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6-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And and and and he just just. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't always set -- world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything to over. You don't do something like -- they're being told. Yourself it's alive it's local happening over -- you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 AW. Hey it is at our David radio 930 WB. CNN and Norway Denmark today as are gone hopefully it's going well other world that seems to be as -- control does it not. Is in absolute chaos. Afghanistan will be in absolute chaos. Once every American boot is a done with the bear. And you know all I unfortunately believe that. Too many folks did not learn one of the lessons of Vietnam. And I'm gonna have to go back to. General Colin Powell Powell who. Actually made some good points. And actually thought rationally. Before he decided that skin color trumped everything. And showed his true colors. That he was more concerned with the black man and then the American people. Com. And I'm sure that that's what his vote was his endorsement of Barack Obama made absolutely no sense. In any other context. And it's a real shame it's always looked up to him as a man of wisdom and a guy who frankly I trust with the military in a heartbeat at one time. -- -- Made the point. Way back when asked -- people elsewhere in the first Bush Administration. Bet if you're gonna convince the American people to send their sons and daughters into the military. And put them in harm's way you must know what victory looks like. What is victory. And I must tell you. I all I've taken a lot of crap predicts. For people who think that we should once again engage in Iraq that is to say not just military advisors but boots on the ground. And as I've said and I'm not trying to be sarcastic about this but if Iraq is worth dying for to you. Then you should contact the Iraqi embassy in Washington. And you should volunteer to join the Iraqi defense forces they be -- -- -- -- Because their guys are dropping their guns are running away from the combat. They're guys that week trained. -- guys to whom we gave some pretty sophisticated weapons don't want to use them because -- how warts. Okay. And I don't know there's no remedy there's no cure for cowardice that I know. Other than making a resolution not to be a -- Baton realizing their worst things in life than name. -- Before you. Tell me that. We should send more ground troops again to Iraq I need to know what victory looks like. -- Iraq is not Germany. I don't hear about militant Nazis in Germany lobbing grenades potato measures. In two Ramstein air force base where the other installations we have in Germany backed effort more of that taking place in the United States Fort Hood. That I have at Ramstein air force base. Define victory in Iraq you can't. It's -- put together cobbled together country. And we knew going. In some of us talked about it going it. That that danger was that without the strong SOB. Saddam Hussein. Who was not bound by any Geneva convention was not bound by any rules. -- app market sort of queens brewery. -- It was going to be an issue. He was. The evil glue that held their country together. So. I'm not in favor of going back into Iraq. Because. You got to learn from history. What would victory have looked like in Vietnam. What would that it will seriously but now when I was at Washington in September of 2000 what actually August of 2001. And I went to the Vietnam memorial. IA. I can't begin to tell you with a wave of emotion that went over. It -- palpable. And I just kept on asking myself why. Why are there 5055. Odd thousand names on this wall. What realistically was victory supposed to look like in Vietnam. Now that the Communist Vietnam. What happens Americans go there on tour. The Vietnamese people seem content under the government under which they live. China is still Communist North Korea is still Communist South Korea is still. A free republic are actually free republic. -- Japan is not Communist. And I ask. For what today's guys -- what do these ladies died. And it breaks my heart. And we've already lost too much blood and treasure indie rock. In recent history is taught us that. The Iraqi people and again this is my opinion. Were not worthy of our sacrifices. And the analogy I like to use is we gave them a brand new Mercedes-Benz. And they basically. Turned it into. An automobile ghetto in about three years. That's what they did with -- so what do you give him another Mercedes paid for with more American blood. Let them fight it. They wanna live under fundamentalist Islam Soviet. And I know that there's a viral video Largo -- but it Rus Thompson has it there on his on his page. About a Muslim woman standing up at The Heritage Foundation a meeting on Ben Ghazi. And the problem and -- talks about this too. With that Islam right now is kind of like the problem Italian immigrants faced at the turn of the last century. In 19100 when we had a surge of Italian immigrants 1911920. A lot of those immigrants were called the and a lot of those immigrants. Were forced to pay tribute to various black handers extortionist. Right here in buffalo we've canal street topic ports. Basically told you -- up. Where we blow you up and it actually happens right here in buffalo. They were nothing more than gangsters and thugs a very small minority was able to subject gate and intimidate a much larger minority. And that was simply won't ethnic lines. -- millions -- librarians people from