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6-23 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back to Beijing company a couple of suggestions here from financial planners among them don't risk your retirement. To pay for your kids college very very important and and an associate not associate president. Chicago Tribune article by Janet kids Stewart quotes -- several financial advisors saying that so we're asking if you do that. If you have money in your setting it aside is it for retirement. Is that for your kids college maybe is split that's possible. But were asking that as long as well as the standings comment of voted in his kids -- six of them. Should not expect him to be getting huge trust funds from his fortune he's worth 306 million dollars. He said because there may not be having laughed. He has -- was people make the assumptions. That that they were born with a silver spoon in their amount. And they've been given a lot -- but there won't be much money left because we're spending so. Idea I have no problem that if you -- that you have a right to spend I don't think you have an obligation. To send your children to college the one album you know -- -- that's fine too. But I do think though a one lesson it's very important that should be -- in Camden and college. Is if you borrow you must repay. So the borrowing and repaying his is a good a good thing to learn it's good life's lesson. But you see -- as a college students to see. Protesting this are protesting that it and that is special a few months ago the a lot of protests to forgive. Forgive college loans just forgive them just with a wave of apparent. Remember all those thousands of dollars of the government gave you forget you're just a wonderful person you don't pay it back. As the worst less than I can thank. And in so where does it ever end that way. -- very fuel supposed to pay for everybody else for the rest of their lives something -- want your kid could be a grown up. Teach on the same lessons you had to learn and that is earned your own way mom and I wanna help it's fun but it should be optional. On Marge in Cheektowaga. Lamar -- WB yeah. My son he -- first started for the -- -- -- never -- -- definitely compliments so it would lead paint content is this. He has not you'll have no credit ever go hit a company name. About the money and all of the big thumb his (%expletive) ahead of the event and etiquette confirm. And now he's got to pay me this. While that's like your son skipping out on bail and you'll lose the bail money that's -- that's bad that's not good because nobody. Nobody benefited from that you didn't your kid didn't and your grandchild that. I mean I'm podium and you know other leg had to give them -- big big amount of money so if that's cantonal police and opinion then you know there's this fiscal. But -- -- I lumping every time we went out occasionally tell look at -- standing on here. And Marge I will say I'm available for adoption if you're argued in my real -- -- thank you Marge -- about -- It's it a mom and dad shouldn't be the bank. Mom and -- shouldn't be your banker. Grandma and grandpa shouldn't be your banker you should earn your own way live within your means if you make a little and spend a little -- right. If you make a lot is spend a lot bureau writers on Digital's been more than -- I eventually it catches up with -- the bottom line is it's your money spent at the way you want. Isn't that that's -- -- -- our capital our capitals but remember it's your money spent at the way you want shark well that's exactly what he should be going and I think. Bill a lock on was there it probably tell you the same thing financial counselor. It's your money it's not your kids money it's not your grandchildren's money it's your money and the last thing you know. For those those have a goal of just leaving a ton of money for their kids I would just say this about that. Your money sometimes becomes more important. To them -- you -- If that's the case you've you've made a dramatic mistake if they're just you know big -- that when you go. But they wouldn't be that sad when they Willis -- and they get to spend the money usually a spell while you're alive. I say he orbit you spend that make yourself comfortable make yourself healthy do what you're aware that. And if you wanna help the kids find -- because you're not obliged to are -- it's the Shipley is -- Arctic can we take a another room. Another FaceBook from Chris that I go back to a -- This is from Richard he says I had the money to pay for making its callous but they had to earn it if they got a name class I pay for all of it a paid 80% for B. If they got to see they have to pay for the class themselves and it worked out they graduate would no doubt. Well they graduate don't know that you're happy then it worked out who worked out well thank you let's go to a Margaret in Clarence Margaret Iran WB yeah. Collecting and the column. I am a graduating senior parent -- -- I am going into college and my parents are helping you with it which. I am actually going to pay them back which I think might be the right choice. Good -- I'm glad because that'll. They'll teach -- a good lesson you are excited about going to college. I'm very excited but I'm actually very afraid of the whole money part of it. Because I Harry had a taste of the problems because I have a seven EP credit. And I have taken all the College Board -- The -- -- he actually owing them money for that and I'm not a thing college. The idea -- -- -- student deaths have first holocaust of education is gone sky high as as a cholera few callers before you kind of outline. So that's that there are no there's no way inexpensive way around it. Budget do the best you can't have -- as long as you're gonna make a conscientious effort