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6-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. Few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you said Russia and al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy that. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an amendment. Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it might back bathing it's live it's local -- It's Tom hourly. Cool whip completely cool whip who lived here. And on news radio 930. All right nine minutes after six administrative I'm thirty WPM it is that -- -- with you I will not be here tomorrow -- Tuesday and -- off. And I should have a whole bunch of vacation time I have not Yost. And that must make arrangements to go somewhere can't imagine where that some winner might be. Can't imagine that we'll cross that bridge when we come to ten minutes after six and up by way of I wanna get this other things here before we need all the final or the show is a lot of time. But there is an opinion piece by John Hayward. On the bright part news site. No sooner. Did mr. Hayward. Oh by the way the date of this piece. Ninth of June. The ninth of June this year no sooner or that I finished writing at length about. How the humanitarian crisis. On the border was deliberately created by the amnesty caucus. As part of a -- -- even and I hope I'm saying that correctly strategy. To -- a lot more than amnesty down our throats that I saw other report about governor brewer describing the situation as a crisis of the federal government's creation. She is absolutely. Correct number one no serious person can pretend to be surprised. That all the talk of handing out amnesty. Particularly to young. Dreamers and families with children causes a tidal wave of people seeking such prizes. Which you paid for by the way to turn up at the border. You're talking to a straight up. No fooling scam artist if you hear anyone expressing surprise that word of our. Great national conversation about opening the border penetrated the central and South America they have news programs and the Internet down their two. Number two the Obama administration absolutely. Knew these people were coming it's simply not -- viable. And by the way that piece I read earlier the ad by the federal government. Wanting a vendor for 65000. Illegal children. When the previous record was 5000. That is proof of the putting right -- the Obama administration deliberately has created office. Though it's I don't know intelligent person can possibly come to a different conclusion. Even if you were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. And except -- pretense is that the refugee crisis. Growing on the border wasn't a deliberate part of their plan. We have intelligence acts assets that would warn us of a mass migration heading northward amen amen amen. Remember what I said last week. We have satellite that can spot the pubic hairs on my house. And they couldn't spot his big immigration surge coming really. Do not do not insult our intelligence. Although sometimes I wonder if our intelligence deserves to be in -- Number three nothing was done to prepare for the migration to reasons for this number one. The administration -- would be terribly inconvenient. If but he. Delicate moment -- amnesty negotiations last year they were seen building refugees cities along the border. Number two they wanted the system to collapse they want plane and bus shipments of illegal aliens rolling across the country. They want a horrifying human crisis to be -- to be at the right moment so we can be told amnesty is the only solution. And this is what they're going to say they're already starting to say it. These refugees can't be bounced back from border with the usual catch and release operation because a lot of them don't come from Mexico. -- return thousands of unaccompanied minors to Central American hell holes torn by violent conflict between drug cartels buddy keep them and refugee centers it'll soon be likened it concentration camps. This is checkmate. The demand for amnesty nobody can refuse. These young rivals will -- will be the tip of a policy speaker. That quickly widens to include all of the dreamers and of course their families and the next wave of 5000 families and unaccompanied minors to arrive. And as this system groans to deal with -- -- newly minted theoretically conditional American citizens over the next few years every other system they encounter from government welfare to private security to the private sector job market will collapse that's exactly what the left wants what happens when you infused billions of new. Job seekers into a market choked by regulation that makes business formation and expansion incredibly difficult. Attack system that leads away profits and mandated benefits the Jack up the cost of labor it's like pointing a car at a brick wall -- the steering wheel in place and then dropping a brick on the gas pedal. This guy sounds like he's done that -- you -- the only solution. Will be a vastly larger central government controlling more of the economy and more of your money. All put a marker down right now and say this isn't merely an adaptation of the -- pipe and strategy it's highly likely to end with a push to reach the specific original gold. Of -- and Ivan. Which was the replacement of our constitutional republic and its well for apparatus where they fully centrally planned collected his system which guarantees a certain. Income for everybody with very few. Strings attached. Folks. We need to send these people back like cargo. Cruise ships for some of insurer. Other than that let's use some of the unused Great Lakes freighters. I'm sure the steam ship companies operating the Great Lakes might enjoy -- -- boats. Setting them into the salt water. Down