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6-23 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello what is Beijing company and I'm sandy region of U -- Tony Caligiuri is depressed and he has because Italy lost. And the US tied in soccer he's really depressed but not as the president and I am. I had to go to hopes almost similar union over the weekend not a good thing we know and they had a holiday and our Grand Island. But that's where they're setting up my friends in Crimson Tide chairs and I bad. I think I'll get over editors of these and company I'm sandy beach by voice for summaries and today is is like that usually is at the end of the show I think it's pollen. But at least I have an excuse Tony I saw all the soccer fans on TV. I think they rounded up every soccer fan in the eastern US and put him down. I'd near a canal side and I saw -- world watching and they got depressed because. They laden I mean -- high right near the end so what what did you Google and jump off the latter something. I was very I was still upset are you elect having kicked in the gut. I just thought it was garbage that they added another minute -- To the extra time I believe that that's a game we should one is that's is -- sports fun. It brings a lot of enjoyment you -- -- that I can tell honorably you are today we don't need I don't like this. That game -- have no impact on your life now and zero OK you have more impact on your light. On your life of the light is yellow when you leave the complex here then you will that whether we wanna tied that game through this -- -- -- like different sporting event but we put so much of our our report to Latin we've put Joseph Joseph vet yeah it's supposed to be an escape it's not supposed to get your mortem press -- a venue where before you watch the game. It's supposed to bring you up you can't just let a -- bring you up and and take -- down at the same time I mean you gotta you gotta you gotta deal got to run. -- you're doing you're -- you hope so badly for your team to win the end. -- -- I hope for years that I would win the Brad Pitt look like us I mean I tried I really did. I had my lips Botox like Angelina Jolie and I mean I did everything and I didn't win but I'm not depressed. You know I'm happy -- what it has as meager as it is and that's all your life should be you have two wonderful children you have. Lovely wife and you either haystack every once in awhile at the sides still have him when you -- things up a why Democrats say Chris is more of a mediocre friend -- fanatic Chris is medium middle of the road. Yeah it's it's certainly disappointing but it doesn't kill them I mean there's not a still driver's seat so I'm okay and maybe a bit ahead of the -- of the blue jays at the sabres and bills I would take a little bit harder now what. It it's kind of hard for -- gates who down -- is harboring is a wise because they're stoned driver seated if they or. If this kind of knocked him in a position where they're had a 25% chance now you know advance instead of a 75% chance I might be a little more depressed. But somebody who knows nothing about soccer like me nothing I don't nothing can't feel like sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heroes but I know nothing about it. Even the playoff formats too confusing while he got a 62 and a half percent chance of going if they -- but if the other one has an ice cream -- just before the third minute. I mean this to -- comes -- There when yellows and outside his attire and that's that I mean who holds on Buddha is to compute for me I'm waiting for the next curling season. The other one thing is I shouldn't be upset just simply because none of the experts had the United States. Even remotely common this is Arabian. Going in the next round. But we get greedy not greedy as a fan because -- saw what we are able to do against Ghana and then act watching us totally -- Portugal gone on either eight people and you with a good sign. They made all eight of them may be really good soccer is but it's -- I mean c'mon. Okay. A -- that you want me abreast all day but I'd I think you've got a lot more to be happy about and the press OK that look at your sex life. Well stay abreast of things are -- yeah. How could go on the corner sawed off I got obviously -- for the US but it. I know nothing about soccer so. You know if they -- that's -- that -- doldrums and jump off the nearest tall buildings -- Michael Bradley had to do was get the ball forward -- that's why don't you I mean isn't this -- real reason to get angry and also bad Jon Bon -- what's the matter with them he still -- original -- -- I hope so law. Policies -- be a woman was a mob anger issues. She is obviously a great goaltender about one I'll get a grip there. A lawyer for Hope Solo says that this is not guilty of a crime. She was due in court today after arrest on suspicion of assaulting her sister and her seventeen year old nephew. They responded to her sister's house in Washington. Just before 1 AM Saturday they got -- 9/11 call that a woman of the residents was hitting people. And refusing to stop so the police showed companies that -- Quit hitting people and -- and stop and she refused. They found her intoxicated. You think an upset you think saw injuries on our nephew ancestor you think and they -- it's all. After speaking with her -- and -- determining that she was the aggressor. She's a two time gold Olympic co medalists she's booked into jail on investigation two counts -- -- agreed domestic violence. Hope there's not guilty of any crime said her attorney who is. That's a surprise that are attorney say that -- the eternal now and I