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6-24 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Macrovision -- a sandy beach we see him being at odds with -- each other as the population between yes I'd demand my privacy. And I wanna spill my guts out on social media and tell -- all the world everything where I go what I like what I don't like. A what I -- for breakfast all kinds of things. And so a splitting that hair we come up with a -- at a Chicago a Chicago -- San Francisco. Judge. Has okayed a lawyer's going through jurors social media sites. A so that they can find out information about prospective jurors and decide if if they wanna have them on the jury or not. Depending on what kind of things they find there. I think that does leave itself open to of people while planting poison pills on there so that they don't wanna serve on -- jury but it could also. It -- if you're if you did want to be on a -- -- it could also help me get a jury depending on what you posted. Now it's one thing and they're looking at FaceBook and and Twitter and went -- whatever it would it would be a totally different thing. I assume if -- -- -- your email account that -- that should not -- on obviously. But this stuff is public. I mean you say it's only open my friends are so and so can't get it as a way to get Wallace you know a more. If they would delved into pride you know FaceBook the F. Private messages. That two people can share and often times that's -- -- salt to -- them all right. I don't know if they do or not that it doesn't outline in this article by Associated Press if they do that but there's a lot of things that can tell about you. On regarding your your financial dealings. Whether -- or what do you feel an obligation to fulfill your word. There are these are character issues I mean this I -- a lot of things without getting into classified information. But it's a lot of work. But sometimes is worth that I mean you look at can you imagine though. Can you imagine during the OJ trial. They couldn't have done a better job as OJ's defense attorney than picking the ones they picked. And I mean obviously. If they had had social media event which they really didn't. If if they wanted to perfect jury for OJ would all of the evidence piled up against them. This is the jury they would -- it up. It's you -- so you can there's always tell how people think him and how they react. I am so glad that there was I don't know faced I don't think it was around but that there was no social media really because. -- -- eating I'm there would have been on believe Bob no. Sit here even on talk shows subjects where people get into it with -- each other. And and other parties get involved with a there's something about you know of people of always had a curiosity. About what's going on on the other side of the cents. A long time ago it used to be party lines with telephones where you would pick up the telephone quietly and listen to two people talking they were on your line. And Andrea talking across the back fence is one thing talking across social media is another because everybody has access to. And there's a way to get almost anything you want so we're asking. Are you okay -- lawyers are going through your online post. Most of them I assume no harm no fault of no real interest or concern but some -- and how much your view do you divulge. We have so much to give some people give a lot more than it was a -- -- some give nothing. And where you on that Tony is a 20% Chris is a little less than that. And item you'll have to guess where probably I'm probably less impressed. I'm probably less than your -- -- actually. But that's that's the way that scene Antilles pictures shape pulls on his -- siren that Bora McCain ball and that show him more -- while they're an item although -- he's not really help. A so do you oppose a lot about what's going on you surprised. Because stuff comes out in drips and drabs. That doesn't come out in -- whole clock you don't write the book and a chapter at a time it's a little information here a little information there. And pretty soon they build a profile. -- for you it's the kind of thing that them the -- surprised that people know about -- watcher realizes that you -- it yourself. They didn't drag around you who are water boarded. You did it willingly. And knowingly and now somebody is is repeating it regurgitate it back to you and your your surprise that that. A do you ever check the backgrounds. I'll vote of other people when you're about to -- -- have a business deal or DR may be a day. You know people are very apprehensive during a social meetings when they haven't met the other people's -- -- get that. The the lay of the -- find out exactly the way they think and whatever so you have a little a little bit of an edge. It -- I Israel 18061692. Through six -- 930 Chris a couple of postings from our face. Page this locales from. That's you know that's a good point if I have -- that -- aren't chat rooms for fox knows or MSNBC. And your view -- post a lot of stuff regarding political thoughts. They're going to label you whether you wanna be label or not and there are people who always have some of one side and some of the other in them. But -- -- -- -- profile and decide this is the wrong political kind of jurors have they wanna they want to hedge their -- as best they can they want somebody as sympathetic. To their client as possible that's the defense attorney. Prosecution wants to make sure. The bureau is fair minded as possible so that you can accept evidence that he or she is about the present and Ireland where is this one -- from Benjamin says that again might take advantage of this maybe opera with some -- tweets out there how to adjust and that's what these people and might help -- get out of you know what I would do I would post. Off how much of the George -- ratio. You know because seriously. Yesterday. The Shaw signed up I -- -- -- -- or