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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Drones As Useful Tools - Dan Schwarzbach

Drones As Useful Tools - Dan Schwarzbach

Jun 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are focusing this morning on drones. Are guests on the WB in live -- to help us understand a little bit better then Schwartz mark. Damn -- executive director of the airborne law enforcement association. And good morning thank you for joining us. I wonder judging by the name of the organization of the -- with I've shown you are on the side of the law on this that. Drones will eventually be if they aren't already a very valuable tool in law enforcement. I do agree. Well tell us how -- if not already they're being used now. There are -- being used throughout the Bay Area opened up the airspace to law enforcement and academia. Come through opted for partisan history of operating these unmanned vehicles. For a to open discussed it -- -- your corporation -- -- -- a law enforcement agencies across you know honestly towards right now. I think the biggest. Advantages is that there's currently there parsley and -- justice. Estimates -- eighteen palpable force agencies. To the United States and something wasn't 500 of them have access to. To aviation. Such as what you have there in with -- carrier sure. You realize -- went through further work how valuable these. These reports -- as you can gain by their effectiveness. And and -- the McCourt won't you just. What do -- Recreational use of drones and can anyone -- one of these. Yes right now that that that is correct -- under under the obvious rules. Commit prairie creek -- wanted to -- one -- lost value of a commercial purpose. Especially got a wide open and the obvious rules. And are there any regulations regarding how high they can flyer you know what if some helicopter. And small planes in the same airspace. There are right if they're supposed to go under under 400 feet and every doesn't -- -- Commute cite any examples -- where a drone was helpful to a law enforcement agency in May be. Catching the bad guys are defusing tense situation. I can tell you what we were good and useful than things such as search and rescue. A lot of times more tracing. And I L artwork what do you. That I would be partners. And coworkers and bad guys -- with the aircraft. It's a very dynamic situation and move very rapidly to a lot locale but Utley what. We are looking to use unmanned aircraft what -- is that more over over static situation in the situation where this. Sort of surgery lost trial active shooter school will agree to that situation where like if you -- -- over. They -- Laporte association annual awards and we just -- established an unmanned vehicle -- -- -- but I won that -- on the county sheriff's department in Washington at Washington. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How do you see them being used in the future as they become more popular and as they become more popular. Is it going to be a problem between the recreational and law enforcement or military use. I don't think so I think it -- altered usable -- different hold on the vehicle and older. The order larger there are different kind of fuel there a lot more out about what is he does that what little local law. We're looking for children certainly. A lot of built in Turkey more obvious would be looking for something that's -- Two and -- -- pounds it's battery operated strong watchable. Vertical lift as opposed to a fixed wing mirror and airplanes while. That would fly under 400 feet that -- -- sort of line of sight you'll never quite irregular heart and and were partly with the with a these technologies in battery powered -- listening to talk to twenty ointment like are now and a little or delicate birdie that would meet. Ability to group the future but in our local law. They want to caution about these drones that are used by hobbyists and just individual and curious people who only one of these things. Just for the heck of it may use them to fly over a rock concert or another event how far away camera person send their drone. Before they lose control of. You -- -- appearance on the all on the model and make an -- ball some of them have have quite long range on the again -- operator O line of -- you know you go to YouTube you can Google and there's a lot of people a lot of video people -- -- -- Utah and -- are responsible. And that I think that's what's gonna hurt the industry Conan -- a there's a lot of people out there a lot of hobbies -- there not -- these -- responsibly and law enforcement. Yesterday. We have a -- -- a big job here to educate the public on the proper use of these things. I know that sexism school now that they that this would have been formed out of Austin here to -- the obvious who. Responsibly use their man you -- What happened if a helicopter that was flying came in contact with the drone could the strong. Bring down a helicopter. It -- -- there sure is it possible yes we -- just into the into the engine systems somehow. If -- within my battery might might English you know. A -- users are returning from a helicopter. Yeah it would it if you could. Problems. Damn good information and we thank you for thanks. Doug you're terrible but definitely as I'd put triple on line and a few of the things they're doable or recreational. While forceful military in his -- but you are so many other things -- oil and gas pipeline mutually power patrols agricultural managing crops. It was a -- crop in Japan as it is done by ground right now Atlantic are -- real estate as a lot of other all those other columns. By -- regard. Well thank you thank you for your help on that -- Dan Dan Schwartz Spock. Is executive director -- the airborne law enforcement association.

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