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6-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And well with. Them. And you. Can. Win this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its -- the ball. And I'm -- saying this needs to -- yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's terrible it's it's that it so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. What is it he. And repeats Tom hourly. It's lives could. -- gives local rock. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly pay ten cents. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and user fees go up. Okay yeah. Okay okay okay double move. Oh man in our staff at all. All that for president has -- all of afterwards. It is about earlier Israeli -- -- -- WB Evian entered the and let's -- -- -- this does not matter to you unless you are familiar with the black cloud that hovers over my head. And the fact -- statistics always go against me well. -- -- -- ever since I said -- I won't be working I won't be working on Tuesday the 24 did you -- because why Ringo star. Because why I've never had a chance to see you real -- perform. I've never had a chance to see real lives -- Except that night -- put the -- in the book in shipments and it ran off but I. Too soon but. I have never had a chance to. I wonder what it would be an expert but. It well. Tomorrow's forecast. I didn't have to really know what is gonna say hey Joseph tomorrow. The Ringo Starr concert at our park -- that the only concert. Well I can't really regularly countered it wanted to see but -- -- rare opportunity to see a living vehicle. It will be. Breezy warm and sticky tomorrow. A couple of showers and thunderstorms but they don't to stop their -- bagel -- to say could be heavy and gusty. With a high temperature 82 what do we know about showers and thunderstorms heavy and gusty. What do we know about the time they are most likely to hit. Right about the time Ringo would be going on stage at 745 by the way folks if you are going to the show. I I have to tell you in addition to bring your regular. There's no way to play it it's a gusty thunderstorm Nowak widespread panic last week at our park and into the group. But not fortunately what happened in the countered got called -- at the iteration. But if you're going never once -- government we -- -- -- Before you have to understand think football style parking issues number one. That's what you have to think guys are part of a special lot. Yeah spoiled spoiled rotten at a special lot it's not a -- issue from it but it still have to pull out with everybody else. Some people with my dad -- but as far as the situation you leave early. If if you don't lead by 450. I think you're really kind of cut it to close. Because you never know what's it gonna have an accident of the bridge yet never know what's -- he's gonna have a breakdown you just never well. And going published and I think they're pretty much got done with science give kudos to all of the law enforcement agencies in Lewiston for how they got us out of Paul notes I thought it was absurdly great. Given the volume and the professionalism. I'll bet traffic dispatch with the sole exception of the one guy at the one parking lot that let twenty minutes worth of cars in front of the pre existing line which is not how you direct traffic I know that. But that'll be addressed that has been addressed. Anyway that's me giving a problem and I'll fix it always come up with a night. But leave I would say no no there -- no later rather than 458. I think anything else cuts it way too close would -- rather be early to somewhere that runway how to field at 740. You're on center street Louis and there is no where to park. And you're gonna have to walk about twenty minutes to -- Ringo if you walk fast. Forget about US voters go well. And but nonetheless used in these being what hockey games to the people were always late no matter what. You you might see them or point you know what that's a great show topic in itself. People were always late for everything people who are always late and how to deal with them. I've been guilty of that I have to plead guilty but I can always come up with a good -- good excuse as to why I'm running away. Now the good news is out of Rochester. The AMBER Alert has been canceled all I have to tell you -- guys that. The original alert I receipt and I don't know I get the same alerts that you get but the original alert received by us here at WBM was that the child in Rochester had been kidnapped at about 10 PM last night. I first found out about it at 2 o'clock this afternoon don't. Doing some quick simple math that's sixteen dollars. -- that didn't make sense to me I thought that was absolute ineptitude. Other part of the cops. As it turned out the only ineptitude was on the part of whoever typed out the original AMBER Alert which -- 10 PM Sunday at least that's what I got. And instead the child went missing at 10 AM this morning. And the child has been located. And I suspect is still large but if you wanna get -- if you wanna make he get away in a car. It's gonna say the sob is not exactly an inconspicuous vehicle driving a sob and especially to go as expected to go unnoticed. Is -- like driving a Jeep and expecting to go unnoticed you're gonna get noticed is like driving and escalate. They stand out sobs are unique automobiles. They're kind of like the old that governor over the Boxee -- vote to forty's anybody remember those I drove one. About two years great car great car not much -- acceleration but overall it was a cozy comfy ride I must tell awesome. -- The solve it to my understanding the sob is still about located. Now we have the license that number up our website WBM dot com or view a cell phone you can probably just check your emergency contacts now. Most review without even knowing it signed up to receive. Emergency alerts like the