other parts of Italy. They were all basically held captive by the black Panthers who had nothing in common with them except the same country. Or basic areas of origin. Italian Americans were not mafia people get it. Italian Americans truly have proven to be the salt of the earth in the United States. And have really as all ethnic groups have made great contributions. To our society. You don't agree with what I just said there you have some anti Italian bias. I'd like you to go to forest lawn I'd like you to go to -- -- Anywhere where -- cemetery where you can see soldiers' graves and you'll see a lot of those quote unquote -- names -- head stones that gave their lives for United States and god bless all of them. End of the similar analogy I think applies to Islam. If every person who believed -- Islam. Was a terrorist. The world would be even more chaotic than it is now. I believe the situation with Islam is quite analogous to the situation with the Italian American immigrant experience in America. In the early part of the last century some people think I've sold out. Some people think I'm being unrealistic about bet. But look at it logically folks. When one gun owner goes on a Rampage. That people who were against guns used it to screw the go to gun owners and my right or wrong. See this changed my mind that this is what changed my thinking a lot about Islam. One nut case with a gun makes all the rest of us look bad. Now in Islam. -- the nut case who blows himself up. Makes a lot of people. Look bad except those people don't wanna say anything because they're intimidated by spiritual black handers in -- And until the Muslims themselves. Work it out. We will simply be uttering a domestic argument where we really don't belong. You know we're like the cops showing up at the scene the husband and wife for fighting each other then we're there and suddenly they start with the the daggers that costs. Mark -- think mark was not to get the casino and upbringing that I have to make mister senator result you look better okay I'm just I'm using that as just as an example of what happens when you meddle in what is a personal affairs. I don't think you can define victory in Iraq. Any more than I think you can define victory in Afghanistan or you could have defined victory in Vietnam. I know that people say well look we were not there to win. We had we're fighting with one hand tied behind their backs does that sound familiar. We will not engage the enemy of there and mosques. Media can be lobbying RPG's it asks all of it long but -- -- -- from a mosque we will not engage. Back when you're a foot patrol in Afghanistan and you will not have around chamber. Folks I've heard the horror stories. And these -- fireplaces are not worthy of American blood. And I eight will believe that to the day I die. Some veterans of Iraq do not agree with me. Including my friend David elevator he vehemently disagrees with. Others are really who've been there as well. I do notice. That. If it were my son or daughter in the military. I sure as hell wouldn't want them in Iraq. Dying for people who were unwilling. To take care of that new Mercedes known as democracy. We gave them with great sacrifice of our men our women. Our material and our treasure. They're cowards they're not worthless they're not worthy of us. Just my two cents worth. And I say that by the way with all respect for my buddy David and the people who disagree. With my position. What what does victory look like the minute we leave there is gonna come back you can't kill a -- you can't. Because today's fourteen year old will be tomorrow's 24 -- And they've already that inculcated with bad. Islam that says -- Fidel kill the end prevail. And until well there -- -- get up top maker spokesman let's get -- some traffic with Alan Harris. AccuWeather tonight's going to be cloudy shower or thunderstorm 68 low tomorrow breezy warm inch -- Variably cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms which could be heavy and -- of course tomorrow's high 82 Ringo -- in -- -- -- Steve Miller journey. And right now it's still 84 degrees at WB ale by the way social media I often complained brings out the worst in people. And I had an exchange with a guy and a FaceBook page today that I actually thought brought up the best in people. He asked me why didn't. Allow people post links. And I kind of gave a snotty response. I pretty much immediately apologized for the -- of my response he says a no apology necessary. And were cool. He was a man thousand men we worked it out. Because I didn't like the tone of my response I didn't think he deserved. The response to what was a legitimate question to him because I forget that he might be a newcomer to the page. And there's a good reason folks why don't let people directly post links. And you know what that is. All it takes is for one person when I'm not pay attention to post a link to the American Nazi Party somebody will screen shot -- -- go around the world. Buffalo talk show host endorses American Nazi Party. That's how the game is played politics is blood sport. Remember that so that's why do I don't accept direct links I know I'm an anomaly but then again would you expect me to be normal now. 522 let's go to Mary in the polls on WB yen and also gonna tell you why one of my callers earlier was right. It's about this not being an unexpected crisis marry your WB yeah. You're right it's not unexpected because. What do you think the culture taught if you want to destabilize the government is to get the people to be depended on the government and and they overwhelm