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6-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- -- -- -- And welcome to the New York City if they -- the street and conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No. Yeah it is the time. Tom hourly column. In the let them let them know let everybody know linking. Coming up right welcome. It's life and its local capital. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for -- And I'm thirty -- yeah yeah yeah. He had only it was made Cinemax and the man was running over victory -- haven't watched it from start to finish. But. I was reminded of the -- -- probably not a good sign but. These Mexican and Central American illegals are popping the death train. Not to be confused with Cat Stevens. 1970s. Dude dude dude dude dude dude dude that one okay. Illegal immigrants popping death train to US hoping for amnesty why. I -- as a from the a bright part dot com news source basically. The word got now. That it's catch and release in the United States. Catch and release in the United States now some of these kids are basically mangling themselves trying to jump on of these moving trains. And something else that happens is. The according to the well. The Obama administration's actions and rhetoric. Which is -- central Americans to believe they will receive amnesty if they come to the United States is -- likely. The driving force behind the surge at the border. Of one of those wackos who thinks that this is more then just back. Bet this is a word of mouth campaign which must have some official or quasi official status. This is one hell of a flash mob. The US is partly responsible for foreign nationals taking extreme measures that risk the lives of their children. According to the chairman. Of the national association of former Border Patrol officers our government is encouraging foreign nationals to come to our country illegally and stay. Here's what happens if you don't know once they get to the United States instead of being told get your ass out of here and go home. The Latino children are given taxpayer subsidized benefits you pay for I'd pay for a include housing food recreation counseling education and legal advice. Basically -- all inclusive resort for illegal immigrant children housing food recreation. Throw away nudity in wanton sex and the -- doesn't -- but that would be wrong now. On top of his every week you're all of us. Authorities are releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants on the US soil. They're told to show open court at a later date there have been released and reunited. With reunited. With their family members in the US. Migrants are scheduled for a hearing sometime in the future they promise to show up and then get released. They often call -- relatives in Central America and tell them they got release. It's easy to imagine that the release coupled with the benefits while -- in custody only further incentivize -- miners to hop on the death to. Folks I'm very humanitarian individual. People who know me in my private life now I am extremely humanitarian. It's because I choose. To be. A donor to various causes. I also understand the practical economics of our country meeting its borders secure. We can't afford. If a charity about which I really cared said hey Tom. We need you to cut a check for two million dollars. I would say you know what. -- really like to. That's just a little bit much. We're being asked to cut a check. We cannot possibly back up. For children who aren't even ours and by the way some of these children he can't. Think of them like you think of your children some of these -- drug mules they're already associated with notorious threats -- street gangs. We're not talking in a lot of cases about the perfect little angels. And you know what if the Pope doesn't like it. What are we get Vatican -- to fly them to Vatican City he can take care of them with church money. -- -- It had to be set. We cannot afford -- What part of that is so hard to understand this country is approaching twenty trillion dollars in national debt. You wanna tell me why we should spend money we don't have on people we don't need who have no legal right to freaking be here. North Korea. Make this like North Korea. You spread the word. You come here it's three hots and a cot may be some days it's two -- and it got some days it's no pots knockout. Just a -- like ball. That's what North Korea does. -- I don't North Korea is not exactly facing end. Increase in illegal immigrants from South Korea were anywhere else for that matter. I think it's disgraceful. I think were being played for suckers fools idiots morons. Let's get some calls what would you do about this problem. And it's it's only gonna get worse. And unfortunately I wish it wasn't the case but. It has you have to be draconian in a situation like -- is the country's survival is Wednesday. Let's go to it and in Lewiston and WB Ian talked -- -- I need a little clarification around. Now and Auburn's accounts that we've been reading out that it is that -- hey security opera Holiday -- would they can't. What. To do any how many children which lets make an -- and related