somebody else because sometimes on the weekend he doesn't work that over that overnight shift. But as the music was playing. He said that thanks those of you I'm I'm trying to think of exactly how they that it. Who have. Seen in an experience alien abductions. Including the fact that one of them might have been our ex President Bill Clinton. He drops a bomb and then he's out he's gotten. And I don't know if they were joking earlier in the show about it or somebody really believe that Bill Clinton have been abducted by aliens. As a way to notes explain away the dress like yes that's exposed but the rest of it doesn't it doesn't about it. Will be back -- more we wanna hear from you let us know how you feel about social media and how much of yourself you spread around for general consumption -- whether. Lawyers should be peeking into your postings it's that little. Little alteration in there posting speaking will be back after this yeah we seem to be a divided nation on a demanding our privacy in our privacy rights. And spilling our guts out on line. It seems like there's there's a place I guess for both of them we we should have. Privacy and things are meant to be private. But you can't claim privacy rights if you're publishing something that you know almost anybody can see. Can't be private and public have the same time and so that's why we're wondering how you fell. About the accords in San Francisco allowing lawyers to go through your online polls to see if -- be a good juror from their perspective. Do you have a problem -- that and how much of yourself do you -- on line. Most people. Get caught up and they do a little bit -- little bit more a little bit more and pretty soon there's a lot of stuff on there. And that things that you will wonder why the need to share but that's what they do. A poison pill let's the first thing I thought of you know people -- trying get out of jury duty by using all kinds of excuses and most of them don't work. If your proper jury duty chances are -- your odds of getting out of it if you wanna get out of it kind of slam. But if it's a criminal trial and you've already posted your poison pills something that a defense attorney for instance or prosecutor. Wouldn't wanna come anywhere near and you got a pretty good chance of getting out of it but that would have to be done before you were called because I'm guessing. And if you were calling you posted at later they would sniff that out. But if you were opposed -- the couple just on the F comment you you may get a a call to -- -- -- that I'm thinking that maybe that might be efficient and what would be the -- The things that would probably get you tossed off I think if you were extremely political. If you or -- anti government. If you're violent. One would think that -- your. Your postings would keep you from. Being accepted but you never now maybe some is looking for that the example I used in the last segment was the OJ jury. Believe me if they had this ability to do that. I wonder how many of those jurors would have ended up on the idea or jury or is that the perfect jury for OJ. Is is that a dream team of defense find the exact right number of people on the apply match that would have come up with -- -- That verdict on the criminal side of the OJ Simpson trial. Supposedly kind of things were talking about it 0393018061692. Through six and started 930. Let's go to a Christian we get some more FaceBook things that are posted on our FaceBook page when he got this is -- -- -- I don't care who sees my postings on public I'm open and it attorneys wanna spend all their time sorting through my FaceBook posts are signal for yes of course is. Is the attitude of people. I'm gonna put out there aren't enough and behind them and that's fine that's that's a good way to related to a sharp and his -- don't put anything in their -- on prime. Does this sound like the -- -- two women putting it out and that's excellent you'll. Do you like women putting out is that which is that's what I don't know put out there I don't know I heard what you said we have we have a recording. You said like women pointing out -- heard that. And weasel your way out of it and we're gonna make sure it's part of your your transcript OK so that if you are called for jury duty. And there is a women of the evening involved vineyard and they're gonna try to get you on that bomb missile -- not. -- -- our address this one comes from -- she says this actually happened to me I have a linked in account and I researched the guy who recently looked in my profile. It was a lawyer in the firm representing the defendant of a case. All right now and now they're not supposed to do that in an in this ruling by the San Francisco court. They are not they're not supposed to do that. They're not supposed to reach out and and friends somebody is supposed to be observers. As the world goes by -- They observe take notes and then use it or against you but they're not supposed to -- -- its nostrils it's sting operation -- that way. But that sounds like what that last analyst another -- Chris this one comes. From -- he says lawyer should not be allowed to consider social media they're given ample time and opportunity. To ask questions and vet potential jurors access to personal I -- account should be off the table. You know that's that's a good point I want this now this is a a thought that just popped into my mind. You can't always believe. A lot of stuff -- on line. So if taken as gospel and -- would you be willing to put your hand up and swear on the Bible and everything you post it online is true. I would assume a lot of people would not be able to take that'll simply because they want to present a certain image of themselves or their tastes or what they like and don't like. But if they had to swear to it and now I was fudging now. Now an on night and do that and I said I did that but I really didn't and then they find out that they