in his sound like you're going to to repay your parents may be a part time job or whatever you think you'd be able to study and still -- part time job. I'm major I'm not sure that will be able to happen I am trying very hard I've done my research and I cannot I think that's the big thing I think parents should be able to talk to their kids. Are you going to be able to find music education dot org you maybe going to something with a -- that 10% unemployment rate. I was gonna ask you that because one of the things in the media column armor rating. Says that the parents are encouraged their children to learn in it and adapt skills while -- in college that are applicable to the job market when you know. I had a passion -- music and that's not I'm going into I'm going into a science and although that might have been my first passion I've found something. That I know why he'll be able to make money and which. Shouldn't be the main point of life. I wanna be able to pay them back. Well you know that's a foundation though I think you sound very mature for a cause for high school senior that's the foundation. If you can make a living doing something and still enjoy your passion like you say music. If you can enjoy your music session while earning a living in a different field and you've got to Concord new government. -- -- Bit luckier Margaret OK thank you like Marcus I was very mature for probably a seventeen year old girl it's my guess seventeen. Maybe -- the more likely seventeen and that's good so the parents are going to helper and she's already planning on how to payback but it did the money part is pretty scary. Because the costs of college is ridiculous right now. I know what I went through radio school. Might we didn't have a lot of money my parents did the best they -- and we and I got through it. But it wasn't at the expense level right now that they have in in in college as. Remarkably expensive we'll take a break we'll be back here or wanna know from deal. A whether indeed you're gonna spend your money while you're alive likes things plans to do not leave any money on not leave. Of all of the kids. And your retirement. Or Euro or your kids college which you spending more time mom which is spending more money saving. Four for the future will be back after this is a beach and company. And were talking about money money money and college college college. And there were also talking about spending your own money. While you can count why is still above ground and doing the things you wanna do as opposed to your children. Waiting for your croak so that they can suddenly go on that your own trip to Disney World they've been waiting for. 393018061696. -- -- a third let's go to Fred first in Lewiston Fred you're on WB yen. -- sandy hello surround audio things. I'm. I just have to. Just say that I imperfect start with that I am probably older new reason nobody's old and I drugs that -- yeah our -- It can happen -- Anyway. What I wanted to say is that. I went to school at a time. Where man and more well my folks couldn't afford to anything. Seoul. I he had a second job went to school whose support your school here in in New York. And I got a great job worked a long time. Made enough money that I I'm well law full retirement purposes. It but I still wanna give my kids money. And the reason that it's. I feel that way is because they're now. Fifty years old. Let's go to they rated the fifty so far planned that you can give anything you want nobody's trying to discourage apparent from helping their children. We're just saying that lessons learned is that you appreciate more that have been here at the things that you earned run and give a little but it. Do you see they are being learned their lessons. There are married they've got their kids they've grown Omar they know what the problems are. And it which is. -- in the meantime. We we do you are on money a lot of our funds school to. Charities -- -- all -- -- charities here around well it's nice that shirt size -- that position Fred and and information feel good you should do and your kids I'm sure will appreciate it you sound like you brought a mop the right way. While we were trying to avoid is. Paris just doing a knee jerk thing by paying all of its college and then the kids kind of skate through college and never got an appreciation for earning. Well I agree with the -- Three -- percent I never I could've helped them but I didn't. Well I think that you helped them by perhaps though letting them find their own way with the import from you rather than you'd doing all the driving in the heavy lifting. The detective Brett thank you very much. That's okay we -- is saying you should now -- kids should help your kids if you want to. But I don't think there's an obligation. And I think -- mistake the what one of the people the financial advisors. Are talking about as well is that if you just give it to them. In other words whatever the colleges -- you write the check for. And they get to go to college with no thoughts of having to repay any thing. Work part time whatever the thought is you'll concentrate more on yours on your studies and that might be true for some people. -- think a lot of them it's just means. Party party party. Yeah I tell spring break is about yeah yes yes that too. About the bottom line is if they didn't have an appreciation for you really haven't done them a favor via. If they don't appreciate it because under that list there in grace. People don't understand the value of anything and who are going to. It's they just. There's a word I can't use on the radio but go through the money and I innate cavalier fashion just rolling -- -- the -- okay. If you helped film that's different. Get him some life lessons sometimes you have to you have to borrow something. You wanna