the East Coast. Perhaps going through the Panama Canal them back up to picks them up. Get them back home put on boats. A Great Lakes freighter can hold. How many times attack and I -- that's an awful lot of people. Awful lot of people could fit cargo holds those cargo holds are pretty bit. You get -- at a thousand foot freighter with about forty cargo holds about forty -- A lot of people them. That might sound really roll. A pocket for toilet you get some water it's not that longer journey. It was -- food I want these people sent back home and I want them sent back home telling horror stories about America and how is it worked at the coming year. And I don't know exactly how to. Pronounce. The powered -- strategy hope I am saying it correctly if I'm not nobody has yet to correct me. I wanna add something though for those who don't know what that strategy issues you might think that it has something to do with that. Will artist senators named Howard and -- who devise some sign of an immigration system. That I didn't know about now. It is a strategy it's a political strategy. And it's very. -- -- -- -- It was outlined in 1966. By a couple of sociologist and political activists Richard coward and Frances fox Ivan. The call for overloading the US public welfare system. In order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of a guaranteed. Annual income and -- an end to poverty. In other words bring down everybody that's the new America. Coward and pilot were married couple both professors at Columbia university school of social work. The strategy was formulated in -- 1966 article in the nation. Titled the weight of the pour a strategy to end -- poverty. They said that many Americans who were eligible for welfare were not receiving benefits. And that it welfare enrollment drive would strain in local budgets precipitated a crisis at the state and local levels that would be awake up call for the federal government particularly. The Democrat party. It would also be. Side consequences of this strategy these would include easing the plight of the poor in the short term. Through their participation in the welfare system shoring up support for the Democrat party. Then splintered by pluralistic. Interest. And so on and so forth. So basically. The idea here is. And you see this in practice I wish I knew how to pronounce that our Ivan and able to call -- to correct me Joseph parent while bat that's the strategy. If you're saying it an action. And the fact that the federal government. Was asking for bits from vendors to deal with 65000. Unaccompanied minor illegal children. When -- to the old record was 5000. And this ad was placed in January of this year. -- This is. This strategy. In action. And I know I've talked about this a lot and some people made -- my bosses are sick and tired here and be talking about it. But folks the future of your country is. Very very bleak. If this continues unabated. Variably. Because we can no longer afford. We cannot afford and I think we were -- forward. What is gonna come our way. And it's gonna keep on coming and coming and coming. And coming again and coming again and again. Eventually. The United States. Is going to see you you'll see your income. Down. Because you'll be taxed at such a -- because you're gonna have to support all the three dollars. And eventually the idea is. Why bother working. Seriously. If working. Vs not working. Is still get a guaranteed annual income why bother working. Doesn't we will take your jobs why would you go anymore. Basically all this talk about raising a minimum wage in America you know it is also about. It's also about reducing the maximum wage and that's what it's about. I'm sorry if you can't see that but you see history. You see a cataclysmic. Event taking place in your lifetime. Before your very eyes and many of it don't even know that you were being ball in their common in dry. You don't even know. And I tried to lay it out as best as I possibly can communicated to your. And everything I've said makes more sense -- you'll hear from any politician Chris Collins Brian Higgins anybody. Because I don't have to worry about reelection. In all these politicians are bunch of cowards all of every single -- him none of them has the balls to stand up and say what I and -- what I've been sent. Because they're they're afraid they're going to be called all sorts of items. If they don't goal with the destruction of America I think we have treason. Taking place and I think we have traders in the White House and I think we have the most corrupt administration this country has oversee. Meet you wanna talk about the so called missing -- emails. You actually -- if you actually buy that. Your accuracy your soccer. Or you were so politically entrenched with the Obama that there's little -- And no hope for America the more you there are. Find out about traffic here is Allan Harris and -- cloudy night tonight a shower thunderstorm around 68 the -- why doesn't have a marked down Monday by the way -- should be told about that awhile ago but there's still time 705 start against the Rochester red -- out of the ballpark. Tomorrow I will not be on the year. I'd mention that -- and politics scheduled day off. Although I really really really really thinking about is going to the hospital just to -- -- and just quickly walking out. -- breezy warm and humid with very low clouds and a couple of showers and thunderstorms which could be heavy and dusty high 82. Right now it's holding at 84 degrees at the WB yet folks I I don't think I'm given to hyperbole. At all. I think I've laid out logically rationally. And clearly what is happening. And those of you who are sitting and doing nothing. You -- your children will deserve the America. You leave today. We've already said look art or children