were accidentally chain's web page. -- -- If it doesn't work out. Could you swear Tony Caligiuri put your hand on the Bible and everything you post that is true and factual. Yes -- witness -- note the most hesitated eucharist. And it's an -- you're younger you noticing that as far as I know that's like I can't remember. Well I'll give an example there was I just found out in the stories -- leaked today your member. I think it was a weaker to a galway and it was -- went viral about a little girl that was kicked out of a KFC. They said that it one of the employees kicked around because you disable it yet legislators -- there -- -- attack you know just found out that it was a hoax. Now it whenever I see things on line. I wait for verification of it's something I wanna mention on the air because I just assumed their fault their fault yeah -- make that assumption. And when I find out that they're not bet I'll go ahead of them but I and I've never presented a subject. Strictly from something online. Without being verified for so that's yeah you're right because yet. You hope doubles yeah I got caught up the -- -- KFC when he -- because they you know they were gonna pay 30000 dollars and -- medical necessity this and that -- wonder what goes on people's minds. That they do stuff like that there are people for instance. Who start online petitions. And they wanted to if they wanted to groups of people against other groups of people -- if they have any life at all. I mean it's -- the casualties and enjoy some conversation here and there and give your opinion might even get a little heated from time to time but a board to make it such an integral part of your life. It's got a campaign against somebody or some madam I -- it's not worth my time. But a lot of people feel like him -- that is going to be out a few people out there meant. Who continuously post -- -- of themselves or should I was gonna look at this it. -- high opinion of herself tagged out and as those pictures of airports now while not gonna put her on the jury -- obviously isn't totally her throat talking about could be Yahoo! could be both on time and if you're not honest about the bolt -- -- can be honest about ego and being. Fair and impartial as if -- false advertising falsely advertising. That's what it's long with a fake eyebrows like I lasted enough she calls I'm looking for real man yeah. -- -- questioned as a follow stuffy oppose would you I mean would you be able to swear the result true. That that's a pretty good questions so if Joseph hurt if for jurors are going to be a partially chosen by a bear. A what they post on line that could be rarely deceptive. Because many people put a false -- up like I just mentioned. But -- really do because they want you to think of them -- certain way. And if a lawyer looks -- doesn't know them. Is gonna take it at face value and if you take your face value you could be really disappointed have you ever posted some thing. You wish you hadn't. Think about like this. Though of the war and advice I think is good advice. Is the home. Post when your nuclear mad because that's gonna come back and -- to -- the drunk yes the owner of a horse that lost the Belmont Stakes. -- California chrome ask his owner. Whether he should have spotted off right after the finish line. And he wasn't there at -- -- and I 30106. -- six Isaac and six are not there. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start ninth earning their toll free line is 180616. 9236. Well -- American Bar Association says it is ethical for lawyers to -- online for publicly available mailings from citizenry. Calling for jury service and even jurors in deliberations. So and -- if that is public. You're putting it out there for the public the city and so it's an arm no foul went on to argue about emails and things like that which aren't. So we're asking you OK with the lawyers doing that I I don't know how you'd have a complaint about it if you post that it. And you made it available is a privacy issue there and how much of yourself you divulge online. As as an individual. If you work if you if you put too much of yourself out there. Chances are you're going to risk the exposure being disappointed you can lose money you could lose -- company as delusional life depends. Poison pill I'm thinking if you don't wanna be on a jury especially a criminal jury. You plan a couple of poison pills in your room. Post things and that's that I'd like an example from view of what to think those might be an have you ever checked anybody's background on line. So on an on line one you're on WB Ian thanks calling. -- -- -- Hello -- 011. It should -- up there and cheer or rural. That stroke and proposed that anything you visit you -- a disappointed that you put up there it's too late to get a back. Oh. I've kind I never pronounce explorer through. Party word thirty year -- If smaller street here MP warriors straight here and -- Air and I'm looking for sure. Bench and a lot Irish stayed away from that those are the you know. And a host -- -- Portugal billions of -- it's more app V compatible. With field or in Europe try to work. Sure you have to put undermined if you were sitting in front of that employer if it being interviewed would you say the same things as just posting them on line. Aaron and Eric he's been a joke book -- as -- there are very ill. Our order of merit. Machines are all through world -- Can't Wear it Janet editor they struck -- footer Aaron. All these are sensitive security there -- election. Yeah up is there's a lesson there's a lesson and the program. And it -- well that's very large he would shoot very before that you waste -- terror. Drink you live further appeal. An area under -- player and that that lesson is don't post that if you don't wanna be a policy at the front page of the paper aren't the only story in TV or radio newscast. I mean that's don't -- your angry. Via the owner of California