the system and that's exactly do is overwhelmingly that the and normally gonna stop that they need your rest -- the little guys Jack and put him in jail elder. In a little bit over. Holder. -- arrested for dereliction of duty in spite giving -- an endorsement or import laws that didn't ask. And calling illegal illegal and get out there won't try to go by plane train can't get an animal. I could not green. But you know what Mary I'm gonna -- to give you more time after the break has Joseph beaver is is not a happy man when I do not do like 524 break. But I I just wanted to keep something in mind it's not enough -- to just send them home. We need to send them home with horror stories there's a reason Americans are flocking -- drove to North Korea there's a reason Iran does not exactly have a flourishing tourism industry. With the United States there's a reason for these things because if you screw up. North Korean prisons are not exactly cool. And neither are Iran's. You got to spend you gotta send the message out that you don't -- around here anymore. Maybe had to know his game from column yeah. -- -- -- -- And it then -- Okay no bull and I'm not an old thinking you know -- the -- Well thank you please. -- -- -- the advantage basic hockey. Song written by mr. -- -- Acts then went back went great American songwriter 533 news radio 930 WB. I always thought Casey case and have the best voice ever really. Wolfman Jack get this thing gacy case in one and a million you know who else is one million sandy beach. You can check out his show is always archives at WB EN dot com and said he had an absolute stitches today. Talking about hardly putting out an electric motorcycle. With a cruising graves if I were called correctly of 58 miles are you -- freaking kidding me. -- -- Bates is a biker. He metal is motorcycles I don't until much of a coward to get on a motorcycle. I told guys this is million times. All go to motorcycle. Near this village and small plane I feel like a -- at all. Don't think. I don't all different people I guess different things but I guess in the air bubble of a lot less worried about some little old lady while that debate that I am a motorcycle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While I'm getting my day started. 535 WBBM. A bit higher it is Bob -- -- are reportedly said he talked about doing homework as a talk show hosts. Cracked me up -- it's kind of like inside baseball. But he said you know what some talk show host leadership of some white bread vs rye bread I do exactly. What were his Biden was mine is in the same place I completely correct that well done mr. -- twelve. All right it is up by 35 and -- hourly talking about our borders you are in charge what do you do. And I know I would do and it's not pleasant it's not pretty it can't be pleasant corporate. Basically folks remember casino. The movie Robert -- Joseph Pesci. Frank Vincent you remember the cheers you've -- those guys read at the beginning of the movie first thing we did we got rid of all the local scam artists and guys have been -- in the casino drive for years. And the guy with the beards and in the signal to the guy with the glasses. And they give the guy with the beard the email with a cattle for can't arrest -- they carry it off into the back well. And they laid them down on a table he is in a prone position on the table his arms outstretched. And -- -- walks in is that ace Rothstein looks at the says I notice. I notice you shuffling your cards which right now. Can you do with your left. No city right handed to you out. Home hammer comes down five or six times and the guys right hand. Peter says I gonna have to learn how to do which are left next guy comes him he's the guy hold and all the chips from the casino. He was the guy who was easy to spot Jersey Atlantic. If somebody was spotting for the guy with a better. So. Did -- looks -- -- says you can have the money. And the hammer. Where he can just walk out of here without the money crisis I just -- ago. Into an -- says to them. Again it's a movie but it was based on a true story an -- says to them. You go out and you tell your friends you don't mess around in here anymore he didn't use the word mess around he used a much better word. But basically that took care of the problem. And we have to do the same thing with the illegals. As much as I hate to say we've got to have. Then going home telling their friends you don't wanna go to the United States they're good they're gonna put you in a room with a bare -- No bigger than a bathroom. One toilet two people. Ever gonna hold you there incommunicado. It's not worth that don't count. That message -- get around. Right now what is the message. America is the land of milk and honey you can live like a king there compared to El Salvador Nicaragua or Honduras. I don't know why am trying to sound Spanish. -- other that I love the language I really do. You got to send a message. That the United States you don't like around with a reporters -- -- And I'm sorry but when a guy called an earlier about Moore's law on the book talking about children. We don't have laws anymore. The country is ruled by via executive order. President said so in his State of the Union Address or Limbaugh calls at the state of the -- address in 24 team. And if this isn't worthy of an executive order I don't know what would be. But. Folks. Why do you think this is happening here's a -- it was not an accident. Just as I suspected an intelligent guys for weeks and I'll prove it to you just few minutes -- Mary a grand old -- back in that Niagara Falls. Mary anyway you're