AMBER Alert and I first got myself on alert from the official system. Roughly 85 minutes after puck went off the year to about 210 I think I got my first alert. And the lot of the short of news the kid is. Okay -- -- is alive thank god -- you know you have to wonder. And I find myself thinking about this if the implementation of the AMBER Alert. First of all four hours I wonder. It's gotta be tough for the cops because they -- and overreact to be the -- the cries wolf an issue an AMBER Alert. But. You know. If you walk and it was seen in a note is left say. I'm in danger there is blood on the premises there is gone missing. I still wonder about that four hour gap. Between the time of the abduction and the time the cops got there and the time the alert was actually put out because. Four hours. Think about where you can drive and four hours you can. All -- to Cedar Point. In four hours you could be in Albany. In four hours roughly Albany for a lot of places you can be in four hours so I just wanna know the timeline on this just a little bit better because. Again depending on the time the cops originally got to the scene. It just seems to me that this was an obvious case -- it would have seemed to me. Unless there's information they don't know that this was an obvious case were -- AMBER Alert. Could have and perhaps should have been put out. The sooner than even four hours. Going -- because disorderly alert. The smaller the shall we say perimeter becomes because the less likely distances are to be traversed. You know. But in any event they'll go over that they'll figure out what went right if anything went wrong. -- you know. Whoever whoever was at the scene and the detectives they'll have to answer the questions as far as at what point did you realize it was genuine at what point did you decide -- issue the AMBER Alert. How long did it take you to get this in which were called by the officers if the detectives invective at the scene -- it wouldn't be surprised me very much that they work our call to the scene. But. All at all. It had a good ending. And all at all again I suppose if your cup and you're in charge of issuing these amber alerts. Well you don't wanna see a kid. End up dead or missing forever. You also don't wanna be that department or that guy who is issuing AMBER Alert because like everything else after awhile. They lose their effectiveness they no longer register in the public mindset as something that is important becomes just another bit of information overload and I don't mean beat Sean -- bit of information overload -- it offers is great regular part of -- -- our program which by the always heard. Seven to ten here under Israeli united thirty WB yet. Which reminds me that as we move along today I have a some concert takes do you wait I don't ever -- start to its but I got tickets for a couple of shows that I don't think he'll mind too much not to think -- rather enjoy them. So it's realistic for your chance to win. I detect it without my fancy price sheet -- I remember what I did with -- and a well election no where and when to call and under what circumstances you may call this so called -- about Betty I could give away right now but. I'm not quite that easy. Well ladies and gentlemen. Well they've got to put all of the illegals. Tell me where -- gonna put all the illegals and tell me what you would do with the southern border if you were in charge. Well -- the wisdom of view the American people. On what we should do with the borders. A -- to think about so. Many of you who've never traveled to the Third World you don't know what it is like. I have to tell you T wanna mix the rest. Of rural Mexico. Look like parrots. That sets up. The Mexico's UC what you go on vacation is not the real Mexico. The real Mexico. Is a dirty place. They want a -- second world. But more the country is Third World the second world and very few parts of the country. Are actually what you consider first world for example Mexico City district that the federal district. Is a first -- -- no doubt about that. Acapulco. Is a first class first world city with a Third World mentality. And I'm gonna tell if something else and you're not gonna wanna hear owners. Those of you making your vacation plans and I cannot say this in strong enough language. I love Mexico. I will say it again. I love Mexico you do not want to know how many tens of thousands of dollars I have spent going to and being in Mexico over the years. Several years ago I stopped going to Mexico I stopped going to Mexico because there's a soccer match between the US and Mexico. During which the Mexican fans stood up and started yelling -- Osama. Osama. To show their support of Osama bin Laden who we just taken down the World Trade Center and about all the -- Mexico lost any bit of respect it would have had for me and any of the travel dollars that I announcement in Jamaica. Instead of Mexico is to make it. And I do not believe Mexico is a safe bet one of my kids wanted to go to Mexico and I told my child are you kidding me. You go to Mexico I'm taking out an accidental death and dismemberment policy on you before you even get on that plane because I don't trust it. Acapulco is a den of thieves folks. Let us emphasizes. I don't know what Cancun as like anymore I don't know what is to stop it is like anymore I don't know. Acapulco has always been kind of like Tijuana with high rises. It's even worse now than it ever was and I'm gonna make a couple of allusions not illusions but allusions to the movie casino today. I'm going to. Basically. That's in. Where the people who work the hotel. Our work and with the bad guys and saying hey they just checked into their room. They've got to admit condition rare coins are going to be up for two hours and the bad guys the burglars would know they had a two hour window -- get to the hotel rip off the room and -- -- Okay Acapulco