with eighteen trillion in debt. It it's absurd. If it cannot go Juan. And I -- hold you. About a gazillion times. That fundamentally. Change America meant something. Many of you still don't get it -- you'll be the first ones to bitch when your job. Goes away. And somebody from Guatemala says I would go to work but half the price. Gonna happen. I don't even know what kind of an accident that Wallace. Here is here so nobody can possibly be offended because it was kind of Germany is still here is a Carolina should talk WV and -- Spanish okay it's you know what is -- speechless. I was gonna say to tonic but. Okay I don't know I'm speech was because your monologue or through that -- since I don't know the difference between the two but. I have nothing like this thing. Well. Either -- I I cannot possibly have said everything in your mind within the last five minutes. Well the reason icon is. Nations so far trip by trip I think -- relationships failed trip. I know I'm all about -- I think your screen. At on the green you might be seeing what I -- Witnessed or heard about at least in 1970. I was in New York City. The great white hope you know that movie the great white hope. I've only heard it as a term the great white hope -- never saw the movie. I I I did not see the movie. James Earl Jones greatly I'll watch it anyway I was a lot goes -- with these two fellows that I was going to school list. And for some reason they start to tell me about pressures and bulletins -- seen from Florida. Where. 1970s. Tom. And then brochures were all over it. Bus stations primarily wherever. I'm getting the evil line I need to put John hold I'd be you're gonna tell me more about these brochures but it's going to be after the news on WB yeah. Okay. I think it was a pretty big album one time wasn't it. Yeah I guess it was. It is 634 news radio 930 WBE and of course the beatles' Sargent pepper beach boys' pet sounds what I'm. Hourly with you. And now let's get back to Carolina it should talk went -- Caroline -- the 1970s it just walked out of a movie called the great white hope -- is are done with so she left the movie with two guys both of whom hailed from Florida and she was telling us about brochures in Florida in the 1970s. And she's not going to pick up the story. Thank you can exactly and they said that if you. Wanted to buying benefits and everything you needed to be in the country had -- York. At -- what can I get them trying to point out that the drip drip drip demise of the country. Started at least in one state this state I think you can't deny that it's got progressively. Gotten worse. Well I must add that when the cost of Medicaid in New York State exceeds the cost of Texas and California combined. That's a big problem and it tells any illegal this is the place to go to suck off the taxpayer to -- Time yes I've wanted to ask you this question for fifteen years since I first heard you on the radio. Only once I was drunken it was Christmas. Okay. Other than that. Can you please tell me lie. In New York State is one of only a handful of states. That besides. I'm sorry distributes the responsibility of paying for Medicaid down to the county level. About forty site states as Medicaid paid 50%. Said the level and 50% on the -- New York is among five or six states that bring it down to the county left. I can only presume that the reason for that is that our benefits on Medicaid far exceed the benefits of other states the states realize that and their four past the costs of the -- -- mandates down to the county level. And by the way as you probably know every single penny of your property tax dollars go to supply other people's health care. -- -- Yes. It is really I thought it was equal across the state. -- And I'm gonna disagree with your reasoning of why he it's down to the county level but. You're right in Erie county. We USB for an answer you put me on the spot I this the best dancer with which they can come up. But what is the answer. I I don't know and I figured -- new. How would you know it's the wrong answer if you don't know the correct answer that makes no sense. And -- out why his New York. One of the few states that brain the responsibility. Of paying for Medicaid it all down to the county level. And I gave you the best answer I possibly -- and you say that's wrong but if you don't know the correct answer how -- -- it's wrong. And I don't I don't wanna keep rehashing the same old thing you can listen online WBM dot com the archives. Just go to the show listen live. I I can't just keep going back and forth and that's that's the only answer. I come up with at the point somebody has that the answer I've really liked and well. Are at 638. I usually like to give you more of a happy ending band I'm gonna be able to give -- today. But I I wanted to say a couple of quick things you before it. -- introduced a happy ending a lot of talk about your your whoops baby. How -- your ups they've become to -- your wipes baby. Was able to swim past -- -- about your what's baby. Because I've noticed that in life to people who wanna have kids. They're the ones left to -- the fertility specialist and everything else the ones who try everything to avoid getting pregnant. -- want to get knocked up with six candidate and. That's just not sure as we heard. Tell me about your -- baby and the birth control -- beat. I want. I don't. 8030930. The phone number started thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet now what you're calling -- a man I just wanna say it's opened at the kind of tied up the program to date in AM in a -- -- I don't. Really enjoyed it feeling like I'm doing the same show every day but I really don't think you can under estimate. The importance of what I've been saying every day. That this president said he was going to fundamentally. Change America. The word fundamentally means fundamentally. OK from its very foundation. The evidence we've seen. Points to a regime that is role. I would point you to the 2014 State of the Union Address even Rush Limbaugh calls at the state of the -- address. In which he said. