise above that and don't have to. I don't have to resort to area criminal record in order to make something of themselves certainly we can understand some swept away. Abide by the circumstances. A but I think that's the biggest excuse in the world there are many many very successful and very good of people. Who came from very difficult backgrounds. -- an extremely difficult backgrounds and overcame all that so I think that we don't recognize that we just assume. That in -- sure born into him. Not necessarily wealth but a comfortable position. That you should have a right to do almost anything you want until and then nothing nothing goes on your record. It's expunge it's as if it is it is as if you were a juvenile. Committing a crime a word you were not be tried as a juvenile and your record would wiped clean after a certain amount of time bottom line is people -- rights and well. We're not saying that you should never get another job while we are saying is that -- you have to -- you have to understand that. Go to Robin needn't -- on WB and ago about a minute rob. -- and yeah I don't what happened there but I think the bottom line is that the action that traffic once and I was not I was stupid. I apply the thirty foot hill and outrage cycle and ended up falling back and and respect and a paraplegic at its long. Don't get involved in you know I said well you know messed up that time but we're gonna let it go -- -- for -- for the rest of -- -- action that can't expect. And I think employers and the like I mean I I go with. Handicap and he argued against -- previous caller can callers ago credit for overcoming our back. People think you know -- -- make at stake for their state convention where it has. I hear you loud and clear and thanks for sharing your story rob that's absolutely right -- we all do dumb things in a lot of times we do dumb things over young. When I first got my license my father had an Oldsmobile 88 with a rocket engine a -- the route to see if it would do a hundred miles an hour. It did. I'm lucky I survived I was a dumb kid at sixteen. But sometimes you don't and you have to recognize that there is a price to be paid for. Choices that were perhaps not not your best. About wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine on newsreader and I'm thirty WB. We'll -- much they never dreamed could be used.

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