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6-24 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello well all I ever request was somebody shut off the AMBER Alert please. I mean really how many have you had to do laundry yesterday and right after the AMBER Alert when raise your hand and that's -- god. Guess what the AMBER Alert went off three times at my house yesterday and once this morning -- It's still going I've got a shot -- gonna get a two. Understand the AMBER Alert -- -- really good work and we where you should encourage it we should to have and all that stuff but. It went off three times yesterday. In my house all all talking about the same car and on the same thing. And it kept it going up once twice three times I thought it was over. And I've put myself on my belt like I usually do coming in the work I'm in the elevator and I'm not quite it to the second floor and it went off in the elevator now today. -- -- But it was just a a very very loud my house was totally quiet I didn't have TV radio music nothing I was reading my phone was right next to me. And when anything went hop -- -- because it's glitches. I jumped about a foot air did you figure guys did your amber alerts go off yeah I was sitting here running Rush Limbaugh for us right now went up right here. You're at the -- yet the heartbeat of America it only went up once via my three times. And I can I couldn't figure out why it would go off three times. But it did our eucharist. Might want awful but luckily the sound was off so I didn't have -- -- get scared so I did notice it right away because. It I thought there was an error with my phone because the way a top job. It you don't set that would normally like when a message box like depth -- of counselors like my batteries dying I thought something was wrong and it was an -- and I've never seen apple. You know it's not delighted to sound like the OEBS tests to remember the first moment they would run in the UBS that's. That's what it's not like I was very loud. And because all of our electronics things in our car is things in our homes things on our belt things in our computer. I have warnings and alarms when you here's something you never heard before his it'd never gone off on before that I'm familiar with that idea notified anyway. You wonder what it is house burning down what's going on but they apparently because John as Susan asked them today. Apparently there is no mechanism for them through. Cancel. -- It's -- crime but they can turn it off about that. -- so while we're all in good shape except Tony who suffered all you you've got to get the got to get the bills Tony got to have ready. Allegra. Yeah during this weather. -- stuff flowing around yeah it's often think attacking you attack you. We're not suffering as bad as Los Angeles which had about soccer. That brings out lawlessness. There was loading. Being in LA last night by people are happy that Mexico apparently won their game or tied their game whatever they did to move on. And so they don't. As my team just won I think I'll go and break a window -- and grab a TV set. Go together I don't understand doesn't just like the OJ verdict -- you know. It doesn't instance. You know owns I guess that's better going to be heading the official -- we look at the bright side through what's a flat screen you can always make another one. Watch has been cut off that's more or less the animal life in -- permanent -- weekend -- reattach it. But that's what happened last night apparently Mexico doesn't get river -- Otherwise there wouldn't do not know they don't. And surprise they've gotten this far are you to -- -- -- more of soccer program a new apartment -- group. Timmy you look like they could advance that it was close -- lost it when it -- job but I don't think they played like Croatia. So I don't think too much of Croatia I could be wrong but the media don't look like a soccer part of it. They had Brazil in their group which was BR problem Myers but if you can survive that matchup and looked okay from the movement. Have you noticed that there are countries that that are big and soccer and are big and anything else it's it's soccer that's it that's the -- who gets up for game against Croatia. I'm -- Cameroon in the -- camera well. Meanwhile Hope Solo who happens to -- area a female Goldman there. Pled not guilty we told you yesterday in -- -- sign on the show by saying I was depressed because I was in hopes almost family reunion. Because it was a a column that there was trouble. Between Hope Solo and -- some other family members while she went into court yesterday and pled not guilty. Where -- here's the story from from LA. When officers arrived at the home she smelled of alcohol on police say injuries to her sister and her nephew or were evident. She allegedly punched her sister in the face several times. And also charge turn nephew punching him in the face to according to the court documents the nephew and this is where it gets good. The nephew used a -- Rome on solo and broke -- over her head. -- I couldn't. Do it all this is yummy in an attempt to stop our he also grabbed at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So those next court appearance is scheduled for August 11. And she's had problems before. Documented she married Jeremy Stephens and about player. And police were called to there house after a fight. After a party so one more thing that may be maybe at a liquor store and Hope Solo should not be good friends -- something of that but imagine your brother. Breaks out -- over your head. That