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Balloons For Heaven - Matt Chandler

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was almost a year ago today that Hamburg police were seeking a murderer -- manager overnight at the Toys 'R' Us store in Hamburg Larry well so was the victim of that. And we jump forward almost again one year to chat with -- author Matt Chandler who has said -- children's book. Which is in a way based on and because of -- that the events from almost a year ago. And Matt I think we -- just to bring UN saying good morning and have you explain how what it is that balloons for heaven was about how was -- brought about. Sure in the morning rated excellent traveling and I appreciate it. Yeah you know -- it's I wouldn't -- outside lives I live where we're -- -- lived a couple of streets over and of course we I have a couple of kids you know as a regular shopper in the -- your -- work and I didn't know them you know what was the story happening just a particular close knit community and -- yeah it really stuck with me. And it felt like I wanted to do something you know for the family if I could. And so I write books are challenged books and you'll prevalent suggested when the other ones that you -- -- you. Do a book about the fact when I need to attribute would be a great legacy of the Buick -- -- it can help remember their debt. And so that's and really just initially how it began -- a a conversation. With -- widow Jill over the summit last summer. And we're talking with the again I have to get -- just -- I can't imagine how. Do you explain to a to a child and her daughter Madison was for the time. Even begin to explain -- and then what happens in my dad are coming home and she told me kind of a quick story. About how big it is you know that's -- -- standard and you know that you on the animal Leonard how much you loved him. And so they'd be -- that in and wrote the note and tied it to a balloon took it down to the park and and they sent to happen and that story is really stuck -- -- so fast forward. Six months later and having that conversation at lunch I just -- you know what I was gonna do it. That's a lot of problems -- I wanna kind of tell that story in the children's book and now like this and we believe that median of I am sure this is something a lot of them struggle with -- how do you explain. This conference to put a little bit of that sort of -- -- with sports. And the book itself is tied into something that is actually coming up. A week from today next Sunday at a fireman's field in -- also talk a little bit about that if you. It is that we want I really that the launch about what -- it would book is is an exit -- really excited about a 100% of the proceeds every dollar from the sale and giving it directly you the well and look for the kids. Artwork is tremendous illustrator -- -- -- who donated all of her time to illustrate that but I'm writing the book and and so forth so. We wanted to finally out -- -- be able to sell a lot of and that's where we're donating the money and so we decided to. Are -- in of course next Sunday is the one year anniversary of a -- yet. And so we decided let's make it a celebration let's get everybody together let's bring the community outlets fill that park in his village in his hometown. And let's just bring as many people out to choose -- support the book project but to. She shelled out just hit it to bring together an -- -- going to be at such an unbelievable type state for the Stanley is something positive intent. And of course in keeping with the theme balloons for having you will have bus stations there I understand where. People cannot -- their own messages of those plans and send them up right. We are we guarantee we lead exciting you know let's again make this a celebration but also that. Are at eye level American doesn't mean it is such a great innocent beauty of the child that they you know our satellite data notoriety is gonna have and I wanted to send him I want him to know that I'm thinking about and it's a little it and do it partners is the event starts at 2 o'clock on our next Sunday at fireman's field and play itself. And we're gonna have a a bunch of things going out but it really one of the big bangers -- whatever organization set up like everyone to. He'll write a note to a local and family friends and Larry whoever they wanna write it to. And we're gonna -- and the balloon and and really together at about -- well -- gonna launch simultaneously just just keep we can't fill -- I would balloons and it's really send a positive message out on and again what's going to be such have to. And do you have any idea how I mean obviously did a good portion of the -- community there should be showing up rough idea how many people have gotten -- -- so far. You know it's I don't know pressure -- -- you that it's been amazing through FaceBook and Twitter and email social media and you know we have a web site for the book and -- all that different angles in and out. Responses I've gotten from people who knew Larry in so many different ways people that were true then went to school and who live here and -- Stanley -- the outpouring from from not only locally and had gotten. Leos and we sold books all over the country Minnesota Texas Florida mean it has been unbelievable so we're certainly open probably -- out. And certainly you'll have a bunch of those books there what's the cost. I'd across the technology for the book and they said where we're fortunate that he will donate all the proceeds the family so we're very excited about that. And then of course the folks can't make it out on Sunday we'd love him to -- -- -- again Larry and that can be actually look cute. Did you feel the part that they can't make that you know we purchased a book at the let's say which is balloons for heaven dot com that well. Very good Matthew I certainly hope you hasn't -- successful that will allow. Do our best to remind people about this -- in the week that's coming up and down on the next Sunday as well. Thanks so much everybody really appreciate it. Sure thank you Matt appreciate it good job on that. That's Matthew Chandler he is marketing director by trade and also. Gentleman who has -- again written this book balloons for haven't kind of media. Children's book guide to giving him perspective on how to deal with the loss of a loved one in this case. Larry wells at least -- men who was the manager the Toys 'R' Us murdered a year ago this coming Sunday.

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