be able to pay it back you wanna make sure -- live within your means -- valuable lessons whether they're taught in college classrooms. Or not is an important their life's lessons. And one of life's lessons is that you learn how to get along by yourself on your own. And raise your own family and not go running back to mom and dad every time you hit a bump in the road. And that that I think is what they're trying to say and that they're saying that if you don't take your bureau retirement. By the time the kids need -- You're not going to be there for them and also that. If you become a burden on them. What have you really taught them nothing because they didn't make their way and you can make your way and everybody loses so instead album if you will. Don't feel it's an obligation make sure they understand the value of something make them earn something Chris -- via FaceBook posting please this one. Comes from a Tina she says my retirement comes first I didn't go to college and if I wanted to do either paper myself I think my -- has to do the same thing. You know and radio we don't have retirement. Retirement what we do it's called death yeah that's it when you hear this. Pop is retired and that's that so people who -- a lot of money in radio and some would make no money in radio. And either way you don't have a retirement -- you've got to set it up yourself you gotta appreciate it yourself gonna set something aside. Because the companies don't do that it's not part of the broadcasting. World. So as long as you live within your -- should be okay. But if you don't many army control medal let's go to what -- and sewage says in buffalo Joseph did you help the kids with college what what happened with -- Well. These are maybe. -- these are -- oh and higher. I don't let it you -- what he uses in Hawaii fortunately. And after you operate so I really like that position as alert for a -- I valued my GI bill. I've got a scholarship. Program that pot yeah I'm good. -- actually act that the essence of god. I didn't like me aren't you going to -- -- How able the -- -- you. And then it like Greg. Rick. You know like in my life I'll do it in -- well he retired. And -- -- in the army and it pretty much as saying I moved here forty years well for warriors went straight. -- what -- yeah all out. There is that you and I bet you bet here now. It went deeper. And don't -- -- well now. I have felt like adult -- -- -- Iraq -- arm -- -- duke are. Now at a bar you'll water the. And well I'll tell you I'll tell you one thing Joseph it sounds like you got a good financial planner you've -- it I think there is no better government dollar spent than met. Helping a veteran so we thank you and your wife and your son. For wearing the uniform and and having been a year ago or thought through plan financially thank you. We'll be back when mortgage company -- -- and I thirty WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 8030. Nine's are so calls -- free and started doing and -- -- -- plus -- minus 1806169236. Of this on these guys. These guys always wanted to do of these guys this has a lot of those through. -- to be discharge people and it is a -- governor and -- -- today. How auto switch gears now for the last couple segments ago as the above I'd love that last caller. I -- the last caller because he represents what this country's about opportunity. Opportunity. He was in the services wife was in the service. And though when they vote got out of the service -- they have a pension. And -- they went to school on the GI bill and their son is in the service now. And so he made the most of his opportunities the opportunity to learn something in the service the opportunity. I'd take advantage of the GI bill which -- any dollar spent. -- helping a veteran is a dollar that I'm very willing to spend I think that that's money very well spent. And so they had their financial house in order and he says now he's helped out a little bit but these are people who -- given an opportunity. Wore the uniform. Took advantage of the opportunity and are good productive citizens and doesn't get better and that there really truly Gaza. And now this next subject we'd talked about it briefly. In the monologue and we've got just two quick segments on an. Harley-Davidson. Has introduced there won't it won't be in the market for a couple of years yet. In electric. Motorcycle. Now let me tell you why it's not going to be a success if they expect a solid in any number -- right the reason is not going to be a success is. I think electric and motorcycle don't vote don't go to other it's -- nothing to do. We have the speed. In fact electric motors there's there's no ramp up where you ought to wait for the rpm to come up the speed is instantly available. And it can be blinding only fast that has nothing to do was speed at all. It has to do it a couple of other things why people buy a motorcycle in the first place and what they expect when meg and it. All right what 01 of the things is that some people may buy a motorcycle. For transportation OK it's cheaper to get the work him back but most people buy it to use it. When they want to do for fun whatever go to events that I'd take it on the occasion our -- that sort of thing. But they they have a certain expectation. They don't want. Quiet. A motorcycle personal acquired motorcycle is a dangerous motorcycle. That's one of the reasons almost everybody. Takes off their stock exhaust and and puts them pipes on that are that are louder. Now hardly describe the exhaust sound as. Our combination wine and push so it sounds almost turbine like or jet engine like all right. That's fine if you weren't expecting. The sound of a motorcycle. Especially Harley do we have the sound of if we have this out of Tony's going to a fired up for us and