that's a sign that maybe the family -- be of polls and just let him I can hardly wait till Thanksgiving word Turkey carcasses will fly around. I this story. This story and add some elected for me saying this this is funny and I looked at it was very funny. But I couldn't bring an end because I didn't think I could I could do it without losing okay. I'm going to have to give you a general. Outline of the story. But I don't know if you saw it or not it was a it was a wire story I do not have a -- I have -- -- no no no I don't. There was an art exhibit. And one of the artists put together and from the picture. From the picture out that accompany this story it looked like one of those. Cement art exhibits where they Emeka different statuary. And things like that and then they give -- some -- advent. Some some name that. That that it gives them an advantage over regular art you gotta think it's important because it's got a great name right okay. So this is a display. In the name of the display it was when go to the world. Okay it's pretty clever whatsoever oral. And it was it was was and I could be wrong it may -- it wasn't cement. But it was it was made out of a material it was about six to eight feet high. A giant. Regina. OK so that was a giant vagina and that's why it was called windows world now so far more OK I can handle that. Rescue teams had to be called out because. Someone. William not supposed to walked into it and got stuck. They couldn't get out of the giant. The Regina. And I'm thinking who does that really does that can -- in the rescue column that won it you think AMBER Alert was exciting well about this one. So I just thank him a careful with the art -- you're gonna have a security of the art exhibit otherwise inquiring minds want to know. You know you want and we go but that was that started and I'm sure you'll see yet. The late night comedians all have it was on my desk this morning. That's gonna happen but even bring -- -- Because I knew it would be now take a break will be back with more with -- company under Israel and -- thirty W see something was wrong -- I look at this story about Conan O'Brien. It seems Conan O'Brien law owns a house in in westerly. And he owed back taxes on it. Now he claims. That it was an accounting error that the tax bill was not sent to his accountant and so wasn't paid. And they -- about the foreclose it was about to go to auction. And it said that Friday he paid his 8000 dollar a property tax bills on the property and I'm thinking. Well counts its westerly it's kind of a nice area there. -- -- kind of house would have that he paying 2000. What is that tool shed. And then I read. The the property near the westerly shores valued at 7013000. Dollars. Now how do you have a property were 723000. Dollars and pay 8000 dollars tax unless. I mean its its quarterly even quarterly B 32. Well maybe. But that seems pretty cheap but anyway he paid its -- going to a victim and that certainly is good news. Now what we have here sweet Baby James is Colombians on. And if you like Jesse James Taylor. It was called now 6449875. Through it was frosted from mob boss from the -- the Boston I was like that. As I travel that -- all the time. Anyway -- -- -- -- -- James Taylor Tuesday the 29 of July at the first tigris and a we've verified today we think that's. It's and that they were valued at a 120 dollars general -- rules applied on mr. James Taylor and results are banned live at the first Niagara center that is available tickets dot com. 6449875. Now and a caller will win at a at random mom crystal pick about it he likes your voice. Then you when the tickets enemy doesn't line up on -- abruptly and ruin your whole day so that's that I just think they did a thing about drones. Now ringel stars and now he's going to be -- Colorado. Is but I park. And that cooler -- -- drones flying over the constant they're. Because. You know people are so concerned about privacy one would think -- views are drawn over there. And they could pro rule mature at the Ringo Starr concert. What do you think they use those average shots -- besides publicity in commercials. And I'm thinking that's what they use them for. Against the law enforcement using them trying to pick out who's going to see Ringo doesn't exactly it sounds like tea dangerous list. And so that's that's a bigger show Bob Stiles and -- Ringo a while back couple weeks ago. Madonna can't mandate once said the show was good he really enjoyed a lot of fun. And no one of the music critics of the problem is that Ringo is really -- and under a city under recognized. Drummer. And they you know they brought up some some Beatles songs and go for things to listen to and singular chance doing tonight. Bob said that the -- was very entertaining -- checking out. All right let's see what really got going on everybody is concerned about privacy as well we should be. But on the same hand everybody is spilling their guts out. On. I'm a FaceBook and other Internet sites on social media there's something about it the need to. Two a share social media is full of people giving information. How frequently that they would perhaps if you a letter in the mail first of all congratulations with the latter. But if you -- if you were contacted by the government and they had a questionnaire and they wanted you to fill out different things about your life. Like you'd be you'd be open arms you call lawyer you'd say this is an infringement what's his government knowing this is ridiculous and yet. People publish stuff all the time. Online about their