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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Having Homecoming Soon - Major Patrick Miller

Having Homecoming Soon - Major Patrick Miller

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And actually open up the WB -- -- live line of one of America's wounded warriors its major Patrick Miller. Who lived a deep in the southern tier here in Western New York before going into the service. Major Miller you'll remember was among the shooting victims of Fort Hood Texas back in April. And is finally coming home major Miller good morning thank you very giving us a call this morning. Streamlining thank you -- -- me on how old -- all of our listeners tall you are feeling after all you've been through. -- under a lot better thank you very much threat in Nam getting you know better hearing getting stronger every day by my last Saturday arose. My lower after two weeks ago that it onslaught which goes so. Still recovered from -- and I hope people. And I -- better than last week -- -- months ago. Boris did you hear it aren't. Epic so many people have been pulling for you up here how many surgeries have you been through and I think -- went through -- -- in ammonia to. You know random. Just three total group the -- it's right right after the shooting. And then the third district. Repairing an important thing back together. And Ellis the most recent one but come the -- -- had -- -- We and our listeners are also wondering major would you be -- to work at Fort Hood in any capacity in the future after all -- is over. Yet certain that affect I came I return to work one Monday the night of June. They have a implement monitor and go back can't commitment to everybody. Tom Becker or which was obviously pretty pretty emotional and just just couldn't get in America. Since abnormality and you know garner working and -- -- in -- and so I'm -- part of what I do a lot of you know it was a working. Was there any question that you be going back to work repaired foot hood could you have gotten a transfer if you want it. I mean maybe but I didn't want to give credit to peace yet. For a lot of -- -- literacy. Here a couple weeks anyway and so the time finals -- fit this personal but didn't want to talk act or perfect couldn't. -- -- -- -- Okay let's talk about something no I think you'll enjoy a little bit more homecoming of this weekend. The excited. I am. Where normally expect it it to come on says to buffalo and Western New York you -- about -- year holidays in the over the summer. But I -- -- this time. As -- much more special made him. I'm given the fact. You know it's just so close but not being around cellular and you know artists somewhat about a part of authorities -- -- -- you -- not take anything for granted and that. -- appreciate you know lights and everything and everyone and and it electric effect Altman and he would report it thank them personally or Erica it from him -- -- -- bluster months. What is planned this weekend. Do now. There won't tell me everything looked from one from what I object. -- -- from the airport. And that featured our writers are gonna -- -- camera in front and I've back back to the southern director Howard orient. Which pretty neat and then the following -- Saturday reported there it like mine before at a party here and take that there. Join me -- the local. Allegheny meant to comment and then old home week -- that you regularly every year. What to beat air Marshal or and that's Eric pictures Xperia. Saturday night command to review other things with the volatile region in the mean it was center kept beyond the present in a resolution that that it that it did in the current state which is. Pretty mean so you know that -- -- Cameron. And only -- buffalo and Syracuse. Remind European open most of our time. How long would it be here before and after returned to -- Just stay until the that this. Slide back -- to -- the -- but then. We knew we -- -- out of our house and everything more sweeter when we -- and -- -- -- -- -- the morning of the six were driving out I 35 four -- have a war in the city of our movement you know. Okay now what to think -- -- looking forward to most is you come back here. On Friday. Honestly just seeing people haven't seen in a long time. Talking. Smaller the other day every time we land in buffalo you know -- and so little to especially when you're older and -- the house. You know I've forgotten -- technician from about that your. Eleven plus years or so -- Tom you know farther back home. So -- and you know I'm on the part of -- it's just such a period nostalgic feeling to play an even better important you know. Going out on 990 lesbians. You -- in Western New York it's and it's a special place and you know it's always going to be home for me so they're having bottom line answer question just. -- -- And -- you know president and remote -- is about her. Now we hear that you are maybe one of the biggest bills and sabres fans. Outside of Western New York now have you had time to kind of soaking and some of the changes that have been going on with these teams. I would I would miss for the world. It's. I -- You know did you guys have a great -- -- show it very. You know -- your father -- all. Listen to it daily and even the guys see you and knows you know -- -- here and good or bad -- for somebody you know start stream and chairman they have a much -- and so are good people closed door there early April. And those favorite season. You know builders get ready for the draft and everything beyond I'm paying close attention as far as -- ownership and earlier the -- -- from about -- in the league arm. That's only tuned in and and really excited. A major everyone here western new York and pulling for you these past few months including us and you some terrific you sound like you're ready to go thanks for joining us this morning and good luck. -- appropriate for your rhetoric that's army major Patrick Miller of major Miller you'll remember a moment shooting victims of Fort Hood Texas back on April finally coming home this weekend.

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