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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Insight From A Model Airplane Enthusiast - Glen Topolski

Insight From A Model Airplane Enthusiast - Glen Topolski

Jun 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest on the WB a lifeline right now is plan to pull -- with -- hours aviators in Pendleton which is a local flying club. A club for model airplane and helicopter enthusiasts. And he's the hottest and we're talking about drums this morning is not quite the same but still blend of model airplanes and helicopters. Can cost some other airspace issues like the ones were bringing up with the -- that morning. I -- -- great. About the by your club and about the that is the things you fly airplanes and helicopters. Well we're club that penalty then. Most of the guys. We basically just what model airplanes America. Glenn has the subject of drones come -- bed any of your meats has anyone shown up at any of your meets with the drone aircraft. Yeah. You're talking about. Quite after right. Yes -- time to time some of them are equipped with a digital cameras some are equipped with a video camera. Yet when we get. Toward you know. And as a purist involved in model airplanes -- what do you think of them. Well there's a lot of technology involved in and they've got a lot of devices to keep them stable. And things like that part. With those devices in them is still doesn't prevent mechanical failure. So you know -- is the biggest thing in our club is safely and you know anything can happen at any time and you know you wanna try and be one step ahead in this case one of those come down in the wrong place. Where do you fly. These airplanes and helicopters did a protected area. We're at a private piece of property that was the -- every year. And do it to stay under certain. You know 400 feet or something to do any. Under four. Glenn how far away count a person's son one of these drones -- the model airplane. Before you lose control of it -- -- strictly line of sight. The president equipment that you purchase. Most of this stuff this readily available. You've pretty much have control what I mean you know it. We have an airplane with a five foot wingspan and it doesn't take long before it looked a garbage big in the in the air so you know. Do you view you can get it to the point where you're not sure exactly what it's doing depending on -- -- -- of course it. You know he could get it far enough away where it was a -- that you're not paying attention you know it could take 1520 seconds and it's pretty far away. Aren't there regulations so that you found -- Absolutely. Size weight. All these things. While -- and really what is the difference between a radio controlled airplane. And a -- what is the difference. Not been really. About the only difference. Like a year like this say the drones have a lot of technology in on the first stabilization. To keep them operate things of that nature. And I mean you can even get there with an airplane but. Those drones are kind of an their period of an animal by themselves as far as it'll be our two characters at all there. Other more expensive little model airplane. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- you can you can spend 2000 dollars an airplane. You know. Depending on the size at all -- that is where is you know those drones. To get to get a high quality when the elite has been a thousand dollars. Now those regulations -- talking outside his weight you'd Carty said you have to stay under 400 feet. Is there anymore. Way. Size -- Different regulations for different types of fuel which -- gonna use. We're question on just got a little the last lift the -- the do you have to have liability insurance and can -- plane comes down and damages someone's property or. -- -- Now that's a good question. Airplane feel we belong to give me a model aeronautics and remember those. And with -- you have a million dollar liability insurance. So if you're going to be playing these drones over public event or something. Felicia gets some other type of insurance and I'm unaware of in my opinion it's taken a big chance I enlisting anyone who is. Having mechanical failure in the balance somebody. Or something. That your. And brings up and a whole big issue there and with their reliability. Hey Glenn thank you for joining us that learning a lot. Europe appreciate it that's Graham a -- to call skis with per hours aviators it's a local flying club in Pendleton.

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