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. This administration is also criminal. And politically criminal as well. First of all the IRS. Denying tea parties and Tea Party groups tax exempt status on a regular basis as a -- team. As opposed to liberal groups. Shows a vindictive. In tolerant. Dictatorship. Mind. The idea that the IRS emails from lowest -- Were lost and you're recoverable. Is laughable. Because every email or text I'd ever sent I guarantee somebody be able fine. Basically they are full of absolute -- and you know the rest of network if you believe. We need a special prosecutor. By the way this administration has also proven itself to be evil. Ben Ghazi and the cover leaving our guys to die. Putting the survivors as far away from media and family as possible so the true story could never get out. And now with this surge in immigration. It's embracing of that power -- strategy which are discussed earlier. Is on the -- -- in the January request for vendors to supply 65000. Illegals. With materials. -- escorts if you will. When the previous record was 5000. That these speaks. For knowledge of what was going to happen. You don't do that -- I like I said before. If this station was pay me 5000 a year and then sent corporate note we're gonna move one to 65000. A year. Why. It makes no sense. What bothers me more than the fact that we have treason in the White House and this president is a -- I have no problem and him were saying. Is a traitor to this country. The fact that this is going up. And people in congress on the other side of the aisle. And Democrats with principal. Don't have the courage to stand up and say this is role. This is on ethical we took an oath to uphold the constitution. That is the scariest thing to -- to. Not only do we have for 88 trader in the Oval Office. A man intent on bringing this country down because he hates. He really does I'm convinced now he hates America the fundamental change. Changing it from its foundation. Meant something we're seeing exactly what it meant the fact he's willing to use executive orders whenever wherever I can't. Folks we live under a rogue dictatorship at this point. That's scary enough which even scarier is where are the Republicans if I were Chris Collins I'd be putting out statements every day. I would be I would be stopping every day against this administration calling for his impeachment and removal from office. Where are the Republicans standing up for America. To nonexistent. The Republican establishment cannot be trusted folks. And I'm sorry you make a mistake. Any -- this one if you believe that Jeb Bush. Is going to be great savior of the Republican Party. If the name is bush. Don't do yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's terrible it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family you know I'm not a big fan of bush period. And I'm not a big fan of that. Line of thinking of Jeb Bush. -- and that entire family. That whole new world order non sense they are RC received a result the new world order is an America that is a third rate country. A Third World country. Because they're so much easier to people were cheaper. I can't see the name of the street gang sorry about that what's that Davis seems to happen. -- let's go to Jerry in north not a lot of question now is I wanna know about your books baby. And what your -- baby beat Britain's role lies Jerry -- WBE yeah welcome to the show. I don't rather may Allah sure -- -- very bad by -- -- era where renegade buried it and -- -- with -- yet they would still they'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- all -- -- walked out I would at her belly. I hope my daughter now predicting it for 48 year that the 2%. If say the bill in 90% of our. You know I've heard different statistics on that now here is a question I have to ask you. Did your wife go on antibiotics. While she was on the pill because antibiotics can severely. Affect the effectiveness of the birth control -- -- -- is hope you are so easy so that they. -- -- -- you they are a -- in that regard to let it go Kart super. Well as she walked she walked on the island that in that white dress. As everybody does and everybody in a white dress is divergent out of you know that that is its troops. I'll let you know that's a great story and I hope you guys are still together. Oh yeah current -- -- it and now we had the you there were ready to rest. -- -- -- -- -- -- Your daughter. The baby. Oh my gosh that's awesome your wife -- down the dial with child how pregnant was she by the way at the wedding. There are people who were depressed what could go out there I think I street lot baby. OK I gotcha I gotcha. So but -- restored so people so why do we talked about it the players up and up and we've got 2%. Our well or call you mr. strong swimmer. And depending on your -- either Marc Spitzer that guy who obviously went on the twos because you get a few belongs. All right. I thank you very much I you know what I care -- the name that's where our joked as you know that our hero soaring Euro. Michael Phelps thank you Michael Phelps get his. Obvious you know his marijuana use which clearly -- heroin addiction. Clearly affected his athletic her by the ways that you all these bills from Albany about -- -- This is typical political BS. -- -- all the senators and assembly and Governor Cuomo control men tell themselves that they've really done something opening her own problem. Anybody with half a brain knows. That when you keep doing the same thing over and over again I -- you'd have to finish the rest of that sentence. This is feel good legislation. To do at -- thing about here. And we talked about this before why is -- and on the comeback one of the reasons it is. They have so stigma ties legitimately prescribed painkillers that doctors are afraid to prescribe them. I'm familiar with one individual who was unable to get painkillers so you know what that person did. That person out this girl instead of legal painkillers. Because the war on painkillers. Has been that fears. And as upset or dead kid does not trump some cancer patients. 