to break into the hotel apartment and I. Well -- I'm sure they would have done so legally they would attract on the legal owner. Wherever that legal -- would have been but it's really a moot point because the hotel and -- island is very. Going concern it's fully booked. No and it's Internap I can. Well what here's here's what would happen. By hook or by -- the kids would have been allowed into the hotel you and I would have paid for so that's money out of your pocket money out of my pocket that we got to be spinning themselves or her own children that would've -- to children who got no damn business being in the United States senate back home. I totally get that I get it like one dollar and net who tending to them what -- -- and let. Public security and at one Border Patrol agents tell who actually watching over these children. -- them feeding them. Well a terrific like hockey parents nobody there'll be drunk. Well -- human trafficking all of that I -- look at what happens a lot of you get that break away. People that -- -- could be added without that are looking at that. Well -- to the predator issue I mean. Let's put it this way you wanna avoid American predators don't be in America illegally. This -- this is the problem when people say it. I don't even know any any clearer way I can phrases. At between 333. And 346. This afternoon. I did the best explanation you're ever gonna hear about borders and why people need borders even at the neighborhood level our government doesn't get it. And it doesn't get it because it doesn't want to get it because this current government and if people ball and open -- do the same show every day I'm sorry but this current administration promised fundamental change. And again. It you don't change a winning game plan. It's an ancient sport maxim. And this guy smartest guy in the room Barack Obama wants to fundamentally change something which fundamentally with sound. Have you anything in response. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd -- -- now my blood pressure going up it will sink in about their self. How big alligator and I'm so thankful that you took my call -- -- All right well and thank you like I wish I had better answers but the only. The only thing that is gonna work. In addition to shall we say a strong defense of line at the border. News sending these people back home. And sending them all what the message that the United States is not a place you wanna come illegally make their lives living hell. Let them go back to where they came from and say don't even try it. It's like North Korea send them back emaciated. Dried out dehydrated. And let them tell all their friends to stay where the hell they are. And I'm sorry that's the way life works. You tell people was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow every -- -- in Nicaragua is gonna wanna be here. Are there leopard comes in Nicaragua. Gary is Dominic in Erie PA and W beyond -- hello. Hello I'm. Back in January. You're familiar with the web site -- is the government website where -- post that contracts in jobs that they're looking for. Well they've posted a contract. Looking for something to transport. Miners up to 65000. Of them around -- country that would be illegal -- If you examine the link on my email Thomas WB EN dot com I'd like to. Have a link they also posted a job one point for somebody to head FEMA camps if I'm not mistaken. Yeah at -- now that tells me that. Somehow they expected. -- whole bunch of young people coming into this country illegally and there will point to relocate them permanent. Again. I I would appreciate it if you would send me the -- don't put a link up on my website I do not -- links on my website because some -- always gonna post a link to the North American man boy love association that's why do not accept links in my website sending email let me look at it first and then I'll put it up. And I understand that I'm. I don't know how we get around this problem that this is current administration has is. Is violating some and it wasn't such a regular basis and and the congress refused to do about it. Because we now live under a rogue government -- a dictator and I don't know why more Americans don't see it and again -- a -- talking about this now for the better part of a week and every event since it started talking about it backs up my thesis every step of the way. -- -- -- -- -- You know don't give a you know what whole whole Lotta that because we have to break for traffic. I'm WBM ladies and gentlemen I present to you mr. Allen Harris art thanks Alan and AccuWeather for today we have -- well but cloudy night in store a shower or thunderstorm on the overnight -- 68 tomorrow I have a scheduled day off. But I'm thinking about doing something really crazy outside tonight so it can make the paper tomorrow. I got to figure out something's got to think about -- you walking outside -- because a lot of kids in the neighborhood don't need to see that. I think it's -- -- -- And I'll make you -- in their shoe leather I've breezy and warm and humid currently cloudy and a couple of showers and thunderstorms could be heavy and gusty tomorrow the high 82. If Ringo Starr it's rained out or blown out. I'm going to be justly you know in a major depression dissent the I hate it may be. I may have to check out I'm just it will causing major depression so basically mother nature holds my future or lack thereof in her hands. I need to see a -- once in my life. My friend you're asterisk with the buffalo Beatles connection cannot give me backstage it's frowned upon even asked which I understand by the way. -- even though -- is -- no good bastard for not even trying. He still was a friend of mine. Sorry you can say these things about your friend with love. Folks I wish I could say that the Republicans offered a solution. Can I just take you back to a certain family. The shrubs. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. Year. A gala smoke rape is a handshake to a here is Dominic Erie Pennsylvania continue. I I think the only possible solution. It's in a peaceful manner is to get local district attorney's. Just start filing charges wherever available. I I know it's it's it's extremely difficult but I think it still doable. The swamping the system I don't see that as a practical thing these local DA's office. Swamped with idiotic drug are crimes alleged crimes they're swamped with desperate -- stuff shoplifting. This is this is something that's been on both DA's office is fresh and it doesn't have any extra money in his budget to go after illegals. I'm suggesting we -- after the legislature. We're not doing their job. She can find out -- your I would just like this say it every day that you come on the air and I hear your voice. I know I'm still -- and not gonna give me. That's kind of freaky. If this isn't really maybe what if I'm just somebody imposing. What I'm somebody just pretending to be Tom -- I shouldn't put those thoughts -- anybody said no this is me and yeah this is this is meat that can lock me up I really don't appear and is gonna keep talking thanks very much. All right. -- You. Do it. Up folks don't have told this before. -- apparent terrorist. Docket -- paranoid over vote. If it's time to get paranoid you'll know. And that is not really paranoid it's it's true it's true -- -- Yeah if you start see and talk show host like Limbaugh savage Hannity bet. Having mysterious accidents. Committing suicide. Being arrested. And charges that are ridiculous then you'll know it's over. Okay just I'll just put that that's how these that's what happens in situations like the situation icy comet. And an aggregate better with president Hillary. I probably shouldn't. Let's put it this way Jeb Bush you heard what he just had this. Actually I'm inclined to say that Jeb Bush is Obama with a vagina but that would be wrong. -- 45 at WBBM. There's realizing with the weather forecast for tomorrow this might be the only Ringo I get to -- all week. It is 437 news radio 930 WVE and gusty thunderstorm possibility -- -- Market called that one a year ago. Anyway out. And he of course the side concert at. Paul you probably years ago was the same I think what Linda walked across the -- the weather could have a bit more perfect night at shell. It's anyway I don't thanks for being with us on a -- -- Worked as a master control and John Sherman is your call -- you know who you who -- hello John. Up by the way my last caller was absolutely. Correct about the the fact that. We're being told. That this sudden influx. Illegals. In particular illegal children. Let's face it. Democrats liberals and Communists have been hiding behind but children my mantra for how long. How many times is still we're more used the children as the shield Albany times. Union people. Used that children as a shield at conservatives had done the same thing -- -- perhaps not to the degree of transparency. But. Everybody is guilty of a Lester or in greater degree were doing it for the children. We a lot of 600000 dollar rate is because of the children. So. A lot of these children by the way. They're not beaver cleaver. Are right they got their ties. To the vicious violent street drug gangs of central and South America. I wanna get it to the ad but I wanna take Joseph in Clarence first on WB and Joseph while you were in charge of the border you're in charge of stopping this mess Obama and his cronies created what are you gonna do about it. Electorate sent by design anyway I went there yeah. First of all. I want your thoughts has rushed it's three hours a day on the radio station and you are giving -- one minute today -- -- his thoughts. And I don't but I would start right at the beginning like Hewitt stressed earlier. Road blocks get impacted their own country in their own mama bad. And have them come here legally let's get instead of direct agents let's get. Agent to prop let them come to this country legally like we have to we go to Canada or -- -- go to you know we have to show. At ports or in and cancellations Wendell. Okay I may I answer your question and get a response from you. By the way Joseph I only said that about -- -- about rush is -- thank you for keeping it short and sweet I just don't like it and people you don't call them and they'll -- an entire Limbaugh monologue you did not do that added I should not a