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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Iraq and Drones - Dave Levinthal

Iraq and Drones - Dave Levinthal

Jun 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB in -- senior political reporter with the senate Republican tech pretty mourning day. We continue to India Iraq crisis let's start there can John -- accomplish anything. And that's very kind the Pepsi cans you know at least try to stabilize the situation that is the largely spiraling outside the united its control the point really it's not it is what. We're trying to keep every option on the table and that those two and include air strikes that that is really the thing that's being talked about this week at Washington. -- the United States will go forward. -- using military force. -- force in particular to what try to quell what situation that really it's getting worse and worse by the day. There have been talks reports now -- extreme massacres in certain cities in the locker and the court set the that the rebels that are moving into all across the country are getting closer and closer. The part of the ball in advance it's a very bad situation and nobody likes where this is app right now in the United States that currently are buying. Some kind of an answer whether militarily or otherwise. Deal with the. The Obama administration doesn't wanna get in any deeper in Iraq on the US already -- we already know that what they have. The secretary Kerry comes back empty handed no deal. It's going to be a problem and that lot of head scratching going to be going on in Washington even above and beyond what's already going on. Right now of course there's the Obama administration or. You're now it's been talking about its desire and ultimately its goal and an accomplishment that getting out of the -- ending at -- -- want pulling out troops. Not going back that any military hasn't been. Sort of like Groundhog Day right now where here we are again and -- fourteen in the after more than a decade. That some sort of into action militarily. With a lot at this finally over and now we're talking about doing it again and so. Obviously found that a lot of reluctance among Democrats and Republicans vote here in Washington. It's something that is going to be it military. I spoke about engagement you know a lot after that it's been all -- -- down where I at least for sometime now. Did something we're focused on this morning -- the subject of drones a new intrusion in our world today these unmanned aircraft there. More common than many people think yet there is little or no regulation. What are. I. And at -- In -- previous. Journalistic career covering aviation security and safety issues and a decade ago I was doing that that that wasn't even a topic that the idea of the loans. Operating domestically. It would seem like kind of crazy here aside from. You know as a military presence I am and has some fledgling -- there were being used. Of course what military applications that was really where the conversation as but the Washington Post and act that I would encourage people to try to seek it out. For the fantastic three part series that's going on them out to so and so about this very topic and we're usually here in the United States. Other than tons of problems. And that that's spoke on the military side and also the simple site to one of these the most alarming. Issues that but I thought about it -- seen as bad as some close calls that have taken place between. Commercial aircraft so when did you fly on that. From upload any other city and and then having incursions with the -- aircraft that they've either been operating illegally or kind of a lot -- -- and that's suddenly got away were -- that with a commercial aircraft carrying passengers. It is a very unregulated area right now he can expect the government going to be dealing -- there's a lot and the future. Well that very reason and at least in this state. Well you know it is a sophisticated toys and it looks like -- adults are using them so. The FAA is looking at a possible regulation. They're they're not all government is looking at into that certain -- it would be at the -- the best. -- because it drove from an all shapes sizes here ones that are very very small. Almost like glorified -- and you have others that are very very sophisticated. They have the capability of not to -- up a couple 108 but thousands and thousands of feet. And could definitely got interplay with the regular aircraft helicopters or planes be what it may itself. Of course this is kind of a brave new world four aviation. In the sense that. All do that don't have really any great experience necessarily. With aviation act you have access to these types of vehicles then and now all of a sudden be seven that my coursing through the air space and I can be very problematic that you don't know if that he got that stop but there that's like around. And that shouldn't necessarily be there are a lot of situations. You know I was at an outdoor concert recently where there was a -- I had no idea this -- was overhead taking video. But there was all there were helicopters in the air overhead till. But did you -- the attraction percent people that -- for trying to get beat up in the air -- into the he has a spectacle they want offload it felt. Or taken with cameras there with apps around a lot of people. I have I have very. Very positive purposeful walk and he is that it's not the areas at all but that. The same time expand its safety issues there's got to be some sort of equilibrium that second to be reached in the coming years that is going to balance the desire people that. You cool things innovative things -- the current aircraft at me and obviously the issues that -- that when they're out there you know airspace. And that's good because thing. Safety issues and security. Yeah interesting and interesting -- Dave thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it. -- Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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