we're here -- it sounds like. You expect from Harley potato potato potato because that's what -- is that's with the sound is that they tried to copyrights some years ago. All right okay you say that all the girls right -- Tony says Jimmie thirty seconds. And I'll give -- the world about it -- yeah hardly tried to Patton or cut non patent or copyright beat potato potato potatoes sound. And that's what you expect when your Harley now they say this'll be equivalent to a sports there. -- have 72 horse -- those things are important. The the sound motorcycle is very important. And if you if you ever own one you heard one. You know they all have distinctive sound some of the Japanese. Sounds a bit -- very highly and they sound like real screamer is. And their real performance machines. Harley is more of a turing machines certainly they have performance machines but. More touring. And and sound like you expect there's a certain panache about owning a motorcycle. None of these things would match up -- -- the with a motorcycle. Especially. When you think of arranged the range on the current one that they are showing now which isn't available yet. He's 53 miles. That's. We already -- to show you what it sounds like this is the sound of the prototype. Electric Harley-Davidson. Now as -- got a man. I'm sorry yeah there's something cool about having a whoosh. But I get the same thing when I hit send on my iPhone. That has a whoosh true. When you would -- upon us are okay thank you very much Gemini cricket. So what I'm saying is the the panache of a motorcycle the sound of a motorcycle. Especially our -- Because people have distinct images are what they want from Harley-Davidson. This is not gonna cut it now -- if they wanna just put among our electric out. And say they have one they'll sell some sharp because -- have armored logo on it. But -- ought to be a big seller they say it's equivalent of -- sports have created a three OK that's fine powers not going to be an issue. What will be an issue is the sound looks in the operation. So I have two questions Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles are going to be a winner or loser. As far as sales -- concern. And the big question would you buy one. I wouldn't buy one under any circumstances what I violent. And I don't think it's going to be a commercial success. They can say hey we're in the new century and we've got electric power with a 53 mile radius are you kidding. Forget about taking into surgery Charlotte you can take -- to the grocery store. I -- I'm thinking now not gonna happen what do you think to owning now this is doomed right from the beginning. Yeah you think it's that. -- especially which is so much into their image in their history. They should know that this is not the kind of thing they must've done focus groups. What do it on to a university of medicine. University of Wisconsin Madison and and get their opinion. Because some may anybody's ever had a Harley or wants them early this is not gonna Phil -- talk about not knowing your customers yeah that would be a big time. As I said unless they wanna do it as a halo image kind of thing. Hey look we're not stuck in the past century. Where Julio where -- paving the way for tomorrow's motorcycle. Via. I wanna see how many the dealers order as well that's it I get a picture right. This is going to be a smash winning all barely got enough of them you know my guess is. They'll keep the supply very very tight. At the beginning so that they can say they're shall. Another words and not going to make more than they think they can sell and they'll purposely making less than they think they can sell. Because of one of the -- of Harley always it's not that way now but it always was. That you couldn't just going him by one had to wait up to a year to get one. Once they once they started. -- manufacturing is many. As -- needed. Of that went away but I think that's what they'll do -- this electric motorcycle does come to market. Produced far fewer than they expect to sell -- will be a demand for and people start. Charging extra you know build build to Google the stuff like that the try and get -- get anything going but electric motorcycle 53 miles. A -- going to be -- Newsreader I'm thirty wanna hear from you would you buy one. And I think the quieter they are more dangerous there are that's what people say about motorcycles and it's true this one has a Walsh almost like a turbine. I'm so we'll -- this and didn't knock my socks on my socks is still on. Will be back for more after this yeah. -- more like yeah. That's why I again but I'm really enjoy spring -- thank you. And -- Georgia -- stall if Harley-Davidson came to me instead. We -- well we're putting out a new markets and lectured by Canada's 53 miles it sounds like a combination. Jet engine and turbine type -- with a line and a -- In as a 53 mile radius. Would you like to invest in this just just this -- not the company just this bike. I was -- you know round four I would say not a dime what I put him. Now I could be wrong but I don't think so -- I think traditionally all the things that are at least a lot of the things that people want. From a motorcycle would not be in this motorcycle. You'll get -- maybe he'll get the the global warming crowd with the fact that it's electric and -- aren't sure of 53 miles is not enough for a range. And the the quieter bikes are not something I want most people want water bikes so people can hear them. Besides having the ability to see them and it helps from people taking left turns from. It trailed Montreal 10616926. On 930s is gonna be won furloughs are. And would you buy one let's go to Carol in Cheektowaga Carol you're on WB again. I think as an -- and Laura and. -- require months ago. It's Charlie. And like -- and me and I like