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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>How Police Send Alerts - NYS Amber Alert Coordinator Gary Kelly

How Police Send Alerts - NYS Amber Alert Coordinator Gary Kelly

Jun 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- among the many cell phone owners who were saying what's going on my cell phones all happened yesterday. Unfolding in the afternoon cell phone's -- all over Western New York. Alerting everybody to the reported and possible kidnapping of young girl in the Rochester area the whole thing by the way turn out to be a hoax. Let's talk about those a little further our guests on the WB analogue line is New York State AMBER Alert coordinator Gary Kelly. Gary good morning thank you for joining us. The morning. The question them you know the question we need to ask first and foremost is. Why did some people get those AMBER Alert -- and others did not get a. With regard to cell phones there's two ways in New York State to receive the AMBER Alert and notification. The first is one that has been initiated by the citizen myself -- themselves. Through New York or dot gov that the mechanism we use. To disseminate our AMBER Alert information in the activation of the AMBER Alert system people can go to New York alert our vote. Set up an account they can register to receive. The amber alerts formidable -- alerts weather alerts traffic alerts. They consider Dirk count however they want to so that's one way the public can receive the amber alerts for self text messaging. And they're going to receive them for what ever area in New York State we activate. Whenever there's an alert in that area so it's based on how they register their account. Can you sit there are two ways what was the second way. Yet the second mechanism is WBA. Wireless emergency alert system. That this system that is that the federal initiative created by the United States Department of Justice. It's managing and activated through the national center center for missing and exploited children. That rolled out of the beginning of two point thirteen. Bomb by now most new phones and subscribers shouldn't have WBA. All party in their phones. -- what WEA is its importance emergency alert in the event that there is an amber. So we're driven in the event there's an -- in the area where you are with yourself -- you'll hear an audible tone. That. And it will be followed by what appears to be attacked like message out a text message. Generally speaking you can export the message on. It might be like driving down highway and seeing a highway sign once -- passes on. Depend on the so company that you have. And it went on your own. What you will receive that phone and you will receive that it was like message. It will only activate if there's any known vehicles with a known -- mostly. We in New York State do activate the airport system in cases where the suspect is and put -- there's enough information that the public process. That's the idea of an -- program. It's too quickly -- the public. To help look for an abducted child so we have enough information public and -- even if there's no known vehicle and license -- we will actively we have. Activated in our history. But the WEA only works with and don't vehicle in the license -- so. In the case where last week on the sixteenth will reactivated AMBER Alert system for I'm Wanda. That suspect Portland put -- case WA it was not -- WBA it was not activated. In this case yesterday increase we had known -- -- no license plate. WBA want to. So that that all works works with a vehicle. States can individually choose whether or not to for the feds to activate WBA in their individual states. They can choose if they want overnight hours in New York State we have chosen to use WPA we have chosen -- point 476. With overnight drivers' medical professionals overnight shift workers we believe that it -- resource that we should utilize ever resource available opposite of what I. True why you can't get that message again you know he's the a look at it use slider phone and it's gone and you can't find it. Yeah like I said it's similar to we've we've been told by our our national. Counterparts that. It's similar to driving down the -- in the I would say what you passes on it's not a text message it's -- -- like message. On the and again depending on your phone and depending on that they are carrier use. It could very in terms of how long it stays in their -- we've heard that some people still still can retrieve domestic and doing -- they can retrieve it. Hours later so it really depends and if that if people want to know more about their specific phone carrier than to reach out to the carrier. -- it is an opt out plan. People can -- out to receive to not -- -- week. We encourage people not to do that you know we want as many guys out there looking for an abducted child as possible. Many of our camera activation over over the course of our history have been resolved because the public. And in yesterday's case there was a tip that led to the recovery of the trial so. -- from the public again. You know we we wanna use utilize ever resource possible since since our -- -- in the 2002 we've had fifty activation. 59 children everywhere those children since we returned home. Know that alert tone that you live for us a couple of months ago it did sound that different than anything we have heard before. And I'm sure that's my plan because you don't want people to ignore right. -- Why -- Ours as to why did we get a notification. That it was canceled that the person was found safe. Yet that's the other thing with the WEA it's send up to alert notification let people know there's an AMBER Alert. There's no mechanism in place to another cancellation. A -- nice to talk when you thanks for explaining that. Not a problem or Gary Kelly is coordinator of the New York State AMBER Alert system.

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