got her again this woman has a bid to temper under a dollar. I would wanna be closed -- In fact our investigation reveals -- hall was so -- assault dead. Wow I bet they ran indoor -- -- their faces purposely yeah and -- that's what happens as it happens mineral soul. He just put your hands -- to defend yourself and people keep running into your fists with their faces it's terrible -- fans who waited at the office but that's that she's had problems before. And she's made some outrageous statements that stuff she's in the via a little bit on the edge. -- -- come back we got other things to talk about a hopefully otherwise -- and early on news radio 930 W via if you check out the -- that it meets FaceBook page you see a picture. And lovely picture of a delicious piece of us on appease -- via a bowl ounce cup. A delicious cup of so now you're wondering why would why would I be posting soup. It was not as regular super it was strawberry soup. Bureaucrats Roberts don't know what that picture -- that means you know like newcrest Robertson I have not it looks like a -- to me it's great it can be used as a soup or dessert first of -- also were added I had -- at the DNR. Restaurants converted train station it's an on route nineteen and Roy. And so one of my favorite places to go I mean I've probably been their forty times okay. I'd just accidentally came across it wants while I was crews and among Whittle its worth and I've been hooked ever since. But they have strawberry soup and the strawberry soup is so good to be an example of how but it is while back. Tuukka actually last season. Tuukka. Radio woman and her son and we went down to their friends of mine. And we went down to the of the and I said she's very very she knows exactly what she wants to -- she knows what she doesn't Lawny. She is very very particular about food she doesn't afloat is not on top priority list okay. So she when she needs something she started out she's you know does focus groups on and -- been huge it really knows what she wants I said. Don't even think about it. Order a strawberry -- and tell me which it. As a trust me she is that yes okay. So she puts these -- in the -- And takes the first -- goes. All -- hi this is good and so that's the kind of reaction yet. From -- person who's very very specific on what she likes eat. And it's it's it's remarkable. It really tastes like ago like you've taken strawberries in your hand and just crushed them and it's sort of pulverized coal you know all manner is a good. The I could get -- -- guard bring your guys' backs. Of containers of the go forward with right you never take liquids home unless your Burger King summit. I'm -- next time as its offering both back some strawberry soup because it is really goods are gonna see a picture of it. -- go online and check it out meanwhile Carmelo is on the market. Carmelo Anthony. And now it's a lot of guts. To say I'm not going to play the last year my contract. Which would have paid him 23 point three million dollars. That's walking away with a lot of money on the table. But apparently doesn't wanna be in New York maybe doesn't like Phil Jackson is only who knows. There are other teams such as Chicago Houston Dallas Miami can imagine -- -- Have been mentioned as potential suitors. He's a two time Olympic gold medal winner arm he led the NBA in scoring in 201213. Okay. So this guys on the open market first of all was he Smart to leave. The number one media market -- 23 million dollar deal for one the one year if he wants championship yes OK if that yeah that's a point because the next and I do know. Although it projects a -- that might be a couple of years before things going what do you. Think Chris you have for a championship purposes he probably -- Smart to leave I don't understand he's opt outs anyway it seems bizarre to me a contract isn't a contract anymore you signed for you know 57 years but it -- -- you know bounce after three reports it's awkward. Opt out works is oftentimes when you sign a contract. You know what that financial the only as you know what you're expected in your workload but you don't know about the chemistry between in this case. Him and his teammates -- him and him in the culture him in the front office or whatever. So if you if you have the marketability that Carmelo Anthony has. You say OK I'm not gonna get when he -- millionaire but I might get eighteen million somewhere else so what's the point. Eyes if you wanna be happy at work it you do something if you just want the money its announcement so I think overall what whatever contract specialist and -- will be over twenty million -- -- these things on special equipment next because index up until up until Phil Jackson. Hadn't been doing a lot to improve before him to be honest but they're bringing in Yemen embassy happened but the the evening good sense. Was the big man I think since February Jackson played yeah. I would suspect that yeah -- -- them yeah -- sort of Phil Jackson yeah I think that was the last time there have been that was years ago early seventies look and jump anymore no it's its own that. Okay you're going on vacation this is one of those balls in the USA today that I love. Often they've been on vacation. Is vacation it's getting away. From your regular routine. Getting away from work giving away from -- on getting about people bringing their stuff with them OK they bring everything someday they -- -- vacation. But they're in constant communication with via the office -- the plan or whatever. And -- work -- how often do Americans exercise on vacation. Okay I'm 44%. Don't work on vacation and for the semis say. Rob that's what is suppose