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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Preparing Catholic Kids For Consolidation - Carole Kostyniak

Preparing Catholic Kids For Consolidation - Carole Kostyniak

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us -- WB in line -- this morning darkest India secretary for education with the buffalo diocese Carroll good morning. Good thanks for the time it's a bittersweet end to the school year there's always the celebrations when a school year comes to an end. Attend Catholic schools are closing their doors for good is it bittersweet for you to. Absolutely. Our principles and our connectors are doing a great job but. It -- rapidly I think that the diocese in this position for seven years that we worked hard to raise enrollment. The -- to stem the tide but the demographics and the financial situation in western new York -- against stuff. And we had to face the realities and that move and by the it is hard enough as well it. We certainly understand the family's position and so on but. We can't agree retention rapists from that many of our students over 70% are ready and roll to another Catholic schools. And we expect them to grow over the summer. Carol it seems is there -- Catholic schools just keep on closing note Catholic schools into the opening picture of those that are consolidating. Is there any plan I mean beyond a rare. That more schools won't close at this time next year. Well I'm that was that definitive move on our part to kind of be pro active -- that -- -- by consolidating. Where implementing a new -- program which -- science technology. Engineering and mapped the standard stamp program but with the religion and art and it and we help the kickoff at Qatar when Martin's house. We're delighted with the community partnerships and the community support for this program. So we're working very hired. And keeping our academic strong and growing our programs so. And that's how our strategic plan that we definitely as a very much a pro active. We're all here and come in consolidating schools to keep Catholic education available we're here for the log -- The ten schools that where are closing words it was announced back in January and it was just enough time do you think for families to to make parent their plans for the next school year. First I'm probably not there's been you know offered -- they would like three years -- -- but. -- idiot but we held a special open houses. The schools that are open and we're very very accommodating. It's the new school for both the kids that are in the building already in the kids that are coming to the building -- -- there's schools and transition. And again we'll continue registrations over the summer on. For any school that wants we really made a concentrated effort to inform family out what was available. And -- inform. We had opened special open houses for them at the various schools. Com and all of that had been related to them via their principles and pay actors at the schools that are closely. Carol what's gonna happen all of the school buildings -- the going to be vacated is your plan in place to address -- -- -- I was -- direction they owned by those parishes. They're not under the direct control of the diocese. Ultimately lead to have a final say in in how would they are used to but both parishes along those buildings. -- some Obama are going to be early childhood centers which we're delighted about. Others will certainly be used for religious education and -- be -- converted to a community. The fight to force the -- Adult based formation and talent that both it's still early to. I know exactly how they're gonna be years that they are the property of the parish. Okay well good luck with the transition and the next several months. Thank you and that we appreciate your prayers and support for all of these families and and teachers. Now of course Carol thank you for joining us that's Carole -- in the act the secretary for education. With the buffalo diocese.

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