jump down your throat area I do the same thing when I mention -- Santa -- period of 2012 short sweet to the points are I should -- dollar -- -- It's like people who call in and they start reading I can always tell and it just doesn't work. But. A little upset that it because the weather for tomorrow and Ringo Starr and I'm taking it out and you and I shouldn't have done that. Anyway. Here's here's the thing. You do realize that all the bull crap we put up with the airport. And all the bull crap we've put up when we go to Canada return to the United States. You realize that that is only security theater to make the American people. Falsely believe that everything is under control correct. Okay and why do you know that I'm not exaggerating how why do you know that I'm not delusional crazy world whack job. Lemon over the road truck Trevor and I have -- for the borders once and -- or are used to. But there's a simpler answer tied to current events. Oh all right actually. It happens in every date these illegals are here that's right were written ago. That's right it to the point eight ladies and gentlemen you've got to whip out your passport at the airport and take your belt off you got to take everything off of the airport. Then when he go to Canada for Chinese food and strippers you've got to have a passport or the that yes the government really is watching our borders meanwhile all you have to do is look at the border in the south the United States has -- Mexico and you realize that grandma and grandpa are being punished in New York State. Well. These these. Babies. Just flood the united appease these. Young teams for the US threat. I'm with you I think they should have an uncomfortable feeling here YouTube and like like Korea or whatever the Communist country you don't go back in -- They'll come back allegedly. Well at the problem is many of them could never be legal because they have a very difficult time proving political oppression number one. Number 20 there are doctors in India who would love to come practiced in the United States. Despite the lower rate of reimbursement under obamacare which -- won't bother getting into today they still love to come to the United States they wait two to three to seven years before they come over there are skilled people we could use we make way to do it legally and these people. Are jumping ahead of them in line oh yes and that I mention there's nothing they are trained to do that has any practical 21 century application whatsoever. Yes they're -- drain system. That simple. And did what I said earlier Joseph. Is that. Living off of social services in New York State for example. California but let's just like New York State. They would be living like -- king compared to working where they come for a so the logical choice for them. Is to come to the United States because we're suckers that's the logical choice but logical choice for the United States is -- would do with the North Korea thing. Get the message out so they -- hole when they say it's not worth it don't do. And my thoughts to. -- -- I I went to Mexico one time -- CEO and beautiful sound and I would go back in 97. I wondered why Latin my email address and all that we want to. Talk we aspire to become and to -- blessed that. Nice yes -- Ford Escort station wagon to buy American and only then that I realized the damn thing was put together in Hermosillo Mexico I felt duped. Yeah very. On. And did you know that -- opponent no longer up Rican spiritually Mexican. I thought tool was always a Mexican -- year. No I'm Puerto Rican -- Are. You sure you're not confusing it would does techies. -- -- -- But now men -- got to take herself my my -- tell us -- by the works you is a fact. Which heretofore I was unaware of now I think you're wrong but were double checking it because that'll be the one thing I remember all day from the shell is -- -- Puerto Rican -- That's what I thought I could be mistaken that's why don't wreck relatives Mexico like it's either corona or those skis or -- UP why it's one of the three notes. It. And I am not against the Mexicans either like you I've. I have a lot of Mexican assembly here illegally I might say in. -- -- -- -- -- -- anyone else. Thank you thank you and I'm glad you called in Joanna raised the point last week folks at ice off about 333. -- figured out. Whether it was said those Iraqis or Koroma what did you look up up Puerto Rican -- year. Made up with a Puerto Rican listeners maybe they can and lightness because to my knowledge corona which in Spanish -- being crowned. I'm actually -- old Latin derivative and those Iraqis is what two horses right. Those ten horses. Two axes to -- get to taxes as -- courses. I don't think about Mexican -- don't don't go there is involves a woman used to all right it is up for 45 news radio 930 WB and you don't want an. But what I was saying last week. Maybe you do want an island -- rings we go sky high but as I was. I should probably break. All right we've got more time coming up -- on the program folks and folks my question for you is what would you do. With the crisis right now at the border because you realize what's going on don't -- Please tell