chrome with a win and -- California -- did not win the Belmont. Was went viral right out of his mouth and he regrets it big time now even though by the way has a legitimate points that that was not the time to do it. It looked like just a bad sport a sore loser. And it's not good for the sport the sport measles from India. Let's go to Robert in north on the Robert on WB again. And I found that it should be. I looked up to the plaintiff and the defendant. If they want their information news. And it is there a point that they're screaming your so called screening. We'll be used as evidence. That's a good point that's not been brought up from the American Bar Association. -- thought. But basically there's no difference and posting it on a bulletin board in the court house as putting it online if you make it public. Then you've surrendered that information it's not proprietary anymore and and a soft they use it against you are kind of signature fall. Well when -- when their screening for potential merger -- there's -- there's a difference there. Between having all that information out there because there's information about everything but they. They have a system in place straight believe it's a question here yup and then you do face to face questions. So -- if you're basically they just -- wrote. -- you don't how you can acquire -- Well here's what I'm thinking though they could ask the same questions. Parallel to what they learn on the air. During the question period in in the courthouse so. They're saving time by going through and and getting information that you volunteered. To the general public and and kind of homing in on that. I I understand very strictly about -- privacy issues but I think once you post that is not private anymore. Yeah I think there's more validity and face to face. And in the way they're doing it now as compared to looking on line where something might be fictitious. Now face the Fisher probably on growth through which you aren't on line. Obviously not on the line so Robert you'd think this is slippery slope that. I think I I. I think it opens the doors to other things. I think it can be right thank you thank you Robert -- Yeah I've they're questioning on a first of all. How -- the people out there would raise their hands and say I swear that are -- ever posted online is the truth of the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Chances are your color -- a little bit just tried solo it's like middle little. You -- and quite present the exact you know the use a little poetic license shall we say. But I don't think you be doing that if are you being questioned by. Either prosecutor or defense attorney if it's a criminal case. And in -- courthouse I think you'd you be more likely it is these spewing. A legitimate information. Give me a couple more of Facebook's if we award Chris. This -- from jail she says these lawyers would be able to see anything in your profile if you make a private. He cancers for post by specific name either so if you're careful you might not be affected. Well will say yeah well I know is that so that information seems to leak out is seems to get out. And I I wouldn't count on -- there. Even you know whether it's electronic surveillance. By overhearing a phone call. Or rated today electronic surveillance by. Perusing your FaceBook account your Twitter account -- -- linked -- account whatever. Is still out there I think that some of them be a tough defense to say -- putter on line. But you shouldn't had it now whether this goes any further and criminal charges could be against somebody -- I don't know what. Number. Are you have to. Offend many people or what are just -- people angry at you -- he joined groups or or you make up group pages like. Fans of -- Charles Manson yeah. Great way to keep -- Charlie governor Charlie Manson a hair styling missiles national that exactly. Now that's a very attractive swastika carved in -- -- -- anything -- a couple of my god got that I don't obvious but I'm thinking if you're. Were political that might keep you out. Are some not all of them and keep my wife that'll -- lot of people now that I know probably most people listening to talk radio -- probably via of jettisoned because of that but you could also be a -- a violent profile. A you maybe. Post something about relative being wronged in the criminal justice system didn't corrective. You can put some more subtle things like that that might work I mean if -- of the Manson society available obvious but I understand what he's saying. But -- in fact if you know anybody that's a lawyer has come. If there are criminal defense attorney if they've done that yet. A -- camera was interviewed on television. He was not thrown by via by the prospect of this happening and answered matter of factly like perhaps it's been done for a long time and just wasn't talked about -- That's that's my father logged in -- cause I'm sure your father in law would be happy to it's you because it's part of the due diligence of any good defense attorney. To get as many. As much information measure can. And if you can hand pick or helped hand pick the jury selection that's very helpful mean they've always had jury consultants. As to what sniper juror you want who you don't want so this is just another example of information in. Whether it's good information coming out we don't know will be back after it is a big governor of sandy beach or asking about the fact that now lawyers according to the American Bar Association. It is now ethical for lawyers discuss our on line for publicly available. Musings of citizens called for jury service now. For those of you. Who'll get bent out of shape over the thought of this I wanna use a comparison. Suppose it was a story about jewel in the buffalo knows and it goes into the archives and suddenly it's important that somebody no information on you and they found it in the archives the problem is what's the difference