private lives you can do that -- by and they tell you where they are where they're going what they had it housed remotely. I mean it's all out there so for people who keep. And their affairs took themselves. And they keep what they're doing private they certainly seem willing to share every aspect of their life on line. Well so far it hasn't been much of a problem I mean there are times when people would take advantage of that situation. But IC a real problem coming up and it started in San Francisco. And let me -- -- before I love San Cisco -- -- their program radio station there -- great great sound. I'll blood go off kilter sometimes politically. And -- this ruling. Judges. In San Francisco. Have given lawyers the green light to scan and social media is. Sites for jurors. So as they're going through the jury process. They would have information on USA perspective -- now right now. Your hackles are up if I might have caused the number of rape and Orman tackles were really not sure. A -- probably angry well how air base scans social media sites to get information -- me as a prospective juror yet there are only going to. -- what you posted went about like that -- you posted -- the same as has got activity colonial times. You put something up on a border -- in the town square. And then your angry because somebody looked at a it is a thousand times more than that. So you post something and once you post that I'm beta it's it's it's out there and everybody can have access to it. And a have ways of getting around any kind of law blockage there might be so I don't think we really have a bitch. About them looking at our social media polls that we've put out there. For public consumption and then using it against us now I do city. A real danger here. If you do not wanna serve on jury you know is very hard to get out of jury duty claimant. And it's very different deal. All right are you have to do -- -- plant some poison pills on you around on your FaceBook page. Things that any defense journalist and goes we don't want them on the jury I can tell you that. We're -- this whole thing a social media how much of yourself you put out there. Some people dip their toe in the water some jumper in over their head. 8039301806. On 696 and I'm there and talk about this one region company. -- home of Rush Limbaugh days until three news radio 9:30 AM. WBE. Dedicated soon. Chelsea Clinton. Or Hillary Clinton went -- Clinton's I'm not sure which. Black magic woman. It is everything governor we're talking about this issue and I would just tell you the title of the of the issue of the headline here and you'll be upset and -- -- real -- that you have no reason to be upset. Lawyer is okay to stand jurors social media sites. And what you say in the story of payroll. Alliance of from Associated Press. A lot of San Francisco is that lawyers are going to Peru's. These social media if you or a potential majority get any information about you because there may be tip -- as the what kind of per -- majority would be. Where they are strictly law and order kind of person of the year and teal. Law enforcement those kinds of things. But before you get your panties and a lot and all upset because the government is snooping on us again remember the only information that you get as what you post. So you posted it and not only here's the thing the stuff you post is one thing. But they'll also check out the web sites you visited when when they have that availability now that may be a different story. If you if you regularly visit naughty girl dot com. Iron you don't want and even if there is a naughty girl -- I've never tried as what I use I always use that. At that as an example but if you -- a naughty girl dot com as somebody finds out about it well OK you know you're on your own. I assume anything you do online is public. I assume you're doing and in the town square and everybody can see it. So that's that. -- let's let's go to the article lawyers have been given the green light to scam social media. On a prospective jurors. The American Bar Association says it isn't it is ethical for lawyers to -- online for publicly available musings of citizens call for your annuity. Even jurors in deliberations. I know that. But the ABA does warrant lawyers against actively following or for ending jurors or otherwise invading their private Internet areas. Now one would think if for him play defense attorney tried to friend you. That that's different I mean I've been just posting your stuff that I had a tuna sandwich launch. -- judges not universally admonished jurors to refrain from discussing trials on social media I mean we how many -- it inherited. But don't read -- -- favored a watch TV don't listen radio I don't discuss it among ourselves and yet. The the lawyers are available to go through all that information that you provide it. Of the nationwide lawyers' group for the first time is addressing how deeply attorneys there investigators in their consultants can probe for information. That might signal leanings of potential jurors -- juror misconduct. Moon during trials all of that would be good. I'd rob I'm asking for a mistrial -- over there visited not a robot comedies presenting himself as a pillar of the community I think you should be released a rocket. This could turn into a circus I'm thinking that this can be fun to watch. Jurors online postings have disrupted many legal proceedings over the years causing miss trials and special hearings over the effects of FaceBook. And tweets and the usual stuff. And lawyers have been wrestling