647. At WB -- strong words Joseph the percent of about guns and constantly probe rating them on this issue. Tell -- -- works baby it's. Yep that's the birth control would work but it. Because I wanna do this for a longer period no pun intended at some point this week but. I really am curious about the birth control it got beaten. Because is certainly out there who you were using a condominium she was on the pill and you still got pregnant. Or she ever tubes tied you had a vasectomy and she's still got pregnant. There's a reason I'm asking this question. I just like get your attention on WB. And it just work something seven it's pronounced -- -- Piven does and had driven. As so obvious step -- -- announced. -- a driven. I I should know that I usually don't watch a Glenn Beck usually read Glenn Beck if that makes sense we thought about it a great deal. But I usually -- we. Our our schedules don't really work out together very well have a great deal of respect for Glenn Beck. As I do for most the conservative or libertarian talk show hosts. I think that some of them. And I won't name names because I think it's counterproductive. I think some of the people who are on the right were doing talk radio. Are still of the world is believed that the Republican Party is the Republican Party. Bet they thought it once and it's not. And they forget many of them do that the Republican establishment did not want Ronald Reagan in the White House often wondered by the way. Given the connections between the Hinckley family and the bush family. Whether the shooting of about Ronald Reagan was a little more conspiratorial. Than we were led to believe. It was shot very very soon into his first term as president. And there was something about that -- bush connection. Which always kind of bothered. Now I'm just speaking out of my nether regions I have no evidence whatsoever. I'm just saying it's always there's something in the back of my mind. Because the bush is to me represent Republican establishment Reagan was never welcome in the Republican establishment. I've always wondered about that. Always wondered are at -- 030930. I'm not saying it was a definite conspiracy I'm simply saying I always wondered. Big difference don't read into what you shouldn't. It 030930 tell me about -- -- baby this is definitely worthy of a larger longer show. Here is Cheryl in Lancaster Cheryl you're WV UN document. I'm here. Well yeah what kids and I told my husband he needed to go. The director and expects. -- get a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a surgical procedure. Yes I think I -- -- -- we're having to ink an inherent here and at all. Welcome appearance by -- that you really got to and then he got scaring you -- second terrible. And acting now. Bob antibiotics like Hewitt and mentioned earlier. And next thing you know I have my third -- below you know. What they aren't pregnant. I was in the waiting room while he was then getting back to make. Okay. I have had a -- all right well. Here's how painful awards. I had my vasectomy and two hours after the incision I was at the corporate Christmas party and I was behind the microphone the next day. I had a slight amount of bruising very little discomfort. Of course I am part Asians so there really wasn't a lot the -- comfortable with but I'm just saying. Yeah well you know I tried to say I had done gone through quite a bit and it was his earning under you yeah you are really looking -- And by the way the vasectomy is so much easier and and so much safer that little has to go through. If you were beasts I call it being -- by the way -- that's a horrible thing to say but it's much better to be neutered. Oh. You know we need to do was show later this week I got to do -- show especially for guys who had vasectomies. Because there are always guys thinking about vasectomies and they always ask me for my stories and I don't think I'm that much of the exception real -- I have a high pain tolerance but there there was at the company Christmas party -- I I do thank you for bringing up the word vasectomy and for those who don't know. That's an accident these unmanned vehicles -- he's. One that makes you had. Really remember when he usually does live up yard garden bodes well as cents a Lee. Works political terminology Seth MacFarlane -- we've gotten balanced against the patriot and how's it. But you make us -- and in that scroll wheels gave them -- isolating the bad thing. -- business and we have a problem. Is that the fibrous tissue and -- -- -- -- you do you'll never have to wait around come on now. You do it may have gone wow. And I think well and that there in the interest of purity for which the hourly show is known worldwide. What are the concerns guys have news is very decrease in shall we say volume. On the answers no. Water and look at islanders. And anyway guys thanks -- that Joseph Bieber has always great job John Sherman -- always -- great -- you guys elect to the highlights of my life I don't know if you know who you really do. And I will leave you with two words. Number one won't be here tomorrow Ringo Starr an effort to. -- -- -- --

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