finding -- there. Or finding it on line or posting about a bulletin boards the same thing once it's public it's public. If you want privacy don't we don't post players simply I mean that's our real easy answer let's go to a friend in Lewiston Fred -- NW BM. Paul -- in the. You're correct I mean there's nothing that's going to stop and they and they don't need no official all -- to do it. They can. Peruse the Internet -- wicker without permission. About. My biggest complaint is how they have subverted. This system over the years. It's now become. On. Who can move. Set up the best jury then and then the other. And it should be allowed it should be the peers. Just the way it was set out to be. The only problem that is the only thing if they were gonna do any screening at all ought to be about. Whether or there are related to the person. Or something of bad -- Yeah inappropriate in a perfect world the lawyers would be absolutely equal in their skills the information can be equal. But that is the way it works and we know that some more -- more imaginative. They find ways to get through to the jurors and other lawyers they haven't figured out yet. And that's what makes the world around unfortunately. It shouldn't be illegal. I did I hear what -- -- except that once it's out there it's out there and though I mean look at the case of -- Donald Sterling got on the clippers. The one of the tape -- -- and illegally she absolutely broke the law and yet all of the consequences from that. Have been on Donald Sterling nothing with her there hasn't been even a thought of a misdemeanor with her even though she broke the -- so that's that's the way it goes once -- -- out the genie is out of the bottle -- your school. Well she should go to court next. I wish they prosecutor really do exactly I think they should thank you -- thank you very much vision prosecutors. You know one -- not a lawyer. I know is not a lawyer I don't think he's a lawyer I'm really glad he's not because while with his era of the Internet dug Pacman. I'm thinking you know appears he whenever I hear -- -- on he always says things like. The Internet as -- because it's. You know and all these secret plans. There are all there on the Internet chatter chatter -- while this chatter and I don't know what they chatter about hey are you bringing the nitro -- and or you know whatever they're they're doing but. He is good enough to kind of get through all that stuff and get the little nuggets of of the information from the online chatter. Well the one thing is that a lawyer went looking at his pains -- -- immediately he was cool and I'm and that's on -- -- and under and it'll be interesting to see how many lawyers do it but you know it's really just part of the information package. If vote if the lawyers were trying to subvert the system and get information. For instance on emails or org or confidential memos or things like that that be different. But they're not all they're doing this is no different than reading the paper. Looking at bulletin boards. Suggests the bats and that's what it is and so when you put it out there why are you surprised. That number of people have that information that's the reason you put out there. And like with most things like differences even on the emails. If if I -- to read every email I have ever sent out it would be totally boring. I put nothing on -- thing because you know lot. Someday somebody might misinterpret something -- say like Chris said earlier he does things with tongue in cheek. About giving his wife and empty box for Christmas or something like that you know well you know what's joke. And you know it's a joke and I know is a joke with somebody just coming across that might -- Wallace -- nice. You know and and miss read it or misinterpret it. And how do you in certain instances. Convey the true meaning of something. There's a reason. Of the term tongue in cheek exists. Where you say something so outrageous and you say it's straightforward I mean that's Steven called bears -- Right a tongue in cheek straightforward you just you if you came down on the planet you saw that -- you think he was a serious. But we know it's an act. And he knows it's an act but you didn't know isn't. So you got hurt you got to know what's that was available and who knows the people all aren't always true to -- -- always rolling the dice. Because somebody usually is someway. Well usually does something you -- ask your father in -- about this that Tony doesn't mean that they're going to every time so there are times when they play against type. Where it's totally out of character those two terms I mean that's a that's a lawyers have to be careful out. Staking somebody on a jury that they think OK this is going to be very favorable to my side next couple. They get convicted because they just turned around they didn't ad agency the same thing at all so I don't see a problem. -- this the way it is now as long as it's held to publicly Joba you know public places like FaceBook and Twitter. And though lengthened to some effect but if they got into anything private of course would be a mess intrusion. A vote of privacy -- their via huge legal fight over that one thing that you can always claim is somebody that my count you out of that I didn't -- and and and put that in although with the experts we have now which we find out. You can never delete anything. Nothing doesn't matter that most -- got you cannot believe any thing. They'll go back I don't care if you burn your computer buried him in the Mojave Desert sun get to the bottom of -- They'll get so just remember once it's there it's fair. Now only come back is -- our jobs to saved people from themselves. And should we not have information that would protect the work place. So don't talk about whether that little box is checked. When you're on a job interview under his right -- -- thirty WB.

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