the VO okay 23%. Intend to rarely. I'm not even an actor and I had it -- and -- -- go out 20%. Always work out. That's the one in five OK one in five always work on a vacation and usually where you goal. As hotels. Ships like below one point to Alaska on they have a whole gym and work out every track -- good to have you wanna. And 12% never work out or go on vacation. A 12% they'd just what they do is they get angry when they -- soccer games so that's that's what happens if it's a guy you see people working on vacation that's the application muscles that work. Meanwhile okay. -- ago. Andrea Kramer of our drivers coming to town for HBO and she's going to interview. Former generals. Or generals who have institute the lawsuit. And one of things on the interview Alyssa you. Alyssa you that's a good name. Velocity. You listen you tells -- for -- by the way for those of you think that. You know we're two weeks you -- student loans and maybe you shouldn't hand over all that money to your kids going to college. Listen to Alyssa says. -- you tells Andrew Kramer she went into debt to be a Joseph. She used student loan money to pay for 650. Dollar uniform. Policy -- good example of why the program should be -- ball a let's and we must Wear must get education for Alyssa Euro as ever the lawn is spending your money on one. The cheering outfit okay -- money -- that right there and so that's and I think we're gonna come off really well on this interview argument to exit. It's -- complained that they had to do something called a jiggle test now we know about this because we were here when when -- -- loss that was instituted -- Andrew Kramer doesn't know that said they had to jump up and down ten times jumping jacks to be evaluated. On the appearance of their bodies during the exercise is that -- all of those like -- slow motion movie things like war. But. Yeah. Yeah. Well. Well. Our jiggle -- should go right. Edited and flipped one over your shoulder it's even better I'm just thinking that. She's surprised. At that. You surprised at that. Does she think people really go to once cheerleaders because they want to know the words of stop that kick or something a block that kick or. You know defense or at least I hope not I hope not -- or whether he should on the college. Maybe she did so she's our college adults as well the women had to perform ten jumping -- and be evaluated on their parents. If there appearance was found wanting in the jiggle test now eyes. The standard is that not enough did you go another words. There's not enough movement. From point a picture like a globe. If it's everywhere and jump up and down does everything stay at the equator or does anything -- down south American and up to the Arctic. I mean I'm not really sure but anyways that if there's not enough. They could be barred from performing. Obama on this and while -- talent is there you think probably very problems in Iraq now. At least they don't have Google's women may be harshly treated but they're not been on the -- digital signals couldn't Helen. They don't Wear those type things knows I'm just saying that Kramer's report also touches upon civil lawsuits filed against the cheering squads of the Oakland Raiders and angles. OK next as an unknown person because I'm looking in there so my guess is that there's nobody in -- state diesel. That's my guess -- over and under this is they've been -- As I got right now he's got to do the general test before Romney intro it's gonna jump up and mountain time. Apart he'll be put in the lawsuit we'll be back after this. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on W the heat and. Back -- governor have said they've changed something -- the over the weekend you might be interested in and I can't quite figure this out to be honest with you one part of it anyway. Katie Couric got married two ways of financial. A person Jon Moeller. And it's got married over the weekend. Now is she you're recalls she started often really hit it big on the today should. And it was huge in every contract renegotiation. -- Wheeler and an armored car and give more money. And they decided that. Well you know what. CBS she'd make a really good anchor. And as she should host the is she should anchor the CBS knows. And I said at the time is that you know one. All of the things that people like about Katie Couric are not applicable to one anchor she's perky she hates that word but she is. And she's good interviewer. And says she's bright bubbly and sunny and people love that it can't really use much of that as an anchor there's a whole different skills that I don't. Well I'm very skeptical well. I was skeptical for the right reason it didn't work out so she -- that. Then she was going to do -- talk show and -- her talk show. And I'm thinking am I don't I don't see this really don't and it didn't work out you know she does now. She is the global anchor for Yahoo! knows. Now why would somebody that's made eight gazillion dollars. Wanna be the global anchor for Yahoo! News I don't I really don't get that. Which camp possibly need the money and she's marrying a guy who probably has more money than her she married a New York financier see what they call you a banker. Okay you're worth money or make -- a financiers or a lot of money and if you're worth more than that they call you put -- Okay that's not sure that's that that's a term. People Magazine reported that she and Jon Moeller took their vows on Saturday. She's 53 and and he is I guess is ages and -- -- is okay. She's 57 he's fifth century -- a straight. She has two grown daughters he has a son and daughter and she hosted a talk show after leaving today in a five year run as anchor of CBS evening no she's not a global anchor for Yahoo! knows. And I think she's also known for one thing. That she did that Tony. Tony doesn't have the courage of Katie Couric I'm sorry he's he's lacking we think Tony as a tough guy. G and then not only did she have a colonoscopy. She had one live on the air. OK so I'm more fitted out with channel seven Tony when you have yours alive -- going to be there right at her bedside OK so we wanna see what Tony's really light. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- for good reason because her husband had cancer and and -- Edges -- for good reason was she was the first wanted to. So yours is still putting it out -- hoping that they don't mention it and index medical check. Well the price isn't right yet for me to televise a C I'm demanded big money. Like Carmelo Anthony's. That's the -- well channel seven as a new owners. And maybe this -- the promotional event they've been looking for. In -- talking about all we can come to an agreement then you know yeah there on my scripts if they if policy. Scripts also -- -- the same company but it's the same name. Has a very -- on medical facility in San Diego Mary -- wrong. And so it's it's now more of a bigger flight or San Diego. Bring a cameraman and -- and it is like pac man on your case lady pac man we could live baited into a video game. In a little Yahoo!. -- little jaws clapping and being being being we'll take a left of the sternum there we go up. -- straight up fairly well what event like I -- that's what she did that. So I guess that was probably elect their first date -- via video. I think illustrate -- caught -- -- -- cup finals but I'll admit it. And like to tell you a little bit about myself not necessary outs in the thank you very much. I don't have a giveaway right now and it's for our journey. And the Steve Miller band and you know. Yeah I mean is incredible -- power around a long time and in the this is a this is -- good growth and so Steve Miller. There -- tickets is a journey and Steve Miller tomorrow. At 645 that area like performing arts center by it was a hundred dollars courtesy of live nation journal content rules apply after -- You'd have to -- opera today or tomorrow at the radio station. Journey Steve Miller 64 point 9875. And that's the name of that tone will take random caller. OK let's see what else we got to going on here this is this is interest thing. Because I have two parts to this one is a traditional. Thought process is being challenged by financial planners. And the other is somebody who has got the right attitude I think. The financial planners now in this article from mom is Chicago trip. By Janet kid snort KID date says something that might go against the grain with a lot of VO. I know -- 011 of your dreams is to be able to provide your child with a college education. And provide meaning pay. Okay no student loans no job nothing just go there and study junior and do -- -- and I'm send the bills -- -- And that's always been thought of people saving up for their their kids' college education. Is nothing wrong -- and certainly it's okay. But now they're saying. If you have good shoes. Between your retirement. And I say your meaning husband. Wife husband and wife. OK if you have to choose between saving for your retirement. And saving for your children's college education absolutely positively. A goal for your retirement first and it's almost like it's almost like you get on me on the air line. Would -- child. And when they go through Leo what the seatbelt is in the and that he -- coming down from the ceiling and all that stuff they always say if you're traveling with a child. Take you have put your mask on first the adults mask first and then the child. Because if if you try and do the child first it may not be. Done properly and then you're going to be dead and in -- number -- -- so be the better thing to do is to put yours on first and then. The child so that you can take care of the child. With the financial planners is saying is is is planned for your retirement first and if you get that done and you still haven't and inclination. To spend money on your children's education. Then and do it but you should come first and -- -- against a lot of people however it's not against somebody you know somebody you love. Great singer he's played Buffalo's several times with a group usually it's -- familiar -- of and and the name of the group is police and the name of the guy is standing. And he takes that attitudes and agreeable to you that. We come back we'll talk about it all news radio 930 WB so that's our show is called on the flip this house. I'm thinking of I've got a concept for a new TV show called flip this finger in which I drive around looking for bad drivers that way and I -- -- -- -- this finger what do you think it's nice I think -- on this and we see there are outrageous reaction. Will be road rage Willoughby a smile Libya thank you for telling me in my driving -- -- -- -- this finger coming to a TV station near you -- that's where it's -- ago now. I here's here's the deal. Investment people now are saying do not risk your retirement money to pay for college parents seemed to think a lot of parents in the bank. It is an obligation. Of of the parent. To pay for at least part of the child's education. My attitude is if you wanna do it far. No problem but if you don't wanna do what I don't think you should feel guilty about it -- that there's a couple of simple promises. People and you know it's not for every person. But people generally don't appreciate things that they get for free as much as things they had to