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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Locals Got Kick Out of Canalside Soccer - Sam Hoyt

Locals Got Kick Out of Canalside Soccer - Sam Hoyt

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One a night that canal side good concert nope. World Cup soccer watching party in the US against Portugal on true giant TV screens. Organized really Erie Canal harbor development corporation and a company called global spectrum. Here to talk about it with us on the WBM live -- Sam Hoyt Sam -- Interim chairman -- all the Erie Canal harbor development corporation -- and good morning. More territory. Than just tell us those -- It was -- I think I've got there about. -- about 415. And the crowd was starting to gather tonight two. Our director of operations and it can -- -- answered you know maybe one. 750 made two top thousand. And and the people just kept oriented. And ultimately. Our count was that we exceeded. -- and then despite the fact that it was a heartbreaking and it was an amazing game I think people had a fantastic time and I think we've said. A new tradition. I'm Buffalo's waterfront I figured NC a lot more major events like this where we'll have the big screen as a. -- the weather could not have been any better Sam and I mean his. It becomes such a great gathering place for people but you can do a lot -- you very you don't have to just sit there and watch the game I mean. There's a lot going canal -- specially for your kids. You know that's exactly right we want it to be a family friendly friendly events and and keep in mind Susan we I contacted -- are there for an global spectrum that do -- operations down there. On Tuesday and I said. Hey can we organize a big. Soccer viewing events for the for the US. -- game and Portugal game and they said look you would -- out on time I'm shall we did three or four days business days to put it altogether and very very proud of the result we had we have lots of -- -- for kids we had. Games food involving bondage Federer. But it would. It was an adult event as well we look back of course we're thrilled with their sponsorship we apologize to people for the long lines. We never anticipated. The number of people who showed up to actually attend and will certainly. Be ready for the crowd the next time they come. Boy you know sham it's been a long time coming but we sure have a winner with canal side -- -- and nothing down -- can fail. Well listen they think about it ten years ago that was a gravel parking lot. And the people -- we'll have been. Begging for access to their war front nine and work. Well on -- way to have in the world class waterfront that the people deserve so listen you hope you guys will. I consider coming down Thursday of course US plays. Germany and -- we're gonna have the big screens set up once again -- I'm inviting every downtown worker or anyone else. To come have -- -- cannot side will have. We did serve in the finest food. I don't know men that probably be a beer available for those who want to have a beer launch. But everybody. Everybody in town should come down canal side Thursday noon rain or -- we're gonna have a great event and hopefully will be cheering on the team to victory this side. Now you could even have a larger crowd Thursday am thinking with you know schools a lot of them are out by Thursday and you know just could do with the downtown workers. He could be huge. Yeah I think I might get blamed it productivity. And downtown. Slows down -- people take longer lunches but. It's a great event and and then I'm hopefully everybody will join us Thursday that. Hey ask another question I was there Saturday and I saw you were setting up for concert. And the stage moved is that where it's going to be now. Well we moved it Susan because the previous characters Warner's. Such. Rainstorm. That it became. A mud pit where all of the fans had had gathered so we have to work. Move the state so we could put sod down and rehabilitate that. Section of canal side. I think people are getting accustomed to the new location I think it works. What. We have to be very careful about the damage to the greens base and so we run into a situation. Where the ons are destroyed again we might move it but. For the time being I think -- can stay there I think people are happy with that and are comfortable with the new locations. -- good to chat with -- -- talk to you again soon thanks. -- perimeter here Sam Hoyt interim chairman of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation. And you may notice to appear on down there that there's only one tower now at her percent -- the second tower. I train for and I should say one -- is one Crain left one crane was removed this weekend.

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