with a is a few judges have denied lawyers permission to research social media sites as overly invasive others have allowed it. It's like any other publicly available information said Donald Lundberg he's an Indianapolis attorney who helped draft the ABA's opinion. Ultimately the ABA committees decided they linked in search was ethically sound. Which runs counter to an opinion issued by the New York City bar association. In 2010. That said the -- noticed senate to a potential juror about a search among us who unauthorized communications. Some lawyers are sold on social media searches and have been following it for some time. I saw Paul -- is being interviewed on TV news and he was saying some of the things that. George my outlook for army potential. Jurors they might look to see what your position as. Obviously. There's some obvious ones may be your law and order they couldn't possibly be innocent. If they were arrested for crime type of person but he would once you one injury. Or a baby go the opposite way that we can't trust the police. And that kind of stuff they're looking for people who. Aren't as out there in their opinions and basically. Fair minded but I don't know if you can judge by -- what people write and put on line because many times people put things online that really representative. You know what I mean. Well I don't know like mom putting a picture of her daughter on there. While she's perusing the sites we've seen that we've seen that a criminal cases and usually doesn't and and and we want to know from you. How much of yourself you put on line. How much of yourself you put on line so I got basically are a few questions. -- going through your online polls you OK with that FaceBook Twitter -- anything -- -- Part of I think anything you post. Is fair game if you want a secret don't post I mean why would you consider its secret and posted that that's a contradiction. How much of yourself -- divulge online some as superficial. And beautiful day today I'm going to a park others. Against downs of the real nitty gritty a cap percentage wise. If if we took a an X ray of Tony and Chris and we want and every bit of information we forget what percentage. Of yourself -- do you think you post online. Now I probably see in the low twenties I -- A fair amount but not everything right serving nothing that would give me trouble nothing that I don't want. On like you said I don't post anything you wouldn't want on the front page of the buffalo on the paper so I mean you learned that are like the haystack likes cheeseburgers I love my kids. Sports that's what you can. And your honor that's the reason he should not be a juror. Anybody that you need to haystack is crazy the 100 -- -- -- pizza we're one hands though that's abnormal I think he's from another planet I heard him on the George operational. I was August 20% has there press much much of yourself do you post I'd probably go a little less than that only because. I put a lot of things that aren't really true if you read my pushed by the and it my wife you. I guess the boxes insanity when I got to prevail because there's no respect NASA over a lot of it -- isn't even a real. Old thing if you're doing -- verbally abuse -- elephants tongue in cheek and whatever a look in the eyes of the -- saying it. But online the words of the words and you lose a lot of that even if you're really skilled writer you lose part of the communication between two people. So yeah you might read something as as Christian said and totally misinterpreted. I might be a total tongue in -- thing so I don't know how accurate that would be. Now I was answered my -- questions what percentage of -- of my idea my life is on line let me just say this and and I haven't said publicly. 101 person everything in my life line I just felt like -- one -- Anything you wanna know is available out there and you posted a picture of your sister's ass I'd let anybody over a picture of their sisters asked our on line she does that cement donkey. That is pulling a cement cart. On my mother left it to her on my mother passed my sister plants flowers in rats okay now it is in many people. I've heard of flowers in your hair flowers and grass is another story. But now I'm willing to do that I'm willing to a hundred let's tell it like it is. So that's it a 101%. Everything you there's nothing about me that you wouldn't find our -- line. And no snakes and some experts and I don't that would keep me from being a juror when you think -- which you might get somebody hunger and yeah I. -- and so basically lawyers looking for you know there are jury consultants. Who work with -- lawyers to try and find out the very information now. That you are providing free. So you know I don't know how much it is you want a giveaway. Also a poison pill. Here's my thought. The real weakness of allowing lawyers. To -- search your social media if you are a potential juror. Is. The very weakness is that. Some pills are absolutely. Right. You could say you know thank poison pill without being accused of committing any crime you could say. The police arrest somebody that isn't guilty I believe that if they if they by the time there -- rested their -- if you don't even need the courts. You couldn't be arrested for that but no no lawyers are. Bring you on a jury would back kind of a pot. It could be a little more edgy and more dangerous and -- -- lawyers with enhanced and exactly what you put. Check out there and there are hollow wind -- -- now you've you've introduced the word hash tag which I know I try and use it fifty