saying. I don't know that he's intensely overwhelming this -- that could be trying to stabilize their country. And yet. Word about is what was reported this morning with regard to a medical expert on the Fox News report that said that. They're bringing in tuberculosis. And Ravi gave me -- of chicken -- legal. Even even leprosy. And talk come across the border in the if you're not treating this. They're sure you people come from one state to another Cuban and the way. You know believing contention going onto the public to come back further hearing all about her. In and you don't spreading lobbyists stop around the country. You mean the idea of leprosy doesn't the idea of leprosy and that's good four -- Law gives a whole different meaning to well let's handoff at the border. Own. I could play hockey there's a face off the -- -- -- All of our border guards now and all those who were helping at these these senators detention centers what are they held and their families tell. Are now in jeopardy because of Bobby -- of the tuberculosis was resistant tuberculosis. And it won't respond to medication and that old beavers also bought around there's no. Antidote -- vaccine for the bank fever as well. I don't know if there's a vaccine or not but I do know it's something you don't wanna get that's the one that messes with your bones as -- at the -- in favor. I don't know what it -- -- but the guy and probably this morning says there is no cure for it they don't have any vaccine or an adult. I have to I have to look that up on me you are familiar with the fact that I went to the Dominican Republic for a week and came back I was very sick for a number of months you do know that right. So these illnesses are not to be taken lightly I don't know well mine was a food borne disease they never did figure out exactly what the hell was but it was bad. Are overwhelming the system and but as the fundamental change you want to ruin our country any student and good -- a bit because congress and pricking that. I'm just stand up there I think constitutionally you kind of border. -- you're not doing your job. If you can't do the job out well -- somebody in -- will import a lot we get enough laws on the books but to expect to -- -- -- well. Well amen -- to give you -- surprise. You know agrees with you at least that Eric Holder should be should resign as attorney general. The editorial board of the Buffalo News. You know they wrote an editorial about a year ago. When it was revealed that our Justice Department Obama's government you know the most transparent administration we're ever Ganassi was going into reporters computers and it wouldn't surprise me if they're going to talk show host computers either to get information on what these talk show host or reporters were doing visa -- Obama. Completely off the attack happened long before it felt like got hit. But we've got it or not best interest. Nice to see you only community or the only segment of the population was being targeted but other retarded who we get -- It's like I said all along ma'am if you've been listening to my show for awhile. I have made. I've made the point repeatedly united I thank you for that I've made the repeated point that once the Second Amendment is taken as well as just an old outdated amendment that the first the fourth the fifth the rest will follow and before you know what you've got what we now have a rogue government which is dictated by. Mr. Obama. And we know -- because he said it and he said in his state of the union and as you have accurately pointed out. Not one member of cop out of congress that any Republican certainly not any Democrat with any integrity whatsoever has stood up to say wait a minute Mr. President that's not the way the constitution reads we -- to have three separate co equal branches of government we don't run by dictatorship who's with me. Effect that we don't want congressman during its stated you get a copy don't say that's -- -- and he told it. -- return he got posted because he got a light during the State of the Union Address and after that everybody shut the hell happened nobody else was. -- start to check -- the guy. Well unfortunately it's -- It it it's it's a shame I don't claim to be the world's toughest guy with the world's most courageous guy. But I want to tell you something the level of cowardice I've seen from congress the level of cowardice from John Roberts Supreme Court. Has been absolutely. Breathtaking I wonder what they had and John Roberts were he actually upheld obamacare I wonder put nothing past these people I have to tell you again. If you don't think politics is blood sport you don't know politics you don't know Dick. Don't don't be surprised to find out years from now that rabbits and it Stanley were threatened. And that's why you went along. Not my -- nothing would surprise nothing. No nothing nothing would surprise. By the way the idea that this was a plan that crisis. Is backed up. By a caller who followed an earlier and another caller was kind enough to send me the link to the American thinker website which by the way is a terrific web site. You know the Department of Homeland Security. DHS. Solicited bids. For a vendor to handle 65000. Unaccompanied minors where they do this in June may. April march they did it in January. Folks -- this was -- I told you that it didn't just happen by coincidence. This was not a flash mob. This was expected. And no doubt the idea that you need to get your ass to the United States to get -- the United States taxpayers nipple. Was probable gated throughout central and South America by this administration. Because January. January. There were looking for vendors to handle 65000. On accompanied. Minors this is absolutely true folks the Obama administration's claim. To have been surprised by the wave of children flooding over the borders may turn out to be and other political lie of the year. Sundance from conservative tree house noticed a birdie -- particular act. On January 29 of this year January. 