folks. I had a flight from Acapulco to -- stop. If this goes back maybe fifteen years ago. And the number of people who mostly were from Canada those somewhere from the United States. Who talked about being ripped off in the old hotel rooms in Acapulco was staggering. Ann -- talking about when I got back and say folks if you plan to go to Acapulco -- Because if you leave anything of a hotel even if you leave it at one of those stupid room's saying it's folks those rooms say it's they might keep up the amateur. They're not gonna keep out anybody who studied him OK it's like home security systems they're gonna keep out the teenagers are right. Any professional is gonna know how to breached any security system like the Germans just -- around the -- you know line. Sorry World War II reference thank you Thames television answer Laurence Olivier as narrator number war of and there -- no choice to shut up now the world war. Do you do do de do do do do afternoon. Do you do very haunting theme song you never give it on your mind. Anyway it is a 324 hour talk about our borders. There's really no reason I brought up Mexico other than the fact that. People are coming through Mexico to come to our country I -- your answers on how to deal with -- I have an idea and again I'm gonna make an allusion to the movie casino. Come through at -- park tomorrow night and hopefully the show will go on. What right now I do not ever gonna start target to give you but I do have one. Pair of figures to seat -- and the Steve Miller Band Tuesday June 24. Holy crap you better get here like. You can be here. We close at 3805. Tomorrow. All just earlier Friday all right guys that you can get here either today by five -- tomorrow by by a pair of tickets to seat majority and the Steve Miller Band. To borrow 645. Currently performing arts center. Value of 100 dollars courtesy of live nation general content rules apply -- 964498756449875. I think it's available live nation dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at -- as most people would Iran and Syria correctly and like the way it did now welcome to the programs -- hourly and just walk -- through some things guys first of all. I have two questions actually one question you are out in charge of our borders what do you do now. You are in charge of our borders what do you do now. And there are believe it or not people who think. That the United States should have no borders that are. There are people believe that we -- the land of milk and honey. We're the land of endless money to just give away. And that everybody in the world to just come to the United States and -- off the taxpayer -- I just don't happen to be one of those people. Especially considering the fact that we are some very talented people. Horror. All I don't know medical scientific research purposes who come from. Other places in the world other -- central South America. And they are waiting their turn patiently they have retain it immigration lawyers they filled up all the forms that are doing at the right way. What's happening at the southern border is like what happens at -- like or what happens is Cedar Point in sandusky when somebody jumps the line in front of you at Superman. Or the rocket ride. Okay that's what these people in the southern border are doing. I happen to think it's a disgrace what's happening at our southern borders now why our borders important. -- will tell you why borders are important. And to all of my. Historically oriented friends notice I did not say historically oriented. Because that's just evil but to all my historically oriented friends here's what I wanted to do. I want you to go on line it's not that hard. And look up the treaty of Paris. For those who don't remember the treaty of Paris is the peace treaty that ended the American revolution. So much of the treaty of Paris which end of the -- revolution deals with real estate. Borders here's what is ours here is what is the clowns here is what the United States of America is all about land was arrested this is what Great Britain keeps. It was a real estate deal. Most peace treaties folks I'm sorry they're real estate deals paid for with blood. Look at the trading of Paris you'll see that I know my stuff. Look at the treaty. But get. Which was signed in Belgian. Belgium. Pass someplace like Belgium. I'm sorry I was just I was gonna go somewhere from Austin Powers movie and I decided not to. But the -- -- which ended what the war of 1812. It's real estate deal. Here's what we get here's what the British -- here's what we get here is what the British. It was a real estate deal played for a paid for with blood and one more as long as you're gonna be a role anyway walk up. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Which ended the Mexican American war. And what you'll find is exactly what your humble host who does his homework. Has told you it's a real estate deal. Does it -- -- trump Carl Paladino or anybody else. It involved representatives of Mexico the United States and I think a third arbitrary country but I I don't call that part of it but it was a real estate the here's what's Mexico here's what is the United States done. And that sets up very specific parameters all of those peace treaties I just mentioned. You'll find great portions of those treaties devoted to real estate what's there is what's hours. They're realistic contracts. We call peace -- most of them are realistic contracts. What do we have real estate contracts for borders. Here is the property. Now I -- bring this down on a relatable level it's like I've been telling you guys about. Borders I guess only matters at the White House. If you wanna say that we can actually enforce borders -- should try it I don't recommend this but. As an experiment you can imagine what would happen to you if you hop the fence at the White House. See we take that -- very seriously. We do