or sixty times a day. Actually. You wanna hit somebody with a cream pie when they use the word Ashe day they -- verbally yeah apart from the row I was the -- at him. I'm blessed the most violent on and so if you and I were both up for juror position I'd get it they -- -- -- have violence. Imagine if you were Foreman of the jury. And got into an argument I punch -- them. You know somebody from hammers. As juries and judges not as ever right out of order I like that can't handle. It's -- so I would be really easy to plant a poison pill. Now without getting explicit. And disgusting. Give me an example of a poison pill that you would you could plan. Of that that would probably exclude you from most juries so -- -- have a little fun when -- anyway. So it was a -- of three of three areas lawyers going through your online post -- -- your background see what you're thinking -- okay -- that. How much of yourself you divulge on line. Tony said that 20%. Chris said less than that for him and I said a 101%. As I was lying to my today. -- the poison pill would you would you plant one just a -- suppose you never wanted to majority. And there's no easy way to get out of it folks I mean you can but it's very different all. Then what kind of a poison pill would you post 8030930180616926. 930 that sort sided hearing cage the elephant Marshall. I'm going out getting a separate iPod just from my kgo collection. Hi yeah I went back crazy kgo often to Asia that I ware from time to time and looked almost like to find out exactly who -- Lot of bands that if you stay on the America around we have -- of music or your adult. I jumped off the -- grown by stopping it is I have enough songs like a 5000. At a 5000. What I did -- -- so I went and took all of my idea anything I have recorded. I wanted to keep and I didn't like the whole thing of the awards two cuts on an album might have -- -- cuts that was okay. And then I went back in my mind during of various stages in my career with songs that I liked particularly at that time that I didn't have. And I bottom on iTunes. And so -- my collection is pretty complete for -- is a guy like. And there's everything on there from tiny -- to Pavarotti and anything in between so that's kind of funnel through somebody's -- music selection because I think that thing you can learn you can learn about two -- questioned -- -- judgment in tiny Tim -- You know like -- yeah. Wanna play nice job. I don't -- -- -- so -- out my I have very serious stuff I have wised up and I obviously have always enjoyed music a -- we're talking about lawyers being permitted now. According to this -- Cisco court anyway to go through prospective. Jurors. Online posts maybe you wrote something on FaceBook or Twitter or Linkedin and are there they see it as a as a -- we there yet how we want this person on the jury or no way in hell are you click on the jury. How much of yourself do you divulge on line Tony said but 20% Botswana percent. I'm Chris settlement less than that but Chris said you could be misled. Buy stuff he does on their 'cause he does a lot of tongue in cheek fun stuff meant to be comedy. But of course you can't really see that it's tongue in cheek when you're just reading the written word so you might kind of misjudged for a slowly got to be careful about. And I'm saying that it that allows people put poison pills on there are so that if they never ever wanna serve. This is what they'll load of this is what they'll -- -- as opposed the poison pills. And anybody looking. At that as a prospective vote defense attorney for instance or prosecutor whatever. Would do so would see it and kind of backed away. Also. Something and this is helpful. Do you ever check the background of somebody who don't know because you want information I've done it once one time. I got an email email from somebody who knew he needed some advice and thought I would be helpful and wanted to -- a very innocently wanted to meet. Four row for lunch or something so that we discussed it. Well the first thing -- dead because I don't usually. Is is check this person on line and get the information that I needed a wise on the person was as the person represented themselves. That was fine and it worked out fine but I -- gonna draft without that. And so you know it's applicable for a lot of things. Maybe you're dating a new person maybe. You -- -- -- about the hire somebody. There's a lot of reasons who would wanna check somebody's background and a masking if you ever done it yet. Best thing as far checked and background than necessary for people individually bought. Maybe you are you curious about rushed for a place to eat and there's ways of now galway -- Fresh out FaceBook can you seek comment so -- -- they like this that is not good enough -- something that I should that's. I have a before I go out to dinner almost always now that's a place I've not been I was check the menu the menus are all on line which is really really cool very helpful so a bit when you get there are two things you have an idea what you want secondly. Unlike women who have to look at the entire menu when men see the first thing they like. They artery it that's it okay women have to check that it is there it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hit it and nice note. Czar. Is right on time. We didn't do. And -- those. -- -- -- I don't lobbed inside. Back to being a discharge because that that course nobody -- eager to -- through tulips I those were the good old days will be back after this.

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