29. Almost half the year ago. The federal government did post. And advertisement seeking bids for a vendor contract to handle. 65000. On accompanied alien children. Now. Here is the clincher. Why. We DHS. And ice. Claimed to be surprised. By what's happening right now. This mass invasion and our border with six months ago. An ad was placed for vendors for 65000. -- accompanied children. And here is what will blow you away. The most ever encountered any previous year was 5000. So the highest. Previous number of aren't accompanied minor illegals. Was 5000. Okay 5000. And in January the Obama administration. Put out a bid. For somebody to bend to 65000. Unaccompanied. Minors what does that tell you. Is there anybody left out there thinking logically who understands. That this is part of a master plan. It truly it's. Folks it's right there in black and white. I put a link up to it on my website. I told you this was not an accident I told you this was not some flash mob. Told you this was not some coincidence that this has been planned this has been in the offing for quite some time. If you have a track -- you know folks if template -- my boss. Motorola. If if he's been paying me 5000 dollars a year to do my job. That's the most I've ever date and then one year he tells corporate. We're gonna pay hourly 65000. Alarm bells would go off why. This is so far out of the ordinary how can you possibly justify that expenditure. How can you possibly justify that inquiries the answer is he Clinton -- and the Obama administration. And I'd make a little more than 5000 a year. But that's adding in the night worker's truck stops at all -- on WB. And AccuWeather the rest tonight will be cloudy shower or thunderstorm around 68 the low tomorrow. I'm not going to be working. I don't think -- -- is going to be sitting -- -- -- one sitting in forming McCarrick of -- may be -- new -- again congratulations to. Mike and his beautiful bride. Breezy warm and humid with variable clouds and a couple of showers and thunderstorms which could be heavy and gusty 82. Right now holding at 84 degrees at the WB and finally got a great email here. That I want to share with you -- how much are we spending the house and transport all these illegals how many passengers could be put on a cruise ship. How much would it cost to Haider. Purchase and run a cruise ship full of passengers to Honduras Guatemala and wherever why don't we shipped them back -- Okay Paul this is brilliant and I'm gonna go one step further we don't have to put them on a cruise ship. There are Great Lakes freighters that are mothballed right now because the iron or -- of attack and I trade isn't what it used to be so -- basically sitting in fresh water -- nothing. Say if -- about. You put these people on the -- like they used to by the way in the old days when immigrants -- actually were going from buffalo to the midwest. You can use of those great lake vessels implement to the as long as a fit through the canal. And make sure that they can be used also transport. Some of these people that would be expensive operation giving them from point a to point B. But in the long run might actually save money somebody's gonna have to do a cost analysis. But you're right. Cruise ship will -- thousands of people. Get these people hell back hole. And get them back home with horror stories about how America sucks that you are treated awfully in America so and let them spread that work. So that's the way you have to do -- You have to do it the tough way. Because the loving way it just doesn't work and we are being played for suckers. Were being played for fools. And the American people. Are buying it. And I know it if you're like I am. Just wonder. Who is minding the store. And I've never been quite sure how to look for announced theirs because double issue writing I have heard people say it. Is Howard replied and work powered -- I've never been able pronounce that I'm sure somebody is gonna. I have something to say about that yes living proof that I'm not a master of the English language and an especially bad with the pronunciation of names. But one of these strategies a problem created by these two guys. I don't have time to get into it now but it involves exactly what we are seeing today. In -- somebody says we email on the proper pronunciation of our live and or apply Ivan. Said the Timmy Thomas WB Ian dot com a Holy See that writing I've never heard it discussed. Well I'd rather be accurate than an accurate. I don't claim perfection with -- English pronunciation. Every now and again hold the language at bay for five minutes but it eventually pops up by the way WV it was one of the sponsors of Shakespeare at Delaware park. And Henry the -- Is a phenomenal play. And Shakespeare in Delaware park look it up on line you get all the -- just do yourself a favor bring a flashlight with you for your way out. There's there's a lot of bumps in the grass and bring mosquito spray those are must for Shakespeare at Delaware park. And well worth it to freak thing and these guys are terrific I so need to get deceit and repair -- awesome play. On W media.

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