not want unauthorized people on the White House grounds because we don't know what their intentions car. They weren't invited they haven't gone through a background check they have no legal authority to be trespassing on the property. That's why we have reporters at the White House interestingly enough isn't that why we have borders. With Mexico. At least that's what I thought isn't that why we have a border with Canada at least that's what I thought. It was that folks this never ending stream has become in river -- -- It has become seriously. A flash flood. Illegal invaders into the United States from the -- is buyers of the Third World. And it is a Shakespearean word you can look at it yourself PI SM IRT. This -- I love it. But that's just another story altogether. Folks. They have no business here. It's not bear country it's our country. We have every right in the world to secure our borders as every other nation on the face of this earth. Has him as he recognized right of being a sovereign nation. Because at some point in time folks you can go back at -- European history and you could figure out. After the east Germans felt. You can look at the treaty which defined the new Germany the combination of east -- this is Germany. Here is what Germany is here is what -- scares. And that within the various countries. This is. This is terrorists. This is -- this is so wanna so forth by strong. So one of soap or Belgian here's Belgian. Every nation on earth has borders and boundaries. And let me just bring this down to the real world. When you bought your house. You pay somebody to do something for you what did you pay them to do. Come on you know activists. You paid a survey year. Why did you pay a survey. Because you had to all what you were why. -- I have to know what was yours what was their neighbors what was the neighbors what was yours you had to know. Because you did not wanna buy a pig in poke. And this -- interesting story are tracked down from the Washington Post. And this goes back. Couple months why you made -- Why you may need a house location surveyed before you -- A couple recently bought their dream home in Alexandria. That's in Virginia. In that everything other wish list including a backyard large enough for a swimming pool they'd always wanted always well until the city denied her application to build a swimming pool. Because only half of that big yard. Was actually bears how could they happened. They didn't have a survey done. They bought a pig in poke. They did not. No the established borders they couldn't do what they wanted to have done done. All because they didn't pay somebody about 400 bucks to do a survey of their land. -- about why is a house location -- so important to us from the Washington Post and I want you to think grow on -- about the United States. It is important because it shows the location. And existence of the property. Here is the property here is what you're buying here is what is yours it shows the relationship of the property to. A joining properties hey this is my neighbor's fence this is my border. This is my neighbor's garage this is my garage. It all works for the better for everybody somebody once said good fences make good neighbors and there's a reason why that expression came about why do you -- go wires. Because from time to time people encroach on other people's property. And it if you have offense up that clearly. CIA and at the we're fed up do you -- it's an ego to litigate gotten a lot of if you -- survey which clearly delineate your land vs your neighbor's land guess what. These people in this example could have built -- -- because they wouldn't bought a house where -- -- the back -- it indicates the location of physical improvements in relation to. The property lines now what is -- physical improvement. Use your imagination. There's real property -- personal property. And some of the improvements I suppose well -- call. Real property supposed to -- I actually forgot exactly. Forgot what the war reads them but it is the only way how slow acerbic. Is the only reliable way of obtaining and confirming basic information about a property. So here you have the example of a couple in Virginia. In Alexandria the audible. They looked at his big yard I thought it was all theirs. They go to build a pool the city says you can't build a pool -- part of it your neighbor's property. And then what you do you can try to hide from your neighbor what are your neighbor does wanna sell. So. I cannot stress enough know why don't they just go through that entire thing. But here's -- I went through it. Beginning with all those peace treaties that are essentially real estate deals paid for with blood. I whipped through rose to underscore. The recognized the importance. In civil life and in national life of borders. And frankly I think the preceding ten minutes has been the best explanation of borders you'll ever here. Because I've made it extremely understandable. Now. If you all all your southern border. To not exist. What do you think happens. When you have a pot of gold in your country. And people in countries. To the south the view with no border between us and them. Apologies to Pink Floyd. What do you think happens. When you've got people who were living. And -- When you have people who have very few economic opportunities. When you have people with zero marketable skills for the 20% trees. And beyond. What would be more advantageous. To those people. What is it bigger best interest well it's in their. Best interest right now to try to come to the United States why is it in their best interest it is in their best interest because. Being jobless and skill less in the United States still makes them compared to different from where they're coming. Makes them able to live like AK. What's best running water off flush -- Wait a -- toilet tissue or god forbid wipes. My goodness. What an