me you get what's going on. And I I I don't like it I have to be honest as a talk show host myself. If I listened to a talk show host who does the same show every day sometimes I wonder Jesus this -- stay. I have to tell you that when I scanned the headlines to. I can't think of a more important issue for right now and the future of this country. Then this search. Absolute search. Of illegal criminals who are committing an act of -- -- committed crimes but coming to the United States illegally. They're hiding behind the child shield. And as much as I hate this say that because I believe in brotherhood of man. But you know what I'm not a soccer I believe in brotherhood of man. But if you come to my house uninvited YouTube reach my borders -- in my house uninvited it will not end well. It won't -- well. And that's only the natural law the first natural law that of self defense we as a country have the law to defend ourselves against -- water and needed an illegal incursions from the south. And as I set every peace treaty signed by this country. The real estate component is the most important component -- -- told earlier it's like a realistic tree that was signed in blood. You look up the treaty of Paris and the revolution the treaty of get that ended war of 1812. And the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which ended the Mexican American war. The right place on -- trying to sound like Spanish ship with -- to break it down ago Rwanda. I -- Spanish. And you know it it it feels like I'm stupid as say in this like this is really something you don't have to say. I love the Spanish language and I zero against anybody from those countries. I have a big issue with illegals and if they were from Germany I'd say the same damn thing. And don't call me a racist. Don't go there you don't wanna go there because I'll. It will not -- well -- news radio 930 WB. ENN I don't like Austrians. -- -- -- Our reality end up by the way John -- writer gets the one those figures for a Steve Miller and journey it. And he knows he needs to get his -- down here I did today or tomorrow really soon to get those delegates. I starting tomorrow on a pair -- James Taylor take us to give away every day. I don't know I've seen fire I've seen rain. AccuWeather cloudy tonight a shower or thunderstorm around we could use the rain I can't complain about that really. The overnight low 68 tomorrow breezy warm and sticky. Variably cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms could be heavy and gusty 82. Ride. It's 84 at news radio 930 WB unlock it working tomorrow it's a planned bailout that is scheduled day off. Obviously I gotta get my -- adjusters. It's gotta be it on here is out after the beds I don't think -- I don't have to. Let's go to George in my -- port on WBD. And George -- -- a. -- -- -- I'm calling because one I agree with your general position. Through. Some people -- -- about this 2002 laws of relief wells and problems 2002 laws and their children. Who approached the border cannot be from the way you want or what they're -- in the country. Be turned over to the federal. Health and Human Services Department. And -- to get all sorts of treatment program. And it also gives them legal rights they can't be just kicked out of the country. And at one point. All of us at one point prohibition was the law it was known as the bolts that act and that we realize that bella didn't work so well and we canceled that this one of the first things FDR did. When he was president NBA also remind you that the law ought doesn't matter anymore George the law doesn't matter we live under a rogue government and here's proof. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. So expanding opportunity for more American families would mean getting the Guatemalan Hondurans and el salvadorans were no legal right to be here the hell out of here right. Time you know you and I are on the same page the problem is there's 2002 law. Exists and unfortunately most of -- -- of the Bush Administration. And that doesn't surprise me the bush is the bushes are part of the problem anybody thinks the bushes are gonna arrive we Jeb Bush is theirs as saviors of the more. You know it of course Obama story everything he can't begin this thing up all I'm saying is what the law exists. Executive order. Old we've seen executive orders -- a Barack Obama he could sign an executive order right now saying that laws all envoy we -- crisis and I'm using executive power this is a message of necessity send those kids Beckel you know what I don't but he he won't he wouldn't want. And usually he could do George no he took -- -- all right OK I -- Yes he could he can do anything don't thought it don't you understand this folks. It -- folks the law doesn't matter don't you get it. Don't you get it that Eric Holder. Is more likely to go after Jan Brewer and he is the black Panthers at the polling places the law doesn't matter. That's why there's a crisis in confidence in this government. Because the law doesn't matter. And it again if that's the law from 2002. George Bush's administration with that really surprise any.

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