work for. And I I find that to be a pretty universe. Love. Pretty universal subject. In fact I remember and I've mentioned this everytime -- do a show like this I mentioned that my wife had a horse that we were selling. And this young girl in her father came to look at the horse and she wrote it was nice -- nice nice manner. And she wrote it and she loved. But is she -- and of the money for -- they didn't have enough money for the horse. And as they were leaving should you know -- could tell liberalism. Willow was upset. Not overly but much you can tell she was disappointed and and so after they left that a friend of mine who's really endorses -- -- -- a lot. It's -- Wynonna just column back and give them horse it's more important to me that the horse find a good home she'll love the horse. And and the horse will be in good hands and know they'll take bigger. And my friends that don't do that. He says if you want us on the horse cheaper or even much cheaper make sure they pay something -- course. And he said what I just all join the so true people they get something for nothing very seldom appreciate -- value it. If they pay something for even if it's a very discounted or cheap rate they value it more so I think it's the same thing with a college education. I think if your kid has a part time job and you wanna kick and some money that's fine. I think you you know if they wanna apply for some student loans and you -- somebody that's fine. But just paying for it totally. I think well I don't think that's a great idea. So no one of the questions when askew. Is are you listening to the financial advisors who they take care of your retirement first. A kids' college you know money should come down maligned you'll agree -- that. Who paid for your college Jupiter for yourself did you student -- when you'll have to jab job whatever. Now the second part of this. It kind of goes together standing who is obviously very very popular very wealthy. He's worth 306. Million dollars. Rod said and that she's going to the bank at that time. But anyway. He's worth 306 million and he says his children will not. Underline not be getting trust funds from his money. If there's any money left and it. He's won sixteen Grammy Awards. He was -- the police obviously. He told -- via the newspaper on Sunday. That his vast wealth would be an albatross around the necks of his six children. So he's got six kids. In 306 million dollars and he thinks it would be an albatross and to some degree are -- look at Bill Gates now Bill Gates of course. Is an extreme example. But he is this is a seems to a that most of his well. Where has gone into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. And not just left a huge sum to his kids of course. The money that will be left will be a huge sum by any standard but most of it's going to be given to charity and that's good. He said he grew up on a ship building community and England and the toll kids there won't be much money because we're spending. I like that. -- and as -- is that it's worth 306 million dollars so my second question as if you have money. And you're in Euro you know he's not a senior wouldn't describe -- thing as a senior but you're not the only non college anymore and got some money. Do you intend to spend it or humans -- intend to leave every last cent. To your -- relatives and the people who awaiting for your croak basically that's the way that works. I just remember this I think that your money as your money. You should spend it as you please you earned in spend that as you please I don't think giving things to two kids. Is as good as teaching molest some of -- something that's a pretty valuable lesson. Because I know somebody in my -- Don Rickles -- can verify this. I know somebody in my high school graduating class and he and his sister. Inherited a million dollars each because their parents were killed -- a train crash and their parents were both. Were both doctors' OK and so is he and his sister got a million dollars each. He was totally broke about two years -- school okay and this is one million dollars was a million dollars I mean this is when it meant something. In fact one of things he did he took my friend you know my friend Donn McCall's. He and Don went to Las Vegas this is like right out of a movie. He bring about a brand new thunderbird before they left he packed with senator console of money and they went off the Vegas. Not make -- up. It verified because if he's listening today. And so that's the that's the lifestyle so he didn't earn it he didn't appreciate it any blue and 01 last I heard. Which was a long time -- now he was driving a taxi -- nothing wrong with that in Boston. It was a -- Boston taxi driver. And that's something nothing wrong with being protected forever but he got a million dollars when your kid I think -- got -- when I was eighteen. Then here you blow it. It's not a good example should have been left for him out of an older age or something like that. But there again -- the attitude of if you don't -- -- you don't appreciated as much I think holds true there as well so it's no questions retirement. -- money giveaway -- yourself or your kids. And are you going to spend your money before you had croak or are you going to scrimp and save and and have your napkins -- claims of a junior can have that last penny and -- hooker in Vegas. I I just added that last part. That's not part of the study hooker in Vegas perhaps. Actually now. Don't you think it could be for I don't know. No we've evolved whatever you wanna do call us 803930106. On six. Niger through six are nine.

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