incredible and you mean I've flushed the toilet of the experiment goes away. To be properly triggered. Who know. Say they've got it so bad down there. That being -- up Peter is like -- indicate. So they have every incentive right now to try to get their asses into the United States while the getting is good. While the obamas are in charge. While Obama mr. fundamentally change America while he's in the White House. This is their golden opportunity to get in the year. And we have to stop them. Why we have to stop that. You're Barbara what is it about borders in peace treaties and realistic. Well there's also another issue known as the American taxpayer. We can't afford to support another. Underclass. We cannot afford to support. Poor people. From central and South America. For the rest of their lives. And once they figure out that the more babies for -- word out the better the benefits become. Folks you can kiss the country goodbye. You can kiss America goodbye as -- first world country. I wanna know what you would do I have some ideas. But I want yours. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Started thirty of the cell phone 180616. WB and by the way did you hear that that they were actually considering using the hotel Grand Island. Until they realize that actually it's a going concern it's fully booked. Nice. And I already course had I have like the ghost of Abraham Lincoln on that would have been a two minute report. Just never feels like trying to plan for him or this. Are mostly cloudy tonight a shower or thunderstorm by the overnight -- 68 tomorrow breezy warm and humid variably cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms and of course some of them could be having and gusty with a high of 82. And a right now we are at. 84 degrees at news radio 930 WBE. Embarked on Monday at the ballpark -- take on the Rochester Red Wings' first pitch is 705. Self. -- -- -- John wanna get those calls fired up for re ready to go -- -- port calls and -- wanna get to them. I'm like a little bit about or -- gone from a on this immigration thing. The movie casino. I want you to think about the cheaters justice -- I also want you to think about North Korea. And the fact that North Korea makes it real clear to the world. That if you wander in North Korea without authorization. You may not get out of North Korea in fact you may be stuck in North Korea for the rest your life in a place you don't wanna pretty. Which is not free. And where the food doesn't really good or plentiful. Now the scene and casino. Hammer or the money. I think what you do. Is you basically go North Korea for one. Or at least a trickle out now what do you tell me tell the same thing that -- said in casino. When you're not eager to go home. Tell your people you don't after around here anymore. Problem almost -- Let's go two -- victory in the Lancaster on WB yet I hate to be draconian but it's the only thing that's gonna work folks sorry. I believe that might get a brotherhood of man and everything but you gotta have borders you got enough and go ahead merry. Contact -- there on the same page -- I am. I would I call my congressman that I had to call on news places bottom line what I would do it. First and foremost shut down the border. And land a 11 latest vehicles pull up turn around under what they do let them just send them back. Yeah although they're hoping there's a problem at -- hopping on trains most of them are on fourth they can't afford a car. Well wherever they compensate. Just shut down the order that the main -- but the other thing -- again across southern colonies -- -- everything else and TV. Where is our president. -- ball isn't Vietnam. Telling the Redskins to change the name. All that was an Obama that was the federal office -- for a trademark and -- Bottom line if it does that make me sick were empty and why -- in the worst part is. I called up like that the media and and everybody accountable -- politician. Why don't they. Grab him and drag him to the border cities governor's service. He doesn't even -- and talk to them they're I want someone like him want governor Texas said. Aware that they have a crisis. You know -- a storm are natural to factor all these kids are being -- taking care of and everything. What was gonna take care of their people and other things my talent to go the -- it. -- repeatedly -- and share -- medication and everything at their food. 250. Dollars a day that's an estimate perk -- OK you know one more content they. The family like father. Companies have been shut down memory loss or -- -- -- -- to get out because there they no longer have a job as their company -- shut down. Their children. And it needs education and health care and medical veteran who has his medication and health care. And yet these kids are being sent to them army bases and everything -- what about our -- they take care of our. Not you know people and that the board really guard me as. Well IK EST question and I'm gonna give you -- -- of -- quick answer fundamentally. Change America. I harp on that last week come to continue to harp on that this week fundamentally. Change America this is what you wanted this is what you got. Fundamental. Being the key word and I hate to repeat everything as -- last week but. It's that important your ideas what do you do about the borders now you can't close the borders because -- legitimate transits between the border. But you -- -- to tell me. That we can't start sending these people back or implement the North Korean system and then release a few of them and say it's no picnic in the United States don't even bother -- Let that word get out. The hammer or to cash you can have both. 355 news radio 930 WBBM it all boils down to everything Robert pinheiro has ever said by the way I think if you get better in life you're you're good man or lady.

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