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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Going Back to Iraq - CBS Military Analyst Maj. Mike Lyons

Going Back to Iraq - CBS Military Analyst Maj. Mike Lyons

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Army major Mike Lyons is with us on the WB and my -- CBS military consultant Mike good morning. Prior to -- are the latest developments in Iraq's Sunni insurgents. Now control more part of border crossings one with Jordan another with Syria now what's happening marries secretary sick Carrey is there in Baghdad as well. -- couple -- I think the more I just insurgent I think he's are involved right now with that organization that they're starting to keep an arm's length I think you see I think it. Do some terrible act which they do is starting to over the weekend they'll continue -- terrorize is to move the individuals in the cities like Mosul. And the like I think -- he seems to always happen that that the remains to be seen. Secretary Kerry now is focused on talking to prime minister Mottaki saying look you're in danger of losing their country. I don't react and change do things differently make it more inclusive government. First and foremost the Iraqi Security Forces and and I don't mean to get out of -- can go on the offensive and somewhat. -- -- -- would carry us to do is to convince prime minister Al-Maliki that he needs to make some concessions. To his political opponents is how we read this. That's one thing he knows there are people calling for him to resign I'm not sure how effective is that you wouldn't come -- -- negotiation persuasion that the puck into another leader of it. Democratically elected in a country and -- you've got to resign here but he's got to convince him that Iraq that are real -- -- -- right now he risks losing the country. At that he doesn't make government more inclusive and try Q. But that's what I think it's very difficult for him to even do that that will take months to put in place and we'll have to come to trust. When you can do that is not trusted him so far. Major you mentioned about the Iraqi Government military has to go on the offensive why haven't they done to us. That is a great question. At them but to look within not within -- means the yes on something like 25% of them. Art -- combat ineffective they've lost their equipment. We yes the American to train them give them a tremendous -- advantage both the numbers and technology. But we just not been able to support the will to fight to defend their country a lot of it has to do with the sectarian. Borders that exists. That the -- but in -- end here at this point they don't continue to go into these unions like the Anbar Province. And by and defend that because it's just not there people. Why are these border points so important. Well they can fly into the main roadways between Syria and Iraq now this is still a very porous border it's it's kind of wide open wide open stretches. It's still would be easy to get -- through this border but rather important because they provide a high speed avenue -- approach. Four -- just an -- as they look to move equipment back and forth. That the good enough credit to buy more at the side government's serious side start attacking them. By more than -- holding these border. Position these checkpoints will be able to move a troops and equipment back -- -- very quickly. Mike do you have any -- how this might end. -- I think we continue to it to get worse you can feel very. I think you're gonna see guys this group continued to. Bring terror on the northern side of Iraq the Iraqi street person must involved or not this is -- -- at a terrible stand up they'll take place. Possibly for months to come until and other external force to come and play. This though is that an age old war isn't between them. The beef between the Shiites and the Sunnis. Well actually it's been going on for 12100 years and they've been living somewhat together with you know a piece. Strong dictators like -- Saddam thing. And you know over the course of history that's really what's happened that's been going back and forth. You can argue that perhaps the boundary should be drawn from rubble. But for regional security at this point in order to -- at least keep the normal course of business going. And there's got to be at least a reconciliation diplomatic solution first in the reconciliation. In the near an Iraqi military that has to start fighting. -- we appreciate the insight thank you. Think I am an army major Mike Lyons a CBS military consultant.

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