it that's where I'd I'd I'd. You need that. It just needed it's that I mean. Now. And when you started up you wanna hear. That sound you wanna feel about low rumble. You don't want a polite of this shoot this could be run in the inside of a library sound. Old -- exactly. They go from potato potato present -- soup I mean yeah. I I just I I I. Now. Also so you don't think. It's going to be a winner and you wouldn't buy one. Don't know I I I thought I'd get I'd never wholly good why aggregate -- nod -- okay out. -- not -- formal army unit anymore. But al-Qaeda I. -- Now. -- That. That's seven times you said no in two -- doesn't look -- these ads are having their first learned that door there -- I do that very much. Another another thing think about it. It will probably be smoother. Than a traditional -- because the engine has -- certain. Rhythm to it as you know. And there are realists vibration. I gotta say this politely. Let's -- vibration is perhaps not something you're looking for if you're selling to. Women. God. -- you -- you're just figuring that one out aren't show you ask that I thought. Of course in the Obama has seen the article book with the electric engines you would need transmissions and there will be no shifting -- there. No there isn't true no no way if you think about the if you think about and that torque. Is -- I mean it's a media business is run up there's no rpm. All of the power is available at once at least in a car now I don't know how they're getting the power to the truth of the road and in this motorcycle -- with a car. That's why they they perform very well for performance. Numbers. Zero to sixty and stuff like that that's fine. It's not going to be electric power but you're not gonna have any noise within at all and that's part of it part of the joy of a motorcycle -- the foreign shift yeah when you shift down. From like the corner something -- shift down from third to second. And that things schools up and you hear that exhaust that's -- -- Oh okay that's our gas nick and may be -- rumble is orgasm it is taking in the orgasm part right now but properly did it and by -- putting an electric one out there I'm. I'm just and I don't know why these guys don't see it in in Milwaukee. They must have done some research somewhere that says -- is there would be enough market or they could put this out. But I don't mean just. The people I know I camping of anybody that would want. Please last week I had when when this came -- I posted on my my personal. FaceBook page in most people said no put somebody said while he used to have because the combustion engine is is gonna fade away. I don't see that happening at all. No I don't see it happening and all very that's very crowded doesn't want fracking they're worried about this they're worried about that they don't want to step on the earth. I mean bottom line is. There are applications where electric is fine you won a golf cart makes cents electorate that's nice you want Asia segue miss -- -- announced that way that I know of -- -- bureau ordered. I hear you on today a scooter for better mobility. That's fine too but a motorcycle. Now. I just know no I can't say no enough Carroll said no seven times and I'm saying no again. -- because. You've got to know your NC I don't know why they buy a motorcycle. The pollsters aren't gonna buy an electric one just the point he had a composers so that cuts it down right away. The same ones -- whatever Prius might get a via. Today they might get a Harley that's electric but most people wouldn't. And so you're missing the sound you missing the field. A yeah it's going to be smooth -- probably less vibration. But it's just not there and in the QE 53 miles when you're kidding. With 53 miles so that things are beyond a charger all the time now they say the charging. It does not take as long as it does with the automobiles. I mean some good things out there that are electorate like the Nissan leaf. That's it's nice that all electric but there's always that concern. That when your out of power you're out of power that's debt it's got to be plugged in. And usually I don't know exactly what the recharge time is on -- leave but he usually takes hours and hours to recharge. At at the regular house current and and several hours on the high you know high currency once. So I don't so I don't know how long does it take an interest in about a half an hour which wouldn't be too bad. If you had the ability to go in the restaurant -- and by the time we came out was recharged. But if you're gonna take it on any kind of trip that's not very practical so this is going to pretty annual leave extra space all right so. Say okay half of this would be 25 miles and that's cutting yet to have done knobs. So you couldn't go anywhere further than 25 miles before you stop and -- them get back home. So is that going to be something I couldn't take it down Randolph to get a cheeseburger if I had one. So now I don't I just don't think so I don't think -- It's gonna hit a home run win this one but they may not be expecting to. As I said this may be an image thing. But they complied outsell a few hundred a year and say they're in this a century but it's going to be a big a big item and you think to be close -- wait too long right combustion engine by no point of view liner. Much like a more and how that would affect balance yes good point because no -- of -- with a battery now I know the battery array in cars is enormous. But they have to drive a lot of weight. Motorcycles the way to isn't there are some battery can be smaller but the battery would have to be positioned for balance -- We'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty W via. We'll we'll much they never had to leave -- be used she.

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